Leaving What Does Not Concern Us

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not providing false information about Islam and the need for publicity to avoid damaging the world. They also mention a woman in the ICU who is suffering from COVID-19 and the importance of fasting and taking precautions to prevent future similar injuries.
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So I can swing that 100 now so to say, Am I not a Sunni lesson Allah Anywho. So then I will lay out all the Allah on who related the following Hadith.

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He said that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi. Salam taught them the following in Herston is there in Mali taka who

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melayani. That

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part of someone's or a sign of someone's excellence, someone's

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uniform, the excellence of your Islam, your adherence and your practice of Islam and your understanding of Islam is

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avoiding that, which does not concern you.

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Avoiding that, which does not concern you. We live in a time where we feel information.

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Right, is a right, like I have, I have a right to have any information I want about anyone I want, especially public figures. And there's no limit to our curiosity, I tell you this, and I'm guilty of it myself, sometimes we dig up and look up information that does not concern us whatsoever, that would not make a difference us knowing about it won't make a difference for us. And in many cases, actually, it could actually harm us. It could actually be you know, and it won't make a difference to the world. Right? And we feel like and because the next step is now that I have the information or I think I have information, I need to react, and I need to comment and I need to weigh in.

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And I need to post something about it.

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Like the whole world is really waiting for my opinion about this, this particular incident. Right? All of this, the cure for it is simply put by the prophesies In another Hadith prophets and said era Solomon park, you know, focus on what, what benefits you.

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Right, and again, I'm guilty of it. May Allah Subhana Allah, you know, the other day someone sent me a very interesting thing. I think it was a joke, you know, he was he was saying that there was this man drinking a lot of coffee

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and eating a lot of dates at the same time.

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Right. So someone looks at him and says, I think you're addicted to

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today, you know to coffee, that's a lot of coffee. He said Do you know that my grandfather lived to be 100? He's like, mashallah, he used to drink a lot of coffee. He said no, he did not stick his nose in, in people's business.

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So so sometimes it just goes a long way. All right, may Allah subhanaw taala.

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Brother by the way, Sam sent me a message.

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He gives you his Salaam and he says please remember him in New York dua insha, Allah Allah He asked for us to make dua for him. has been in the hospital since the 14th. He's in the ICU. So make up for him. Insha Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala give him and everyone who is suffering from this illness or any other illness? May Allah subhanaw taala give them speedy recovery along with openness Ativan who are normal what's what's up fellow? Kimono anima Muhammad openness Eddie Van who let's switch for his you better know as you're suffering with an enema. Alone Malbis reverse of iptl Bella banana meanness Allahu

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Allah and I leave as VNS Allah and I'll leave ASB once again, tomorrow is the ninth according to the most accurate authenticated calendar. There are some calculations or announcements that were made. MG also followed

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the sighting in Egypt and the decision I think out of Iraq. So for some people tomorrow is the 10th. Right. But the official on Quora, sorry, not the official announcement from most Muslim countries is that tomorrow is the ninth and the day after is the the 10th Right. And based on my

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you know, also calculations I believe tomorrow is the ninth and the day after is the 10th however, if someone wants to be on the safe side, then fast tomorrow and Thursday. So that way, you're on the safe side

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that Zach clear Shama BarakAllahu Soleimani