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So the young man travel days and nights, weeks, and even months until he reached that man, old wise man to ask him how, how to be happy in life. So he said, he found that he's not the only one seeking this man's advice. So matter of fact, there's a long line of people ahead of him. So when his turn can the young man, the old mental and young man, what are you here for everybody there for some reason, he said, I want you to teach me how to be happy in my life.

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Then he said, now it's became too late. I only have a designated time for counseling people. But I will give you an exercise to see how good you are first. And if you pass it, I will teach. He said, What should I do? He said, I want you to take that the spoon. And he put on the spoon drops of oil.

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And he said, I want you to take a tour inside the mansion, from inside and outside and see if you can do that in 10 minutes and come back. So the young man put the spoon, put the oil and start walking all over the place came back exactly in 10 minutes. You know what thinking the tea is a good man who deserve to be given the secret of happiness. So the old man asked him, did you tour the house? He said, Yes. He said, were you a did you pass by that Persian carpet that I bought from Iran, when I visited in this on this year? Said No, I haven't seen that. I was like, just trying to come here on time. He said, What about my library? Did you see my collections? No, I didn't said Did

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you see the different types of flowers and how they're arranged them and outside and how they're the colors just match one another? He said, I even noticed that. And he said, Did you see these paints? And he saw asking me about things in the house. They said no, I haven't seen any. He said, Okay, I want you to go to another tour. And I want you to notice all these unique things. And I will ask you how many of them you will remember. So the young man went back and start doing the tour again, focusing on what's here, what's there because he has to walk fast. By the time he came back, he lost what the drops of oils.

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He lost. He said he lost the oil. He couldn't keep the all of the spoon said yes, because I was looking left and right and trying to see this going down to.

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So the meal the old man said to him, he said, The secret of life is to enjoy life while you still keeping and maintaining your duties. And another one another way. If this man was able to balance between keeping the all the drops of oils inside the spoon, while he's enjoying life, he would have basics who would succeed? Actually, it was just the lessons for that person to tell that person the secret of happiness in life is to be able to balance your life.

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That's absolutely phenomenal. Absolutely absolutely correct. The more the people have balanced in their life, the people who knows how to balance their life, the more happier they are. The people who knows how to balance their life, the more successful they are. And the moment you lose balance pauwela The moment you lose balance, the moment you don't enjoy and put this in every aspect of your life. Look, if you lose balance in your relationship with your family, you lose balance in your business. You lose balance when it comes to relationship with society. When it comes to relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala if you just think about it, how important this concept is. And I don't

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see any reason for us as Muslims especially not to be balanced in our life. Where Allah Subhana Allah Allah made us the ummah of Rasul Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran, Waka Danika Jelena come on Mata was oppa, betta Kunal shahada and a nurse any Rita Kunal do, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah said that you have made this nation a nation of loss of water that means metal and all of the meaning of wassup has so many meanings was one of the definitely is balance because you sit exactly in the middle. And you might try to read the Tafseer What's up that means just because just as it means not to go to any university extreme this way, God why. And it's so unique that this is verse

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143 I don't know if you know what that means. Salted Baccarat, which is this is the verses of the baccarat it is 286 verses. So that's just fall exactly in the middle of the verse of the soul of the soul. Anyway, Allah subhanaw taala also said

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orbitally theme

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Kamala who

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won at Sun also in that Kameena dunya. And Allah subhanaw taala said, But seek through that which is Allah giving you the home of the Hereafter. And yet, don't forget your share of this world. Yet Don't forget you're sharing the world and this world, Tibet to build that balance between the hereafter and the dunya this worldly life and the next this life that you have in the next. That's why

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the Imam said the Rocky Mount Allah is a great scholar of Tafseer modern days, he said, The only stunted dunya is simta and Lyle Fimo de Naka, while I open Ruby, erotic, this verse means enjoy your dunya your life, this word your life, in a way it will not affect your relationship with Allah and it will not make you lose the hereafter lose the lose the after an abuse of Allah Allah you it was salam said to Solomon and Pharisee Sadat, you have said the truth in regard to what in regard the advice the Salmaan in Pharisee have given to a bit dadadada Allah Allah Allah Salmaan gave a beautiful advice to a bit dada. He said to me Dada in Arabic and he can help we're in well enough

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seeker and he can help well he can he can, he can help calm for out they could lead he helped in haka a Buddha was given a beautiful advice by Salman in fantasy, which he said, Allah has right upon you, as well as your soul your body has right upon you, as well as your family has the right upon you, you should give each and every one his right.

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When the practice and him heard that from Salmaan, he said, You have said the truth, you have said the truth hamdulillah no COVID and St. One of the companions, one of the writer the Kitab Nabi SallAllahu sallam. He said, once I met Abu Bakr, tell me how you find yourself your hamdulillah on to an Africa humble. Think I'm hypocrite. Then with burqa said Subhan Allah What do you say that's fine, don't say anything like that. Then he said yes when I was when I attend the prophets, Allah salams gathering and classes and reminder and the reminders of the agenda. And now I feel like as if I see it in front of me my Eman score very high go up

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between a leave the province or some kind of either talking in the BSL Allah Allah wa Salam wa first of

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all, as far as Allah

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when we go back home, with her family, with kids, with spouses with work with this busy life, things change. I don't feel the same way. I don't think of them. I don't see the paradise so far in front of me like the way I see from them attending the process of gathering or reminder when I pray with him. Then he said, That's why I feel I'm hypocrite. I'm one day one time like this and one time like that. Then Abu Bakr Radi Allahu Allah said, I think everybody feel the same. And it's impossible that everybody is a hypocrite. He said, everybody feel the same kind of internal energy do manage it.

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Let's go to the prophet of Salem ask what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam told them, he said to them Salallahu Alaihe Salam lota do Munna Amata Hakuna Matata Karuna NB with Dick la Safa head common Mara Iike to add a photoshoot

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if you remain in the same status of the amount that you have, while you're attending the gathering and reminder and the classes and the follow up, if you maintain that level of Amen, angels will shake your head and you're in the streets and it will come to greet you in your homes. But he can reach up level sir at the wasa humble sir.

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That is basically one time one hour like that one hour like that in another word, you you you know that it is not a balanced life that you love like this all the time. That were you thinking that your Eman will be 110% that's not that's not even about it's it's impossible.

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But he said some Allah insulin one time you're going to be like that, and one time we gotta be like this. When you are attending the reminder, your event goes high and up. When your work to go a little bit you go back to balance it again, that's normal life, to balance between the dunya and the to balance between the rights of your own soul upon yourself, the view yourself. There is a right for your own body, it has to be fulfilled versus the rights of others. So many times we care about our spouses and our family in the expense of our own selves.

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And I say that, and I'll say it again.

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In so many times we care about our spouses and our, or our family and our children's, in the expenses of our own selves. Sometimes, yes, we sacrifice with this, but not in the expense that you harm yourself. It has to be balanced, it has to be mountains, so many times family comes, our sister usually comes and told me, I'm only living this life with this man just because of the kids. And I thought, You know what, I think you're wrong. You're wrong. Yes, maybe in certain, but in certain situation, he is absolutely wrong. I said, You know what you save yourself. Because if you continue this way, if you continue this right, you're gonna be able to get a job, and you're both going to be

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basically going to be lost cases.

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So sometimes we don't balance that also balance the right of my family and the right of my community. Mounds between the right of the spouse and the right of the children.

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Spouses often forget, after the children arrive, and became the focus on them not on the spouse starts balancing between spending, and your solve and enjoying what Allah giving you. And also between wasting and being stingy and holding back to balance between the mind and the soul and the heart to balance between material, materialistic things, and also spiritual things to balance when it comes to dealing with

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the issue of the unseen world versus the same world to be balanced in the way you did with your time. There is a lot of people need to know how to balance their time how to manage their time, so I cannot go on a very long list anything each and every one of it, maybe need a workshop maybe need a little talk in each one of these areas. But what I'm trying to do today and a quick reminder to all of us is to raise awareness about the concept of having a balanced life then I will share with you a few points, I hope that you can focus on all of them or some of them that it will help you to build the balance in any area in your life.

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So these coming points to allow you to help you to develop that skill of building a balance that concept of having a balance in your life that you can apply it in any areas in your life. Number one

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one of the things that helps a lot to be balanced in your life

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that you always look for the positive things and people or situation that you're in don't ever focus human beings for so many for forever reason. We tend to focus on negativity you know, that's immediately will never help you to be a balanced person. It's a matter of fact they also focus more on positive their their lives more balance and more balance

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and focusing on positivity will balance your life and then there'll be some solid give a beautiful example and that is a Houston he said live for como Minam Mina and all the Amin ha in Korea many of them in and relationship the Prophet Solomon said don't hate your spouse. If you do like something in your spouse that is something else you will like there is something else you will find that you like

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be knocking on the doors and turkeys on a Sunday Yeah, well it turkeys and an EJB and that's not against the balance to focus on the in the positive because that will balance things in your mind. And instead of just hating your spouse and leave let them go you focus on the positive and abuse SallAllahu Sallam enter he visited enter the house of a man who was sick Zap on a piece of solid Robbie that's a lot of fat in the diesel Allah Islam when you saw him say he's a high fever and he was so sick. Colin of Salem Gadot

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lab as well as the person habit he said, Oh, you shall have the sickness purification because every sickness is purification. So the prophetess and I'm gonna focus on what and the positive aspect of it. I know he's tired, but the man don't want us to see the positive aspect. He only focused on the pain. So he said

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no, it's not purification. Here home number four. Here hamata thought and I shaved him cubby to zero who

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he said this is a very high fever. Very strong pain. That is an old man suffering from it. And it will lead me to my grave. Then in the Bissell Allah Allah you already

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told him even if that's what you expect, that's what you're gonna get.

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In two days he died. And if you do this, originally in Buhari inauguration and Bharani into the covenant

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Days Later on, the man died, but just negativity negativity negativity, it will make you absolutely lose balance. It will make you divorce your spouse, it will make you be unjust and unfair to people, especially to individuals, when people focus only on that shareholder that die of that group of this organization, or this message mistakes and or this business mistake and that's the only thing that you focus on, you will lose balance and you will be unjust and unfair to people. But if you start focusing on the positive and seeing it in a balanced manner, things will change. Number two, in order for you to be have a balanced way of life and balance in looking at things, be optimistic

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person and I brought them together because very close to each other, be optimistic, those who are pessimistic

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we cannot have a balanced lives panela pessimistic people the pessimism is kills the concept of balanced life.

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And Nabil SallAllahu Sallam used to be an optimistic person. He loved optimism Salah look at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in one of the most famous incident, the incident of when the people are sorry, the incident of five when the people of Biafra rejected the prophetess and then treated the process on combat, even physically the harm the party Salah plus the emotional rejection and hurt

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the hurt the person emotionally and physically. So maybe Salam in a moment, if you think it's a moment of weakness, where he is so

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emotionally now by the rejection that he got from those people. And all of a sudden Gibreel come to him with the end with the angel introduced to the person as an angel, the angel on charge of the mountains, he said give him an order right now and he will destroy this whole entire village. He said no, no, because they might be good they might change in the future. No, he said last Allah Allah you freedom in a tsunami that might come out of them. A generations will come later on out of them who worship Allah, I'm not going to ask for destruction. Very optimistic. He looked very facile Allah Irani was send them that's why those who have those Passons people, those who always look

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things, that bad, bad, bad, bad gonna happen, you know what they do, they just put themselves lock themselves up in the dark tinyhawk, a Ratan dark, tiny, and they don't enjoy the spacious, beautiful life around number three,

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one of the last clear ways of losing balance, and had the effort down

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the muscular play, it's a psychological problem I call it which is a no minded way of thinking. And this can be manifested in two ways and be pay attention to it because a lot of people have this mentality, very narrow minded. And this can be manifested in two ways. One, that you don't give people many options, those who live with life with no options, with no money options, always unable to balance their life, those who deal with others that it is either this or that and I give you no option, otherwise you will be judged by me. Those people usually cannot balance their life can imbalance their life. You know, the successful Dyer, the successful Imam, the successful share is

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the one who will give people options not strip people from options. Islam never asked if you notice in Islam, there is always options available, and it just not one or two. And then maybe Salam always opened up, but don't misunderstand me I'm not saying option to play games with the religion, no option in the process of the Sharia, but the *ty I have plenty of options when it comes to dealing with people.

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That's why there is always this mentality that it is basically not giving people choices in their life will not help or you don't give yourself multiple choices in your life. You will not hold yourself to have a balanced life. And the second manifestation of it is the narrow minded also because you go either 100 or zero.

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You didn't know how to settle with less than that. It's either I said it is a wine or zamzam he didn't know how to drink was okay. Here it's either you go to the Duke Street, that's mentality is another psychological problem in life it doesn't work this way. You can just either I want it to be 100% Correct. Or you know what, I'm not going to do anything. You know, either you do this or I'm going to divorce either this share or no share. Either this group or no no action should be done or this no activity should be taking place. It

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During this, this college or you know what, who cares about education. Flexibility is the key to create a balanced life, a balanced life.

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And I've seen this in so many ways, especially with dealing with others that this is a very big problem and method us losing balance we will get with others. Number four,

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which is being realistic.

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The practicality and being realistic rather than being idealistic, it will help me to have a balanced life, to think in a balanced way. Those who live in the world of dreams cannot be balanced in real life. Those who especially found this with a lot with people who read a lot of books and novels, and you know, especially also in area, they also need a lot of the books, books have a draft the traditional books, who live with the book, they became idealistic.

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You know, I was reading that day, you know, the one of his books, you know, just interesting, one of the 100, I was reading the issue of the ruling and regard to the one who don't pray at all. So one of the Hanafi scholars said, what telcos Salafi will Kalia masala, tun, Hialeah to lie.

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He said, to imagine that there is exist a person who don't pray at all that's an imaginary scenario is not it cannot be real scenario life.

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Because for him, that's impossible. And magic. Just give you an example. Sometimes when you read books written another time you live in another time, you don't live in your time, you didn't know what's going on in life.

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You give options and solutions that are more practical, because you live in another world. And that's, that's a big problem. That's a big problem. And I'm saying this because unfortunately, a lot of our youth today are raised by social media, I raised by not a virtual world, not the real world. And that's a big problem in future what and help them to be balanced in their life and their approach. A lot of people especially when they tend to be religious, they become so idealistic things take things in a very idealistic way. You know, life is not like that. Allah doesn't want us to be ideal and perfect. He didn't create us to be that way. We have to be know how to be practical

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to know how life is and don't again misunderstand me. I'm not saying that the reality is correct always.

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But the reality is reality. You have to deal with it. You have to know how to deal with

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number five, procrastination. They'll support us tonight. They will never have a balanced life.

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Inshallah, when I get married a potential Chela will come back for Hajj, I'm going to start coming to the mustard on a regular base. Inshallah, when the summer comes, I'll start losing weight, you know, Inshallah, after this, I will start my business. When reached churches, I'll start making saving. When this I will look for a miracle, a good maggot. So basically you always prospect and this comes in the next one gold comes next time I come and you stay, keep pushing it back and back. And every time you wait for a future, you only making your future shorter.

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Every time you wait for your future, the only thing you're doing you make your future shorter. That's what you're doing. You know what, go grab, don't just delay don't just wait for it.

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Mammals peanut allergy I know you're coming 15 to muster for a lot of stuff.

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Salatu Salam, ala Medina via

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my brothers and sisters. Allah Subhana Allah, Allah created us. So emotions are heart, mind and body.

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These four areas, if you don't nurture them, you will not be able to have a very good balance on life.

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nurturing your mind by reading by telling yourself intellectually? Come on. Yeah. And it's love giving your brain a break for

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people just look for their way easier. The more you intellectually challenge yourself, learning new skills, reading new books, learning something new, that will tend to actually stimulate

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you and I saw my kid that day. Don't be like Mike it. I told him that day, hey, you need to improve your reading skills. You just can't watch this. Then he turned on the subtitles. So

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I mean,

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I know a thing, but you know what, it's ended up the same result. I wanted to give out the habit of reading.

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What I'm trying to say here is intellectually you have to nurture your mind. You have to nurture your soul come closer to a

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Law. Read more often pray to your Lord, come early to the mustard. Nurture your soul. And there's nothing will nurture your soul with balance that also your emotions you need to be loved to love to care. And this will happen by having a good social life.

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Nurture this because you need it. If you nurture if you don't nurture in these areas, it will lead you not to be able to have balanced life. And finally your body. You know what exercise, give yourself a rest diet some time. Give yourself a rest a break relaxations moment, and hours, maybe in the week, work, work, work, work, work, staying late, late late in the night, it's not going to help. So you have to be free if you or if you nurture these four areas, I guarantee you, the way you deal with things and live with will be more balanced. Because you're entered from enter the aerosol you're internally are balanced. So you can deal with the external things in a balanced way as well.

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Number seven, knowledge. Because if you have knowledge, you will be able to wait things in the right put things are brought perspective. Number eight, be patient self control, those who don't know how to have self control, he cannot balance things in the right way. Also, number nine, take a good role model of balance people in your life. And the best role model Muhammad SAW someone see and study his life tried to look for this area in the past how he balanced his life. So Allah, how he managed all these areas to cover it in the same time. And excel in each and every one of them. You know what have a good role model in life. Don't be hanging out with losers mediocres he's not your friend that

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you look up to

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hit sad if they're the most mediocre people in your life or your own parents, happy, sad.

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You need don't don't look at them as model. Look at people who are bound, you can look at them in one area, maybe they are balancing the silly thing. But try to hang out to be around to look up to try to be yourself role model for your children to be a balanced person. Finally, brothers and sisters, let me end with this. I think one of the most important thing or stupid quit the one the number 11 is to good planning will help you to balance your life. But the one that I want to end with our greatest way of to balance your life is actions. This This subject is not a theoretical. It is actually you leave the soapbox, and you leave this Jumar and you have action items in front of

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you. I'm going to do 123 40 Cheat things in my life. Step by step. You know, there is a man who died 2000 to 2007 by the name of I don't know if I pronounced his name right or not.

00:27:55--> 00:28:45

The SRA Monheit yo man he he's from India, he's from India, go horse Village. This man is amazing man. Even though he made a movie about his life. This man his wife was so sick, and you want to take care to the hospital. But the hospital is very far away about 70 kilometers away from where he lives in his village. So he took her finally but she died his sweetheart die in the way to the hospital. It's very far away. It's very far away, just for the so sad that the hospital just right behind the mountain. So he called the government talk to the Indian government at that time, if they will have a tunnel through the mountain so they can go through so can connect the village to the city to the

00:28:45--> 00:29:12

where's the basically education where everything is. He called and begged nothing. After the death of his life. He didn't lose balance. You know why? Because he took actions, he decided to make a difference. And for 22 years every day in his life 22 years every day in his life. He will take his axe and he will go to the mountain or stop digging a tunnel with his own hand.

00:29:13--> 00:29:18

And two until after 22 years. He went through from one site to another

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by himself. They interviewed him and they told him were anybody helping you he said for so many years have been called the insane the one the man who went mad after his death of his wife. He's Junoon crazy because I'm started doing this on my own. Guess what? What was the result?

00:29:42--> 00:29:59

darlin when Haji curved a path 360 foot long 110 meters through cut 25 feet deep to 7.6 meters and place and 30 feet wide.

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It is 9.1 meters to form a road through the mouth.

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And instead of taking 70 kilometers, it now takes 15 kilometers.

00:30:15--> 00:30:28

For the first time, the village, they had a school bus to take the kids. They are an access to medical care. And the man who died with a cancer bladder cancer, and he was recognized as a national figure in India.

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But what it takes is actually a man he was known as the mountain man go ahead and study Islam or read about Islam and there is even a movie was made about Islam.

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That's what's really going to balance your life is not just talking about that's why I have an action items for each and every one of us for this coming summer, vacation.

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Make every week there is a special time that you spend with your children.

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For fun for the Ludus activity number two, puts quality time for your spouse. Number three, participate in activity physical activity in a daily or weekly basis. We have here in this mustard every Sunday walk after in the early in the morning 7am in the Challenger Park

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8am You can come and join us with your family. We used to have a bike club on our wish to see coming back soon. Put a time for yourself to read books. One book just in the summer, one new book to read.

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It's not much maybe series of CDs to listen to. If you're not a reading person, pined for Ramadan from now from this week and plan what you're going to do for Ramadan. Make sure that you participate at least in one social activity during the summer break. I want you to plan to reach one of your neighbors in your neighborhood just one neighbor, reach out to them and get to know maybe it will be a good idea to have to establish a new friendship and please when I say friendship, I don't mean to add a friend in your Facebook now I mean to add a friend to real life someone to get us to get to know someone that you didn't know before. I would like you to commit to a one week and to spoil

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one week and you deserve it well I know on this mustard a very hard working father's on a known this mustard in this community a very hard working mothers. They deserve a break. You know what? It's up to the kids your family. I'm taking two days break. I'm just gonna go stay in a hotel with my friends. I'm gonna go fishing. I'm gonna go deep depression. I'm gonna go rafting. I'm gonna do do crazy. Do you know when to Jambi I'm gonna go to Texas, you know city, do skydiving course for three hours, then jump off their plane. I'm gonna do just something crazy. Relax for myself. I'm gonna go just read a book, relax.

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Just do something for yourself. Make sure that you put that you deserve that. You know, I send my wife

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for two days break. I said, You know what you've been doing a lot of the kids I don't want to just go preserve a hotel or I said go

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you know, God bless proselyte Priceline. You don't need to spend much money.

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Just go just leave all the kids don't think about anything else. They deserve it. We deserve it. That's something to help you to balance your life. Finally, I suggest Aisha in this semester it is 930 It's 930 Every day would you make a commitment to come 10 minutes before a show every day? 10 minutes come down 20 Every day you know what 920 Come here. Just wait 10 minutes read Quran make vicar make dua just a commitment.

00:33:53--> 00:34:08

These are just examples and practical points. You can change it you can it's an action items to balance this life. May Allah subhanaw taala know Yakama for him Allah McFarland Ohana well if you know I for Anna working in Mozilla whilst

00:34:09--> 00:34:31

Allah in NSL okay other generally when you come in man I'm sorry how alone in Minnesota can the honey yet you know honestly lubaina Law misdemeanor Fatah. Are you alone in Minnesota gather to know anybody Crom until federal law very well. He didn't even know happen or something. Yeah. Who knows? Maybe in a Muhammad. He was talking to you.

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A lot, a lot about scheduling.