Was the Quran Copied from the Bible!

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He saw it.

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With Jimmy, I thought the key question is what he said there? Sure, do you think the Quran is the product of a human right? Or

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copied from the Old Testament

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it's interesting that most of the Quran has been copied.

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It's interesting that most of the branch been copied by the Old Testament, from the elbow sorry, from the Old Testament.

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Prophet Mohammed forgot to copy, Job chapter number nine, verse number six, where it talks about the flat earth and the Pillars of the Earth. It's interesting that they were held on

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to the

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Pillars of the Earth as well. It's interesting that the Quran had copied from the Old Testament, but then the Prophet Mohammed really has to go into copying those those

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those verses in Genesis, if you look at Genesis chapter one, I think

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it's interesting that he forgot to copy that part in which refers to an unbelievable and I don't mean that in a, in a complimentary way. I'm primitive understanding of how, how the universe started. It's interesting, really, this erroneous moral

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argument, yes, one argument.

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One, that the Quran is from another angle, historical angle, that the Quran can be the product of the same century, our man chose a second thing and prove that because the Bible cannot be the Word of God. And third thing is that the Quran cannot be cannot be copied from the Old Testament, just like

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Moses, right? I'll give you one argument.

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It will make these three points. Okay. Now, Genesis 4141, it talks about the Prophet Joseph going to see the king.

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Pharaoh chose interpreting his dream that looks by the interpretation of dream story. Yeah. Long story short, the Genesis 4151 is interpreting the dream of the Pharaoh.

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The Prophet Muhammad peace upon him when he's talking, if we say that he made up about the same story, but he's talking about him by the Prophet Joseph fantasy, the king of Pharaoh, small distinction, you would argue,

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you know, what's the point of it? And here's where it gets interesting. If you look at Encyclopedia Britannica right now, and you research this term, the term Pharaoh comes from word parents. This discovered the Rosetta Stone, the Rosetta Stone they discovered, right.

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Rosetta Stone, yeah, written in

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Greek and ancient

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story short, I agree this language was a dead language, I'm gonna tell them two very long sources. This is not accessible and was not known up until about a couple of years ago.

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What they did is from the Rosetta Stone, they're able to decipher what is hygrophila they're only able to basically long story short only a couple 100 years ago, they're able to understand what these you know those images and find

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what they discovered was an attempt, federal comes to a para a means the ruling area. So right the kingdom, like the White House, you have when you say that this this is instruction issued by the White House is not referring to a man.

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But they mean the establishment of the ruling era. That's what you would call Pharaoh. You will not call a man Pharaoh. Historically, inaccurate social social. So it's like, you mentioned that he called it a king him. Yeah, basically, it's not imagined 1000 years from now. So so many talk about Obama, and they call him the White House, the White House,

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it will be historically inaccurate. So you would not if you're talking about it in some century Arabia, or 2000 years ago, or writing it you use an even 100 500 years ago, you'll be understandable why you would use that. But if you are divine, are you all knowing you can't you can't be making simple mistakes like that. Would you agree? Cool. Yeah. So what are these three things? How does? How does the author of the Quran know to make this very small distinction?

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Second of all, why does the Bible not make that distinction? So, and thirdly, how can I could then be copied from the Bible?

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Let me just repeat the argument just in case it wasn't very good. I mean, I like

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you said that, you know, in Genesis chapter 41, yeah. That when was the story of

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Yeah. But basically, he is referred to as a federal judge instead, if you go to the

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so we know that

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the Bible got the wrong choices, according to the historical record, and this blank

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Which is a dead language. So really, we can't say that the Quran copied, we say the Quran copy from the Bible. But why don't we copy this? And how did he know to make that distinction?

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Interesting. So we look at things which we take for granted now is reality or Trudeau, things like the, you know, those scientific examples I gave you, which are rudimentary sciences.

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And in addition, those historical facts that he just added to that show, and in addition to that, you could say there's a whole layer of argument of inconsistencies of theological beliefs of of the Christians. All of this is sift. And you can say the resolve that says, is the pure divine message. So the chronic message, do you see how that's a strong argument? Sure. Yeah, sure. But again, like I don't believe that Oh, pogrom. George, you know what, my friend wouldn't give me my number off camera. Give it to you. So then you read the

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bits of a learning tool, just to enhance your knowledge. And you come back to me, tell me what you think of it like

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it's been a pleasure talking to

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