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AI: Summary © The speakers express concern over the upcoming victory of Islam, including the loss of hope for those who aren't on the offensive and the need for faith in Islam's promise to achieve their goals. They stress the importance of protecting one's freedom and showing one's stance to avoid facing oppression. The speakers also offer suggestions for how to achieve their goals, emphasizing the need for personal growth and showing one's stance to avoid facing oppression.
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In Nanos wrong long body but

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in Nanos wrong long he party but this is what Allah Subhana Allah is telling us my brothers and sisters in Islam most certainly without a doubt the victory of Allah subhanaw taala is very near but when brother we've been waiting for too long No, no, no, no, no, don't make that mistake v when and the How is upon Allah subhanho wa Taala it's not your job His job is to cause victory to the believers Your job is also follow the instructions that will lead to that victory when the believers ask when is the victory of Allah subhanaw taala is going to happen Allah subhana wa Taala responded indeed the victory is near the question now is Do you believe that this is going to happen? Do you

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have full faith conviction and trust in Allah subhanaw taala that this is what he's going to lead the believers to victory because this is what he had promised in Alonso Solana indeed we are going to cause victory to our messengers, one ladina men who not only the messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala Lavina Amano, and those who believed with the messengers and those who believed in Allah subhanaw taala so faith is critical here for victory to be established. My brothers and sisters in Islam confidence, full trust and a law that this is what's gonna take place in sha Allah Allah sooner than later in the light Allah and I do not only refer to Jenna because this is going to be in

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sha Allah to Allah the ultimate victory for the believers, Allah so behind our data in the same area, he said in non Su Su Lana well, Alina Ave Phil hayati dunia in this very life. My brothers and sisters in Islam victory is coming very soon. But the question now is once more, do you believe in what Allah subhanaw taala said, Are you absolutely certain that this is going to be our fate victory Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned in the Quran my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subotica Lima tuna the bed in and more serene indeed a word has passed a decision be made by Allah subhanaw taala for his servants and messengers in the home lahoma monsoon indeed there will be those who are given

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victory so rejoice my brothers and sisters in Islam victory is near. The question is, do you believe what Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala is reminding us again and again Cata of a law that only been an hour Rosalie Allah subhanho wa Taala had Destin Cata is in the past tense which means it's going to happen for certain without a doubt Allah distant La La Banda and our loosely me and my messengers are going to be the winners victory is coming near the question again and again my brothers and sisters in Islam everywhere in the world. Do you believe in what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned? Do you believe that victory is coming closer than you think? Do you

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believe in what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned when he said walk and Allah in nostril meaning and it is incumbent upon us to grant victory to the believers? My brothers and sisters This is the promise of Allah Subhana Allah Allah and Allah subhanaw taala never break promises who will lead the RSL? Allah Sula who will who their ideal hockey hero who Allah de Nicola will carry home shikun It is Allah subhanho wa Taala my brothers and sisters in Islam, who had sent these messenger with guidance and with the religion of truth to supersede every other way of life, even if the haters and those who have no faith may hate it, it doesn't matter. Allah had promised victory. Do you believe it's

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coming near? Allah inositol Allahu Caribe. The victory of Allah is near my brothers and sisters in Islam, but faith is one of the conditions one of the conditions will retreat to happen. So do you believe Do you believe or you're going to sit down, relax, do nothing and cry over your condition while they utter he knew what he doesn't want to move alone in enquanto momineen. And don't be weak and don't grieve my brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah subhanaw taala said you will be superior if you are believers. If you truly believe in the promise of Allah subhanaw taala Allah in the loss of Allah He carried the victory of Allah subhanaw taala is coming near in sha Allah. It is very sad

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seeing people losing hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala when they Yuk notman Rama to not be in love or lunan despair in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala except those who went astray, except those who are not upon the righteous guidance of Allah subhanho wa Taala only those who are stray will lose hope because they have no faith whatsoever. But you must

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Do you believe that the victory of Allah subhanaw taala is coming your way? Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran in the hula is more rohilla il como caffi rune, none despair in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala said those who have no faith whatsoever those people they may lose hope but not to my brothers and sisters in Islam. Do you believe that the victory is coming near? Do you believe that was the law? He hoped that the promise of Allah subhanaw taala is the ultimate truth? Do you believe that the victory is near? Unfortunately, my brothers and sisters in Islam, we are living in a very confusing time, many people have got no clue of what's going on of what's happening, why Israel and

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Palestine became an issue in the first place. They don't know. And I'm talking about Muslims here. And in the middle of all these confusions, you're dealing also with a lot of extremes. One extreme that to Jewish community, anyone comes from this background is cursed and so on so forth, which is wrong. And we are in disagreement with this approach because there are many of them around the world are in support of the Palestinian cause, just like you and I, but there's another extreme and that is some Muslims will come along and tell us Be quiet. Don't talk just it's a time of fitting it's time of trials. No, it's not. This is an issue of justice versus oppression in occupation. Where is

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the trials here? We are not living in a trial time we're not confused about who's right and who's wrong to say I'm sick. I like that or control your tongue. No, we shouldn't tell the people to control the tongue, we should tell them to express themselves in the manners that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is had told us with the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala had revealed in the Quran what I uncertain Allah minion surah Allah will grant victory to those who grant victory to him and to his message while levina gehad rufina Lana, Deanna home sabudana and those who strived hard for our cause, we will guide them to our ways in sha Allah to the other two gentlemen to the

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straight path, but we have to strive with our tongue without words, Allah has given us this knowledge to share not to keep hidden where our reverses that would support and assistance strengthen those who are doing jihad striving for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala to defend them Oxo one of the holiest places on earth. Where are these verses from the Quran to strengthen them while they are dying for you. Unfortunately we are fearful to call these I attend these narrations we are ashamed we became ashamed of our own Quran and our own traditions Subhan Allah Allah there is no shame in defending oneself when we are under occupation and under oppression. There is no shame

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in doing that. There is no shame in saying that to strengthen those who are doing the job on our behalf. The question again is, do you believe? Do you believe in Allah Subhana Allah mentioned in the Quran, do you believe in what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned when he was asked, Are you lamoni oftedal which action is the best in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala he said, Amen. Don't be let your soul to believe in Allah and His messenger. Then he was asked again through my mother, then what call LG had to face me to learn to strive to struggle for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala these people who are fighting and defending and mercy The lochsa are doing jihad. We

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ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept from them. May Allah subhanaw taala protect them and their families and accept them those who passed away as Shahada as martyrs. This is our faith, we should speak Allah subhanaw taala had given us the ability to enjoy freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of education, this is part of our freedom to tell the people what we believe in Haven't we forgotten what Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran? Yeah, you're Latina and an O you who believe brothers Do you hear me sisters? Do you hear me? Yeah you are Latina. I'm no this is for you, all you who believe a cow down to Allah subhanaw taala was Jew and prostrate. We all do that. While Buddha back

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home and worship your Lord will follow Hierarch La La come to fly home and do righteous action action so that you become successful and prosperous whether Hilo filet haka Jihad and strive struggle for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala as much as you can to the best of your ability. If you can be there side by side with our brothers and sisters in Palestine, do something else speak talk, inspire people, educate, donate, do whatever you can to the best of your ability because Jihad doesn't necessarily mean to fight in the battlefield. This is only one type of jihad. There are many types to struggle against your evil inclinations, to speak word of truth to that tyrant leader to

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struggle against the force of Satan shaitan and so on. So do what you can but don't just be

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Silent the issue of adversity the locks on vital knock this Jerusalem is not an issue of conflict between two nations we know it's an occupying force against oppressed. People we know it history had told the story already, no matter how much the haters would try to hide it, we know it. And with the rise of social media and access to knowledge, these things are not hidden anymore. hamdulillah but the issue of Palestine my brothers and sisters who are listening Muslims, if you believe it's a matter of faith to unextended the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that a prayer in mesial oxide is equivalent to 1000 prayers anywhere else. And when he was asked, How about if we can't go there?

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Allah Subhana Allah grant us a visit through the Palestinians not any other people. We get the stamp and shawl on our passport through the Palestinians, people in sha Allah when they regained their right back in sha Allah, but when he was asked, How about if we can't make it there, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, then send a gift of oil that will light up the masjid Allahu Akbar oil. And if you did that, it is as if you have visited it. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said but I believe my brothers and sisters in Islam and I will leave you with this in sha Allah Allah Allah I believe that we shouldn't send only oil because the message has been lit by the people of Palestine. May

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Allah bless them and strengthen them during this time of jihad. Me. We're going to send more than that. And I'm not going to call it donation from now on, we're paying a compensation for our shortcoming. We're paying for what they did over there on our behalf because we couldn't go and defend the laakso we couldn't be there. May Allah subhanaw taala protectors all my brothers and sisters in Islam, please support the Palestinians. Please don't remain silent. Speak with speak with knowledge. This is the time where courage will matter and leadership through example, not just through talking through example, will matter a lot. I ask you my brothers and sisters Islam out

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there to work on your Eman to work on your faith to work on your knowledge of the deen so that you can stand strong in the face of oppression that could go either against us but only a man can overcome any power can mean theoretically lettin a rabbit fee attempt Kathy rotten Be it Lila? How many such a small group of people have overcome a large number of people with the permission of Allah subhanaw taala but the man is the requirement. May Allah subhanaw taala save Palestine we are lost pantalla save and Masjid Oxo May Allah subhanaw taala save baitul makan this May Allah subhanaw taala save our brothers and sisters in Palestine and everywhere around the world. I mean, I mean I

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a Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh