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We all love to talk about marriage, especially me. But, today I want to another important topic…divorce

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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa my cat.

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I always like to speak about love, and I teach of love and marriage. But today, I would like to change the subject, unfortunately, because sometimes we have to speak about divorce as well because that's reality. You know, divorce is a very common thing, unfortunately these days, but it's also a very old thing. Some people said divorce took place soon after marriage was initiated. And we know from this another prophets are some of them that smile he divorced his wife based on the recommendation of his father Ibrahim and he set up so this *ty out of divorce is something very old and the history and known through the history of the profits and their *ty as their laws, and

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in our religion as well. Divorce is a solution. And I would like to answer a question that many people ask what is the ruling of divorce in Islam?

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But before I started with what is the ruling of divorce in Islam, I would like to say that to do so scary the high rate of divorce that we see, I read in some in some statistic in America, we have from every 10 to 11 seconds, there is a divorce case, I read about even some Muslim country that they have every eight minutes, that is a divorce case. You know, that rate of divorce is way higher than the rate of marriage. It's so many Muslim countries that I have read about.

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And this is something scary. Even inside America, I read some statistics saying that in the Muslim community, the rate of divorce is above 35%. Can goes to 40%. Specially in the younger crowd among the younger crowd, I'll tell you as an Imam, I see cases of diversity of people divorcing each others and all kinds of age old kind of backgrounds. Even one of the thing that I never seen before and quite coming many times now. older couples comes in telling me Hey, we want to get a divorce. And I also asked myself, why there is such a became kind of phenomena, why there are so many divorces happening today. And there's so many reasons for this, especially among the young

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generation. I think number one is wrong choice. That the person doesn't take enough time to choose the right person became very simplistic in the way we're looking for our future spouse. Oh, I want someone just being religious. Okay, what about other? What about character? What about habits, you know, these make a great impact on life. By financial, basically, capabilities he or she, what financially they are capable of providing or not as a husband. You know, when the profs are seldom, a woman asked him, What is the route? What if he would recommend Mahalia for a marriage? He told her So look, no matter law, he doesn't have a money to marry you. So finance can be a reason for you to

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reject the proposal because this person can I provide.

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One of the reasons as well I found that many people get divorced because

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people have people impatient, and today, people have this culture of changing and marriage became something not sacred anymore at alima zenwatch that honoring that the marriage is not something that I see today in many people's heart and eyes, you know, whereas with the prophets are some of them said about husband that he told a woman that he is your agenda, or you're not your way to paradise or your way to hellfire. What is this

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view from husbands to his wife when he knows that she is the one who completed half of his deal completely because of her because of her. We don't look at the marriage as a sacred relation as a tie between two and this type made by Allah subhana wa tada himself in a common standard in Virginia became a law. One of the reason that a lot of people get divorced because the level of morality and love is way down.

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These days, unfortunately, people have bad language when they talk to each others they not nice and fights and things turn nasty very quickly. No sovereign, no patient, no forgiveness. And that's one of the reason that I believe the rate of marriages is increasing. Also because every party feel that independent woman have her income, her, you know, career her job, there's so many things in her life, I mean, for him is the same thing as well. So then didn't feel the need for that relationships.

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I'm not saying marriage is what connects me to this man or this woman is because the need no, but definitely that's part of it that I feel a need. I need that person in my life. He unless without him or without her when they see my spouse, that's why it's not easy for me to let that spouse go away when they hear even in the history of us, my son, that there is a man divorce five woman's and at one setting. You know, I can't understand why people became so careless about divorce. So he was asked How can a man divorce five wives? And he only have four? He said, Yes, he divorced the first one. So the second one said to him, how can you divorce your wife? For no reason? He said, Oh, you

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divorced two. So the third one told him two in one sitting. You said no. Three, you the third one. So the fourth one, so let me join. Join them because I'm not gonna be living with you said you're divorced too. So his neighbor, she heard that? The horrible thing of that man. And she said, from her house, what a terrible man you are. He said you'd be quiet. She said, why would you divorce? Are you going to divorce me to? You know, he said, You know what? Your divorce if your husband agree, then the husband said I agree. So that's the true story. That's my image in it. So this might know this is the man who will be divorced five wives at one time. Maybe that's a little exaggeration. But

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unfortunately Vorst became something so easy to be set today to be asked by so many spouses and I want from the beginning with the first the ID advice for for all of you. If you ever gone through a tough time and about to get divorced, hey don't rush to divorce don't just ask for it. Don't say you know we don't love each other anymore. Somebody was just telling me that one of the common reason in America for couples to get divorce because you know, they know they're not in love anymore with each others. You know what if you don't love your husband anymore, you don't love your your spouse anymore or your wife anymore. reignite that love it's like for someone telling me, you know, and I

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sell my car. Why? Because I run out of gas. Okay, go put gas in your car so you can run the car. Just don't go dump the car and sell the car. You know, I think you can get that love back to your heart work in your marriage before you think about divorce. But divorce is still is an option. But there is many rules need to be learned about it. And that's inshallah I would like to explain in my next episodes