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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of the Islam calendar and fasting during the month of Easter is discussed, along with the use of hats and hats on camera during the month. The importance of fasting during the month of Easter is emphasized, along with the use of nanam in visa processes. The importance of fasting during the day and the importance of not missing the day are also discussed, along with the use of deadly drugs and the need for everyone to trust Musri's visit to Houston. The segment ends with a call to action for people to help with negative consequences of actions.
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Now hamdulillah who want to stay in who want to study who want to stay Pharaoh when I was a villa him in terrarium for cinnamon sejati I'm Melina Maja de la Fernando De La Hoya Euclid Fedor de la, y shadow La la la la la, la la sharika or shadow Mohammed Abdullah who are pseudo. All praise due to Allah, and his praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his final messenger and his family companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I've been a witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. A lot told us that at the moment he created this universe on

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this earth. He made the time for this earth made of 12 units 12 months,

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Faina llamando holla Sinatra, Jonathan ashlesha. From the day he made the earth, his plan his decision, the way he made it going to have an ulcer that this earth will have 12 months which is called a year. And from these 12 months, he have chosen minha autobahn often home. And from these 12 months, a lot chose four months, which is known as

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the sacred months. And these four months, three of them are consecutives which are they do Canada, which is number 11. And the Hijri calendar, the ledger, which is where we do the head number 12 mohalla, which is basically the month that we are in the first year in the the first month in the year. Then you have shadow Raja, which is separate. Sharon Bina Juma and our shadow ban, which is a separate month, which is comes two months before Ramadan

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and abuse Allah La Jolla Sallam said that and say hello how are you a Muslim in the Hadith is centered exactly what I just said. And Allah subhanho wa Taala have chosen this month, which is we are in right now. The month of Muharram to be the best of the four months actually, according to many of the scuttle said that this is the best of these four months sacred month we'll have assurance

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well, Canada Lima Houma Rosa min Aditya Brahim Annie's Salaam and the Arabs used to honor this month so much and I believe it's the most sacred month and the took this from where from ismat Ian from Ibrahim alayhis salam they learn that well can we have the Mona who had to use a Mona who Shahada often these to call it Assam which is the most sacred month? What kind of mentality in him lack come up at the lower on average Buhari? What can we saw in a fee Hill kabah that in this day, the day the month of this month, the month of

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Harlem in the 10th they used to honor that day even so special and make it so special that they will dress on camera with a new curtain in this month during the 10th of Mahatma

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when I'm married recently Nabil sallallahu alayhi wa sallam caught and Allah Hannah sabasha Horan Ilana NFC Illa Shahada when I'm in Cebu, nebia salaam shanaka in Allah, nice baton sorry, la la la la la la la Hill Mohan said it's interesting to know which it has entails something that none of the months ever were called the month of Ramadan or Ramadan is the month of Allah or jumada or the okay the other hedger but when it comes to Mahatma, it was said actually in the Sunnah last month mohalla. Mahara is the month of Allah, attributed to Allah Subhana Allah to show you that is very special month. And because of this meaning and because it comes after a new beginning of the Hajj,

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it was chosen to be the beginning of the Hijri Calendar.

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Or many people may be thinking that in a bizarre, solemn danger in the month of Muharram that's why the Hijri calendar start hijiri, which is hijra migration, actually has nothing to do the header of the column with the month of muhabba. The aroma the alarm and time was the time where we agreed to be the basically this is the beginning of calendar. Why? They said because after

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had people will wipe out all their scents and they will come fresh as of your new born new start. So that will be suitable to make it the new start of the year. And the Sahaba agree that companions agree to choose the first of Muharram to be the new month, the new year, the new beginning of the year, because it can be also a new beginning for those who came back from had.

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And that was the opinion of Omar rhodiola and the companions and since then, that became basically how the Hijri calendar was initiated and established.

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And as I said, the Arabs known this the secret of this month and the important this month, that they will not fight one another that they will not harm one another. Even the person will see the killer of his own father in front of his eyes and in that time, it's like what we call here the Wild West you know, you know just dead or alive if you see the car you can you can do your there's no law

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you just can kill the color of your family or your you know, somebody took something from you You go handle the law with your own hand. So one of the worst crime is somebody kill your own family, especially your father, it's kind of an honor as well. So they will see the killer of their father in front of their eyes, but they will not touch that person

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as a prospect for these four months.

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What do we say today when we see the bombing in the Muslim country

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what do we say today when we look at Syria Yemen iraq

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all we say today look at Libya Libya and and Kashmir and we look at Kashmir at least non Muslim against Muslim

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but it's sad

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but in Kashmir Muslim celebrating and chanting for non Muslims who are doing that

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so because of this and no matter what like even some of them recommended fasting the whole month of Muharram by the embassy um had one cabinet, one of them, but it's not a strong opinion. Why because in the be salatu salam said of Volusia Mubarak, the Shahada Ramadan, mahalo, the best fasting that you can offer after the month of Ramadan will be fasting during the month of Mahatma

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which is today we are in that seventh of Mahatma and this hadith reported by a Muslim, let him be the Falcon Allah and now the Hades moon and indefinitely mobilock Yeah, and it means a volunteer fast. So in let's say you just want to fast one day for all for the sake of Allah. If you just volunteer a day during the month of Muharram it's better than just a random volunteering in any other months. But if it is a specific fasting, like fasting the day of alpha, it's definitely better than fasting just a random day and mahama. But at large if you just volunteer any kind of days, how about the reward and it is way more than the other months?

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And no doubt. And my father and his salatu salam what has been specifically documented that in the visa Salaam highly recommended a particular day in this month, which is the 10th of Muharram.

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And in the bin sallallahu alayhi salam had the intention to add even one more day to it and he said if I live to next year, I will fast the ninth and the 10th but in Ibiza Salaam for more than what decades in the business on a lot insulin been fasting only the 10th

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canaille so Milan actually lotfy Mecca one Medina used to fast the 10th in Mecca before hedge Allah before migration, and after he moved to Medina as well. In the last year, he said, If I would live one more year, I will first the ninth and the 10th but he died sallallahu Sallam before that they arrived.

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And Nabeel sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that, in particular to that day to what about the rest of the days? Let me run off Ando salatu salam and Osama, Yeoman FEMA Harlan ash.

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We don't have a single proof that the nevison ever fasted. At least nothing reported that He fasted any other days in Muharram except the ninth

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except the 10th.

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So Betty recommended that it is sooner to volunteer fast during the month.

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Harlan lays Episode 19 fairly young lacking vicinity earlier. It is sunny and recommended to volunteer fasting this month because he's encouraged us to do so. But not necessarily because he did, sir. And we all know that a sinner is what the processor limbs set are dead. That doesn't mean he said it and did it in the same time. So you might as long as he recommended that for us. We do it regardless if it's important that he did it or not. So a lot of you it was a no and no doubt, as I said that the 10th of this month is the highly recommended fasting part of nobis moderate Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yeah, so nrcm Yom Kippur him see nrcm Yomi Ashura, Allah Allah.

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Allah Mahatma. He said,

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Sorry, what are the shadow shadow Shadow DOM on NW saw an ambassador of the Allah answered for the Buhari. I didn't see the LM care too fast a day as much as I've seen him carrying so much too fast the day of Ashura and I didn't see him care about a whole entire month, like the way he cared about the month of Ramadan. I will get that out of the alarm and how he reported that the process of himself also relies on him sooner and co Muse and cm Yomi Ashura photon you can feel Sen Mourinho Muslim in the visa salon you asked what we'll get from fasting the devil Ashura, he says erase the sin of the previous year.

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Actual raw comes from the old Asher Who am dual and it means exaggerating, it's the 10th Okay, and as a 10th of Muharram on a border of the law and said that the prophets of Salaam said Ashura, Yamanashi, Ashleigh is the day of the 10th reported by dharapani Rahim Allah

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in the time said in southern mahad, that the sinner is too fast the 10th

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but also recommended for you to fast the ninth. And if you couldn't, you can fast that 11. And no, Khayyam said and this this choice of Shama, Shama Rahim Allah said that the best way is to fast the ninth the 10th and the 11th. There is a narrations in this regard, but there's not authentic but I do believe that to require the three days there is no really a very solid proof to back this claim up. But if somebody did it, it is permissible and recommended for you to fast any day. But if you have to choose Are you hard for you make sure that you fast please the 10th which is going to be next Monday, the 10th will be next Monday.

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And the ninth obviously will be Saturday, Sunday. You guys awake, good. So it is Sunday. So that will be the recommended for you because it may be so seldom said if I live our world fast the ninth and 10th

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also, I want you to be aware of that fasting the death Ashura actually was ordained upon Muslims and maybe a little bit of background about it. It was legislated for a Muslim to fastest day while they were in Mecca before the migration, because this is the day that Polish as I told you earlier used to honor and respect and they took this from Ibrahim Ali Salim. I suddenly allow and I said for Bahati a Muslim in operation cannot assume or Ashura future Hillier through mama Rasulullah saw embassy ami had 40 donavon for Canada pseudo licenser Lambada donec Mencia

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Omen Shah

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in Nevis, a solemn

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said that price is too fast the Dave Ashura before Islam then in Ibiza Salaam ordered us to fast that day, and when Ramadan was prescribed upon us, and this is the second day year in the second year in nidra. In the B cell, Allah Salam said, Whoever wish now to fast Ashura faster and if you wish, not too fast, it's up to you.

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And in Buhari Rahim Allah reported that they used to fast Ashura before Ramadan was obligated. What can a Omen to start off he had Kava today where they used to cover all Kava and put a new curtain into account. And that's why I remember him Allah said fasting the day of Ashura before Islam was one must that's why nobody saw Salaam said for honey cinnamon Aqua he said call upon the people in the day of Ashura. Whoever ate in this morning should stop eating and whoever didn't eat yet should continue fasting until most of time why because fasting the day is must and Javelin ism

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Rado, the Allah answered that the province of Salaam used to order us to fast cha Ashura and encourage us to do we had to enter into and he will check. Did you pass the date? Did you pass the day?

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No. So that shows it and maybe some follow up with that. Some people said, Why chef, you have to give the Hulk about all about this, because that's what I'm used to care for this community member to make sure that the fasting this day, and he will check. So don't be surprised if they call you Monday or text you text message and say, Are you fasting today? You know, in the basis of them, we'll check with his companion, one at a time salatu salam, from his care for his community. For them fully Ramadan, Ramadan became obligated lemmya more than one me and Hannah, when I'm here to have dinner in the who the good news came to you. So he said when Ramadan became obligated, he did

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not sell a lot of value. It was a lump order us too fast it became up to us, and he would not follow up with us. So I'm not calling you say would not call an MC checking just to encourage people.

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Also, there is many ahaadeeth in this case, in regard to this concept. But here some people might say Shall we heard that didn't A B cell allow you it was on them?

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Fast the day of actual raw because he heard that this is the Passover. This is the day where I lost my data saved Moosa from Freetown.

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And when he heard that the people of Medina fasting and celebrating that day, celebrating the day, he said, I would like to celebrate it, because I have more rights over Moosa than then, and he said, fast the day of Ashura. So how can we understand this? We just said that you used to fast even before the job so how come it Buhari will Muslim within himself when he find out that the people of Medina and another generation that people have high bar fasting this day, and maybe some older people too fast? The answer for this is simple? Because some people I see in some, you know, Facebook's Ballston websites and

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you know

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half knowledge is worse than ignorant full ignorance. Half knowledge is worse than any full ignorant so somebody's got to see this thing he has knowledge and now you're acting like as if he knows everything. No, there is no problem I remember talking about this long time ago and they said the agenda be soft sell and fast Ashura anyway, but when he found another one more reason now to fast it there is one more reason to fast that he find out that this is the day where almost $400 saved musante center like you doing something, you know, I'm fasting this Monday, because it's Monday, then while you're fasting Monday, somebody tell you by the way, it's Ashura Mashallah gelato

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herring, you know now double reward. It doesn't there is no contradiction. When in a visa Salaam herd he didn't know that before. So he started it not as a form of thinking a lot that Allah saved Mousavi cetera. But when you heard his neighbors from the Jewish community are celebrating this day, because of that reason he said that's now one more reason for us to care about it. Can also county Omen yasumasa license alum humbler onions in Ramadan? phenomenas Ramadan Taka, when Allah who add a sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Banda Antara caca McCollum episode and also synonymous in it might be the case that interviews are seldom after Ramadan was obligated. He didn't care much for fasting

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Ashura, but when he heard that this is a day Allah saved Moosa, he re basically engage and Salalah and SLM sudden, you know, now, we should even care for more to fast this day. And no doubt, it is a highly recommended for the Muslim to fast the day of Ashura and the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu and a Seraph used to fast this day and to care for it so much, to the extent that Allah be able to move outward, rather Robbie Allahu Allah carnate our Salah rasulillah salam o da surah in the Quran and Sunnah Allah t Hillel, Medina, Mombasa Yami we're HitFilm la sala lies Allah that He will send messenger to the villages around Medina to make sure that the fast and he said we cannot assume oh

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no so we must have been in a salon. When have we mastered furniture Allah whom we'll learn about them in a minute a

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coupon for either Becca huduma by now he had a akuna fr that even we will encourage our children to fast and when they cry, we will make dolls for them to play with it and toys and we play with them until the time comes.

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Look at Kanika theorem in a Salafi assume over suffer some many of the some of us too fast the devout right and traveling had been a bass I was have a severe yo Rahim Allah and Emma Missouri and they have a common statements when they were asked angelicum it's amazing when you guys travel in Ramadan you don't fast but when you travel during ashuelot you fast and it makes more sense for somebody to say you should fast on Milan don't break your fast why while you're traveling in Ashura you fast but if it's Ramadan you to break your fast this summer and listen to how the understanding pilot bass, Mr. Marwan facut karnala houfy for a detriment.

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Mr. Ashura philosophy here is

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an ambassador of Allah said forum Ivana ma said you can fast our days.

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If you missed the days, you can replace other days, but for Ashura, you cannot if you missed it, they missed it, you can get it. That's why it is highly recommended for the person not to miss it. And you might ask, we just you guys told us too fast the day of alpha, and you guys told us the diff out of our wiped out the previous sins in the upcoming year. So why would they fast Ashura? If it's only the past year, I really took care of it.

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And it's only been nine days you know, so far. Is it worth it? Yes. I've been Tamia Rahim Allah said something beautiful. He said this honey that says if you do this, Allah forgive your sins. It depends on how much you perfect your ibadah that will determine the impact of your actor fortune.

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So nobody can claim the test CRM is perfect. So that's why whenever let's say you got 10% of a 20% 50% out of that 50% will not take care of the 100% of your sons according to how strong rebar as it will have an impact in your sense. So that's why in Islam, there are so many things one after another one after another, even Tamia Kamala said, it's like when you have a clock or a cloth that is so dirty, and you wash it one time, it still stain but you watched another time, you put a stronger detergent, you put you know, more softer you do more and more, it became more clear and crisp and better. So that's why we keep doing these things for us to be cleansed completely.

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And that's one of the wisdom of why we do that. And we do this also to fulfill the obligations of philosophy that the invitation of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So I asked a lot Canada to accept from us our deeds, and to help us to faster stay and to commit to me May Allah subhanaw taala forgive our sins, according to mostofa Rolando composto

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and hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Vieira.

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I want also to make sure that we understand that there is no any other act of worship was ordained for the day of Ashura. Nothing in the Sunday recommended for us to do other than fasting, no, no

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visiting graveyard, no putting no giving Zakat, on that day there is any special reward for that also one of the things that is important to be noticed during this day and the days before and after there is an an ugly bidder innovations and religion was invented

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in Islam, which is known as a to Hatem which is a 14 days of sadness and mourning over the death and the murder of an Hussein of an animal the allow Anwar robot fasting the death actually has nothing to do with the death of Hussein celebrating the actual is nothing to do with

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the calamity of loss of losing and her saying Don't be alone and wah wah. In our religion we don't have any actor for ship is based on him beating yourself up or tearing your clothes or injuring yourself or changing your hands and other people in chains are walking over, you know,

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fire or humiliation or being on your knees or, or humiliating yourself. This is all not from this slump or injuring yourself with the sword or the knife like what we see from some of our

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neighbors and friends and sometimes family members do in the shack and so the share community that's why I always call upon the wise people in the leader of the Shia community to stop this practices.

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Which is such a wrong practice, a practice that only bring bad publicity to Islam and to Muslims. And maybe salatu salam said lay some in Nam and La tamanho dude, not among us, those who will beat themselves and more the death of somebody in such way. There is no doubt that the death of Pakistan is a kilometer, it will never be forgotten. But Allah said one kilometer strike us an injustice happened. We don't go weep and hit our sub and do another, do things of that nature. No, Allah said we're Mashallah. Sabina Medina, da Saba Tomasi Ba, Pardo De La Hoya in June. They said in Nan de la la la Harajuku, we belong to Alon we coming back to Allah. Somebody said, Chef, why are you bringing

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this up? Now? Is there any point from this? Yes, because the mercy bofill Hussein today I was just reflecting it is almost the death of somebody is so important, like it is almost even. And guess what? From the mercy of Allah that the grandson, the grandfather of Al Hussein set, which is Mohammed Salim Mahmoud Rajan and you saw the bonus even for Kumasi, better, who was in Kaduna

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for your industry that has still jaha illa, Hama, hominin, mithuna Yo, Mo Siva, even if it's an old kilometer, but when you hear about it, you sit in Allah and Allah Drew, you take the Agile as if you were there, and you said it at that time.

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So we see in anila, in a module,

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and one of the worst thing happened in this gathering, cursing the companions cursing the shuttle, the low honor and no doubt, cursing the companions and atisha cursing the companion at large in a way that shows that the our non Muslim or left Islam it's an act of evil.

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And cursing the companion up LARP is an act of fist.

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And cursing action of the alignment accusing her is a clear denying to what Allah said in the Quran about her.

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This is a day where we should focus on what the process I'm told us to focus on, which is the story of Musashi, Sunnah.

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136 times if I'm not mistaken, was repeated the story of voice I in the plant at something we should stop and reflect upon the story. Especially in a time we live in today. When when we see so many injustice around us, last hope I was here when I talked about Kashmir

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or what's happening in Syria and Palestine. What happening in Yemen and Libya and Egypt and many places in the world where there's so many problems and so many divisions and so many injustice and so many, you know, people looking for hope for stability, for surviving and us in America, where our community still targeting and targeted and suffering from a lot of form of discriminations and fear.

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But still handle and there is always hope and the story of moose were never was expected. The hope comes.

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That's an inspiration for us today. We see how the present celebrate that day because he saw his neighbors.

00:28:28 --> 00:28:36

I'm so glad I'm pleased to hear that the upcoming demonstration that the Muslim community organizing here in Houston.

00:28:37 --> 00:28:53

In showing protesting and objecting to the visit of the Prime Minister of India to our city, Houston is joined by either community members and faith community members who are joining us to stand for what is correct than what is right.

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It is a day which is reflect upon us. We have to reflect upon that day to think of our situation and how can we bring victory to those who are abused, to make sure that we have part in helping the people in need and to trust always what Allah Subhana Allah have for us a lot. If you ever noticed, I think it's on the Shamrock in the main area, a lot of promise, a save, you know, destinations, but he never promised a calm journey.

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The journey can be rough up and down but there is always a safe shuttle arrival mellowest pantalla protect all of us and bless all of you and bless all of us and forgive our sins. alarm off and then I'll have no coffee no I'm not too bad. I know I couldn't listen an alarm and then a silica human

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need a lot more for a woman in mobile ob la modifiable man and mobile amin la masaka you elements

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Dena care that agenda. Allah is Islam on Muslim. Llama

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Llama is Islam and Muslim in

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our Hamner. humba you allow mokuba Sahaja man in our store Are you gonna fill genetic genealogy? Allah masala Dena Dena

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arena lomenzo hermetical Baraka Taka Enoch and other Mr. dua he had on gelato. masala masala Nabina. Muhammad. He was he was holding me down with steaming caviar

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