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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh two brothers and sisters, and welcome back to

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our episode of beautiful patience. fcf saw you

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last week, we stopped at the situation when Allah disease

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you know, discovered what's going on. And then the wife of a disease jumped right away. And she started lying by saying to him

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in number 25 last month that I said was sterba.

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Both of them that's used for the salon and the wife of lies his establishment establishment that means they raced towards the door, while quiet that Tommy saw

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and she tore the shirt of Yusuf Ali Salaam from the back.

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Well, I will say either her let them live.

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And they found her master meaning her husband by the door, let them back then right away, what did she said, all that magic.

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leakers Who?

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any? Now she's going to ask the question. And she's going to give the answer. Pilot matches that woman or that the athletic. So as she said, What's the punishment? What's the penalty for someone who wants to do something evil with your wife? She should stop here and wait for her husband to talk back to make a decision to interact to be part of the conversation. But no, she is decisive. She offered and she suggested two options

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Illa and use Jenna. First one is to be I mean, no punishment should be except the following. So she's she's even deciding what should be done.

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Use gentle means to be sent to jail to be imprisoned, our Are there any? And otherwise, the other option is to be exposed to severe punishment.

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did the husband talk? Did he say anything? Because she started accusing us of Ali's salon.

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And she denied that she was the one who's doing this.

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And she gave two proposals.

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Now who's gonna talk next? Yusuf Ali Salah.

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Why? Because this is the time when you cannot delay defense, because now she's accusing him.

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And it's something related to his honor to his dignity.

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So look at the way you said, LS lm is teaching us a lesson in decency.

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Look how much the woman has done. She's the one doing all of this. And now she's accusing him

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all his reaction was or here or whether me

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see it.

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He said that's to say use about a salon. Here. It was she power that neon FC? Who seduced me. But

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did he says she has been trying for the last two decades? Did he say, you know, she's the one who planned everything.

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Did he say this is a very bad woman? Did he say like, you know, she she she's betraying her husband? Did he says she's accusing me? And all of all what I mentioned are facts. subpanel This is when you should defend yourself. Just be to the point that sums up everything, Allah here.

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All what follows came after that.

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what happened after that?

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How did they discover that Yusuf Ali Salaam was innocent? And despite that they're going to make a very irrelevant decision.

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Allah Subhana Allah continued by saying,

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what well shall hear that shall he.

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And someone from her side

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bore witness or he gave a decree or he offered a verdict. He made a decision

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based on

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based on what you can see and look at the logic that he's going to present

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You know, on which he based his own conclusion.

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What did he say? In Canada for me and so who put them in COBOL?

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Let's look and see if his shirt meaning the shirt, the use of Elisa that was torn from the front. Purple is the opposite of tubal. So purple means front and Dobermans back.

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So he said in Cana for me, so who if his shirt was torn from the front?

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facade, then what she's saying is the truth

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was useful. esalaam was trying to commit the act with her it was useful was attacking her.

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It was useful as the evil intention.

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Well, one minute cardi B, and the news is not an mp3, he wouldn't be he would be like,

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that's the first logical, you know, option that he's giving. And he said, What can you do for me, so we'll put them in.

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But if the shirt was torn from the back,

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a candidate pinches the one benches, the one line?

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Well, who I'm gonna solve the P, and he's the one who's telling the truth.

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We all know what happened. When they raise towards the door,

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the race with two different or two completely different intentions. Why? Because Yusuf Ali Salaam is running away from that evil act. He's running away from her seduction, he's running away from disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. And he wants to leave the room. But the wife of realizes is chasing him

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because she was persistent to commit the act.

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So what happened, of course, he was the one running away from her. Not she was the one who's running away from him. So when she called him, she called the shirt from where from the back was he was running away from her. And she told the shirt from the back.

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This is why the conclusion was

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filed in the next day for lm pamesa, who put them in doober. Now the husband, the Aziz of Egypt, for the first time is going to talk now,

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in this situation, when he saw that the shirt was stolen from the back, all in

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K, the cone, all in hoomin. k, the cone, what did he say? He said, this is out of your evil plotting.

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And he's referring to his wife. But he referred to the the

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Belgians, meaning the name that is specifies her own species like women, as if he's referring to women. So he said, in a there can be the

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indeed, when you plot something evil, nobody can match you. It's great plotting,

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of course, in the bad sense of the word.

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Now, that everybody's Sure, and the evidence is very clear that she told the shirt from the back. So you said was innocent, and she's the one, you know, who's accused. Now. Look at the decision of Al Aziz on the spot. What did he say? What did he recommend

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body had?

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That's what he said to use about a Salah. So now he completely agreed. And everybody now

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is in full agreement that use of did not do anything. And that's another evidence. That's another proof. Because the wife will realize is at that point, she didn't talk.

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She didn't try to deny She didn't say no, I didn't do that.

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And she's still there in the scene, because now he's gonna talk to her. He's gonna address her. And he started by addressing his head color in her home in case you couldn't, so this is your evil plotting.

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Now, this is the second time I lost the word Kate.

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In at the very beginning, in anumber, five Allah subhanho wa Taala was talking, you know, you know, at the time of iacobelli salaam, when he responded to us to polish ceremony share that dream with him. What did he say to him? He said, on a boon. He also saw

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what he

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Certainly the little son, do not share the dream with your brothers. Why fakie do the same word fakie du Lac aka the might plot something evil against you.

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But listen,

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the motivation or the drive behind the Cato brothers is not the same motivation behind the kind of woman. Why? Because later on inshallah we're going to talk about a third third type of case. What is it cable law?

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law What

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can I

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compare the Cade of Allah to the K the woman to the kind of the brothers? No wait, why? First of all, in matters of Akita, the belief system of the Muslims when a lot of something we cannot compare the actions of Allah to the actions of his creation.

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Because when a loss escape and that word refers to Allah, it means a plan and Allah never does anything evil. But the brothers abusive, what did they do? They plotted something evil, why they wanted to throw him in the world, even wanted to kill him at the beginning, or they wanted to punish him in the land to just leave him in the middle of nowhere in the desert. That's evil. But what's the motivation? The drive behind that is jealousy.

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Because his father loved him more.

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His father gave him more attention. Not because jacobellis dilemmas unfair jacobellis dilemmas a profit he wouldn't do that.

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Because he deserved that.

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His mother died when he was three years old.

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And his brothers were grownups. They're adults. They're independent. And when they were young, they were given the same attention.

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Look how silly they were. They wanted to kill their brother to take him away. Simply Yes, mula Camacho became so that we can get more attention of our father.

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So what is the motive? What is the drive behind the plot in the case of the brothers jealousy, so be wary of jealousy? Don't let jealousy overcome you.

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Overwhelming, then you will be unfair to your brothers or sisters or siblings or to your classmates, or to your neighbors,

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to anyone.

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But the kind of woman

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here, the wife of realizes she wanted to do something wrong.

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Then she made according to her a perfect plan seven doors, and each door has seven fasteners, but do you think she can

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challenge a loss upon a time?

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Can she hide what she's doing?

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No. This is why the beauty about Islam is that at the moment when somebody does something wrong, as if they are in denial of alas existence. And I showed this earlier in my football today.

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The process for them said liason is any hint as

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somebody who wants to commit adultery at that moment when they try to hide from everyone, what are they doing that a man leaves them at that moment? Because when they hide and they close the doors and they say listen, nobody can see us? No look up. What can see you

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so as if in that moment you're denying what can see.

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This is why the scholar said your Eman is taken away from you at that moment. But then once you commit the act and you make the mistake and you feel so bad and you feel so guilty you say stuff I shouldn't have done that I shouldn't have said that I shouldn't have taken that law Forgive me then you're a man comes back to you.

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So this is why the brothers abusive when they plotted evil that they plotted in front of everyone no they were hiding in a room and most probably they didn't room so nobody can see them. They're all together planning something evil, and all evil By the way, it happens during the night because it helps people to to try to you know hide from others.

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And this is why I love Warren does he do i mean chariot Drosophila aka

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Be careful when the night comes. And it encompasses half the hemisphere because this is the time when snakes when like you know all these creation of Allah subhanaw taala they start splitting in them and the jinn especially the shell team, and the jinn also the good gin people around this is the time

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but when it comes to kind of law later on we'll talk about this a lot. I made a plan for who for uses to take his brother with him.

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That's also okay that's planning, but it's good planning. So never ever I'm going to repeat this again. We talked about to Kate and there is a third cape coming later on the cape, the plotting of the brothers that was evil. The plotting of the wife of realizes that's evil. But the plan of Allah is something good. So don't ever say Allah said feki do look okay there and here Allah said in Nikita, who Navin, then later on Latina psychedelica kidnapper use of don't ever translate the same word to give the same meaning. Even as I told you, the tribe is different. Allah subhanaw taala made a plan for uses, so that he can take his brother with him to reunite them.

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So going back to the ayah here, Allah subhanaw taala said

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Filmora for me, so put them in Dubai. So when the when the when the husband when the when the Aziz of Egypt, when he saw that the shirt was thrown from the back, he realized and everyone else

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that Yusuf Ali Salim is innocent, he didn't do anything, but it was the wife of Lazarus who did that.

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And this is why right away, he turned to his wife and they said on the in the home indicate

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that you're important.

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And then he said indicate the corner then somebody might say, you know Allah is saying here, but women when they plot something evil, you know, they have they make like great planning.

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But when a lot of the about shaitan he used the word cadence is it in Nikita, shaytani. Canada, the evil platina shaitan is very weak.

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what does that mean?

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So Allah when he talks about the plotting of woman, he said it's great. And about chetanas is very weak. Somebody might say, what does that mean? So Pamela, they say, the word Kate, it means that you don't feel fat, you plot something while you're hiding. Why? Because you're weak.

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And they say, lay Akito Illa, Baris, only weak people who plot in the dark, who try to hide, they will always do something without your knowledge behind your back. Because if they can confront you, they will do it.

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We'll call them as their the apostle said bill paid. As for the sponsor, the

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person, the more important becomes

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how I'll give you an example.

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Back in the days when life was very primitive, how do people live, they live in the open.

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And then gradually, they started making like a wall around where they live.

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But yeah, there could be some animals, right, who could jump over that wall. So they made the wall tall, they made it high.

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But they leave a place for them to come in. But then also other things can come in through the door. So they blocked the door,

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then they found out Okay, we're going to make windows to allow some air to come in. But then found out when they open windows, other stuff can creep in.

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So they made something, you know, like screen that will not allow, you know those things to creep in. But then again, that screen had like openings that were a little bit wide enough to allow flies to come in.

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And some mosquitoes. So what did they do you see what the smaller like that enemy is like, you know, the more planning have to do. So they made like tight screens. So now look at your house, especially when you live in a place like this, you know, you want to make sure that even the air because it's very cold is not allowed in so you insulate the walls.

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And you make that screen, you know that very, very, like tidy. And the openings on those, you know are very, very close to each other so lucky. They can only allow air but nothing else.

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Then Allah says turn to use of Elisa Lam because if the news is leaked, what's going to happen? It's going to be a scandal.

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They're going to be embarrassed when people know about what happened. So eternities we said you're so far gone. The use of please don't talk about this.

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See once you sponsor them to keep this as a secret between them

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not to kill others.

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And then he turned to his wife and he said was really

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big. And you seek forgiveness for

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the sin that you have committed

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in ethical team in alpha Lee, because you're amongst our own doctors.

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Now hold on for a second.

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Somebody might say, what are they Muslims? He's saying to her staff ugly them big?

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What do you mean?

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What was the religion of the people in Egypt at that time? They were idol worshippers.

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But do they know Allah subhanaw taala horses.

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Because idol worshippers they believe that Allah subhanho wa Taala exists. They also believe that Allah, Allah created the world and he created them and he created everything. The problem is, when it comes to a better they wanted to take us, associates with us. They want to take partners with Allah. They feel like you know, we can deal with Allah directly. So we need intermediaries. This is why they made those like idols like of stones or wood or stuff. And then they start worshipping them. And when you ask them, they say in the manava, Julio carbona, Allah He zuleika we worship them so that they can be between us on the last battle, and then they can help us to draw closer to home.

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So this is why all the profits came with Illa.

00:21:40--> 00:21:44

Meaning there is no god worthy of worship, but on loxapine.

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And this is why so

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this is why wouldn't when you read that he's telling her but you know,

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we're staring at them because she's gonna seek, you know, forgiveness from Allah.

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In a continental heart, indeed, you were amongst those who make mistakes or who are wrongdoers.

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Two things here, somebody in grammar might say, he's talking to a female and an Arabic, the plural of female have like you don't have like any adjective or a noun should end with elephant tags. So he should have said, in Napa County Mental Health art

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that could could look like a grammatical mistake. And somebody even asked me this.

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Now, when a lot of talks on the forearm, he uses the masculine plural.

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And it covers both men and women alone will not in the Koran always say, you know, like, you know, men and women, men and women, you know, he's not gonna say I'll talk he will talk up. And we need one more minute. So Allah says many in which means like the masculine plural of men, which means that believers,

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it applies to both men and women.

00:23:06--> 00:23:25

So Allah here is using the masculine plural, because, you know, the mistake that she made, could be made by a man or a woman. So on a Lost Planet, Allah uses the masculine plural to cover both male and masculine feminine, meaning males and females.

00:23:27--> 00:23:34

Now, why did the last month I said, I'll heart him and he didn't say a lot to him. Oral hopper he

00:23:36--> 00:23:38

is a difference between these three words.

00:23:40--> 00:23:58

Heart means somebody who makes a mistake. Mostly it means somebody who makes a mistake. Qatar means somebody who makes a mistake. So it's all about making mistakes. But what's the difference between the three? There is a difference between the three hot I mean, somebody who makes a mistake intentionally.

00:24:00--> 00:24:09

On purpose. He knows that this is wrong, but he still does it. Let me ask you a question. Does the wife have realizes knows that the trigger has been something bad?

00:24:11--> 00:24:16

Does she know to be with another man other than her husband? This is something wrong. She knows.

00:24:17--> 00:24:26

Does she know that Allah subhanaw taala will be angry with her? Does she know that her husband will be angry with her? Of course, yes. But the question is

00:24:27--> 00:24:32

she, despite her knowledge, this is wrong. She did it. This was what Allah said, party.

00:24:33--> 00:24:59

But the word the most. And the plural is mostly in it means somebody who makes a mistake. unintentionally. They didn't even know that Arabi that bit when he walked into the message and urinated in the corner of the message. And the professor told him like, you know, how can we do this? Is it profitable? Isn't this like a desert? And I can do this anywhere. He said, No, this place here is the house of Allah. And you can do this here. So the man

00:25:00--> 00:25:40

did what he did by mistake he didn't know. And this is why when your kids make mistakes at home, because nobody told them that this is wrong, we pulled them mostly not hot in and you have to teach them. You have to teach them what's right. But what are in is an exaggeration, exaggeration for you know, meaning like somebody who is in a constant state of making mistakes. You know, when your son does something wrong or your daughter, and you keep telling them this is wrong, this is wrong. Don't do this. Don't do this. And then one time, we're gonna say, Haven't I told you 1000 times don't do this. Of course, you didn't tell them 1000 times

00:25:41--> 00:25:59

maybe 999. But what I'm saying is that that number that you give is for exaggeration, when Allah subhanaw taala said to the processor lamp, you know, inserted Toba number 80 when you want it to do so far to seek Allah's forgiveness for Abdullah hypnobabies through the chief of the hypocrites when he was on the deathbed,

00:26:01--> 00:26:02

Allah subhanaw taala said

00:26:04--> 00:26:04

it's time for

00:26:05--> 00:26:22

ask forgiveness for them, I will either start from them or don't ask for them in the state of Allah home, Sabina Miranda, if you were to ask forgiveness for them 70 times alone, never forgive them. Hold on here does allow mean 70 times know

00:26:23--> 00:27:05

why? Because for the Arabs, the number seven was the big number. Why? You know, we have seven days of the week. So for them, that was the end, there is nothing beyond that. We have seven heavens, there's nothing beyond that. We have seven Earth there's nothing beyond that. Tony say number seven to an era, you know, they mean like, you know, this is the this is the base number. So when you multiply this and you say not only seven but 70. It means countless numbers. It's exactly when you say to your son, Haven't I told you 1000 times it doesn't mean 1000 times means like, you know, unlimited numbers. unlimited number you have said this millions of times, it's not millions, what do

00:27:05--> 00:27:28

you mean? Again, countless number. So based on that, that's what you know, we mean by party. So we're going to stop here inshallah. Next time, we're going to see what happened next with the news of what the whiteflies is that would it be leaked outside that Palace of the ISIS of Egypt

00:27:29--> 00:27:58

with other people know about this, and what will happen after they know that's what we're going to be discussing next time inshallah until then, we'll see you in Shall I would like to remind you inshallah, this Sunday we have our two programs. The first program is the time for the kids with the Koran and inshallah we are going to move the time inshallah, from three to four is going to be 3pm to 4pm inshallah,

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and then we have the

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young Muslim show, and inshallah because it is at seven, so we're going to move it inshallah to six, so we're going to have it from six to 645 and then we'll have Arsenal at 7pm inshallah, don't forget when is the live q&a, and we had to translate last week because he didn't send questions so please allow me to save 30 questions so far keeps in the questions and you can ask questions live inshallah desert Milan here was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.