Hasan Ali – Explaining the Kufr disbelief of Sheikh Imran Hosein

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the controversy surrounding the Quran and its use in various media outlets, including the confusion surrounding the title of shaved hair and the use of shaved hair in a inaccurate way. The speakers also discuss misunderstandings and claims about the title, including the confusion surrounding the use of shaved hair and the use of diacritical marks. The segment concludes that the title is a mistake and that shaking man is a mistake. The speakers also mention the history of the title and its origin, including the confusion surrounding its use in Islam and the use of diacritical marks for political purposes.
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Some of you have asked me to give you a breakdown of how exactly Shimano Cena has committed Khufu disbelief with regards to Quran surah number 43 is number 61. So in this video, I'm going to do that. Now, before we move on, let me just explain a few things to you so that you know exactly what's happening. And I'm going to show you some of his videos, where he actually said, what you said, which is blasphemous, and it's against the belief of the entire Sunni Muslim world of 14 150 years. It's, it's, it's completely against that now.

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In 2021, there was a video that was uploaded on YouTube which is named the Quran and the return of them so if you go to our number one, I think minute number six around you'll hear chef magazine talking about surah number 43 item 61 And that verses were in the whole line Melissa, it can also be recited as we're in a Hola Hola, Melissa. Both of them are correct. Charlemagne was saying because of his eschatology because of his because I've been thinking that okay, fine. Wine Hola. Hola. Melissa means that Italy is a sign of the last hour. Of course he prefers that. A station which is fine. There are two ways of genuinely reciting this verse. But what's shakin Barnum saying does and

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this is where the blasphemy comes in is that he denies lying Melissa is a genuine way of reciting the Quran. And he further claims that there was something dodgy done to the Quran. When the when the diacritical marks were added to the Quran. His actual words are darling Makhachkala hair, which means that something dodgy was done with the Quran and listen to what he says.

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So someone did some damage

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with your diacritical marks, and this is wrong. The Quran does not have any mistake, all of these critics will come shouting from the

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Quran as mistakes and then these will go by Go get some rest. I'm not saying there's a mistake in the Quran. So don't do this lies against me. I'm saying that human beings were the patina diacritical marks made a mistake here. Maybe they've done deliberately maybe do that accidentally. Right. So you heard him say that, that human beings have put a

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mistake in the Quran, maybe deliberately or unintentionally, whatever the case is, but there is a mistake importing 361 It's supposed to only be Lala Melissa. And it's lie, Melissa. And the reason is because the if you go with if you go with the translation of lying, Melissa, it means that easily sort of knows then has the knowledge of the last hour. Now, the chef's translation of the Quran is actually a big mistake. A shared has misunderstood the verse, and I'm going to explain that to you in this video. Now, some of you said, you know, that shave late from privately said, you know, when I make videos, that's all you're gonna say to me that why should Why are you bringing all of this

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up, you know, here on the internet? Well, I went to visit the sheriff in September 2021. And I asked him about this whole thing. And I said, How can you deny this when, you know, it's been recorded, and it's been transmitted by through notoriety, notoriety, means there are so many reports that have reached the Muslims about the Prophet Allah has been reciting the Quran in this way that it is impossible to deny, deny. That's what automatic means. So I said to the chef, you'd be you'd be actually denying something, which is majority. And the chef is, you know, she has said to me, yes, I am. And he told me, he told me that you got a duty to tell the public about this, if you believe

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that I'm wrong. And the share also said that he's going to reply to him publicly. So then I made a couple of videos in September clinically, one where I highlighted the entire issue, as I'm saying to you right now. And the reply that we got from some of his students was that shared privately said that it is okay to recite the Quran in both ways. Well, if that was the case, then why is it that in May 2022, so we're talking about the current month here right now. He's in the UK he's gone to Bradford. He was asked the same question about the same verse. And the shed actually said what he reinstated everything he said before in fact, he went further, he went further and he put more words

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to show his denial of lying Melissa, as being a genuine way of reciting the Quran. Now going to explain a little bit of how line Melissa is actually correct. But let's look at this video. If you go to YouTube, just type in endgame, eschatology deception and check them out commit commit Cofer. Just type that in and you'll see this particular video coming up and see what the chef says in particular here. So when he uses the word pristine here, he means the diacritical marks on the Quran.

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To practice

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a human being does it protected by a law?

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No, it's not protected

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by human being, is it possible that a human being could make a mistake?

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And is it possible that Shakedown can also police

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so this is again blasphemy over blasphemy what the sheikh had just said now in May 2022 in Bradford recorded here is you know, human beings can make an error and it's not preserved by hola hola, hola, como de la bella, the whole of the Sunni Muslim world don't believe in this. Okay, so please, anyone who wants to take this video and say look, Muslims are saying this is a mistake, no crime No, there is no single Muslim that believes there is a mistake. No Quran is just shaking man who's saying that has bought this about this particular verse. Okay? Now Allah azza wa jal has said is soon number 15. And number nine in Zilla vikhroli Nila hula, have you alone, who said that he revealed the Quran and

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he's going to protect it. Sheikh Imam Hussain with what you've just heard here is saying that the Quran was not protected from the moment the diacritical marks were inserted in the Quran. In fact, he went further and said that the shaytaan can actually put something in there. And this is a huge, huge, you know,

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amount of disbelief and blasphemy that the share has said, and he needs to do Toba from this and all his followers are defending who are defending on him on this, you're also committing Cofer, because what you're saying is that the Quran wasn't present and the chef said, you know, in the same video, he says that every single cook every single copy has got this mistake.

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Every single copy of the Quran that is written in the world I don't know if any exceptions every single Koran copy says today

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or in Malaysia

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surely he

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he is the knowledge of the Hour is an incorrect translation. Anybody make any mistake anybody?

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Well, actually the chef is making a big mistake because grammatically if you look in the if you know Arabic, okay, and I'm really, I just can't believe how there has to be make this mistake. So grammatically, if Allah azza wa jal, if you had said, we're in LA, who were in Allah, who really Melissa, if Allah had said that, those words it would mean that isa SLM has a knowledge of the Hour, or if Allah azza wa jal has said we're in Allah De Lima, Lisa, that would mean that he has not yet the hour we're in Allahu inglesa. There are many ways that Allah azza wa jal could have said no words grammatically which would mean that he Salah Salem has no knowledge of the Hour, but he never

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said that last week he said we're in a who lie Melissa that he is lying on a knowledge of the Hour now when Allah has really said that what what does that mean? Like you look linguistically? First you go to all the to see, look, none of the trustees have said that the AI means each lesson has a knowledge of the Hour, none of the translations I know of have translated what what shaking man has said, I want all of you guys to deeply you know, digest what I'm saying. So nobody has actually made this mistake. He's made a profound mistake in understanding the verse when he said that it would mean easily Saddam has the knowledge of the Hour but that's not the case. So what does it mean? Well

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if you go to the books of Istanbul to the tuxedo just takes checked to Sydney to see a checked of suitable Imam taba says that unanimously unanimously all the different you know, reports are unanimous, okay? And there's a consensus that will wait in the whole line when we decide is a genuine report. Okay, multiple reports that we received the Quran is part of the Quran and it's a sound way of reciting the Quran is an authentic 100% authentic way of reciting the Quran. Now, you go to any of the facilities because here and many other theater human culture wisdom save you'll see that they say a Monday means Allah, it's a sign, okay? Anyone look at it, I'm learning and Allah is

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going to hire me they both connected because knowledge of something is also a sign of it. And it literally means when the ESA lesson will come back, he will be assigned to all of us that the hour is close. Look at all the proceeds. That's what it means now. If you go to linguistically we look at the lexicons and so on. This is the sandwich out of under the word Amon, you can see that he's clearly put Allameh alright, we'll move on means Ironman is culturally diverse. Okay. And I've got I've got other books okay, I've got this book of Kalamata Quran, where again here I'm not going to attend to the beat of you

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You're gonna get long, but again anyway, there's a breakdown of the entire verse of what he means. And they clearly say that it means it means a sign. So first the sheikh has misunderstood the verse, Then what the share does is, he goes further. And he tries to say that, you know, because he, according to him, it's a mistake, it has a wrong meaning. Therefore, somebody must have tampered with the Quran now, once again, we seek Allah's protection from this and none of the Muslim I mean, I don't know of a single Muslim in the history of Islam, that has actually said what the share has said, the share has made a you know, a mistake that that is that is a huge mistake. And you know,

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there's nothing you know more to say to that. So anyway, look linguistic the chef is wrong. And then let's come to the preservation of the Quran. What is the Shia chef actually doing when he says he doesn't deny the Quran? Well, the chef is playing a very sort of, you know, I'd say he's again, saying something which would which be incorrect from the, from the perspective of scholarship. Okay, so let's now discuss of how the Quran was preserved in Rasulullah sallallahu residence time ubaidah Salam came down and he recited the Quran, Allah Allah Allah Islam, he told the Sahaba the Quran, how the Quran was recited, the Sahaba wrote it down. Yes, there were no diacritical marks put in at that

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time. There were not even any dots put in at that time. We all know this. We all accept this, okay? However, the Quran at that moment in 4361 had lamb and lamb mean we're in a hula. We're in a hula hula. Now, how did the prophets Allah Harrison recited, according to reports that we've got, he recited it both ways. There are Sahaba that that reporting from the proximal laughs and and both as in fact, the more reports we get about this verse, exactly. We're in now who lie.

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We get more reports of that. By the time they got to, you know, preserving the Quran in the time of, you know, I will walk out of the lunchtime and tumble remember the last time it was still like nine out of 10 reports were saying lying Melissa, and one out of 10 reports were saying lol and Melissa again, we're saying both of them are correct. But what's shakin Ramsay's saying is that the preservation of the Quran was there up until the diacritical marks were put in. Now according to Sheikh Imran Hussain, it would mean that the diacritical marks were placed in somebody made a mistake. According to him. I'm not saying this is the this is the case. But according to him,

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somebody made a mistake in the blue line, Melissa, now let's just go back to that time. Okay, wherever those diacritical marks were put in, I was saying that hundreds and 1000s of scholars and who follow people who have memorized the Quran, in Medina, in Makkah in Yemen, in Barcelona, in Egypt, in Syria in Sham in all of these countries, okay. None of them ever picked up. Oh my God. Now the Quran has been circulated with these diacritical marks and there's a mistake there. So we have not a single report in the entire history of Islam. Regarding this, if Imran was saying is correct in what he's saying that it would mean a salad Saddam has the knowledge of the Hour. Don't you think

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any scholar in the history of Islam or 1400 years would have picked that up? So he's saying that you know, the likes of Imam Bukhari Muslim, the likes of you know, even the likes of every great scholar Imams to UT and so on. So Imam you know, so and so so the as many Imams as you can put your put forth, none of them found ever a problem with this verse. The only person in the history of Islam is Chef Amanda Sanam says it is incorrectly recited by ina who live, Melissa. Now it's not that he he's just, you know, said this once and you know, he's just forgot about No, he's consolidated. And he's added on now the biller that the shaytan can, you know, in you know, insert something you just heard

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it on the video, right? How do you actually see that, which is so blasphemous? I mean, what are you trying to say is that Allah azza wa jal hasn't preserved the Quran at the time when, you know, the diacritical marks were placed in and no scholar actually picked it up and no one ever reported it and the whole Ummah has been reciting this verse incorrect. Now, the biller for 1400 years, and the only person that came up with the correct view was, you know, check your manners and how is that even possible? How can you boys and girls who are following shake around are saying, How can you defend him on this now? What's the implication of this? The implication of this is that he needs to

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do Toba, he needs to repent. He needs to actually say that he's made it you know, he's got a misunderstanding of the verse I've showed you, I've told you linguistically, you know, he's, he's looked at the verse wrong, even anyone who understands Arabic, but know that he's made a mistake in his understanding of the Quran. And look, some of you are saying that look, what about all the good things that he's done? And so on? How can you how can you now say that he's in flow? When I said, Cofer, I want to make it clear. I've never ever in my life ever

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have gone down this path of saying so and so has committed coffee. I've never done that the first person I've said that about a chef will say, the reason why I said that is because not only is the mistake he made, but to differentiate and say that the original client is here, which is before the diacritical marks and the the Quran after diacritical marks is something different. And there can be mistakes in that you know what that does? That opens a massive door for any Tom, Dick and Harry to come along and say, my understanding of this versus that you should have been read this way. But you know what, there must have been a mistake with the diacritical marks. And the biggest

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misunderstanding that that made, including Sherman Hussein, is that you know that every single diacritical mark that was placed there was in conformity with 100% of what the Quran originally said. So let's spell it out in different words. What Sheikh Imam Hussain is saying is that the prophets of Allah has never recited we're in now who live in Nyssa. His claim is that none of the Sahaba recited by Nicola and Melissa. His claim, therefore, is that Jabril never revealed right now, like Melissa, his claim therefore, is that Allah azza wa jal never revealed right now who Lagman is, and that's where the kufr is, the denial is that Sheikh Ronaldson saying that was neither he nor no

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Allah, nor the Sahaba nor the Missoula for that nobody ever said or recited right now like Melissa and this thing just crept in, if you're going to believe in that the night is covered, and I've explained to you I've given you clear cut, where the cover is Anders and all the Alison our drama or the entire Sunni Muslim world their belief is if anyone denies a piece of the Quran, a small part of the Quran, then you have you have denied the entire Quran. Okay, you can deny one small piece and again some of you are gonna say well you know distract critical Mark wasn't there so how do you know what it was? Look these marks okay documents on the on the dots they were pronounced before they

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were even written. So let's go back to the time when there were no diacritical marks Okay, let's go back to the time of the Prophet Allah Islam

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in that time, you know, are we saying that when the Prophet Allah Awesome, okay, we know he pronounced it and they wrote just the letters and not the dots, all the diacritic marks we know that for 100% in the first and last month's time, they never wrote it with the dots or the diacritic marks because the Arabs never needed it. We all know this. Now, are we saying that was what allah sallallahu has never said we're in a hooligan Melissa, according to report something God 100% 100% Yaqeen and conviction Eman and faith and belief. The entire OMA said that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said about you know,

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the Sahaba many Sahaba reporting it go to the seed

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of Roma Romani. Go to the top a list of see you will find number of Sahaba names are there that reported both ways of reciting this verse. Okay. So those reports came through the Sahaba to other Muslims and tiger in and then they came to others and finally, when the diacritical marks were added on for the non Arabs, okay, they already heard we're in the hole like Melissa, we're in the Hula, hula, Melissa the head both of them. Now why did they put the white now like Melissa, because like I said to you, nine out of 10 reports where we're in the whole line, Melissa, and that's why they kept that which is the closest to the logo of courage closest to the dialect of the Buddha, he people now

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some of you are gonna say, well still, you know, what did these marks represent? Why are they in the Quran? Because if you look at the same video, you know, emotion again very slightly says that anyone who believes that the, you know, he makes his claim anyone who believes that the diacritical marks are part of the Quran, they're not these are his words that are a jackass. That's what he says in that video. Okay, so again, what he's trying to do is he's trying to make muscle believe that there is a massive distinction between the original Quran and the diacritical marks, what we are saying is the one because to say La, mon, though the diacritical marks weren't there in the proximal lessons

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time, when they were added on, you know, what, when they've done to maximum, you know, what I've done for the non Arabs, when they're added on, they were in exact conformity of all the reports that we got from our epsilon and seven, that he said, lie, Moon law, and the footer FATCA. There are three, they put the customer there, they put a semicolon on top of the line or something on the on the dermaplane on top of the meme, they put that because of the reports, not because of somebody sitting there and trying to just say, Well, what do you think this you know, how do you think they should be reporting? Now last thing, or how do you think they should be written? Last thing I want

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to say is that if chef magazine has made such a massive blunder in understanding this verse, what it actually means grammatically he's made a mistake linguistically made a mistake, because grammatically doesn't make sense. What what translation he made linguistically he made he made a blunder. Go to the lexicons of the Arabic language, they don't they don't conform to the share, go to all the to see as a 1400 years

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None of it conforms to the share, go to the translations of the Quran, none of it conforms to what the share actually said about the translation of that verse of what he thought it means.

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If that is the case, and how do you listen to the share? This is my big question. How many other blunders Has he made in his interpretation of the Quran, sunnah. May Allah forgive us? May Allah protect us? And hopefully, you know, through this video, a lot of you followers can see where the Cofer is and you can you know, back off from this, please don't differentiate remember saying on this particular, you know, belief of his daughter, you can see where the mistake is, hopefully it's all clear and hopefully shifted man himself is sober and nobody else claims such a blasphemous thing that the diacritical marks are something that you know, have been added or have been tampered with

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or that now they'd like to share said the shaytan could have been said something. Now, we don't believe in any of that. Anyway, Zack know how Salam Alaikum

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