Suleiman Hani – Why Is Palestine Suffering – Lessons from the Battle of Uhud

Suleiman Hani
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When Allah subhanaw taala permits for many wisdoms unknown to us, when He permits that step forward. And he allows someone of evil to have anything of power in this world any kind of minor victory in this world, it will, in fact, be their source of defeat, that small thing that they see as a victory and yes, there is pain and loss for us. It will in fact, be the reason that they are defeated. It will in fact, be the reason they become arrogant, and their arrogance will cause their self destruction. So Allah subhanaw taala when he says we're young called caffeine and we don't understand the how, but we believe in the promise of Allah And Alhamdulillah nama do want to start

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you know who want to stop fetal? When are we learning when should orient fusina Women say RTI Marlena mejor de la HuFa La Molina when my yield lil fella hottie Allah, why should you Allah you know in Allahu Allahu la sharika Why should you know Muhammad Abdul who are pseudo? Yeah, you already know. I'm an otaku. Maha haka Ducati, Walter. Mutanda Illa. anti Muslim on Yeah, you're Latina. Ermelo Tapachula well tumbled enough some epidemically avoid what type of law in Allah forbid DON'T BE MY Tama doing All praise is due to Allah the Exalted we praise Him we seek His help his guidance and his forgiveness. We testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah alone

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and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him as His servants and final messenger. Allah subhanho wa Taala commands us what is translated as all believers. Be mindful of Allah have Taqwa of Allah, Allah every soul reflect, think about so you can prepare for what comes tomorrow for your afterlife. Let every soul reflect on what you've sent ahead for your afterlife and be mindful of Allah have Taqwa of Allah, Allah is aware of all that you do.

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Our homework today is about a link between God and Palestine, a link that oftentimes we may not consider. But when we take a few steps back we see first and foremost Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to different prophets and messengers throughout history to the Rasul certain messages for certain nations and the final messenger Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have this final message in the midst of Arabia and Mecca. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is conveying the message of Islam and with a small group of followers is being persecuted. And initially, they tried everything to dissuade him to stop him. They tried bribery, they tried to

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compromise on the religion they tried to offer him, whatever you wanted of worldly things will give you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam is a sincere Prophet on a mission from God, he cannot change the mission. So he continues and what happens as the community starts to grow, the attacks the propaganda, the media, of course, it starts to increase and amplify. And eventually, because they could not meet the intellectual challenges that Allah subhanaw taala gave in the Quran, they could not meet the challenge of the Quran to come up with anything like it, they started to eventually resort to physical violence, they started to attack, they started to abuse physically, verbally,

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they started to mock and harass the small group of believers. And eventually they started to kill

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once they amplified their attacks and persecution against the small Muslim community, and they started to cut them off from all of society trying to starve them to death. Eventually, the command came for the Muslims the permission now to migrate to leave, they migrated to a safer place to Medina, you would think they would arrive in Medina and everything would be great, long term. But of course, on the mission of truth, you're going to face opposition. So once they settled in Medina, and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam established the to steward the Charter, the Constitution for the Jews, Christians and Muslims to live together in Medina, eventually, the second year after

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settling down eventually, there was the famous battle of Beddit, a very decisive moment in history, they had to defend their lives as 313 individuals against over 1000 of the flourishes. But long story short, the Battle of bedden had a lot of miracles, a lot of support, divine support, and those who went out they were very special because of how brave they were, despite the material circumstances. So they had to Quran Allah subhanaw taala, they have a special status. But what I want to focus on is the Battle of Fort Hood. And it may seem like a very odd thing to talk about in the midst of what's happening in the world today. But the Battle of Fort Hood is detailed in the

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Quran for many reasons. We're not talking here right now about a battle. We're talking about lessons from the battle of overheard, that are actually linked to what's happening in the world today. So when you look at the Battle of Word, you can consider it to be a moment a tragic, difficult moment in which there was purification for the OMA purification in different forms. It was an eye opener for the believers, it was very different than the Battle of budget. So when you look at the Battle of or heard, from the very beginning, the trials would start to appear. One of the many tests of people's faith at that time was the as they were heading out. In fact, you had one of the leaders of

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the Munna, fealty and the hypocrites you

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He's not actual Muslims, but they are amongst the Muslims. You had one of their leaders take back a group of people. Imagine some actually historian say possibly up to 1/3 of the Army, taking them back abandoning the rest of the Muslims. Can you imagine the feeling is a psychological response responses to seeing 1/3 of your group leave and abandon go back to Medina, what would happen they're trying to shake the faith of the believers and also they didn't want to die, they're cowards. So they're gonna feel clean left, when they left Allah subhanaw taala mentioned something very important at this time. When he says in the hammock or if attorney mean Come and touch Shala one law

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Who are you whom are the law, he failure to occur in what we know. And he says, Remember when two groups amongst you the believers now they were about to cower, they were about to buckle under that pressure. That is understandable at times. And then Allah reassured them. Allah reassured them and let the believers put their trust in Allah.

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They continue onwards, and you find that a herd, according to the historians, was one of many ways that Allah subhanaw taala, purified Medina, it exposed them when I feel clean. It purified the believers in many ways. And Medina itself is a city of purity. It's a city of purity. So when we talk about purity, you're talking about that which expels filth. And so when you look at the battle itself, you know the story and I'm going to summarize very quickly, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam gave a command for some of the believers to stand on a specific Hill amount. These are the archers and to watch the backs of the Muslims do not leave your positions. It's very clear command

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Do not leave your positions they were not given permission Do not leave. What happened in the initial part of the battle, the Muslims were winning this battle, and they were advancing and now there were spoils of war. Some of those on the mount the archers, who are given a clear command, some of those on the mound, they saw an opportunity to rush forward to take and collect some of the spoils of war. They thought if we don't rush down and take the spoils, we might miss out. So they left their post, even though some of the companions on the mound told them do not leave. They're following what's the command of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But this is what happened.

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This is what was decreed they made that wrong choice. And there was a lesson that was mentioned in the Quran because of it. When they left their posts. The archers on the Mount. Holly didn't worried who at this time was not yet a believer. He was a general he was one of those who was opposing them. In fact, he noticed as he was waiting patiently with a small group, he noticed an opportunity around this mountain so he brought a group of from his army, they flank the Muslims from behind, they started to attack and kill the Muslims were in confusion, disarray, some of them in fact that not knowing which direction to run, the Prophet salallahu Salam was injured some of the Sahaba were more

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martyred, including Hamza and all the Allah one. So the Quran is very explicit about what happened here. And the Sahaba themselves understood what happened here. There was disobedience of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the reason I'm mentioning this is because Allah subhanaw taala although he addresses what's happened in that particular context, he references many other things that we are always in need of many other lessons and reminders, especially today. And he says to them, what are tahini Allah has no do not falter or grieve one tool alone are inclined to move money and do not do this when you have the upper hand if you are true believers. And then he says Insert

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earlier Imran several AR two back to back about the Battle of em Tascam corofin for the muscle coma for from Israel. If you suffered injuries or hurt they those who are coming to harm you suffered similarly at budget. What to kill a Yamanaka we don't have *. These are the days of victory and defeat that Allah alternates between the people. What are some of the wisdoms Why does this happen sometimes? What he RLM Allahu Latina Manu, so that Allah subhanaw taala can test you to see Who amongst you is a true believer because your Eman comes out in times of tragedy. Your Eman comes out in times of pain and also hypocrisy could come out and be exposed in these times as we are seeing

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the world today. And then he also says way a toughy I mean come shahada and so that he takes from amongst you he chooses from amongst you martyrs, shahada

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Walla Walla you're able bodied mean Allah does not like the wrongdoers and then another of the lessons. What do you say salaam Latina Ermanno away I'm humbled caffeine, and he distinguishes the true believers and destroys the disbelievers. What does this mean in the Battle of word you see the battle for than you might think, for example, the pagans who are coming to harm the Muslims after persecuting them for over a decade, that they won this battle, but in fact, there was a partial victory. It was a partial victory, no doubt. But they in fact, at later stages of it after this moment after the archers left their post, they in fact could not complete their mission. Their

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mission was to kill the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they couldn't complete that. So why does Allah subhanaw taala say

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Why am I called caffeine? And this question was posed to so many scholars, how does Allah say William Huckle caffeine? How do you reconcile this? When in many cases like that itself, a lot of Muslims were defeated, a lot of Muslims were killed. A lot of Muslims were martyred. How do you reconcile the two? And many of the scholars they say, this is because when Allah subhanaw taala permits for many wisdoms unknown to us, when He permits that step forward. And he allows someone of evil, to have anything of power in this world, any kind of minor victory in this world, it will, in fact, be their source of defeat, that small thing that they see as a victory, and yes, there is pain

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and loss for us. It will in fact, be the reason that they are defeated. It will in fact, be the reason they become arrogant, and their arrogance will cause their self destruction. So Allah subhanaw taala, when he says, well, Jung called caffeine and we don't understand the how, but we believe in the promise of Allah. And then he says, I'm Hasebe to mentor who will janitor, what a Maryana, Milan Latina, Tjahaja lincolnway animal Savarin remember the context, here's a bottle of Word, say to them, Do you think you will just enter paradise? Meaning there's no effort? Do you think you will enter paradise without without Allah subhanaw taala testing you to prove who amongst

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you really struggled for his cause, and so that he sees those who endure those who have severe This is to remind the believers, that you cannot just unlock the gates of Jannah by saying, I believe

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you can't just say I believe your actions have to prove it. Now you might be tested in this world, in which all of your tests are test of ease. You're never in a situation where physically you're in discomfort, meaning a situation like a conflict stricken zone, an occupation, apartheid massacre and genocide. That might not be your direct test. But it is the test of our brothers and sisters in the lovers and Philistine in many places around the world. It is the test that many of us perhaps we were a part of at one point and we left and migrated perhaps our parents or grandparents as well.

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And Allah subhanaw taala mentions only a few of the wisdoms, but reminds us of many things that we're always in need of so the context Yes is the battle ahead. But the lessons are timeless. And we find that are heard in fact or heard was a reason for the believers to become stronger to learn from their mistakes as well while clear Allahu wa SUTA obey Allah and His messenger. So at the end of the battle, something interesting happened at the end of the battle of or you can say this as part of the end of the battle as it was concluding Abu Sufyan who was a disbeliever at this time, and he was calling out to the Muslims. And he was hearing the response from Omar all the Aloha and they could

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not by the way, climb up the mountain where they were mount or hood they could not climb where our model the Aloha, and many other companies were with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he started to shout out to the Muslims. And eventually he said today's win is because of better meaning we lost that bet did and today we won. And he says war is about winning one and losing the next. In one day, WIA or Manuel de la Juan, he's he's saying in other words, if you think it's one for one, he said less, so they're not the same. He said what learner in general Kotla COVID Na, our dead are in paradise, you're dead or in the hellfire. And what's interesting at this moment, is that Abu Abu

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Sufian said something that's as I was going through the seat on I looked at two or three other texts. I found this to be very interesting with the conversations we're hearing today with a situation and the husband fell asleep. And this is where there's one of many links between the lessons of heard and lessons from today. He said, you will find he said to remodel the lawn to the Muslims, you're going to find amongst the dead Muslims on the battlefield, you're going to find some of the mutilated, you're going to find that some of them were mutilated, meaning what their noses their bodies cut off, and I don't want to be too explicit, but they were mutilated, in many ways in

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a manner that anyone would consider to be barbaric, inhumane uncivil. But then he said, I didn't command it. I didn't tell them to do that. But I do not dislike it. I don't condemn it. And this is a very interesting statement. I will Soufiane is saying in other words, I didn't ask them to be barbaric to your people. But I'm not going to condemn it. I'm not disliking it. Why? Because he doesn't see those that were killed as humans that are valuable. He doesn't see them as important. These are his enemies.

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And these are the same words we're hearing from many people who justify genocide today. Well Allah He these are almost explicit words that I have heard firsthand for the last few weeks reaching out to different groups of rabbis, different organizations multifaith coalition's just to hear their responses. How can you stay silent? When 5000 Plus children are being killed? Their bodies cut in half. How can you be silent when hospitals are being bombed? How can you be silent when people are being told leave for say

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If D and as they leave just today, again, there are being bombed. How can you stay silent when 2 million people are starved? How can you stay silent when hundreds of human rights experts and organizations clearly stated there are war crimes? This is genocide. How many times do you have to see videos and pictures of being people being killed and massacred? For you to finally say, Okay, I condemn those who are causing this atrocity. I condemn how barbaric This is. And Wallahi some of these groups, as I messaged and I reached out to them, some of these groups would respond and say, we condemn violence, but we cannot condemn the IDF. We condemn generally killing innocent people.

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But we cannot condemn the IDF because they're going after an enemy. I said to these rabbis, if this was happening in a place in which it was all of your family, would you be okay with collateral damage? Would you be okay with what's called collateral damage? By the way, it's actually intended this way, would you justify the death of an innocent person, the child, and now we have almost 15 to 20,000 people that were killed, and and others by the way, 10s of 1000s, slowly being killed. And so when we talk about people being mutilated, I said this to a number of rabbis, one of them message me in private, and he said, listen, there are many of us who are part of organizations and movements

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like Jewish voices for peace, and we will speak up. But the majority, the majority of our community will condemn us for betraying them. They've insulted us for being self hating. They've called us anti semitic without knowing who we were at times. So he says, We can condemn, and we have condemned, but you will find the majority of those who are blinded by their hatred for Palestinians unable to condemn, no matter how bad the atrocity is, they will stay silent at times and act like they are neutral, but they will not condemn an ethnic cleansing, they will not condemn a genocide. And I had one rabbi tell me in front of perhaps 100 others, he said, I didn't ask them to kill

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innocent people, but I'm not going to condemn. These are the words of Abu Sufyan. These are the words of Abu Sufyan. You cannot possibly remain silent when there is an ethnic cleansing and a genocide and the mutilation of bodies, and white phosphorus and everything else we all know of in the world and hamdulillah the world has seen and is aware of today, and then say I'm going to remain silent. It's beyond the point of just condemning now, these are war crimes. And these war crimes are things that are going to cause and have already caused ripple effects all across the world, not just in one region of the world. And with this we say that the the concept of fitna that we've been

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talking about for the last four weeks. As Muslims this word has been brought up a lot in the last month and people ask what exactly is a fitna? What does this mean? A fitna is that which purifies if a tan is the one who takes gold that's mixed with sediments and impurities. He puts it through a very severe extreme heating process, but it comes out as a valuable commodity comes out something clean, precious and pure. So what is a fitna for us, for example, in Allah subhanaw taala says, A hassy Manasa Utako a yopu Amana wala afternoon, do people expect to say I believe in Allah and then not to be tested with a fitna wala you afternoon? Why people before us were tested so that they can

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prove to themselves to Allah subhanaw taala if they are believers or mana fealty and if there are truthful or they are liars. When a fitna happens a trial, it's not just about the one who is directly being tested. A purification can be for many different things. A purification for us can be for example, you're overly attached to a dunya a purification can be that you completely lost your way. And you saw your brothers and sisters and brothers and it was one of many catalysts for you to come back to Allah subhana wa Tada. So what happens to us in times of fitna and how do we respond with fitna the reality of Eman comes out with fitna the reality of people's moral compasses come

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out. You look at the world today and you wonder, despite the millions of people around the world, who are shouting against genocide, who are screaming for this to stop, you will find that there are still some people who will justify what is happening. Who will deflect, who will ignore. It's like there's no hearts. It's like there's no humanity. It's like there is no universal justice. With fitna, we see the reality of those who have been hiding their realities wearing these masks for perhaps 1020 30 years. Although most people who are aware of the situation we're always aware Alhamdulillah that one thing we have seen from this moment is the reality of people. We have seen

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people exposed for who they are. You've seen politicians who are so corrupt, they're bought out they cannot say there's a genocide. You've seen world leaders say things like see

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and stop because they cannot say fire. You've seen this reality who is corrupt and who is sincere, who is able to speak without worrying about the backlash amongst the politicians and others and who has to think twice because they're worried about their material states. You've seen with this fitna the strength of many Muslims, we see the strength of those who are under the Messiah. And yes, we say they are strong despite what is happening, despite the pain despite the loss despite the tears despite the blood, that they are strong. And their Eman is a reason for others to be inspired in their Iman, for others here to be strong in their worship, we see as well, at hamdulillah the hearts

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of the Ummah that have become united. Seemingly there are only a few things that unite the entire Ummah from all walks of life. And Philistine is always one of these things you've seen as well with this fitna the blessing in other parts of the world that people have like here in the US, and often times when people were complaining, kind of in a moment of heedlessness attached to materials and chasing after endless financial pursuits that this fitna has awakened their conscience reminded them to be a little more content, a little more grateful for the very simple things in life that our brothers and sisters in law do not have access to. That you cannot dare in this country complain

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when you have a stable source of income when you have food and shelter and heat to be complaining about your situation because you want more and more and more of a dunya while brothers and sisters are dying because they don't have water because of infections and diseases because of bombs that drop on hospitals. May Allah subhanaw taala levy thoroughfares with fitna, the believers at times are impacted in terms of returning to Allah in terms of Toba, remembering their sins have an impact on the world. Mau Saba coming mostly about in February customer ID como Jaquan. Kathy, there's a lot of commentary on this is that sometimes misunderstood? That whatever afflicts you have calamity

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meaning across the world, is because of what you have done, meaning because of human beings, straying from Allah subhanaw taala. But it doesn't mean the one who is affected directly by an injustice is the one who did something wrong. No, the fitness spreads across the world. Corruption from sinfulness leads to corruption across the world, and it could impact people all across the world. And that is a test of many tests of this life. So this was a reminder for people for us to go back to Allah subhanaw taala How dare you commit a major sin knowingly? How dare you go back to habitual sin? When you see what's happening to your brothers and sisters and Alyssa? May Allah

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Subhana Allah forgive us? With fitna the hearts of the Ummah are purified from being attached to a dunya. With fitna like this, we remember how temporary this life is. We remember how temporary this world is, and that gender is waiting for those who hold on to their faith. And our brothers and sisters who precede us We ask Allah to accept them as shahada as martyrs with fitna, the believers are reminded how strong they actually are, that you can pass the tests that come your way but it doesn't mean that you will. It's choices these are choices we have to make. When Allah subhanaw taala tells us now you can leave Allah on Epson Allah Azza it means you can pass the test but it

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doesn't mean you will means you have to resort to the tools the Quran the DUA, the community support that will help you be strong in times of fitna.

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With fitna the believers who hold on to their faith, they unlock the keys of Jannah and the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. And for some Muslims, that is the price of Jana that they their lives are taken. And they remember in Allah hashtag Amina and want me Nina and Fusa home one word will be unknown. Well, Janna, Allah has purchased from the believers, their lives and their wealth and in exchange for Paradise. Do we all expect since we're living here in the US, and things are relatively easy for now? Do we expect that Jana is just a simple key you just take care of your five prayers, nothing else to worry about? The reality is we have a lot of work to do. And sometimes the unique

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tests that come to us are the tests that will elevate the ranks in paradise but we don't look for those tests and trials. May Allah subhanaw taala protect us and our brothers and sisters. Allah subhanaw taala says and passive to him and to the whole Jana similar to the other ayah

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Allah Subhana Allah says Allah has implemented Hello Jana Tawana, Maria T cometa Latina Hello Mia Cognito do you expect to enter paradise when you have been given the stories the realities of those who are tested before you must set to moon but Sir What Dharwad was zero they were afflicted with suffering and adversity and they were so violently shaken with the test that they were going through was zero. Hat de Aquila Rasulullah Dena and Omar who maternal Salah until the messenger and those who are with him amongst them, they asked when is the help of Allah coming Allah in Nana Salah Hikari. Allah here is a double emphasis. No Indeed, indeed. The support the victory, the relief from

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Allah the help is nearby. And nothing you do have good is wasted.

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Not a single thing that you do is wasted. No matter what the result is focused on the effort will spin Allah commands whilst we're fighting Allahu Allah, Yulia or agilon, Marcin, whatever it is you're doing to pass a test, whether in Gaza or here in the US or anywhere around the world. Whatever you're doing of good that is pleasing to Allah, keep doing it, keep striving Will Smith. But you cannot possibly assume that you're passing the test without submit. You must persevere knowing that Allah subhanaw taala will reward you no effort goes to waste. And this applies to what to supporting those who are suffering. This applies to what we are doing. Sometimes when calamity

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takes place for more than two or three weeks, we start to notice the numbers dwindling in terms of people's efforts, people's awareness. People are not talking about it as much anymore. They've just accepted this as happening, and perhaps waiting and wondering When will this end? No, you're reminded keep striving persevere. Allah subhanaw taala says for Manzella alikoum embodied of me a minute and nuance in your shop or if at a Minko and there's a long area but I want to get to a specific part ALLAH SubhanA talks about the believers after they were given a peaceful rest for a moment, we'll call effetto metrohm and fusuma Luna Luna Billahi, Ron Hockley than Naja, Helia.

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They're a group of people who thought evil thoughts of Allah.

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And Allah subhanaw taala is addressing this matter. That especially in times of trials, don't ever let your mind shift to something negative about Allah. Allah is perfect. Allah is perfect. When you say Subhan Allah Allah is perfect. rather focus on what you can do in the moment, not the wisdoms of why this happened, but what can you do to change the situation. In turn Salahi on Sol Khan, this is one of many reminders turn to Allah and Allah subhana wa Tada will give you that support. But at the end of the day, there are many wisdoms many lessons. Again, ALLAH SubhanA may be purifying an individual or a group of people maybe raising the ranks of others in Jannah way attacking me can

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show that accepting and taking some choosing them as martyrs, but Allah subhanaw taala promises His help is nearby. So persevere was Smith. And interesting, the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he actually loved Jebel or hurt. And he speaks about it often many narrations and so sometimes the reward of an act of worship, like Janaza is compared to the mountain range of ord one time he said, sallallahu alayhi salam, this is a mountain that loves us and is loved by us. And you see that this is something beloved to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, it's inanimate, but it moved, it shook at one point when he was walking on it with a whack at an armada northmen while the Allahu Anhu. And

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yet there was pain and tragedy next to each other. There was loss next to devil or hurt. And so likewise, we look at the region of Al Aqsa and the nearby area of Philistine. We find there's a lot of pain, our families, our loved ones, our relatives, for decades, suffering with atrocity after atrocity. And today, one of the worst human rights violations in the last few centuries in that region, one of the greatest massacres that anyone could possibly study and see one of the worst forms of ethnic cleansing in the land that we love. And we pray that it is a lochsa land that loves us as well, that we are a people of honesty that we are people of sincerity with Allah, and that no

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matter what happens, we continue to strive. We utilize all of our wisdom, our strategies, our thoughts, our efforts are time in order to accomplish justice for our brothers and sisters in Missouri and all around the world. There are many people who unfortunately, during these times, no matter how much you show them, they will not be awakened. Even if you tell them, there's such thing as state terrorism, you should condemn all forms of terrorism. They will say no, we'll talk about one type of terrorism but we will not condemn the other. You're talking about lives being valuable civilian lives, they will say no, some lives are valuable. Those lives are collateral damage. This

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is the reality that has been exposed today. As long as we live we will continue to strive for justice for all people. But especially in this case, we are striving for justice for the people of Philistine for the Ummah in an ox on all around the world. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to liberate Philistine and to purify of any filth and oppression. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect our brothers and sisters in every land and every place llama Amina hula holding her that was stuck through it with them. First off, you don't know who who will afford or who

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hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who are the early he was off me woman WADA

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saw that earlier Imran has the descriptions of the Battle of or hood so that Muslims until the end of times can learn lessons, lessons that are applied in different ways. We are not comparing by the way the battle or hood to what's happening and of occupation. Rather we are taking some of the lessons that Allah has made clear, but at the end of the Surah 200 verses at the very end of the surah as though to remind us in case we forget the summary. Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, you Alladhina amanu are believers, a speedo was solid beautiful, what are beautiful what Tuffle Allahu Allah Allah come to your own, patiently endure and persevere and stand strong on guard and be

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mindful of Allah.

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Ah, so that you may be successful. May Allah subhanaw taala relieve our brothers and sisters and utilize us for the relief. May Allah subhanaw taala bring down his justice and his support. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us consistency in turning to him and persevering and may Allah subhanaw taala forgive us for all of our shortcomings. May Allah Subhana Allah make us a people who establish justice and peace all across the world alone but I mean in Allahumma eco Hui saloon Allah Nabhi you will Adina Amador Salah Allah He was selling Mutaz Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad in Villa Woodinville, earthling and within a matter in your Medina, Allahu wa Sahlan

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Islam or as anima Simeon Allama Surah Islam or as animal Simeon along the Ferengi kind of animal Samina frequently makan Allah has been sorted Muslimeen and will still Davina frequently makan Allahumma Faridkot of animal stimuli Philistine Allahumma federated cutterbar animals demeanor he fell asleep Allama in Nam Hofer for a minimum gr on Poplar Imam modelu munaf on Surah Mother No Munna Han Solo hum. mudflow munaf on Soham Murata Juna and aka polyurea Aziz Allahumma Nahum holmfirth At minimum Allama day we drove her home wash FEMA long What's up Corbin motor home yeah are hamara Amin Allah I'm gonna call him Masjid ox I mean ideal body mean Allah mode is up now if he

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hears Salatin Cobla mama to be dogmatic hamara Amin Allama 30 Mota and misdemeanor Jemaine Alladhina Shahidullah hernia when in Abuja community Salah Wilma to or other Dalek, Aloma Fetullah what her mom and wife were on him what I couldn't use it at home what was thermal column while seeing him getting mad he was telling you about when after him you know do not be able to hop on camera, you know, of course so we'll be able to Mina Donna's Robina attina Finn dunya Hasina waffle Kurata Hassan waffly nada, nada

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