Waleed Basyouni – Where Do I Come From And Why Am I Here

Waleed Basyouni
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I'm wondering how you were able to see the hands I don't see anybody.

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The only reason I can say I can tell this whole Marshalls full because when they walk in, there's people all the way to the doors May Allah Subhana Allah bless your efforts and May Allah Subhana Allah gather all of us in Jannati name. May Allah Subhana Allah reward tremendously those who organized this conference. And as myself was involved in so many conferences before, as an organizer, I know how much time how much effort and time that you have to put in such

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basically, to organize such gathering. So I ask Allah Subhana Allah to reward them to reward their family, and to reward those who come also from different places, just to gather today, or in these days, for one reason is to please Allah, and to please the Lord and to meet their brothers and sisters. And don't underestimate your steps to this place. Don't underestimate the amount of free words that you will receive by just being here today. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, You want me to tell you who's among you will be among the inheritors of paradise. Palo Alto bureau can be a headache come in and engender one or four domain to know who will be among the

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people of paradise. Then I was expecting the one who prays a lot, the one who give charity a lot. Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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as an agenda

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was Shaheed Jenna, what would you do? Yazoo? Aha whoa feanor here till mystery lilla fildena.

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The prophets Allah Sundin said, the prophet, the prophets, they are going to be among the people to paradise and the murderers they will be among the people of Paradise, and the one who leaves his or her house, just to go visit their brothers just to be with their brothers and sisters, they will be among the people of paradise. And the prophet SAW them also told us that Allah the Almighty said, when jembatan have Betty limita have been a year, whichever mohab Betty limiters are very interfere. The prophet SAW someone told us that Allah, the Almighty himself said that my love

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it's a loss of love. It's not the love of a friend or a spouse or, or somebody that you You dare and you admire so much in this worldly life. It's the Almighty, the Creator Himself, He said, My love will be given to those who love one another for the sake of Allah, and those who visit and meet one another for the sake of Allah,

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these narrations and

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They are the only reason for someone like me and so many of the guest speaker today to not only to travel from Houston, or California, I'm willing to travel wherever a good people like you will be, even if it is the other side of the world.

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Where do I come from? From Houston.

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Today, I would like to address these two questions that the brothers just mentioned. Where do I came from? Where I come from, and why I am here. Islam has the answers for this.

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For us, as a people of faith as the people who have a book that we refer to as the people who have a guidance from our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who came with a guidance and light to enlight for us our life, to be able to answer questions like this, which is so many philosophers through the history of humanity. They were debating over why we are here. And so many people, even from different faiths, different religions, they address this issue. And the only people who have the guidance from the Lord, they have the answer for this which is

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Very simple, where we came, where do I come from? we as human beings, I answered this in two parts. The first part is related to us as race of humans as human beings. We all belong to one single human. We all came from what from a cobbles from Adam, and from Eve. We believe in the creation theory because that's not a theory. It's a fact. And it's the most factual thing that we believe in as Muslims as a people of faith and as a people who believe that we descend from Adam alayhis salam, Allah subhanho wa Taala said, he

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Bakula, de Haan up on

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Oh mankind, have Taqwa fear Allah,

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the woman who created you all from one single soul. And from that soul, he created a spouse, which is Adam, and he will all descend from Adam alayhis salam, also, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim said, could look on the Adam, Adam in Torah, all of you belong to Adam. No matter how different we look, our look looks like, or our race, or our tongues, we all belong to one single man, which is Adam Addison, what that means to us, when we know that we all descend from Adam. And we know that Allah told us plenty of informations about the family, his setup, what that means just to know that you are the son of Adam, that your children of Adam, one, there is no place, there is no room for

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racism. There is no room for someone to say you know what I'm better than you. Or even for a male to say that he is better than a female, or

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a black better than a white or a white blah, better than

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basically a black person, or somebody is from this caste, or that social background, he feels that he is better, just because he'd belong to that race, or belong to that culture. Because in the end of the day, we all belong to one single great great grandfather, which is Adam alayhis. Salaam.

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What also that means to us. It means to us that we descended from a prophet, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam said, Adam MBR, kmfa, Muslim. Adam is the first prophet. We all as human, we know and we feel and we believe that we descend from a prophet, our great great grandfather was a prophet and a messenger of his Lord. Believe me, this is completely different than somebody believe that you descend from an ame

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Don't you think?

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If you think your great grandfather, some avian and trees in Africa or in somewhere in the world, it will be different than you believing that you know what, I descend from a prophet, who Allah owner, who Allah talk to who Allah subhana wa Taala raised his level has completely different feelings. We know as human beings, that we all belong to the best of the best of the creation, which is Adam and Eve, his setup, which is Adam and his setup, Allah have honored us as a human race with so many ways, by just making us the children of Adam. Adam is your grandfather, the one who angels prostrate themselves before him with ordinary meta equities to Dooley Adam, when we told the angels they

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prostrate themselves before Adam, have you ever thought about that? Have you ever thought about your great grandfather, as someone who's the angels prostrate themselves before him? If one of you one of his grandfather's is a great Lieutenant, or a great king, or somebody who's very famous in his culture, will be always bragging about it fate browed off, you know what your great grandfather was a prophet that a lot talk to him and Allah made the angels protect themselves before him.

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Also, one of the things that Allah subhana wa tada honored us with by knowing that we descended from Adam, what we call it a tech leaf, which is Allah subhana wa tada have given us

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The responsibility to carry his religion listen to what Allah subhanaw taala said

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a man Adonis

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Warhammer Han in

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the last 15 hours for your party when machinery Keno and machinery,

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wire to

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me No, I mean

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what can

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Allah subhanaw taala This is an amazing verse, and that is one words I it's my favorite word actually, in this two verses, which is when Allah subhanaw taala said that we have given a man what a man means. Anybody knows what a man as a man means trust? What is trust? If you look at how the scholar interpreted this word, trust, the said trust it means al Islam, the religion, that Allah give them the responsibility of carrying this religion, of implementing this religion, of practicing this religion, of delivering this religion, carrying this religion everywhere and practicing it. And it's amazing. Why would Allah choose the word Amana trust? Why would they call it trust?

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In this word, there is a clear honoring for you as a human. Because who would you give the trust? If you have something valuable? A trust and you want to give it to someone? Who would you choose?

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Someone who is very trustworthy in your eyes. That's right. Since Allah has given you this, Amana have given you the honor to carry his religion, it means he is interested in trusting you with it. He trusted you with it. And that's in itself make you feel that you're a person who is aligned. allas is a trusted person. So don't betray the trust. Because if you do, you will be among the first group of people Allah mentioned later on, which is the hypocrites, then the disbelievers. As for the believers, Allah will do that will do with them with his mercy.

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And he will favor them subhana wa.

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Also, knowing that we descended from Adam knows, we knows that basically we belong By the way, we belong to paradise. That's where our grandfathers used to live. And that's what we should go back to. You don't belong to any other place other than heavens.

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Believe me, that's where originally we came from. You know, some you may hear some of your parent maybe some of you hear that appearance sometimes back home back home back home hear this word? Okay? You know, what's our back home is paradise is gender.

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For Haier Allah Janata adenine,

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as in no time, Rahim. Allah said, Goethe Marsh for the two fourth to denature the paradise because that's where we belong to. And that's where our parents and grandfather used to live.

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Brothers and sisters, if you know that, you know that this is where you belong. And that's also make you live this life, while you only mean back to go home, because nothing like home.

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Just knowing that we descended from Adam alayhis salam, we know that there is a connection between all humans, connection between all humans, and that connections. It is deeply rooted in our soul. Because Allah told us that He created us from a body, then he created our soul.

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That's why when Allah Subhana, Allah made them and fashioned him. He said later on, after he was created from a mud like like the way you look like today, afterwards, Allah have blew into them, or or, basically the soul, he created the soul by his words, and he let the soul enter the body of Adam. So you as human made of two things body and soul. Just knowing how you were created, it allowed you to do with yourself based on light noon, so you know how to treat yourself. It's not about only building muscles. It's not about only taking care of this body and forgetting about your soul and that's why

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Every one of us, every human, it doesn't matter what this isn't legitimate, that is something that is somewhere in his art in her heart, a spot where they are connected to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they realize and they know their creators.

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For us as an individuals not as a race, we know that we all know where we came from.

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in Medina, who Sabine, Allah Subhana Allah said, we have guided you human to come out of your mother's womb as an ambassador

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Subhanallah the baby when at the time of delivery, he will basically that he or she is what the baby it will move and it will put their heads down so it will come out from its mother's womb easily. Allah guided you to come out like that. We know where we belong to. Once there is a great Lieutenant and general

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was walking with full of arrogance

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in a time of war, and there is a scholar His name is Abdullah I

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saw him walking like this with full arrogance. And as Muslim we don't, we're not allowed to have arrogance inside our hearts. The prophets of Salaam said you will not enter Paradise if you have as mustard seed of arrogance inside your heart. Listen carefully master seed of arrogance, not two pounds of arrogance. Master seed of arrogance. Okay, he walking with full of arrogance and so proud of himself. So the lightning told him the way you walking is not the way that this type of work. It's hated by Allah and His Messenger, don't walk like this work with humbleness.

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He said, Do you know who I am?

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He said, Yeah, I know who you are.

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You're a person who were created from a lowly sperm. And you will be soon a rotten core. And in between you are a carrier of your thesis.

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That's who you are.

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Are you searching for

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Karnataka xerostomia takuji for 10 Latina entrepreneur

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that's who you are, why surrogate for. So when we know where we came from, we humble ourselves. And by the way, humbleness is not to think less of yourself, humbleness it is to think less about yourself. So make sure that you don't mix between these two things. Also, this is well let us realize a very interesting fact. Everybody knows how you were like 15 years ago, 20 years ago, maybe 50 years ago, demons about your age, how you grew up from being just a baby to child to teenager to basically an adult then you became an old Allah Subhana Allah and the brand told us that we go through all these stages, what that means to you.

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You know, there is no one point in your life you stop unless you die.

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And this is also another fact that every human will come to an end every life would come to an end in a minute we're in the human you tune your Mohammed you are going to die and everyone else will die one day. Yeah, Mohammed

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jabril, Sheikh Mohammed love whomever he wants, one day that one year love will come it will die will pass away. So this is will let you know that live is keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. And that means you cannot at one point in your life, just to say stop. Actually, as I love to say that live is like riding a bicycle. The only way to keep balance is to keep moving. The moment you stop you lose balance in your life. Also, it shows you that this fact that how you came how you came to this word life. It teaches you several a teach you several point one

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as you started from nothing you're going back to as you were not exist, you will not be exist. So are you ready for that day?

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I don't care how old are you? Because the Angel of Death doesn't care. Death doesn't care. How old are you how healthy you are?

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What kind of health insurance you have. What a medical record you have. They don't care when it comes to just strike you.

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No matter coup de como wherever you are. The death will hunt you down will be after you.

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S for the

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The other question, which is why I'm here?

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Why am this while I created you for, he told us what may have been up to Gene

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lania who do

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I have not created to humans for nothing but to worship Allah subhana wa Tada.

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And all of us knows that theoretically, I'm not gonna repeat the thought that you know, we are here to worship Allah great. But you know what, we know that but there is a, there is one spot in your heart.

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Sometimes you know that. I know that I know that I have to worship Allah. But sometimes you feel like you're not submitting yourself completely yet. You didn't take that decision to change your life and to commit yourself to Allah subhanho wa Taala. This story, I share it with some of my students.

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Oh, a friend of mine, who was basically shooting an episode in Mecca. And in the middle of that, shooting the episode for one of the TV stations, the camera man keep going outside to smoke and come back. So that chef told him Why don't sweat quit smoking. So he said, Jeff, pray for me. Like so many smokers pray for me. He said he went to pray for you. It was Ramadan, the last third of the night, he took that smoker in front of the window and look at medical Kava, he can see a cab he raised his hand and he start praising Allah mentioning last names, attributes glorifying the Lord SAP HANA. And the guy was so moved by the basically on vacation and the prayer to the extent that

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everybody in the room was in tears. And he kept making so many, so many requests about that Allah bless his wealth, his health, his children's family, every good thing you can think of in this world, their life and the Jena and the hereafter. He kept asking a lot for it for that man. And the guy say.

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And in the end, he said, Oh, Allah, don't give him anything from this. If he doesn't quit smoking.

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The guy was like socks, I mean, army when he said that, he said,

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You know,

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he never said, I mean,

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you know why?

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Because he was not ready to quit smoking.

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He just said it. Pray for me.

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You all know, and we all know

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that we should worship Allah.

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But are we ready really to take that move and that spot, and to touch that spot in our heart, to make that decision, that commitment that I will make my life I will make my life the whole entire life is not to be in the master note, the whole entire life will be ruled by the shedding of a Lost Planet that by the guidance of Allah, that's what's worshiping is worshiping it means obedience, to submit yourself to your Lord.

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That's what you that's why Allah created you. And believe me, the benefit of this is not for anyone, but yourself. The benefit of this, the reward of this is not for anyone but yourself in this life. And in the next. So many times we forget that this is not a that's not that. This life is not the only thing we have.

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There is still another life coming. So many times we just forget about with all this busy life. We forget that one day, we'll go to the next one. You know what? The brother offered you an iPad? That's right, everybody. Oh, that's very good. You know what, if I give you the choice between two houses, one house made of gold and one house made of wood or bricks? Which one would you choose?

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Go type if I tell you No, you know what? The one from gold is going to be a temporary house and soon it will basically vanish and the one from wood it will be removed to remain as the safe shelter forever. Which one would you choose? Gold most likely? That's

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the what if the issue is a house made of gold forever.

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versus a house made of bricks and woods for a very temporary short time.

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melas character Allah gather us in genetic name and housemade of goals and

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And with our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam I want to keep

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my speech on time Sharla so leave the microphone with Augustine. Thank you very much

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