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When I was

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a young

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woman hadiah who are shadow La ilaha illallah wa Alessia Cara washingtonia Mohammed Abu rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam in da Matta Sleeman kathira ameba all praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings be upon a prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I've been witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship, and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger, my brothers and sisters, as we expecting Ramadan to be by the end of next week coming while we as a community in the whole world, still dealing and

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struggling with the impact of the Quran, our covid 19 virus, which is led to a social isolation or distance, and that affect our gathering in the massage or gathering and salaat most likely the majority, the vast majority of Muslim around the world will not have the chance to pray telawi as usual, to come to the masjid as often as usual. And I do want to start off by saying that, I would say that for those who will hamdulillah were in the habit of coming to the masjid during the Muslim avant for all this years, staying at home praying at home, for the sake of protecting the general public. It is something definitely you will get your word for it. And not only will be getting the

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word of as if you praying in the mustard, but also you get the word of your intention of saving others and saving your family and saving yourself until it is safe. And there is a recommendation or it is recommended by the specialist in this area. And the specialists in this area are not necessarily to be the politicians as much as the doctors and specialists among healthcare professionals professional who's saying it is safe for people to go. This is something we have to find a way to adjust ourselves what and as we adjusting ourselves with it, when it comes to how we get our grocery and how to live our life. We have to adjust ourselves to it religiously as well. And

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the beautiful things about the deen of Allah subhanaw taala that it is so flexible, and it is so wide. And it is so

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give you so many options that you can use to come closer to Allah subhana wa Tada. So as people talking about Ramadan, without a mustard on I would say

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yes, Ramadan, maybe without being in the mustard as often as you know, used to come. But that doesn't mean that is Ramadan without Allah. It is Ramadan without the ibadah. It is Ramadan without that everybody Allah subhana wa Taala. And for me, it is very interesting how Ramadan in many times, which is a good thing, but there is a little bit of

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impact on it on us, which is Ramadan became more of a culture than an act of worship

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became more of a culture than an act of worship. And I give you an example, the culture of gathering and congregating together. That's what's really people lock a lot on Amazon, which is not a bad thing to come together and to socially interact. But the essence of from a bond the essence of taraweeh is not the tea and the coffee and the gathering and the talk and the social aspect of it. It is actually the slot. So that's why you see people willing to spend hours socializing, but not willing to stand in the salon for a longer one or the amount of mid or longer. So do the record it will be very frustrating. You'll see if you take the culture element out of it. It became a little

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bit of frustrating. And look how Muslim for example, cares so much about hotmail or on I'm praying in congregation for taraweeh but not even 50% of that care. an interest is giving to what is given to fasting itself to perfect their fasting which is the essence of Ramadan. The most

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ports an actor for sure, but Ramadan is what is fasting, how many people really care about you know, how can I perfect my fast How can I make sure that my fast will be according to the sin of the province of Salah how my fast will be done correctly. So, I practice all the sudden that is associated with fasting breaking very fast also and so on

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another issue, how much they care about the regular Salah itself compared to how much that they care about, you know, that Laila tokaido for example the 27th to come to witness hotmail or iron or to come to witness and via tahuna the best things about this it is just a recommended act

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and just the maximum you can get

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while Salatu Juma under the come late to it

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was a lot of water that is missed, while slots allow sort of the dismiss was a lot of knowledge about an issue that it is not done properly because we eating and we see people delay mode, this is not an opportunity for you to go back and to review your priorities, according to the Shetty according to the way it was putting our religion and to evaluate how you looking at trauma bond as a pure actor for sure. As an evaluator, and I always believe that always there is a hair comes from anything that Allah decreed upon us. And I think one of the things that we should look at the loss of Hannah data put on this test and trial. Leah Stockbridge Anwar Amina Buddha yaku Bina fuzziness

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lukina. So Allah will bring out of it out of us a very different type of act of worship, that we might practice this Ramadan, for example, and instead of that your taraweeh prayer, your intention was a little bit of mix between seeing friends and socializing and this and that. Now it became purely about the Salah had testified about at the salaat fair health fair, Elena,

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is it really sincerely I'm doing it for Allah?

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Now at home, nobody is seeing you nobody with you? Would you be committed? Because see, if you commit to something 100% from your own, that he word of it completely different than when you commit to it because of the end in support of other elements and other people around you? And a social help? Or like because family support or community support. Both get rewarded. Don't misunderstand me. But definitely the first one is another level is a very high level. That's why you see that the person for example, who may cry, yeah, became an Harsha Tila, ah, dakara, La Jolla. He mentioned a lot while he's by himself. It doesn't mean that if you cry in public, you're hypocrites. No, you can

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be moved by somebody else crying, but that's a foreign element help you to reach that level. But when it comes from with you from within,

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look at your television this this year in your home. It's basically purely because you believe in it purely because you want the help of Allah purely because you want the pleasure of Allah, Who knows, maybe this is the third way that will count the most for you in your life. And maybe this will be the best or what you ever did in your life.

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And if you see yourself not committed, don't care about it. That's a question mark that you have to ask yourself. Another act of worship that the laws of pannacotta want from you in this robot, maybe there's something you can think of reflect upon.

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And maybe it's about time for us to take care of our family more.

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So instead of me coming to the mustard, I don't know what the kids doing, or playing in the back or here and there. Now my opportunity to pray with them is to spend time with them is to encourage them is to come closer to them is to make my kids understand a salad for a salad. So I still remember many of the elders among us, when we grow up, we don't go to the master because there is check him out doing some cool activities. We don't do that or because there is a social gathering or there's even a spot in the massage. We grew up for the master to grow the mustard for the master for the salon itself. Maybe Allah subhanaw taala one and I believe that the last one that I want us to

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perfect ourselves through this trial. So you know what my kids are my children understand that the Meston is not for play. It's not a playground, it is for the salon, it is for the batter. And that means that the next generation of us will be strong. And I know that the loss of hundreds and one from us many different type of a bat that that we can practice. As I said, taking care of your family, praying with your family, spending time with your family can

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about their education, knowing them more. It's another level of active worship that Allah Subhana Allah wants from you to attain during this Ramadan to come closer to them.

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And also, one of the thing that that is important about this trauma bond without the mustard, that it doesn't mean that the mustard will leave you. And I can say to all of us who are hearing me today, we committed to a lot of programs, online classes and lectures and even on you know, dissertations help, that will be online. And we will follow whatever the guidelines that is given to us by the health,

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the public health professionals, and by our team of doctors here in this community, and the leaders in our community at large in Houston to ensure that we give an opportunity for people to give opportunity for people to still be connected to the message and I mean that even physically to pray based on that number will be allowed and we will update the community as we go. But I will tell you that I will not mean to me or anyone on the line does mustard or this community, whatever puts people's lives in jeopardy or to be reasoned for if you don't care about you know, you getting sick or getting other people sick, we care and we're not going to allow this to happen as a community at

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large so that's why I keep saying to everybody who you know come to public gathering please if you ever have any type of symptoms or expose yourself to someone who is sick don't come Don't take the risk is not worth taking that risk

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also another thing that this virus make us cherish Ramadan a lot that we can see how it's easy to lose the ability to do certain act of worship that it was so possible for you you never thought a day in your life The Terra we administered it can be questionable

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in never thought you don't know what's what future has for us. What of the lover bed you know, we even discussed this earlier about Ramadan. Do people need to break their fast because of the Coronavirus? And the answer is no you don't and hamdulillah Why? Because you know people say oh my immunity system as a matter of fact the contrary all most of the new studies or research saying and suggesting that actually immunity system it gets stronger when you fast. So there's no need and all this kind of all my throat has to be wet and not dry. There's no scientific, you know, evidence behind that at all. So that's why we say you must pass on a moment unless you're sick or your

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sickness by the doctor, you know make you verbal and the duck trust a doctor tell you to break your fast that's another story. Not necessarily even to be connected with the issue of the Coronavirus that we have today. So this will make you think of how valuable the sermon is for me I'm keep telling myself

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What if this is your last time on what is this your last robot? What is your last

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guys I know piano if people they never thought they're gonna die,

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they're healthy. They're good. They're in a good condition. And some of them die. And some of them were that close to death

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or him along with Matt Mercer so that makes you really to think serious.

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Death is not something very far yesterday was the highest number of death in America

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when he read the story of this sister in Houston, who lost both of her parents in just a matter of hours between each other

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It is something to make you make them on this as it as it came in some of the Heidi suddenly salata What do you pray as if your last prayer? So maybe this is something I should need to think about you fast as maybe this your last Ramadan, and you make you make it the best?

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You know,

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I was thinking about

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social distancing.

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And I mean by that I'm talking about people who distance themselves socially from others.

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Can you think of someone who couldn't? Who was socially distance himself or was distanced by law from others was not interacting with others. University Center. That's right. He was what inside the will. And he stayed there. Whatever loss of Hannah what to Anna decided for him isolated from the world.

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What was the outcome?

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Allah forgive him? Allah Subhana Allah gave him success and made the Dow very successful after he came out who's else? A you was isolated in his house because of his skin disease, nobody touching nobody come closer to him. And what was the outcome afterwards that he stayed there until death? No, Allah subhana wa tada and he lost his wealth by so by the way, if you read the story for you, lost his wealth, he almost lost his family. It was very hard story.

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And what's the outcome? I was finally given his health back beautiful skin and guess what? Allah give him an abundance of wealth.

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Afterwards, I was thinking of as herbal caf. The people the cave, who isolated themselves for whatever last word Allah desire for them to stay away from people and what was the outcome? Allah subhana wa tada made the village turn to Islam.

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And you think about Musa alayhis salam, when he basically stayed away from the village and from the people. And what happened? Allah Subhana, Allah brought to him, the marriage and the family and the support until he came back to Egypt.

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Use of Allah His son was put away from people in the well then jail, then what's the outcome? He became the Aziz of Egypt. Maria Medina, Hassan,

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we know that she isolated herself from the people and held her up and stay there for a quiet time. And what Allah subhana wa Taala honored him as an after that, that she is the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus and his son.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Wasn't he always used to stay several days away from people and a lot of

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animals have that I gave him the way that revelation and him and the Muslim were isolated for three years. And Sharon Benny Amman

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for not allowed to deal with people isolate the completely restricted. And what was the outcome that after that, the better Acaba and that commitment to come to hige law. And after that Allah subhana wa Tiana brought so much greatness afterwards, I was like, it's an interesting trend, actually, in the Quran, that those who have been for a while distance themselves, and they were patient, and they dealt with it in a positive manner, what was the outcome is something very interesting, and something good. And you have

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a tremendous amount of hope, and trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala, that the outcome of this calamity will be good for us. speery possible that this isolation that the world is now

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or in right now, is something that's going to prepare us for a better future for us. Maybe a lot of us can turn to Allah subhanaw taala more, you know, turn nations around, to start thinking about all the blessings that they have about thinking about those or less blessed and to value what we have

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more than just count what we have.

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It maybe will help us as

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a community as a nation to come back with a new spirit, stronger faith and well, a more appreciation of life and what life carries for us.

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There is a honey the Muslim Rahim Allah

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and I I read this and I was just saying in the NFL

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when I heard it, or I read it, I said this is one of the things that tend to be so I'm used to I used to love optimism. He hears something and he said that's it so he heard the word NASA said victory said we're going to show a game victory Salim it will be saved send a B solo Anyway, it was seldom said in a hadith that reported by a man in the lab we saw

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that in the B cell Alyssa was asked about beta Thema fertile Nana Buna Salalah hora, cinnamon Bay Sema had heavy

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metal. Okay, do you see

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a theme out of metal Michigan kilowatt metallic color, Australia via Kalamata nedjma Sabah Han *a, caught with the tominaga illa raffia and whom they tend to be sallallahu Sallam told them that any time when the time comes

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For nedjma starts got a three year appear in the sky and that's when I was my takeaway the disease and actually a three year the it is a star that comes in the summertime. So in other word when that summertime they comes and that's when basically that nejm will be seen the morning he said that the Allah which is that common diseases and so like that will go away. And I'm not saying I'm there's a lot of talk among the scholars about this Hadith, what exactly is it related to the disease has to do with plants or in general many of these, but what's interesting, that's one of the amount of human what law said like a some an effective theory when McNally Waheguru he said partita back, I

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looked in history, most of these epidemics and plagues and it all end in the time when a threat comes as a historian it's when the summer and the heat of the of the days comes. So when I heard that and I know that you know the weather is coming to summer. I said I hope I'm not saying that's kind of how I build my

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there's a difference between hope or you know, being an optimistic and being inspired and based on your built on your base your actions on just feelings. But feelings are important because if you are from inside filled with trust, you are psychologically strong, you are physically strong as well. May Allah Subhana Allah accept from us and bring relief to us as soon as possible will allow us and Amanda intervenor Mohammed

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam Ala Moana Viva Hobart

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my brothers and sisters Salatu Tara we it is

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it is recommended in Ibiza Salam said when karma Ramadan Amana was the Saba whoever prayed on Oban for the sake of Allah forgive us in salata taraweeh in itself. So lots of time away in congregation, in domestic, it's another sinner. And the first one who's taught that in the Bissell salami prayed three or four nights. Then after that he stopped, he said, because I don't want it to be obligated. So that means before these three, four nights, Muslims for all this year's praying at home, and after these three, four nights, people prayed at home, and also in the bay salatu salam after he died as if he had been said, the people prayed and maybe continue praying at home Sahaba praying at

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home until the person died. Then abubaker the same case and Solomon he left at home a period of oma time and Omar one day walk into the message and he found people he had one group with one amount here one group with any amount back there one group with an email then almost said why let's they unify behind one email. So he made an account bleed and they prayed behind and he asked me daddy to lead as well he used to lead woman by themselves as well. So he basically gathered them, then this is became the practice from one time and one day he came back in the night and he saw that and he said he said he said to him that's a good bit of either to start a good initiative that we start

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then after that continues that's why the Adam Smith reports of the Talib nebuta him walk in the night and Ravana and he sold the message lights and people praying and then it said know what a local block aeromar come under water massage and if you're Ramadan May Allah fill your grave with nor as you filled or massaged with neuro trauma bond so it became a similar to practice as a matter of hemolysis it's better to pray in congregation the praying by yourself but in a case like what we have today, no, I do believe that it is much better as if this thing continued right now in this situation I do believe that it's much better for you to pray um, please please please

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do not congregate in your homes. And I mean by that you invite the neighbors and the you know the all the Muslim around you and it's worst because that means you congregate in a very small tiny place you know and you became more dangerous than even an open space like some of that that massage. Also I want to say for those who pray at home

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higher on my lap and that actually allow Anna she used to pray behind a man who basically her slave or her servant who used to eat from the Muslim and kind of forgot out went out Yeah, but I had to type it in he's the best among us they used to pray in the night holding the most half. So praying from the must have it is right, you can remove the most half if you don't want to hold the must have because the only madhhab is very strict about this is the HANA v. So you can put the most have in front of you open in something and you can read from it. Okay, so you can read from the muslin.

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But the correct opinion that's a Sahaba use that, and tambien used to do that. And there is no need for to maybe in the old days, some of the lineup one said that because there's too many movements, but you can now it's very limited massage today, it's much easier to flip. And even you just opened the two pages and you didn't need to flip it much. And you read from the Muslim. Also, you can if you are English speaking person, you can't read the English. But you can. If you have an Imam, let's say your wife doesn't know Arabic, and you're reading an Arabic she can follow you while she is holding the English translation but without pronouncing all your children, for example. Another

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thing that you do you pray with your family members, and if women cannot lead men and cannot lead children, who are boys who reached who are 10 years or more, less than 10 years he can lead but other than that, no, by the way, you don't need to read too many verses. Some of us have I used to read Allah had that said the whole night, the whole Raka

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Sahaba not you happy

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so happy companions.

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Don't underestimate that, and never be so solemn read the whole night with one verse. So you can don't need

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10 verses a night, you know, 10 verses, that's a

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lamb you could have been a waffle and he was not among the half in the headless. So there is no killer idea that I have to read too many and I can't read. It is not valid Salah for tarawih if you follow someone online, that's an invalid salon.

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Because the meaning of salado Gemma is to be in the jamara. The goal of Sato Gemma is to be in the master. The point of sort of the Jamaat is to walk to the master to be part of the must. That notion of virtual Salah is just one of these things that is people are hyped up about today. It's part of the culture. You know what, some people don't want to feel the pain of not knowing Koran, of not knowing how to read or how they don't memorize much of the Quran and they don't want to see and deal with this reality. So what we do, let's have a virtual salon let someone else pray for me.

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I think maybe it's a wake up call for you to realize you know what, shame on me that I don't know how to read me Don't make it to me and that said I don't want you to feel bad I want you to do good. So that will lead you to take steps and to basically start What if there is no internet tomorrow? What are you gonna do?

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We can just be drugging people and giving them these fat hours that is not worth what is written with.

00:27:59--> 00:28:12

or written by this are invalid sullen no doubt and no ever animal scholars through the history since you know TV and radio station or radius was invented ever allowed such thing

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I know it's kind of getting late but that's a very important message to come clear. There is no need for all these because of hamdullah the alternatives are so many.

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So make sure that you do your best and the some of the Hon and make your intention good and please continue to support your local Muslim organizations and especially our masters also need your help and your support. You know financially through through our through purchase meeting and events if we have a major loss How did Allah protect all of us? Nelson Mandela forgive our sins, a medal of honor forgive our parents Melisandre is our level and didn't allow muffling on him know if enough I know I couldn't live without him. Now that was a little Salama Mohammed Omar