Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 26

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This is the 26th supplication in our series as found in Surat Ash-Shu’ara’.

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Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters. Welcome to portal onyx applications. Today B is anila. We'll be covering law number 26. This door can be found in Surah assura, i a number 83 to 85. And I 87. So 83 to 85. And also I am number 87. If you're following in April on, you'll notice that some of the times we're taking the last two sentences, or the DA might be smack in the middle of the ayah. So make sure you look through an ayah carefully before you decide that it's in the wrong place. Let's start together today in sha Allah, Allah be award be heavily hoekman. So the first three words are Rob be heavily hoekman. Now you're going to connect to the wall and say hook mount

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la hip or knee Biss Orly hain, there are five words in this first sentence. Let's work on them together because there are a few nuances a few that you read points that you don't want to miss. Say it with me, or I'll be habit Li. Now I want you to say the word click, click. You're gonna click at the end, say hook men, hook.

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Hook men. So that calf with a sukoon is gonna click, don't force it and to hook them on. Just a natural click, hook, man. Hook mount, hip or knee. He then off suku and they're gonna bounce it hip or knee. What else Hitler knee back slot, Bill slaw, Bill slaw. beteen bill slaw Lee hain. In this case, we're saying to be with the righteous this law Lee hain. Or Rob be heavily hook mount. l Hitler need this law Lee hain. The next while Jim iron and lamb watch IE Li wodeyar I li li Santa Li Santa. Slidell clean, slither, slither, slither, clean, feel free scratch that hot feel. Clean watch IE Santa sleigh do clean feel clean. And again while Jim iron and lamb watch me watch me bounce

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commit stretch word you are IE me. Moo wah wah Sati Moo wah wah sat d mu y rasathi Gen. Teen dream Gen. Teen Neri noon with shuddha full nasal sound hold the sound Gen nothing Neri and the last sentence while ah to Xeni. wila remember what Say what? Walla Walla zini Yo mama the mud make the full? Yo mama? Not Yo man yo yo mama and pucker your lips. UVA is soon. UVA I soon. Wala zini Yo, UVA I soon. Allah subhanaw taala accept that now. We're going to read the doula altogether. Or be heavily hook Mt. l HIPAA Ernie Bill slaley hain what john

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Lee Lee Santa

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Feel free to watch me Moo wha Sati Jun Tina.

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Wala zini yo ma you ba is to be careful that sat at the end. Otherwise, may Allah subhanaw taala give you jannetty nyeem which are gardens full of pleasure and happiness. Be pleased with Allah and Allah subhana wa tada will make the deen simple and easy for us to follow your brother with sanctuary for chronic supplications I'll catch you in the next episode was set out more aleikum wa rahmatullah.