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The recent severe winter storm has had a significant impact on the economy and homes, causing extreme temperatures and extreme weather conditions. People need to have a safe and warm home and avoid extreme weather conditions. The success of the "has been a blessing and grateful" experience for everyone is also highlighted. The importance of wiping over socks and shoes is emphasized, and mistakes made by people in the past are also discussed. The use of socks and gloves during the winter is stressed, and individuals should not touch their hands and avoid overuse.

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In the hamdulillah Hina who want to stay in the who want to study he want to start Pharaoh who now will allow him in Sharia and fusina woman Satya Malina, Maja de la furama Who am I? Will fella howdy Allahu Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika wash, Mohammed Abu or pseudo Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad Radha early wasafi or certainly Mila Mata Sleeman kathira amudha all praised you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that I was the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is last and final

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messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, the believers, that our hearts are always connected to our last panel without any change happen in their daily activity, anything out of the anything of course, which is abnormal

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things change in the life. It's always a wake up call for them. Always a reminder for them.

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Allah Subhana Allah said diabolical lidija out of his

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He has

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what john if he has

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or one lady john

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Lehman on the

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other shoe, shokudo, Salas pantalla, telling us they created the heavens and earth and the universe, the sky, the stars, and a lot telling us that you have made these days and nights and seasons, these things happened during these

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months and years and days. For what for us to be reminded, and for us to be grateful and thankful to Allah Spano Tata, who goes the day and night to alternate assign for whoever desires to be mindful or to be grateful.

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With what happened in that was what happened was still on that storm of the winter storm.

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You know, many of us that life changed, no electricity, no water, a little bit of fear of what's can be next, you know, some of us every night wondering, have they gone Monday morning, and there's a flood in their houses and some of us actually, their pipe, you know,

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start leaking and I know many people suffering as we speak right now as the consequences of this storm and this freeze. But the question that when this happened, you know, when your hamdulillah safe and warm in your home?

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And the first night Did you say did you remember to say and hamdulillah that I'm I'm you know, I am in a good situation.

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You know, do you remember when the electricity just came back?

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was the first thing that you have in hamdulillah that came back? I'm grateful to Allah subhanaw taala that the waters came back.

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Sometimes we just don't even think about it. It just came and goes and you know, all what we do and think about a wise central point or why the no electricity company and why the government did not do that. Which is I believe it's valid questions and concern to have, but before all of this, it's one of the first thing that's how the hearts is attached to a lot. The first thing son when the lights came on and you're inside your house hamdulillah Thank you Allah.

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I'm grateful to Allah Subhanallah every night that goes by and you know what I wake up and my house is intact.

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hamdulillah for having all this winter clothes to keep us warm

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even for you know my kids was telling me they never appreciated gloves before

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until the storm

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you know this even some simple things like socks

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that you send him the love for having this the fire in your place that the fireplace or the fire the door that you know the heaters that you have. And there are so many things that we should be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah for it and that's just a reminder with Gianna consola Bella Tati

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and her wasabi Lottie come back second

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Edna Anil Allah for the Quran her mother Carol bird, and help line tamina illa Philemon ibcp malbork for Colonia de la, Allah subhana wa tada said and he has also provided you with cloth protecting you from the heat and armor shielding you in the battles.

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Allah did not mention the clothes that keep you warm and protect you from cold why he mentioned the heat because it's obvious everybody knows how important to have closed during the winter. But he mentioned to you that also the heat in the summer days because you know without it you can have you know, a sunburn. Allah Subhana Allah said one of his favorite upon us that something maybe we never thought about it before this day. Which is gone. Well an AMA Hanukkah holla confy had diff fudger Allah diff iminium Allah worth and staying warm one of laws favor upon you.

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Even we study that one of the earlier thing human beings were able to produce this fire

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because to keep to keep them warm Allah syrup and he created the cattles for you as a source of warmth because of the hair and the fur that you take from that

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from the candles while la who died and a coup to come second. With Jana coming Judy unnamable you tend to study for knio mava and you come karma to come woman a Salafi how Abadi how Sharia I thought a woman Illa hin and all these mentioned in selectadna helden sort of blessings sort of the near miss Amman Allah Allah said that he have made for you homes a place to rest a place for protection.

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Online. You there is a sister called us. And this disaster said Jeff, can you guys help me I'm staying in my garage,

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my roof collapse. I have no heater. I have nothing. I'm literally in my garage with this freeze.

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On handle and a matter of hours. Help was provided.

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You know, it just that home that you have it's a great blessings and I think that deserve from us to be great Allah Subhana Allah sometimes want us to remember the obvious and to be grateful and thankful for them.

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It is important to let your children think about this as well. And your family.

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It is very dangerous. And the akuna ab de fora It is very alarming. When we are ungrateful to Allah workqueue for negativity, or Khufu near Mattila who surah tan, being ungrateful to Allah who can be manifested in two ways. Number one, and 10 Seba, Nicoletta Isla de la that you see the favor coming from other than Allah and hamdulillah most of us don't have this problem. But the second one is the problem. Women confronted Nima Adams they have already had the NFL Cal OSHA karela de la liga. The second one is being ungrateful that you don't recognize these blessings of something from Allah and you don't think Allah Subhana Allah praise him for it. And that unfortunately happened a lot from

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us. Another reflection with this storm winter storm, who unknown insanity had asifa Eugenia stavola Hoffman Allah, which is also interesting in touch time, that required from you to fear Allah subhana wa tada and to rush to seeking His forgiveness and admitting your mistakes and to repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala a brother called me in the storm. Actually I called him because I heard he had you know the pipe.

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person and yet he he had a flood in his

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house so I owe his house flooded because of the freeze. So when I called him I said Hey, how you doing? How's the family? Do you need any help? It's amazing how the his first respond was he said to Alicia, last week I know this is because of my sins. Last week I backed by support of people and I in the end of the week, I was telling myself I never speak ill of people like that. He's gonna just gossip and back I know and I felt so bad about what I did last week this week attached to me and he said to a law he since I saw them the water in my bedroom I said to myself, that's because of my scent.

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And I said the stuff it'll last off, it'll last a lot. That's a lucky person to call.

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Me and Barbican are Allah hottie. Yamamoto Kaka Katara helco I never saw the process sanlam laugh so much that I can see the back of his throat. Can a person used to smile? What kind of a human are Rehan rodef a few wedgie Yanni and faza focaccia Rasul Allah, Allah nessa, Donna, I will tell you my fairy who are yakun if you hit him up, well arcada right out of the viewer Chico cara, cada Aisha homayoun amenia yaku limonada Bella in diba columbaria rato, Manila de Vaca

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he used to be worried when he seen the storm coming. I said, maybe it's rain and he said, Yes, that's fine. But also it could be an anger from Allah Subhana tada upon us. It could be a punishment, it could be worse. That's why I will allow you to send them said at rehoming rohilla Anima Rahmatullah tatoeba Ross know that he will adapt the wind and the storm can come with mercy with a lot of good but also could come with punishment for certain people. And that's what makes the person worries

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and ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to protect them because calamities happened because of the shortcoming in the sun's

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it put that fear in your heart when you when you see that you know when we see this, like this storm that we didn't use to it in Texas,

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to remind us for the profits are solemn also certain sell Buhari car stuck at a narrow era, era caliber Alibaba the Libyan FSA in never Sunfish Cheetah whenever some to save for what I shouldn't do matter to do.

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What I should do you do romanism hairier Buhari nebrija salam told us that, you know the extreme cold and extreme heat. So reminder for us.

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This is just a release from the hellfire. Hellfire is not only hot, it's also extremely cold, the extreme cold that can burn your body, which is known as xym Harrier

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kind of stuff. It was reported that some of the earliest colors when he see the snows coming down, you're going in Colorado by yourself. When I see all the snowflakes flying all over the place. I think of the day where that records will fly over the heads of the people on the Day of Judgment. These are the hearts that these things connect them to the

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another reflection in this storm should we should have

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eliminated Miami lava. And yet the current Muslim Helen for

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women could have been one Mohajer dream.

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It's very important for us to reflect upon another point, which is to think about those who are living in this conditions. But you know what? intense and an urban land.

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Think about the people who living in refugee camps

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from Syria, who lives in Turkey, and Lebanon, and many other Palestinians who stole for years and years, by the way, living like that. And many places in the world. Think about the people who are in our community in our society in a very bad condition.

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utterance when you hear about people in Texas with us living died out of freeze or a mom she doesn't know any better. She doesn't know what to do, because our two kids are so cold. And the only thing she can think of to bring, you know, that barbecue or you know where she barbecued and she put the interCall inside the house one day her kids died poisoned and died.

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Kind of O'Malley the har*a when winter comes around or the lion, he used to make sure that his companions, his his followers are safe or protected or warm. That's the real government and the real governor

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not the one who fly to Mexico

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not the one who doesn't care about that. This the people of a state

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can react to be used to write to people in a*a. Who I do

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what I have Buddha who better believe if you will jawara he was so shallow what the Dharma for in Baroda do in Serie

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burrito Raja?

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He said, Be careful from cold weather.

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It gets you quickly but it leaves you over a long period of time.

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Make sure that you have enough warm heavy cloth, gloves and socks. Lovelock above he talking to his companion who lived in Arabia never experienced this cold weather in a sham before when they went to a sham in the north of Arabia.

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Yes, especially when you get older.

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I never thought I would say that. But either Joshua adunni for initial removal Machito

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you know, older people, cold weather can really get into them.

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Don't feel bad if you feel that way.

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And such time recognizing that that the need is and the people in trouble and hard time such a it's such an important outcome of this experience.

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Especially helping those who are in need. Well madaraka man aka karaca Hammond fiio min v masaba. When you provide food in a day in a time in a situation when it is hard for all of us a great deal of reward

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that can allow the self sufficient alpha neffs

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one of the early scholars used to give 1000 families 1000 persons clothes winter clothes

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what kind of lays in the sand

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A man was a man if he muscle a laser inside one of the most generous men you ever hear the life stories is a great scholar says all method equal to marry question for you Ahmed Rahim Allah

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and life can you imagine NASA for sheeta and Harris be as Selena was seminal. Baka

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Yanni He will make for them. What what's an Harry slurries is like, is a type of oats you know, it's a very heavy meal. Mix with honey pure honey, and you know butter and that comes from cows. Why to keep with more and because all this produce energy. And it's a very very expensive type of you know, food a meal. And he will be offering this to the poor people.

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I'm glad to surprise a call me from our community telling me telling us an offer chef, I cook so much soup, hot soup, anyone wants hot soup all delivered to their homes.

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Glad that I seen young people from this community

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took the risk and driving in an unsecured road just to provide water for family who've been for a whole entire 24 hours have no water, them and their kids and nothing to stove, his electric stove. He couldn't heat and boil the water.

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I wanted to take advantage of this and to tell our children we maybe were inconvenient for a little bit we live in separate word hum de la blast I don't consider living a good life is a bad thing. I think that's NEMA we should be grateful to Allah, not this kind of person who hates you know,

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other people who are rich or that's that's not our slam teachers. Actually I'm happy to see people who are lives and good live and stuff like that. But what's important when you live live a good life that you don't forget about the poor and the less fortunate. Tell your children about them. Don't have children how that feels that people live everyday in that call without many of the things that you have.

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This meaning should not be just empty words.

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When you think about Allah's great favor upon you, be grateful and thankful say hamdulillah

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recognize this with your heart admitted with your tongue and act upon it.

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Don't waste. When we think about the fear of loss and how they reflect about the fear of loss my dad, make this make your haste to Toba to repentance, and prepare yourself for the AHA. When you think about the needies make sure that you stretch your hand with sada with charity and help make sure that you pray for your brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering. I asked the last panel data engineers to come in Mr. Herman, a Stanford Law honey welcome Festo, Piero.

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hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi about that.

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My brother and sisters,

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I'm going to share with you several rules.

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It's important to have it to know them, maybe some of them late But hopefully, it will be beneficial for us in the future.

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Number one, it does not allow to curse that storms. Or to say down this or that or bad words about you know, the weather in Ibiza sallam. He said not to somebody Don't curse the storm lateral and

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don't curse. You know, it is only from Allah subhana wa Tiana. It comes with good and it comes with bad.

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Number two, and such cold weather. It does allow from Allah's mercy to wipe over socks and wipe over, you know, like the home shoes that the people wear.

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Or shoes or boots.

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And rahimullah said Lisa vlba, I've no doubt about the permissibility of fighting over that you see in a minute. Hello fi una Hadeeth. And I'm also Lila that is 40 Hadith came from the process on them. And regard to such thing. And by the way, I know some that have tried to restrict it to be something made of

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leather versus socks that has 18 companions. Why over socks, and it's not true to limited, it's not a strongest opinion, in my opinion, at least it's too restricted to leather, because the whole point is whatever cover your feet, and it became not capable, so any thick.

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According to the vast, vast majority of the scholars

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will be allowed for you to wipe over your socks. The conditions for that are the following number one that you make a lot with water, then you put the socks and after that you can wipe over the socks. Number two, that socks or shoes or boots must cover your feet, most of it at least. And if it is has a hole one or two, it is forgiving in nebby Salalah salaams companions, their socks and there

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used to have holes, and whoever read was what NASA made with Alec ilica 35.

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Anyway, so one of the things also it is important for you to recognize that you have

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one day and one night to wipe over it as a residence for the traveler three nights, three days for the residents one day 24 hours. But when it does start, according to the strongest opinion that to start from the first time you wipe. So let's say you made mobile the whole time. Then you put your socks, then the first time you wipe over your socks or tomato, you didn't break your elbow until all sorts of came you may do and you wipe over the sides. You have until the next day or tomorrow.

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So the next day, okay, you need to take it off and to wash your feet. But if it is too cold, like somebody has no electricity some situation where is no electricity and it was too cold. And it's so so inconvenient. Absolutely inconvenient for you to take it off. There is an opinion among the among the people who choose that checklist. lambertini Rahim Allah that at this point in this situation, there is no limitation for how long you wipe over your socks. You can go even week and we said this as a federa to some of the doctors and people in

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in medical field with the COVID-19 they stay your shift or more than two days. And it's very very hard for them to take the socks off on basically shuttle sobre como la kawada Jews. We have to annelle buried our kupuna Masato Isla while June one away, and because there is evidence shows an opinions among the Sahaba like Omar and others that they did not recognize the timing for a limiting putting a cap to the time but we only make this in a very restricted situation.

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If it's seriously hard for you to take it off and it's not safe or very little amount of water to use.

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Also another thing that will allow you to sell them as Rob will be happy and mahira that emiliana

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can emsa humiliated him and original aluminum foil Roger de la siberie nuestra Nusra, he will wipe over his right foot with his right hand and the left one with the left hand. It doesn't matter with both hands at the same time, one at the time. the right person, the left's first doesn't really matter, all of them are correct, and you wipe over the top of their feet, not the bottom as earlier of the 11 said, Locanda de la cara misurata Kofi

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and if you basically have multiple socks, multiple socks, the rules are start with the first one. So let's say you put that socks and you wipe over a certain amount of time.

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Then you put another source at Asia, you don't say I start from Asia. Now from the first side. But if you have double or three socks on, you just wipe over the top one or over the boot that will be sufficient. If you take off your socks, you have to make room for the coming Salah. Even if you take off the socks during the 24 hours. Also inbee sallallahu alayhi wa sallam been reported in authentic hunting that he went over the Imam of the turban that he put in his head because that nama is Iran better than hard to take it off anything in the same concept hard to take off like some of the ski mask you know or some of the hijab, if it is around the head and it is cold and you don't want to

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take it off you can wipe over it but anything that is easy like beanies or you know hot you can just put your head underneath and just touch your hair will be sufficient also in the shortage of water it is sufficient for you to do it once you do need two to three times also with the cold with the extreme cold the person should make sure that you to speak on which it means you complete your riilu Yanni is not like half arm no you make sure that you cover your elbow and your your feet if you're washing your feet your face all the Why don't there is no cutting corners and in ob sallallahu Sallam said it is one of the things that raise your level in general and laser level torrified

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Garage attic

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in nominal hopper antistatic

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Alan McCarty and Nicola Matlin

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among the mistakes that people think that there is a reward of making a lot while it is not convenient is to put yourself purposely an inconvenient way to make although so if you choose between warm water and cold water, you said I'm going to do the call to take more agile that's not correct. A Sherry Allah, Masha Abba, there is nothing in Sharia ever made you choose the heart over the easy as no such concept in Sharia. As many of the amount of human The law says kind of be discreet. About the other lamb Norman has only been in med school for Ephrata free it was shoved me into a bed and I've been mashup

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it is not allowed to do tm unless there is a complete shortage of water and it's not safe for you to put water in this case you can do to move forward oh and for horses as well. As sherea also told us when we pray, we should not cover our mouth at home, not the telethon. You should make your face not covered. Okay, but if it's cold or for whatever reason you're around people you put a mask you're allowed to put it because of the cold but if it's not then you can manage without it. There is no need for you to cover your face and people sometimes forget. Also it is allowed to put gloves on when you pray and to mix the jute in it. I know some of them are that have have a little bit of

00:29:09--> 00:29:54

restriction about putting gloves while you're praying because they want you to touch the hand to touch the floor with your hand. But the strongest opinion that's not as a no Yoda himolla said Carlo had the hook of autonomy Nava is subdued Maha pot when daddy came and saw how to select Yola, Katya. You know it is your hand is like your knees all covered when you make the duty doesn't need to be literally touching the ground. Among the also rule that you should be aware of in this winter, and no to karate in an hour. You're not supposed to pray and in front of you fire a candle or the fireplace. You choose a place where there is no fire in front of you by a camera who will carry out

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

new city in the sell off urban city in the grid scar that Abby said it's not correct.

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Also in the cold weather in Ibiza Salaam used to pray about early and in the hot later, and in ob sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Sherry are also allowed us in extreme weather like this, to pray at home and not to come in the congregation who watched about kumana Giada de config demon how'd you military become Ibrahim and he has chosen you and laid upon you know hardship in the religion, the way of your forefather Ibrahim. It's not allowed to combine between two Salah at home if you are told to pray on time, also the shortage of water you know, toilet papers will be sufficient for your thermal you didn't need to have water as long as you wipe you know and you remove that filth with

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the tissues will be sufficient inshallah tada and there is no need for you to use the water at that point.

00:30:59--> 00:30:59

Be safe.

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mindful and grateful to Allah subhana wa tada accelerometer shoukry Alhamdulillah what is still far along that I can handle handle and get here on pi even Mubarak MP, Mr. Fellow coda to La La La Land overnight in the context of Alberto him sallallahu wasallam. And Anna Vina Mohammed Akuma Satya Kumar

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aloha aloha