Beyond The Lottery – Hajj 2018 Vlog Day 6

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Why do you move your hand down one more time he

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has over 100 lezzy VAD, he Maluku to Cooley che

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in a hurry to rue.

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Peace be upon you around you and make peace emanate and all that you do. Welcome to day six.

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For those of us who might be sick, or elderly, myself, or any of the two group leaders will do it on your behalf, you do not have to do it yourself. Especially if there's a lot of rush and it's hot and you're tired and you're sick or you can't do it. On your

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three minutes. I understand what all of our Messiah said is definitely our place to worship Allah subhanaw taala we recognize that God, great. But if I said to you all, how many people said hamdulillah today?

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Do you want $200 million? How long would you be happy? More than a week? Right? Would you? Right? Okay, so I got one guy, or one guy was like, Yeah, I'd be happy for more than a week. So help me here. How many Muslims just do this quickly. So I can build those my time? How many Muslims in the world? How many Muslims in the world? 1.5 billion. Let's go 1 billion people. How many people come to hygiene every year? Approximately? 3 million? Let's make it four. Okay, so 4 million people come to Hutch in 100 year, how many people will have gone too hot.

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For 100 million. Statistically, you have a better chance of winning the lottery than in 100 years to go to?

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Did you not just win a divine lottery? Give it again?

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For undergoing and then you got to do all the sifting of those of us who go multiple times. So did you win a lottery?

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Can you be happier? Can you do sugar right now and say I'm not hungry. But how many people said to the panel today?

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Because I was so amazing, right? Although so amazing on your blog, and how amazing you think aligns for the rest of hutch, say Ya Allah. This sitting by mistake meeting, a person who gets angry, who forgets you, oh Allah make me fulfill my purpose in this.

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So Hana. That praise of Allah. I want to experience your greatness. I want to be a sign of your greatness. How can you do that?

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Beuth how many of the cars look at you know how many foragers you've missed?

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Now, with that feeling of how low you are, how many of you think you have a purpose in dunya? Right, okay. 100 Allah, with our sins, we have a purpose, but most of us don't believe that. So when you're sitting there, you're out when you're sitting there a minute, and you have nothing to do sit there and say, If I'm this bad as a human being, why do you make me What's my purpose? And if Allah subhanaw taala is so harmful to you? Let's so amazing. Then ask him to fulfill your purpose. How? And subhanAllah just keep saying thank you Allah because I won a lottery that someone might not win in 100 year.

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I hope you get the statistics, you could win the Powerball quicker than you could win Have

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you still call me are my numbers. And number two, if we think Allah is amazing, then why not ask him for his, our purpose in this dunya which takes a lot more somehow last? Hon. Allah Subhan Allah to get to the middle of your heart where you're like, Yeah, I know what my purpose is. I know what my function is because it comes easy. That is your reason why you are here. Do real Hamdallah as you have won this enormous lottery, be a little happier, be a little bit more joyous, and really call yourself out on the bluff. Do you think Allah is amazing? Do you think Allah subhanaw taala is awesome? If you do ask him to make this filthy sinner fulfill his purpose on the dunya

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every act of worship in Islam has a reoccurring frequency. We pray five times a day. We fast

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on an annual basis. We give the gas on an annual basis. Correct

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But how much is only once in a lifetime? For to you? What is it

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once in a lifetime. So a few years ago hit me. And what I gathered was that it's a once in a lifetime act of worship that is such that it may have a lifelong love of love a once in a lifetime obligation that we'll have the lifelong love. So let's introspect. Let's make a list of what can I do in my life to be a better version log

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please subscribe.

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Last evening in Makkah to mocha Rama. Of course, you can never spend the time effectively enough, but I have to make a quick shift in our vlog here. Thus far, you haven't seen a lot of the Ibadah part or going into the Haram nor have I tried to keep anyone on camera, right to get any person or people. I don't want to disturb anyone. And also, I'm we're leading a group here, there's about all of us together, there are five Imams, and we're leading a group. So I'm getting all these clips and getting all of this put together with Allah's mercy. And I thank him for the opportunity, but it's happening in the slivers and cracks of the day. And that is the day before we leave for Mina. So as

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we are now transitioning to the minister stage, I hope you can recognize that what is what's going to be captured is going to include my responsibilities as a group leaders and include my responsibilities

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of keeping everyone around me comfortable because I don't want the vlog to impose and that's a that's a big reason why it hasn't happened for so many years. So we're making that transition today guys, thank you for being a part of this whole experience. And tomorrow, we depart for Mina. I hope that we get a chance maybe tomorrow I'll see on the roof of the Haram Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and again, I this will set precedents and people will quote this as what to do next. So, those people who choose to continue to vlog and do things like this, be sure that you're not vlogging in the way of anyone else. You're not taking the Western mentality of vlog culture into the Haram

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rather you are putting worship and the worshiper first and you're accommodating yourself and you're filming around that we are setting the fic of vlogging or

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of us respecting others around us a set Ahmad ecomark de la. I guess you all will enjoy the rest of the evening and tomorrow morning. That's watch the sunrise on the roof of the home.