Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P14 139E Tafsir Al-Nahl 110-113

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of compromise in Islam is highlighted, as it is essential to avoid going back to a past belief. There are many people who cannot pursue their religion and may feel pressured to do so. The Mah prep School is trying to get out of a hold on business and is moving away from certain people. The importance of acknowledging one's success and weaknesses in order to defend oneself in court is emphasized, along with respecting others' lives and not changing one's behavior. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to accept Islam and not give up on their religion.
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Summer in our bucket, then indeed your Lord Linda Medina her Giroux for those people who do Hijra mimbar Dima Fujino, after they were persecuted, so Majah hadoo, then the jihad was Subaru and that sort of they were patient, in not becoming bar the * of a food over him. Indeed your Lord after that surely is Forgiving and Merciful. What is this I are talking about, you see, there were many companions were persecuted. And in whatever situation they were in, there were moments when they ended up compromising their faith, either by saying words of cover, or staying away from, you know, doing good. Like, for example, living in this day and age, there are certain situations in which you

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feel free to observe your religion.

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There are no restrictions, nobody's going to, you know, force you to do anything. But at the same time, sometimes you find yourself in a position where you don't really have a choice. You don't really have a choice. Like, for example, let's say you are crossing the border somewhere.

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And they ask you to show your face, for example, a woman she generally covers her face, and they ask you to show your face, we want to check your identity you're like, but I cover my face, not supposed to show it to men. But they're like, sorry, you can't go through until we actually check your identity. And there is no woman officer, you understand. So in that situation, you end up taking your Nakaba, the officer is looking and everybody else is looking, for example, you compromise on your faith, right?

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I'm not saying that a sin was committed and something haram was done, but there was compromise. Likewise, you generally wear proper clothing, I mean, in the sense that the way your hijab demands from you. But let's say at your workplace, or as a student, or as someone who is, you know, learning who's studying nursing, for example, and you go to the hospital, you have to wear your scrubs, and it has short sleeves and short shirt. And you're like, What am I doing, I wore my, our bio for here, and here, I'm taking it off in my, you are in an awkward situation. And then you remember that, okay, this is only for a few months now.

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Okay, only for a few months, I'm gonna have my degree, and then I'm gonna practice however I want.

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But for the training, you end up making a compromise.

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And does this not happen? It happens all the time.

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You go to take some tests, and the examiner is a man.

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You go to, let's say, get your fingerprints done. And the person who's supposed to take your fingerprints is a guy. And only he is licensed to do that.

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You are in a in an emergency situation. And you need to be examined by a doctor who were taken into the emergency room and there is no woman doctor there, it's only a man, either he checks you and he treats you or you die, you bleed to death.

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So I mean, compromise was done, right? And it happens all the time. Sometimes we have the option, you know, get a female doctor, for example. And other times you don't have the option. You don't have it.

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You didn't know you chose a career that was not really appropriate for your Islam. And later on, you realize that this is not allowed. Or this is something that I should not be doing. But it's too late to change your career. You have been studying something for three and a half years, you just have one semester left. Okay, so you end up compromising. Now there are people, there are people who will never compromise

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who will never compromise if they find out that their job is bringing them out on Monday, they will quit the same day.

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But there are others who will say I'm in a situation where I cannot.

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So there are situations in which you can find a way either you can leave it completely what you're doing, let's say a person they take a haram loan

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and now they are paying off their loan every month every month. And they find out that this kind of loan is not lawful. And now there's a fatwa also out there, you know by Andhra that says, you know, generally these loans are not okay. And these systems that have have come up they're not halal, even if they're advertised as halal. They're not actually halal. So now you're stuck in the middle of what do you do?

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What do you do? Some will say you know what my Islam comes first. If it's not halal, I cannot have it even for one more day. But the house on sale, stop this right away.

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But there are some other people who cannot make that decision themselves. They would like to put their house on sale but the husband says

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Not happening. You understand. Sometimes children are forced by their parents to take a loan

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in which they have to pay off interest later.

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If something like this has happened in the past, or a person is in the situation currently, what does Allah subhanaw taala? Say? Because there was Sahaba, who were living in Makkah, they could not really observe the deen, as they should have been observing. They were still doing wrong things. They were trying to move away, but it was taking them longer. Some people, they can bring about a change like this instantly. You're supposed to wear hijab, okay, I wear hijab.

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And another person Yeah, I know, I'm supposed to wear hijab, but I'm trying every day is a struggle, when I start wearing hijab more, you know, when I go to this place, and eventually I'm gonna increase until I actually wait 24 hours, you know, wherever I go.

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Giving up what is haram immediately. Definitely, it's more preferred. Definitely. And you know, sometimes there are these situations in which we have to prove with our actions that Allah is more important to me.

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My religion is more important to me than this house.

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It is more important to me. So when a person will drop everything and prefer their religion. Of course, Allah will give him what is much better reward is immeasurable. But if a person is weakened his fate at that time, he doesn't take that matter seriously, or he doesn't have much control over his situation. Then, is there doom for them? No, Allah subhanaw taala says some in Nala Baca Linda Dina, hi Jerome embodiment 14.

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They were forced in a situation to do something wrong to compromise on their religion they were compelled.

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But then eventually hedger did it hijra, and remember what Hijra is? From Hadith? What do we learn? Elmo hydro, man, Hajj or Amana hug Hello horn.

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The Mahajan is the one who emigrates from that which Allah has forbidden him from. Sometimes you can do this headline one day. And sometimes as Hijra means a couple of years. We're moving in that direction. We're trying to get out of this hold on business. We are moving away, but it's taking time. So those who do eventually leave it, how do you remember Dima Fujino. So Majah huddled under strive more, meaning they do something extra now to make up for the wrong that was done previously.

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You understand the Majah had done this drive. They do something extra now to make up for the wrong that was done previously will someone who and their patient, meaning that in the future, they don't make the same mistake again?

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You see, sometimes people say, Yeah, we took a mortgage and stuff but Allah for Allah, we didn't know. And yeah, we want to get over it. But you know, there's only a few years left, and once we pay it off, then the house is ours. And in the meantime, they go and buy an apartment, mortgage, they go and get a car, on a HUD home loan, they go and get another house on HUD home loan, what is this? Are you playing with your Lord?

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If you made a mistake before, why are you making the same mistake again and again and again.

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So Masaba, who then in the future, you have to do something, you have to hold yourself back and really, when you leave what is forbidden, it requires a lot of suburb from you,

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a lot of suburb from you, because it's not easy to step down a level. You know, you're living in a big house and then you have to sell that house for the sake of your deen and then you move into a basement

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more than half of your income goes into rent.

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That means you cannot save enough money to travel. You cannot save enough money to even buy a house anywhere in the future sub array

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that requires sub

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stepping down is never easy, it is difficult to Masaharu so such people who show with their actions, that yes, they will not go back to a life of sin in narangba. Come and borrow the Halacha for over him then indeed your Lord after that is Forgiving and Merciful. So forgiveness and mercy is for who? Those who keep doing haram and say yeah, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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This is what we think. Right? And this is why we take one hold on one another one, another one and another one. And we think Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. What does this ayah show to us? The one who does Hijra the one who changes his way who does Sabbath for him is forgiveness. Because that is though about what is though but you turn back you are doing something wrong. You go back to Allah, you are feeling regret over the decision that you made and you promise you're never going to do it again. It is not about that you leave one house, a mortgage and you get another one.

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Everyone is different in their level of ima as long as you realize in your heart that what I'm doing is wrong.

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You have to

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Accept wrong as wrong. You accept it as wrong. And you say yes, I know this is wrong, I should not be doing it. However, I hope that Allah will forgive me, because I don't have any other option or because I'm still struggling to become better. And in the future, I hope I will leave this completely and I'm going towards that direction. I'm moving in that direction.

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You know, like this one person. I know, they had no idea about mortgage being even a problem. Majority of the people at least they know that it's gray area, at least. But this person didn't have any clue.

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Really, they didn't know that there was even a problem with it. So they got a house and they were paying interest, okay, or they had agreed to pay interest over it after a couple of years. And they found out that okay, this is not right. You know, some people they say it's not okay, this is also interest. And they worked double jobs, morning and evening, weekdays and weekends to the point that they would not even have a few minutes to sit with their family. But it was amazing how within a couple of years, this man alone he paid off his house.

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He paid it off, because where there's a will, there is a way and Allah guides such people. He will take them out of Lulu mat into New York, New Jersey and Illuminati landlord and those who don't even acknowledge that I am in darkness

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will they be taken out of darkness now

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Yoma de Kowloon, Epson on the day when each soul will come meaning on the Day of Judgment, to judge the law enough see her it will argue for itself it will defend itself meaning no one is going to defend another. You cannot get a lawyer to speak on your behalf. Because you're not convincing an argument. No, each person will come defending itself. In this world what happens a person can commit the worst crime. But then he didn't have the best lawyer, give him all the money and the lawyer will defend you in court where at least we'll find some loophole because of which your term may be reduced or your punishment may be reduced. You can do that. But on the day of judgment, no one is

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going to come to defend you.

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Each person is going to be alone,

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facing their Lord. In a hadith we learn that there is none amongst you except that your Lord will speak to him.

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A person will look to his right.

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He will look to his left, he will find his good deeds, he will find his sins and before him he will find the fire of *.

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Imagine in this situation and he is speaking to his Lord, Allah will speak to him question him. So these are your deeds, and these are your deeds.

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What is the right thing that you did? And what is it that you did wrong? And in front of him will be the fire to the Prophet saw a lot of them said save yourself from the fire even if it is through, have a date. Meaning do something good anything go to save yourself from the fire failure record of good deeds and minimize your record of sins, minimize it to the best of your ability. Because one day you have to face your Lord, He knows what you did, and he put you in those situations to test you in the first place. You know, like sometimes we wonder, well, my situation is very different, you know?

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Because my family is kind of forcing me and the society you know, it depends is for me and my job requires us. For me my training requires this for me.

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We have an excuse because we say it's kind of given in the situation that I'm in because my situation is different. You know, Allah subhanaw taala put you in that situation.

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He put you in that situation, why to test you? What do you do?

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What do you do? This doesn't mean that we become perfect Mistakes happen, but at least acknowledge the fact that wrong is being done. Acknowledge it at least because on the day of gender, Allah will ask you, yo Mata de cologne, Epson Tujuh de la Neff, see her what to have cologne of SEMA or Mila and each person will be given in full what the recompense for what they have done Mamilla to home, lejos lemon and they will not be wronged. They will not be wronged. They will not be dealt with injustice in any way.

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Before we continue just this one if we remember it, that on the Day of Judgment, I have to defend myself.

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So if my friends are telling me to dress a particular way, they're not going to show up to defend me.

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If my parents are telling me to do this, which is wrong, they're not going to come to defend me. If my husband is telling me to do this wrong thing. He's going to come to defend me I will be alone.

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I will be alone.

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If a person remembers this, then it's easier to leave what is wrong and it becomes easier to deal with the opposition of people and stay firm on the truth.

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Well, a lot of Allahumma Thanh Allah gives an example of a Korea turn of a town of a people of a city cannot Amina that was Amina Amina, meaning with Amman with peace secure, meaning free of any danger. Multiple in multiple in meaning, again from from Nina which means to be still to be calm to be secure, meaning it was safe and secure from any enemy from any external threat. Yet he had his to her its provision would come to it raw, then in abundance, remember the word rather than the story of otherness now.

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So its risk would come how in abundance when Colima can from every place meaning places far and wide. from every corner of the world, its provision would come, meaning they had everything they wanted. But these people for Kefalas be under Romila. They were ungrateful for the blessings of Allah and neuromas deplore love, Norma, for alcohol Allah Who, so when they were ungrateful, Allah made them taste labasa joueur the clothing of hunger, while hope and fear be my cat on your smartphone because of what they used to do. Notice Lieberson jewelry will have Libous clothing, your clothes, they cover you right? They're the closest thing to you, the closest object to you. And

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clothes are meant to cover you. From top to bottom.

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Meaning whatever part of your body you wish to cover, your clothes are meant to cover that

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there with you, Lee Bassel jewelry one called What does it mean? Clothing of hunger and fear, meaning hunger and fear was clung to them. They couldn't get away with it.

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They experienced hunger and fear wherever they were in the day and in the night.

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When alone and when in public, just like clothes are with you right wherever you go. So just like that hunger and fear accompany them. Why? Because of what they used to do. Whose example is this? The people of Makkah.

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The people of Makkah, were very different from the rest of the people of Arabia. They enjoyed safety and security like no one else did. Why? Because of the karma, because of the fact that they were the caretakers of the karma. Because of the fact that Makkah was haram was a place of sanctity where no battle was to take place, no murder was to take place. No one security was to be violated, everyone was safe and secure in Mecca. And on top of that, food would come to them. Because you know, people would come to Mecca for worship. And when they would come, they would bring in a lot of gifts and food and so much to Makkah. So there is came to them, they had everything they wanted, they had all

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the privileges, and they thought nothing would change.

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Nothing would change, this is how we're going to be.

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They took their blessings for granted. Does it happen with us?

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happens with us, right? We take electricity for granted, we take good weather for granted. We take money for granted we take food for granted, which is why we eat half and we throw half we take some and we waste some. This is what we do with the blessings that Allah has given us. So these people, the people of Makaha Kafala, the interim Allah, they were ungrateful for the blessings of Allah, how are they ungrateful that they thought, you know, we are the people of Makkah, we deserve this. So yeah, we see the truthfulness of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, he cannot be a liar. We know deep down, he's true. But we can't believe in Him. Because if we believe in Him, that means we have to

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accept Him as our leader. There's no way we can accept that.

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And if we believe in him, he's has that everybody's equal? And how is it that my slave can stand next to me in prayer? And how was it that he can sit with me in the same gathering? No way. They didn't like the message of Islam, and will have to leave all of these gods and all of these idols, no way.

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You see, when someone has done favor to you, then what should you do? Listen to them, right? You should obey them. Like for example, what is your sound towards parents acknowledge the fact that they have been good to you, and because they have been good to you, obey them. Listen to them. This is why we have been told to not even say off to our mothers off to our fathers, obey them without any whining and complaining and fussing.

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So likewise, when Allah subhanaw taala has blessed a Soma

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match with so many blessings and the surah is Surah, two Neerim blessings are mentioned. And that is the case, how can you deny His messenger? If you're denying His Messenger, this is the height of ingratitude.

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This is the height of ingratitude. Don't you acknowledge His favor is on you. If you acknowledge them, then at least believe in the Messenger whom He has sent. But if a person he turns away, and he says, No, I don't want to obey. This is too difficult. I don't want to pray. I don't want to give him charity. I don't want to wear this hijab, and I don't want to change my lifestyle. I'm okay the way I am. And yes, I have all the money that I need. And it's okay. You know, yes, I like Islam, but my life has to be compartmentalized. I cannot enter into Islam fully. So that my clothing and my money and my education and my work, everything complies with Islam. No,

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I can't do that.

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This is in gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala, who gave you that money? Who's giving you that education? Who is blessing you with all of these opportunities?

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Remember the blessings we have? We don't deserve them.

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They're Allah's gifts to us.

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And we better not forget Allah, because of the money that we're enjoying, because of the houses that we're living in. Because of the careers that we have, let's not forget the one who gave these things to us in the first place. Because if we do so, the one who gave these things to us has full power to take them away also, or does he not?

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He does right.

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fit our own. Look at the height of power, the height of money that he reached, and what happened in Granite, disbelief, and everything was taken away.

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There he was sitting on his throne, saying so arrogantly, hon Komal Arla, and what happened to the same guy standing in the middle of the sea, drowned by the waves

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What happened to Abuja *, so arrogantly he opposed the Prophet salallahu Salam. And in the Battle of burger what happened is head was cut off. He was killed. What happened to Ebola? So arrogant, he was so wealthy he was, but when he died, he died such a miserable death. He was basically sick for so many days he died and his body would stink. It was horrible to even look at so his own children would not go near the dead body. So his body actually lived for several days and when the smell and everything it just spread and people could not tolerate anymore, they embarrassed his children that he was your father do something about his dead body. So then they hired some slaves imagine that to

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hire them because they couldn't even make their slaves do they hired some people and with some sticks and you know, they had to throw his body into a ditch and cover it up as fast as they could.

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Look at the humiliation and disgrace.

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Far as alcohol law holy basil jewelry will hope and you know, maca imagine they had everything. But there were years of famine

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that they had to experience when the disbelieved and the profit salon isn't so much or that in Makkah, they had no food, nothing. No trade, no food was coming in, to the point that people were eating leaves and they were eating dead animals.

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How? And joueur overtook them fear and hunger overtook them. Why? Because of what they used to do. What are the GIA home rasuna men home and certainly a messenger has come to them from themselves meaning they recognize him. Of course they know him. Forget the woohoo but they have rejected Him for other hola boo. We're home Lolly moon. So the punishment has seized them and they are wrongdoers meaning they brought this upon themselves, this famine, they brought it upon themselves, these difficulties and trials, they brought them upon themselves. So remember, whenever our blessings are taken away, whether it is the blessing of freedom, or it's the blessing of health, or it's the

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blessing of family, whatever it is, because we ourselves have brought that upon ourselves.

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We are to blame because we were ungrateful. We were ungrateful because it is Allah's promise. Let in Shackleton

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lazy then not come if you're grateful that will give you more.

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I will give you more. But if you're ungrateful than Allah's punishment is severe.

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So when we're enjoying our blessings, let's not forget him and let's not keep compromising on our religion and keep throwing religion behind our backs and giving its second or third or fourth or fifth priority in our lives and everything else becomes important and religion becomes secondary. Family becomes important and Allah does not become important anymore to us. There is a big problem

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difficulties and trials are not far, because the Lord who gave these can also take them away.

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So never forget Allah, because of what you have.

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Because of what is in your control. Sometimes it happens, person gets married, they're in love with her husband, and they don't want to even spend five minutes away praying.

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It's too difficult. They love their children. And it is too difficult to even take time out to read the Quran. We can read book after book after book to our children, but reading Quran. Oh, man, it's like climbing a mountain. It becomes too difficult. We eat every day, but fasting sometimes. I can't do that. No way.

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This is ingratitude. The Lord Who gave you those blessings. Don't forget him. Because there's a warning over here. If you forget it, then be prepared. These blessings can be taken away, anytime, anytime. And we know how. just catching one virus can cripple a person and can destroy him within days.

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You know about the Ebola virus, right? What happens? One contact.

00:26:13 --> 00:26:14

We don't even have a cure for it.

00:26:15 --> 00:26:28

And no matter how much we think we are equipped to deal with it, it's scary when you find out that it's made its way into the states. And not one person but multiple people have been found with it now. Right? It's scary. It might reach here.

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It might get here. It's just one contact away. And that's it. Life has finished within moments. Haven't you seen pictures of people in pools of blood, all alone laying dead.

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Life is taken away. Freedom is taken away and how certain places you know they're quarantined literally. So people are not allowed to go in or go out and their Guards,

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guards with arms, not letting you go in or out of there. And if you do,

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you're in trouble.

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So just imagine their freedom has gone. The life they enjoyed is gone.

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The happy faces that they had now gone.

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And we think it's others we could also be in their position. We could also be in those shoes. A disaster can come in our very homes. So seek protection with Allah

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and don't get out of his protection by sinning and by disobeying Him and turning away from him. Subhanak alone will be him technischer to Allah Illa illa Anta Mr. Furukawa to relate a sin Mr alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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