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in 100 illa hinomoto who want to stay in or who want to study he want to still Pharaoh want to be learning and surely I'm fusina min sejahtera Melina Maja de la hora de La MaMa you will follow howdy Allahu wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash. Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed camisa. Later Allah Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majeed vida de la. All praise due to Alon His praise and blessings and peace be upon a prophet, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and all his followers until the day of judgment, and all the prophets and messengers and their followers. I bear witness at a loss The only one worthy of worship, and

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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I was reading in the seer of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And there is an incident took place. That said common story, a lot of people use it and coded to show how nice the profits a lot is as how friendly he was to his wife. Yeah, but really what caught my attention when I was reading this story, the time of this incident. It's when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was without a shadow of the law on his wife.

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And he said to Asia, what do you think if we race one another color Hey, Anita Saba, because in the be salatu salam remember a long time ago, he raised without a shadow of the alarm and he won the race. She was much younger at that time, and lighter and she won the race. So the prophet SAW Selim said how about we do rematch now and this is when this is one was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam actually in a journey in one of his battles. So the prophets of Salaam told the army and to the people to move ahead and he will be behind him and Asia you know spending this quality time together as a husband and wife and they will race one another and in the B cell Salaam, Wanda tres, and he

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said, Now we are equally Ayesha, kinda had he be till

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would show

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Interesting is even the time of war. When there is a lot of worries, a lot of things can goes wrong. Or in the beezus alaminos than anybody else, how dangerous wars are. And we're always been the last solutions because usually we're only determined who left not necessarily who's right. That's not that's mainly what you come out of the words people die. And he knows that this was ever dough was been the last solution. When generally sell me fentanyl law. Allah said in the Koran, if the Everly choose peace, you have no choice, yeah, Muhammad, but to choose peace over war.

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So with all this tense moment in his life, sallAllahu sallam, but he still managed to find a time to relax, to have fun, to enjoy his life with his wife, I shut off the alarm on how

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and that was not only Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that's actually very deep in the history. When you look at the time of calamities, we're at a time when there is a tense moment people are worried. They tend to let that worry or these problems that they are dealing with, take over all their lives. And that's not what the case when you look at the role models that the that the last month Allah has given to us which is the prophets and messengers. Adam alayhis salam, after he ate from the tree, sent down to the earth, which is one of the worst calamity that even Moosa once and he said that is one of the worst thing you have ever done to yourself and your children, kind of 10

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hour horenstein amin agenda Bukhari, Allah masala Salam under my belt, when my data center I've been hired to and job was

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in he was sent down to earth he managed to him and how to start over again and to have a family and to start children and guess what you are one of his children. You're one of the outcome of that. Ibrahim alayhis salam hora, jemena sobre

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la sufferable Marathi had utter al jameelah tell hasna head Tata Bella de Ferro famous Ibrahim after he was rejected so badly by his people in Iraq thrown in fire, managed to leave that country only him and his wife. But you know what? He traveled the world. He cross the blast land of Jerusalem, all the way going to Egypt. And maybe some of you know the story of him and the king of Egypt when he was interested in Abraham's wife another crisis in his life. But you know what didn't live didn't stop there. He managed to come back again to Jerusalem and have a children what the southern lobby hi john waspa endo ismar he and he had some dismay from her job and life goes on and he would have

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children or children after he was 19 years old.

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Not only that, even the ration telling us nukkad Canada standard in Bora Allah Dr. kabu MBR. Not yet Europe to him. Canada standard in Barak Leah era isma elfi. maca,

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that a creature called al Bara, which the prophets of Salaam, right, it's a creature that the last one that I have created and made as only a right for the prophets and messengers to travel with it. It's not controlled by distance and time. Anyway, so Ibrahim used to use it to travel on the same day from Jerusalem all the way to Medina to Makkah to see Sonny Smith and spend time with him then go back to continue his work. You know, use of Allah has set up, left his family was thrown in a dark, dry well, then again with thrown in a dark sell in the prisons, toggle the new the wolf will can do

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so much too much pressures that he has to resist the temptation of the wife of the king of Egypt at that time, was unfairly treated in a court that has no justice, and he ended up in jail.

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And with all this, whenever you read his story, even inside jail, his car he's always calm. He always keep as we say he keeps his cool, you know, he never lost them. He never left are allowed that these problems and these worries and this crisis to determine who he is, or to shape his personality or even to control his language.

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or further more than that, he did not allow it to be the thing that makes him how he will think about the future. It's a matter of fact, Yusuf Ali Sena, came out of all of this, to manage the wealth of the country to be in charge of that wealth of Egypt, and lived in a live closer thing to be described live of kings,

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Musashi set up, his life became completely upside down. When he left Egypt, he left behind a mother that she loves him so much of brothers that he cared for him so much. And a sister, she loved him and she cared for him as well. And he loved he left behind them, a nation, that they have their hope in Him, to lead them out of Egypt and out of slavery. Yes, his life completely changed. After that spoiled young man lived in the king, the Palace of the king of Egypt, to be someone who a traveling alone in the desert of Sinai finding, trying to find a place to hide. But with all this, it didn't stop him to start to live. And to see these two young girls who need help, and over to volunteer his

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help. And not only that, to spend 10 years of his life, as a form of dowry to one of them.

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It didn't let this crisis that happened to him in Egypt, to end his life right there. No, my brothers and sisters,

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today, we live in a time where so many crises happen to us, unfolding in front of our eyes. We live in it every day,

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not only in the level of our nation, here in America, but even internationally. There are so many crisis, so many things that changing in our lives, and our level here in the local level, or even nationally or internationally, especially for us as a Muslim community, when we look at our Ummah, has even more crisis to the Muslim Ummah today and what is going through things that never heard of before. And that level and that magnitude, you know, starting from how our even political

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arena changing, that things are never heard of that people speak about openly like that, that it became something accepted and became part of what what we call mainstream media can accept or broadcast, or a candidate who running for presidency will be openly feeling so comfortable to say that I will shoot someone in the streets of New York, and I can be still elected. So I'm not very surprised that he can insult the Muslims or the Jews or that Christians or whatever grew up because doesn't stop at one group doesn't stop at one person. It's the whole dynamic change.

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You know, we changed we even the thing that we lived all our life, knowing as a standard of morality, what can you know, as yesterday I heard someone was saying is not about being politically correct or not correct. It's about being correct. That's absolutely true statement. It's about being correct or wrong. Today, that standard of being right or wrong is not there, that cage does not exist anymore.

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Even in morality, the things that we always know that this is not right, not correct. And this is evil, it became something very easy to be shifted today. I just came from Europe, I spent the last 12 years in Europe, and the only thing I said hamdulillah that I live in America,

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I'm serious, to the simple things, the standard of morality is completely different. And unfortunately, we heading that direction if we don't stop, and if we don't have an awareness, but again, all these things that we look at, we look at all these unit killing around the world, the hand of

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unjust military forces, or by the hand of a group of extremist,

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overzealous individuals, anywhere you see between these two spectrums. You know, human beings live means nothing today.

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It's like collateral damage. doesn't mean much. Unfortunately, today we see how politically economically,

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it is a crisis surrounding us. You know, when my old my, my eight years old or nine years old boy told me about this candidate or that candidate and how he wants to kick us out of the country hits Harrison never heard that before.

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You never heard of my kids.

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do ask them to explain to him a political challenges that for nine years old or eight years old, that's new challenge for us as a as a, as a community in large.

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You know,

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it is so hard for us to explain today. You know, that's how the change even for people used to be role models, parties have given up their principles and change,

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then been holding to this principle for years and years, and countries as well. It is so hard today how to say how to explain this to young people today, when they say what is this colors? Where's the leaders? Why is our Ummah like this a nation enlarge or are almost specifically as a Muslim ummah. Where do you say, where's the principles? Where are the low? Where's the human rights? Why all this happening today in the world.

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I think the most dangerous thing in the midst of all this, that what I want to talk about, and maybe this is the only message that you carry with me today from me today or to go with tonight, or today to your home when it will be important and the most important thing, the thing that I'm worried about in the midst of all this, that we lose the ability to dream again about a bright future.

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That's what scares me the most. I'm not worrying if people get a little bit irritated or but you know what, when we have a generation, or we will have an Ummah that do not dream anymore, do not have that beautiful dream, that you know what one day I will be that, and I'm pursuing my dreams, when you strip even your ability to dream that's very dangerous.

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And I can tell you, I've been to some Muslim country today, they don't have even the guts to dream about something positive today.

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When one thing reached that level, it's so dangerous. And I think we are in America today. We don't read hamdulillah we don't are not at that level yet.

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That's why it is so important for us to speak to our young children.

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tell ourselves about this crisis and how to deal with it. Remember what I just said about the prophets and messengers, that they did not let a crisis ever control their life, shape, their dreams shape their future, they are always dealing with their future, and what they doing based on the principles and what is right and what is required from them at that moment.

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My brothers and sisters, it is so important to remind ourselves and our children,

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to remind our friends, that the life of a nation is way bigger than a life of one generation.

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That we always should remind ourselves that from the oldest time in the history, that nations and people and civilization go through challenges ups and downs. And that's why as I said, it is that one generation, it doesn't basically judge how the history will go down. We have to remember that I said that the unmad the nation is bigger than one generation. And the history is way deeper and older than one single civilization. And the religion has a longer and brighter future than any ideology that made by men men, by by men today.

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I want us to always remember that the truth will be always stronger than any imperialism

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and the light of the truth will always remain no matter how dark it is today or how much injustice in the world today remind ourselves of that one time somebody was telling me about this and this candidate a he gonna talk about this now he's gonna go overseas how this person do that. I said hey, this one person or two or one party or two parties or whatever it is a one whole entire nation cannot cover a Deen of Allah subhana wa tada you'll be doing a youth Fionnuala. He'd be a fly him well lahoma to Missouri, Allah said that he tried to cover the light of Allah, the light of the truth with the with the propaganda with the with the words that they may with the media that do use

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that he will never be able to do that. Don't be worried about that. For in Islam, Europe bonhomie this religion is not only protected by us, yes, we play a role, but also we know for sure that this religion protected by Allah subhana wa tada in noona zelner avec, we're in Allah, Allah has given we have sent down the dekor, the dean, the religion of Mohammed, and we're going to protect it. This is not a message for us to say, you know what, if this is the case, I don't need to play any role in it. No, this is a message

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inspiring to know that you're standing beside you and above you and behind you and guiding you along as diligently.

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That's a big difference between the the two attitude, my brothers and sisters.

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It is important for us today to know that part of the solutions part of how we deal with this crisis today that

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we always try to see how Allah Subhana Allah always bring good or bad and solutions out of the problems, as the prophets are Salam Allah have not put a disease in this earth, I must say also provide a cure for it except one thing, which is death. There's no cure for it.

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So those who froze their body, which is something new these days or people do, they further freeze their bodies. Basically, in a freezer, thinking the doctor somewhere down in the history will be able to bring them back to life. They're wasting their money. Somebody should undo the blood. Because it's just never gonna happen with death. We're never going to be cured. Yes, can be prolong your life to give healthier life, but everybody will die anyway. So you see all those there's a solution beside the problems. And that's out of Allah subhanaw taala mercy. You know, one of the things that I was reflecting upon, just as a country, how turkey came out of this

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crisis in the Middle East crisis, will notice was a weak country, then all of a sudden became a very strong country,

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economically and politically. You know, one thing caught my attention that they don't call the Syrian refugees, they don't call them in Arabic lachine refugees.

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They refuse to use that terms. And I thought that they don't call them refugees. any official letter comes inside Turkey. They don't use the word love or refugees, as I've been told, actually, they call them migrants, Mahajan.

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They consider themselves unsolved. The one who help and provide the same example of the concept of the people of Mecca when they migrate from Mecca because they were prosecuted and they were treated bad. So they went to Medina. So that's how they treat them. Like in Mahajan. They don't call them refugees. You know, brothers and sisters, we remember what Allah Subhana Allah said in his book, how Allah Rasulullah Dena Amanullah, maternal sort of law, the crisis will be when the calamity will be so strong, to the extent that the Prophet, the messenger himself, and the believers would that messengers will say all of them, when the victory of Allah will come,

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can you read reached a level that the Messenger of Allah and the believers who are with them in the company, that messenger will reach to a point the breaking point they said, once that victory will come under law saying, I know

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the victory of philosophy dollars club because I lost my dollar work, according to his timeline, according to his wisdom

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lactogen Allah in Allah, Allah Arjun don't ever rush your Lord, he doesn't rush part of the solution to this crisis that we live in, to focus on what we can, not what we cannot, a lot of time we focus on the thing that we can change.

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You know, what, I can't change many things. But you know what, I can change a little bit by registering and voting and making my semicha my voice count, maybe I will change in in one level. I might not be in change everything in the world. But I can change something small, something that small grows to be something big in the future. And that's how it does. So many times, we only focus on the thing that we cannot do anything about it. We all cry over the thing that we can change. But then the thing that you have the ability to do, yes, you know what I can change the fact that there are so many families suffering in the world, but why your family has to suffer, while your kids have

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to suffer, while your children have to be unhappy kids. If this is one thing, you can make it make a difference in it. You know if I cannot build houses, why there is poor people in our society, our community don't have a place to live, don't have money to pay the rent. If I can make that difference here in my family, my community in my master in my city, I will focus on that because I can fix everything around the world.

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part of the solution dealing with this crisis is to learn how to be an optimistic to always see opportunities in our difficulties and your challenges. Not all was to see difficulties and your opportunities at the shadow mirror off Aleem Adi, Sharia superstition passing

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Islam is something so deeply rooted in the history of humanity. In many civilization, women out of a model eight, fit the shadow hierarchy,

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a shadow model. One of the worst example I've seen in my life when it comes to pessimism, a poet by the name of Rumi can have an album and Natasha Roman had

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a smoke pilot by Khalid habla Tisha and

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a man came to me some

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very famous name in Arabic and Urdu. He said, Your name is bad. It's bring bad meaning karate here. It means coming. You can think of million positive things out of the word they provide. You know why he thought it's bad name? He said, because if you read it backwards, it became lava. Ha.

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Ha, you read it backwards. It became one not to remain to not stay. So he became pessimist about it. Why? Why would people have always think the worst when we learn to do out, which is not only an act of worship in itself, it's a terrible it's an upbringing, to always fill your heart with being certain being sure that Allah hearing you and Allah subhanaw taala giving you and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah will

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reward you for your call and for your prayer.

00:26:27--> 00:26:43

Being always thinking positive, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, that he is with you that just feeling that you are on the same side of the most powerful that empowers inspire you to be an optimistic person. Now what's panadol Honestly, I want to know heroin slimming.

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According to Mr.

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah Milena via via the Hobart my brothers and sisters, I think part of the solution towards or how to deal with this crisis of our world today that we need to know to remember a simple fact about our life, that our life is not necessarily about what we have accomplished as much as what what we have contributed. If we start focusing on that, how much I contribute. It's not only about the results, it's about the relationships that I build during my life is not necessarily about how much money I made, but how much difference I have made in life in my life, and my family lives and the people around me. It's not always about the impression that you

00:27:39--> 00:27:54

leave. It's a lot the impact that you leave behind you. If we start reprogramming our mind, this is not only about your career, it's about your questions about your community. It's about things bigger than you.

00:27:56--> 00:28:01

And that's roles make you a strong person in dealing with any crisis in life.

00:28:02--> 00:28:29

Just not about you. As I said, it's not about what you learn about what you taught. It's about what you share. It's not about how much you improved during the years. It's how much you were able to improve others that are around you. When you start living this way, when you start thinking this way, I will guarantee you that this crisis, these challenges in life will be nothing but an inspiring factor to you, to inspire you to be a better person. May Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna and

00:28:31--> 00:29:14

me, allow me all I asked you to help us with all our challenges in life. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to shower us with His mercy, and all those who are in desperate need of it. alone. minnesotacare rahimian and Teleflora la vida Deena on temporarily Massimino Muslim at all meaning me not even human and what Allah Medina human had a half human half a world and a female lead about a cleaner female paid for Latina a man and woman either generally with a crumb Allahumma Elena Dean and a lady who Esma to Marina Aloma Paulina Dean and a lady who Esma to a marina Allahu masala Elena Daniela latifi Hannah Hashanah. Well, you're not an

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AR Rahman

00:29:19--> 00:29:28

AR Rahim, Allah homoserine our hem Nawaz you know what for under work, Elena was Elena nanobody, Dina with one

00:29:31--> 00:29:59

woman who faloona in a Moroccan almanzora mustafina female Saudi Arabia almanzora mostafavi Aloha. Mahalo mean, a llama fukasawa Serena volman Jada Jelani Vikram. Alarm Ania Soto KVS American personnel see Vatican urla yahama raha mean under Hannah Montana, one dish fear Marwan Allah duck Medina Medina, one to Surah Allah mercy denia Jelani crumb along Luca Antonio

00:30:00--> 00:30:14

Swimming in public to me and what society in yahaya you allow money to be public alone man's an island Mr. automatico bureaucratic hurdle Mr. Dr. Crump? Well, I mean, he will kind of do it well, I mean, he went RTP Norwalk

00:30:16--> 00:30:20

yada yada yada Crump Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Mohammed

00:30:21--> 00:30:23

Ibrahim Ali Salam ala