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The transcript discusses the confusion surrounding Islam's classes, including the Sora and "has no equal" subesterday. The prophecy involving a woman reciting the Bible and using them to pray is discussed, along with the use of "has no equal" phrase and the importance of "has no equal" in the context of the "has no equal" phrase in the Bible. The speakers stress the need to act with caution and read the "medicals in Islam" in their daily lives. The "strategics" in seeking refuge in the context of the evil eye of the jinn and the beast are also discussed.

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an arm the profits of the law.

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So He is Allah who is one Allah, the eternal refuge, He neither begets nor is born, nor is there any equivalent time here Allah, Allah says kulu Allahu Ahad in this surah is known as soret ella class and along with alkaff sawtell capital in which we just talked about, they are called sautee a class the two thirds of a class the two swords of a class. This Sora is dedicated to the attributes of a loss of Hannah who attalla there's nothing else in this sort of except for the description of Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So, it is a class purely for loss of habitat as it relates to his description, and that is that Eliza Joe is the one

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he is unmatched. He is unrivaled, he is peerless as it relates to his names and his attributes and his actions and his essence subhana wa Tada. There is nothing like Allah subhanho wa Taala nothing that is equal to him. So he has one

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and when they say one that is what the one means here, peerless. There's nothing like him subhana wa tada he has no rival he has no match no equal subhana wa tada and this is why this sorta is called pseudo teleclass because it contains the to him what is known as to he does mighty but he will is that that is to single out Allah subhanho wa Taala and the affirmation of these attributes and the affirmation of Allah subhanho wa Taala is worship and his names and his attributes that aligns with your lead single in that and he has no partner

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as well

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which is the other sorta teleclass then it contains what is

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that is that worship is purely for Allah subhanahu wa tada alone and that no one else deserves that worship.

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No, no star no saint, no pious Bruno anything

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deserves that worship. And so that is why these two sodas contain both types of total heat that is to heat.

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Heat that is singling out allies in worship, and singling out allies who is the only one whom these attributes are affirmed to terms of one's creed.

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The promise of the latter is seldom used to read these two sources.

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that is the two centers before selected.

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And he also used to read them.

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At the end of his written survey his big ol Allah

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and the promise of the light it was also reported to have read them and the Sooners that are after mother but this is not authentic. And the province of the light it was

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as it comes in Sahih Muslim on the authority of javin. The province of light it was Selim prayed them after making to law

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even though there is some discrepancy in that wording, but the point is, he has no claim about him a lot of times I mentioned that the province it seldom used to begin his day. He used to begin his day with these two sources. And he would end his night with these two sources. So you would end up with these two sources and begin his day before selecting budget praying as soon as a fighter with these two swords because of what they contain them to heat.

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The products I sell them said about soda to Kevin to free yourself disassociate From and To declare that that worship is what lies with Dell alone and to worship Him alone. And as it relates to one's creed.

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Likewise, a class

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as the privacy of the light it was seldom said when a man came to him, and he said I heard one of the this one of the campaigns. He said that I heard someone else on another companion, reciting this sort of color alone.

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He would he just kept repeating it all night. It was as if he

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saw to be blameworthy, so he went to the gym and he told him about it.

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Because I saw him said well let enough CBD in

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by the one

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and whose hand my soul is in.

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Indeed, it is equivalent to a truth a third of the crime. The promise of

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Sallam said to his companions

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Quran Filipina is one of you not have the ability to read a third of the Quran in the night and they said which one of us has the ability to do that? messenger of Allah. He said, he said

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he said Allah had to summon summit summit

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summit. On the one, the eternal sustainer is a third of the crime meaning

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class is a third of the Quran. And likewise, the prophecy

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used to recite

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along with

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Venus before going to bed at night, as I showed on the low tide, and they reported that when the promise of light it was Selim would go to his bed, he would recite these three sources, and he would put his hands like this, she said he would gather his hands like this, and he would know that

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that is to blow but with a small amount of moisture coming out, not spitting and not just blowing air, but what a small amount of moisture coming out such that the tongue is maybe here and one goes like that. And then when he would finish

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The Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam will gather his hands as such, and he would blow into them with some moisture. And then he would read those or he would read those three sources canola and the model either 10

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minutes and then he would blow into his hands and then he was start with the top of his head, and come down over his face, and then the front of his body and wipe what he could from the back of his body. The only place that it is legislated to do this is when reading the three kololo I had

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been asked before going to sleep any other time, it is not legislated to do that, after salaat some people make dry and they write wipe over this themselves like that, or any other time, the province of light it was on them The only time it's reported that he did that was with these three sources before going to bed and he would read them three times he would do that action three times. And so we as followers of the prophets of light, it would send them should do this. Everybody has memorize these sorters we should do this and not be lazy before going to sleep. Because the prophets of the light it was seldom said and I guess I'm going to be explaining the three of these sorters together

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because of the time that remains matter with me. We don't mean

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that there is no one who has sought protection from Allah subhana wa tada with the likes of kololo. I had

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Robin ness. And so once you protect himself, this is something that also the Prophet sallallahu Sallam encouraged so these are you read these three before going to sleep, the promise of light it was Selim also encouraged some of the companions to narrate in an authentic hadith, that the browser encouraged them to say it in the morning and then the date in the morning and an evening of kata so that when we say it when you making your car, or the applications and the remembrances of a lot of our data that you make in the morning in the evening, that you also recite along with that kololo

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likewise, there was a man who the prophets of light it was sent him sent out with a group of his companions and he used to lead them into Salah. And when he would pray we recite kololo he would recite Al Fatiha and then another surah and then at the end he would recite coo Allahu Ahad Jani that is after the other surah. And so they thought that this was strange. So they went to the province. I saw him and he told them, asked him, Why is he resigning? kulula who I had after these other sorters that he's resigning and he said because in the fee has if it's a man that it contains the attributes and the description of our Rahman Allah subhana wa tada and so I love to read it and

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so they're probably some say inform him that Allah loves him. So this sorta is a great sorter that we should recite, and we should understand the meanings como Allahu Ahad as we already mentioned, he is one He is Allah, He is one peerless, unique, he has no match and no equal, Allahu Samad, the scholars have said different things about the meanings of a summit, but all of it goes back and boils down to one thing and that is that Allah subhana wa tada is the self sufficient, he is the independent of all need the one whom all turned to for their needs. This is so this is why they translate it as the eternal, because he is, he is the one who will always exist and has always

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existed, he is the eternal and he is the Sustainer so everyone turns to him for their needs.

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And he does not begin nor was he forgotten he was not born rather he is a la isla de Leyva Cutler who Shea he is the first that which there is none that came before him Subhanahu wa Tada. So he was not born he didn't come from anything he is the first there is nothing that came before him. And as some of the scholars used to say anything that is born will die and allies with Haley de diamante is the one that is alive and will never die so Hannah who would tada while I'm you lead and he did not give birth to anything. He didn't give birth to anything while him you let him he was not born himself. So lives with Joe doesn't have any children. Tyler Lowe and daddy Kenny he's above that.

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Above having any children but tougher below me and one of the one that can allow me Nila Allah did not take any

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Children, nor is there any deity with him. So Hannah who wants to do something else he will. He is the Creator, the Originator of the heavens and earth. And they akula what? Well, I'm sorry, but how can he have a child when he doesn't have a companion he doesn't have a wife or partner. So Hannah, who was Anna,

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coupon I had and there is nothing that is equal to him. Well, the Allahu Thai man who said this is the same meaning as Lisa commitment, that there is nothing like unto him subhanho wa Taala. As for the more we detain, that is cooler

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and cooler

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than ours will give a very brief Tafseer our explanation as to the ability that we have within the next four minutes and shallow data, we already mentioned some of the virtue of the sorters and that they should be recited before going to sleep and in the morning and in the daytime and that they probably send them said that no one has sought refuge in Allah subhana wa Taala with anything that is better than these two sources, and this is why we know that they are Medina sorters because the prophet SAW them as it comes to some of the narrations he used to seek refuge in Allah subhana wa tada from the Yani from the evil eye of the jinn and the ends and likewise he used to place a lesson

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in Hussein his grandchildren under the protection of Allah subhana wa tada with the likes of these dry until these two sources were revealed and then he would use them and he would not he would not use anything else. So when we want to seek refuge in a loss of our data we should use these sorts of people shouldn't be scared of dying, be scared of hazard be scared of these things be scared of gin be said no, we're not scared of that we seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala from that and that aligns with Dell is the one who protects but the problem is people become scared because they don't use these remedies. They don't take precautions and so instead of taking precaution they want

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someone that will find someone that's a rocky can we find someone to read over for that? Why does that need to be read over and the first place because in the last half hour knows best but in most cases, someone is negligent in their duty to Allah subhana wa tada and careless when it comes to reciting the source. So we should because anybody can go back and read the translations. I want to focus on how do we act according to these sources? How do we act we need to implement these in our lives, we need to make them part of our lives not be careless when it comes to those prophetic medicines that the province has prescribed for us. If the doctor gave you a prescription in the

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first one to make sure that you check your client do watch every eight hours and make sure that you're doing exactly what the doctor said take it as he said before a meal is before a meal of his after meal. You don't do it until after the meal. But the promises Sonam has given us better than that. He has given us that which will allow us be ignored divine protection from ultimate data. But still we are careless and heedless when it comes to these protections that have been offered and have been explained by the province of the law it was set up as for the meanings of very quickly.

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You are seeking refuge in Allah subhanaw taala and refuge we know the word refugee many people leave their countries because they have they facing political you know torture and these type of things and they go to another place and they are called the what a refugee because they are seeking refuge and the place where here you are fleeing to Allah Subhana Allah asking him for his protection seeking refuge in Allah azza wa jal

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The Lord of the daybreak Yani The one who is the the one who is, as we already translated on numerous occasions, the one who created it and sustains it.

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So you seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from the evil of all of the creation whether that is jinn or teen mankind or from the animals or from yourself, or from yourself. So you seek refuge in Allah subhanaw taala from everything that has been created, woman that is that is general and then there are some specifics woman 70 laws, you can either walk up and you see Profit and Loss her data from the night

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as it approaches, and that is because many people do their dirt and the nighttime they want to hide under the cover of the darkness along with the shouting and other than that, so if you were to take any type of survey, you will see that the crime that happens at night is more than crime that happens in the daytime, and then the Prophet internalize it Magellan instructs us to be

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and to seek refuge in the female sorcerers when they blow in the nuts. And that is a whole discussion of a set but we are the sorcery. So in the sutra, we are taught to seek refuge in lots of data from the effects of sorcery from sorcery itself and from its effects. And also from the Misha he has he been either hazard and from the

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evil of the one who envies at the time, of his envy and here

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Specify at the time that he is envying because there is no one. And in general that is free from having some type of envy. But, but he pushes it away because of his amen and Acaba will cut it

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down in those best

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