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In a hamdulillah Hinata who want to stay in who wanna study he wanna start Pharaoh. When the villa Himanshu Leon Pacino Mitzi RT Imani Anna Maria de la dama de la la woman you will follow her De La Hoya shadow La Ilaha Illa La Jolla hula Sri Cara y shalonda Mohammed Abdul Rasul

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Allah Dena am Ana de la haka takachiho. La Tomatina 11 to Muslim Oh, yeah Johan NASA Takara, Bakula? De Hanukkah comin FC wahida Hala, Pamina Xhosa, Baba seminoma de john and Kathy Aurora when he says what de la sala de Luna Viva La him in the La Cocina de como Kiba. Yeah, you are Latina. I'm an otaku la

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Latina. I'm an otaku. La Baku Colin Salida.

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de como de la creme de novo Come on the UT la hora Sula, phazzer fosun alima. I'm about to do

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a by the law. Old praise do to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that allows the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam his last and final messenger.

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Yesterday, the fourth Thursday of November, which is millions of people around us. Here United States celebrated Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving is a national holiday. It has been a traditional American traditional practices for a very, very long time.

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It's been said that the first time

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was documented. There's a board documentations about when exactly Thanksgiving started America. But what usually you will see it starts in the 17th century, which is 1600 21 and New England, Plymouth, Massachusetts today. But ironically, some people said we are in Texas, even celebrated Thanksgiving before anybody else. The claim that it has been celebrated in 15th and 16th century 1500 98. And a very small little city. I don't know if any one of you know what is it called 700, something like that. It's an L zero. It is. Today in the El Paso County. It's a very small little city and the border between Texas and Mexico.

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No doubt Thanksgiving, as I said they said it's very pure American things even though there is other nations celebrating Thanksgiving. The second Monday of October, October, I think every year celebrated in Canada, as a Thanksgiving, the concept of celebrating the harvest festival, something very common you will see it an Eastern culture Japan, India, in Europe and Middle East and Africa in so many countries in so many countries. But the way that we do it here, the way that been the traditional American tradition, Thanksgiving, been for thanking for the blessings of the harvest, and for the preceding year, had been something practice year after another. And for Muslims, we saw

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many Muslims who migrated to America, we're not familiar with the concept of thanksgiving celebration. But we are very, very familiar with the concept of Thanksgiving. We are very, very familiar with the concept of being grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala because this is something very deeply rooted in our religion and our mind, as Muslims as Muslims. And this is as a concept is something we should be very supportive of thanksgiving almost carry several good meanings.

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Number one, is that it is a reminder of everybody to be thankful and grateful to Allah subhanaw taala to the Lord and to the giver, and to the creator and to the provider into the Sustainer. The Almighty Allah subhanaw taala. And also it's a good opportunity because it became the custom and the practice that the Thanksgiving family comes together more than any other holiday more than any other holiday. I know many Muslim, they celebrate Thanksgiving and Friday because all turkeys goes on sale on Friday. So go buy it on Friday. But anyway, a lot of people also it's became common knowledge today, that average american gained seven pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year, day, New Year's

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Anyway, what we don't want, we don't want to lose that concept. That great concept that for us as Muslim. We should support the

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Because Muslims whenever they exist in any community, in any society, this should be always an element of adding more good to the society. So if you see something good in the society supported, you make sure that this tradition stay the same way it does a day remind us of our Lord of our giver for the greatness of Allah Subhana Allah to be grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala to make sure that this is an always a holiday around us will be something to remind everyone living around us that this is where family come together, this is where they spend time together. These values are very essential to the survive of any society on any community. And these values something we should

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as Muslim support around us, even if we don't have our religious on the go Thanksgiving, but as a concept, there's something very rooted in our religion and our tradition as Muslim as Muslim. What I hate to see I don't want Thanksgiving day after another year after another to turn to be just to be emptier, this great concept taken away from it. You know, they said a teacher asked the student why was celebrating Thanksgiving. Then the student said, Oh, that we celebrate Thanksgiving because that's a reminder of to remind us when the Christmas shopping start. You know, if it is all about Black Friday, if it's all about just getting good deals, if it's all about doing it's all about

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actually we are emptying it from the beautiful meanings of it would become very materialistic. And we forgot about just being thankful and grateful to Allah subhanaw taala and one of the greatest blessings that we have, and that people do, remembering the blessings of having family being saved, being able to get together. That is millions of people today cannot be together as a family. They were celebrated separated in every corner of the earth, NASA lacinato lab.

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So brothers and sisters, the concept of being grateful and thankful to lasagna, which is something we call it a shook a sugar the last panel with the honor, it is half of our fate as Muslim Nussle Eman. schuco, half of 50% of our faith is based on being grateful and thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala being grateful and thankful to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah said, It is to be done by the following is by a probability, turn off,

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that when you heart admit your heart admit that all the blessings that you have, they are from Allah subhanho wa Taala when you realize this fact, and you always in your heart and your mind, you know, any good things happen to you, you know that this is because of the because of our last panel data, you know that that came from our last panel.

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And also you know, that he's the one who made it happen and made it possible for you to achieve or obtain number two, they said not only that, you keep that gratitude for yourself or you have it internally No, that is more steps on will who will who have been listening Declan Hamden. Wanaka and it also being grateful and thankful to Allah Subhana Allah, and this is must appear in your tongue in your words, that you always verbally think him and practice and show your gratitude and being thankful to all us wanting to add in a practical format, not just by believing and knowing it's from Allah, it's by showing this in your actions and showing this in your actions that are Lost Planet

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Allah said to that who then his family were Emmylou Shu Quran Allah, Allah, Allah, the Buddha shukra he said, Allah Subhana Allah said to David and his family, show your gratitude being thankful to me through your actions, do the things that it will translate this believe that you're very grateful and thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, the word things a sugar, what are they are uncomfortable Sabrina Mara mentioned in the Quran 75 times that's a lot of times was mentioned in the in the book of Allah subhana wa tada

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and this is to remind us of the of the of the bounties and the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala. tailor the bow tabula

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Fini I mean, there he let Ilan see him on a spa in Milan, Milan, si, ma castrati. manasi Fernanda de Are you romanesco a Jimmy, Jimmy Lou. Marya sock abiko Masato one of the scar one said, we have so many blessings are in know that I can't use it. I don't know how to express it. He said there are so many good things happen to us. There are so many blessings that Allah giving us even though we face Allah subhanho wa Taala with so many sins and shortcoming said I don't know which blessings better

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That the luck keep giving us or Allah subhanaw taala never expose us in another way or another word, that time that the last one never expose your mistakes, never expose your shortcoming. Never hold you accountable for the sense that you have done at least instantly and give you a chance to repent. That's in itself a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala that's in itself a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna,

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one of the scholar was told how's your morning, he said, a spanner Maura enough in Argentina and

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we woke up in the morning with so many blessings that we cannot thank Allah subhanaw taala enough for it. Who are your Athena? were to have Baba Elena ohana, Yana. He keeps he keeps giving us a lot why you keep giving us and he doesn't need us. But in the same times when I got to LA when I know after a man a coup d'etat in LA. One the same time we keep disobeying him. We keep not fulfilling the promises that we promised him. We keep doing all these wrong things even though we need him the most. That's how I work thinking about that. My brother and sisters intimate divided the gifts and the blessings of philosophy into two categories. And a lot of people when they think about Allah

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blessings they think about one category only. And remember I said about law on Dini we're upon dunya we, when Allah subhanaw taala gives he gives you things related to religion and related to worldly matters. So the synthesis of blessing from Allah Subhana Allah that He allowed you to be in Juma today to come early. It's a gift from Allah that He allowed you to remember him and to say Alhamdulillah or to say I should karela It's a blessing from Allah that He works here up to date at fetcher, to pray, it's a blessing from Allah to give you the Quran, it's a blessing from Allah tip giving you Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, it's a blessing that he has guided you to do the all the

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different kinds of good deeds that you have done. A lot of time when think about Allah blesses we only think about children family job, which is absolutely a blessing from Allah subhanaw taala that's why when Allah subhanaw taala started surah to nihan Allah to sue ruthenian

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man Allahu Allah Daddy, he amended ye, ye the first blessing and last one that I said and mentioned in sort of the nahan, which is the sutra known as the surah of blessings. Look at the first blessing that I mentioned,

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which is the blessing of the revelation, the blessing of the Quran, the blessing of sending Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam with the message of with the message of Al Quran at law

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University Romana

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walking in emiliana Manisha Abadi, which is the revelation that the last one center of elation through the angels don't ever he wish from his servants.

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Allah subhanaw taala remind us of all these great blessings that we take it for granted sometimes. One long lafuma Jochen booni

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t Camilla, Donna Muna Shani

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or john Anna Kusanagi

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either come to

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Allah subhanaw taala brought you out of your mother's womb knows nothing and he blessed you with the ability to hear to see to understand to comprehend, so you might be grateful and thankful to him subhana wa Tada.

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One of the greatest as I said, blessings of Allah the blessing glittered to the deen and one of Islam. The second is assume that that he guarded you to follow the Sunnah of the prophet of Allah. The blessings of understanding the religion of the deen the blessings of Hidayat guidance being a practicing Muslim. The blessings of he bless you too, amid you unable to contribute to the deen of Allah Spanish Allah to be a person who give Dawa to the person who

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stand up for the truth, the person who make it

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up and so forth. All these are blessings from Allah Spano God that we should always reflect upon and being thankful to Allah Spano Tata for it. She could allow one of the fundamental on one of the most clear manifestation of worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's why if you notice in the Quran, a sugar comes as the opposite of Kovach, even sound the same should cover the opposite. Anytime you want to make the basic the comparison the counterpart of giver will be sugar a loss penalty.

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have said in her demeanor who's been in

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the human being we have guided him either to be grateful or Kapha

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disbeliever What if then boom come in Chicago?

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Come on.

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In. Bina Shadi Allah subhanaw taala saying to us if you are grateful I will give you more What's that? The other side of the coin is if any of you are disbeliever if you're ungrateful another word my punishment is so severe that I mean fumbling along being

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a school for Allah Subhana Allah have tested me to see if I will be shackled a grateful or Catherine

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that's how it is it's pallets interesting and the other also in the Quran. You will look at the the concept of a sugar comes always with the word Eman faith.

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We're in Tesco

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may have become in Chicago to momentum was an NC shaqiri was St Lucia Corinne canonica fatahna Baba Baba Leopoldo men Allahu Allah, him in Bina and a Salah the LM shaqiri, Allah subhanaw taala always referred to the believers as the people who are grateful to Allah, Allah I'm thankful to Allah, Allah. Allah said that his reward will be absolutely given to those who are grateful to Allah Spano Donna in April Hema

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Banita Mila honey,

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one Amir gumina mo shrieking Shakira unami he did.

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Allah subhanaw taala when he described Ibrahim and described him with him being a personal fulfill Eman and being grateful to Allah Spano Tata, the retirement Hammond Nana ano in Who can I have written shakoora no describe again as a servant who are grateful and thankful to Allah Spano, dad, brothers and sisters. One of the ultimate goal of the shavon is to make us ungrateful. One of the ultimate goal of Shabbat is to make being grateful and thankful asked Allah something it just has no meaning. It will not be translated to an actions it does something maybe we say Oh, it's a Thanksgiving Day and that's about it. But we really don't reflect upon it doesn't make any change in

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our life. It doesn't have any impact in our attitude.

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Me add him in one fee him one.

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Sharma me him on

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a ship on promise Allah subhanaw taala something he said I will make most of them ungrateful to you, Allah, ungrateful to you, Allah. Come on, it's a shame. We learn. We're kids, if somebody gives you something, you say thank you, your little kids when someone given something and he take it, and he wouldn't say thank you, you will represent your kid and said, hey, that's not right. You should thank you, how many days how many times he ate, how many times you drank water, how many many blessings that you've been using so far, just how many blessings you have used only to get out of your car to come to this place. And how many times you said thank you. For

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most of you know that I'm with my kids in the hospital. Every day I go there and just remind me of how grateful I should be to Allah subhanaw taala watching him learning how to walk again. I said oh my god, these things we take it for granted.

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Just the way you walk, the way you move your hand the way you move your muscles.

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It's makes you grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala

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brothers and sisters

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what are some of the benefits of being grateful to Allah

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number one, it is you fulfill the meaning of service you do not want to be a true believer,

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faithful person to Allah. Number two, being thankful to Allah tala create an attitude, a very good attitude in the person which is being humble. Being down to earth, those who are grateful to Allah, Allah, our humble doctor, those who are not grateful to Allah think everything from themselves. They are arrogant. One of the benefits of being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that Allah continue to give you continue gives you

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you know, I was with the British guy not long time ago, and we were talking about how the difference between England and America and he said, You know you guys in America always say God bless America. God Bless America until literally everything plus and we keep saying

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God bless the Queen until the country blessed at all. So, he said, it is a great thing that you guys have in your culture you always pray play praise God and think. And that's why maybe that's the last part I'll accept that. What I'm saying is that one of the reason for your need to continue is to be thankful and grateful to almost pinata number for that being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala it means a lot will be pleased with you. May Allah Have you become

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in what in Shackleton? What I meant to do Allah sugar man, Allah Subhana Allah says, Why he the Almighty, Allah Subhana Why should Allah punish you, if you have thanked him and have believed in him?

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He made that being thankful is a reason for the punishment not to be sent down to only upon you. Also one of the benefits of being grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala It teaches you to be

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a person of generosity. Those who think Allah subhanaw taala are very good at giving people. Those who do not have gratitude towards the Lord are holding back, there are stingy, one of the benefits of it. It reminds you of the value of what we have. We live in a time where we have so much but there is no much value of the things that we possess. We have today so many things people they never had before. But so few of us understand the value of it. Why because we never reflect much upon all these great things that we have.

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And this is something one of the benefits of being grateful to Allah, it gives you a moment to think and to reflect upon the value of the things that you have it also one of the benefits of the good that Allah subhanaw taala loves those who say thank you, Allah, Allah Subhan Allah loves those who show their gratitude to Allah. One of the benefits of being grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala something is really makalah at the hollow to be Allah. And there is an aeration that we've been asked to cover a loss of piano with Alice manners, a loss of attitude, and one of his attitude that he is grateful and thankful. Can you imagine a law thank you for your good deeds, and he

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doesn't need you.

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That way if you are thankful to him, you're basically acting like him the thing that you should copy him in it, which is this attitude. One of our last name is a shocker. Not only that, he does it once all the time. One of the benefits of being thankful to Allah subhanaw taala increasing in Chicago formula as he didn't know not only that you maintain the status code, no, you get more. Can you imagine if you wake up in the night and you prayed if you were able to memorize a sort of from the Quran and you think lots of others so much for it.

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Allah gives you more allows you to enjoy more.

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One of the benefits of being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala it makes you happy person.

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Yes, it makes you happy person. Because it always make you a person.

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You're content with what you have. And that's a secret of happiness. That's the secret of happiness. You always know that things will be okay. Always you know that in the end. It will be okay in the end. And if it's not okay, you will know it's not the end. May Allah Subhana Allah General jacobina *reen. Now lawmakers among NGOs are grateful to him Kodama summer to Mostafa la de la

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva. But

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I guess the most important question will be, how can I be a grateful person? How can I be a thankful person? Okay, I know how important it is. I know the benefits of it. But how can I be a person who is always grateful to Allah spawn Tada. also thankful to Allah subhanaw taala

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How can I implement this? How can it be among those souls who are gonna describe them in the Quran as a shaqiri?

00:24:18--> 00:24:34

Number one, a sugar pill that you are thankful and grateful to swallow with your heart from the bottom of your heart. Every single thing happened to you? No, it is because of it. You know, in your heart, you're admitting your Allah. This is because of you. This is a blessing from you.

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Don't be like oh, who said I got all this wealth because I'm so smart, because I work hard.

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Also, number two, that Watch your words, words and the words that you say you're grateful and thankful to someone verbally. Learn how to say Alhamdulillah.

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Let's also say it hamdulillah before you say

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Thank you, Doctor, thank you this Thank you, brother. Make sure that before even you think about that you think, thank you Allah, then you think people always say it. See how many times that you you thank him for it verbally.

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Okay? Also watch the words because sometimes you show your you being ungrateful through your words, when I must give you something as to all this is because of this and that had been Abbas said, even Abbas said, it is a form of shear, when the person who is in a ship and in the middle of the sea, and the storm became so strong, and after that the captain managed to keep the ship save through the waves and the storm, a person would say, it is because the captain is so skillful. That's why we were saved. As an ambassador, this statement, it is a form of shirk will attend.

00:25:56--> 00:26:00

He said, it's a form of taking knit with the last panel Tada.

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It's to take knit with the loss of take apart to commit a form of *ting. verbally, you should say it is because the last panel died, then, then maybe you can say then the captain was skilled, skillful.

00:26:19--> 00:26:48

Also, Watch your words. He want to learn how to be grateful and thankful. Don't complain all the time. Don't say negative things all the time. Learn how to say good things all the time. I'm so grateful to be hateful. I'm so blessed to be stressed. Things like this. I'll always say nice words. I will say positive words. But if you always keep saying negative, negative, negative, you're never gonna learn how to be grateful.

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If you only say things like that. Basically, our words are the dress of our thoughts represent our thoughts.

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Number three,

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be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala in most practical format,

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fulfill the duties of Allah Subhana Allah give you wealth, give this account, Allah give you wealth, do the Ummah do the head. Allah give you health fast, Allah give you health, go to Hajj, Allah give you health help people, fulfill the obligation, make sure that you pray federic make sure that you praise Allah. Allah give you any knowledge, share it with others, Allah Subhana Allah bless you with ever talent that you have, whatever talent that you have, they said talents are the gifts are given to you by Allah subhanaw taala and that talent was given to you tell us what Allah that the sugar for it is to use it. Allah tala give you the talent of teaching, teach people to speak speak to

00:27:44--> 00:27:46

people, you know,

00:27:47--> 00:27:56

use these skills. That's how you became grateful and thankful to our last panel. What's your honor, focusing on giving. That's that's the key point

00:27:57--> 00:28:36

and doing number four, do a lot of that Allah make your grateful person once the process of them catching up before he left the mustard. He caught him and his from his hand and he said don't ever miss to say don't ever so he walked all the way to him. And he's done ever to miss the say after each and every Salah or Allah help me to be grateful to you, Alemany Allah decree Kaushik record has named Eric one of the things that he asked him to say all hold me always to be grateful all helped me always to remember you. All Allah homie always do worship in the best format.

00:28:38--> 00:29:15

Number five, special chat session. Grant it is a special session between you and Alyssa to come, to contemplate, to think maybe sometimes before you go to bed, to think about the blessings that you got today. You know, think about it, reflect the power upon the great things that those would have given you. Number six, hold yourself accountable. If anything, you got to use bureau while and he never think I lost $1 for it. Number seven, be grateful to people, the process of them said who know those who are ungrateful to people who are ungrateful to Allah.

00:29:16--> 00:29:20

And those who are grateful to people will be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:29:21--> 00:29:43

Also, focus on the thing that you have focused on the thing that you can focus on the thing that Allah bless you with. Don't focus on what you don't have. And a lot of people not grateful because you always thought about what they don't have. They don't think about what they have. Control your thoughts will help you a lot to be grateful and thankful person

00:29:44--> 00:29:59

unrelated to this don't compare. As a matter of fact, the process of them said if you want to compare that's how you compare the process I'm sending the authentic, how do you compare when it comes to religious matter? compare yourself to those who are higher than you

00:30:00--> 00:30:27

When it comes to worldly matters, compare yourself to people lower than you. But don't misunderstand what the prophet trying to say, the prophet trying to say be content not trying to say don't have an ambition. No, that's not what the point. The point is to be grateful and thankful and to build on this attitude, because the attitude of and being ungrateful, the attitude of anger, you cannot build on it anything, you cannot build in it a good character or a good personality.

00:30:29--> 00:30:48

Also be around people who are positive thinking, be around people who are grateful and thankful to Allah. Those will help you to stay and to continue being grateful to Las panatela sometimes it's nice to write down some of the things that it needs from you special thing from Allah subhanho wa Taala.

00:30:49--> 00:31:14

One of the things that I found personally very helpful to things that kept him further and there's from my personal practices. Number one, I always want to receive something I always focus on the source of it, which is the last one of data more than thinking about it itself, or what have made it I don't think about the worldly the materialistic reason behind it determines any effect, sellable as

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you know, I always think when I see this amazing medicines, yes, I'm amazed by the knowledge these doctors have. And those firms sort of go companies came up with but I always think how Allah guide them to this. And you'll always look beyond the surface. And that make you a lot of time, or making most of the time be more grateful to my dad. And the last one that I think it tells me a lot to be grateful and thankful to what you have is to seize the moment, learning to live in the moment. A lot of people they don't take the opportunities of the greatest blessings that Allah giving them. Yes, I was gonna give you a break holiday today. Take full advantage of it. You don't have full fund of

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that day. You know, like give you money, take full advantage of it in making sure that you use it in the right way. Oh, I give you children take full of live that moment enjoy it. A lot of time we just worry about either the past of the future, and we missed the most important thing which is the present and the present as we say presents a gift from Allah subhanaw taala to you. So utilize it, take advantage of it. May Allah subhanaw taala make among among us make us among a shocker in those who are grateful and thankful dollars $1 all the time. Make Allah smart Allah make us among those who will be resurrected with the shack Corinne and mega among those who always, always will be thank

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Allah Subhana Allah and all the time. And for all the blessings Yala. We thank you for it alone in a UNESCO when I met Eric and listen if you couldn't imagine MTV Elena hamara amin la mina Soraka cumin tofu bana montafon tachs Irina one takamaka fena one test or even a one to

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one to ADF region at mahkamah alum in Silicon Valley, Montana, one tissue marijuana, one total homina yada yada you learn more from the valley Dena lamalfa in Omaha Tina.

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Tina, Allah Muslim has wodgina alum in Minnesota aka you myalgia la de Crump and tonsil rabada Cal mustafina. v Masha

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Allah Murphy's

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Law Murphy's

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