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Episode Notes

In this episode we will conclude our 30 in 30 Daily Quran Explanation Series for Ramadan 1441 / 2020

The 30th Juzz of the Quran begins with Surah Al-Naba and concludes with Surah Al-Naas.

It has been an amazing journey once again and I ask Allah to accept from all of us.


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The importance of staying busy and not resting before the month of dashte is emphasized, as it is the day of fasting. Prayer and understanding the importance of the daily act of Islam is emphasized, and the need to practice praying at home and listen to birds is emphasized. The importance of dressing up for events and reciting the Quran is emphasized, as well as a warhammer baddeck and a tour of the area. The segment ends with a recitation of the Quran and a reminder of the live stream.

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In Al Hamdulillah meadowfoam Monastery you know who want to stop Pharaoh? Whenever we do Billahi min Shuri and fusina woman's RTR Melina Manya de la who Farah will be led a woman you will follow her Deanna wanna show you Allah Allah Allahu Akbar hula Sharif when a shadow under Mohammed Abu or assume some no longer IE when he was the he was settled into Sleeman kathira rebel de la. We will see come when FCB taqwa ma he is the Virgil come upon a mahoosive Hannah Montana Hana bearing the Ruby learning in a shape on F rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem yeah yohannes it Dakota Docomo lezzy holla kokoon meanness in wahida masala coming has jaha well that's them in humanity Jen and Kathy

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and on when he says, What tako la la de

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Luna de will or hum in Baja Canada, la comarca. My brothers and sisters sent him or her they come to LA he was on our cattle.

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This is the last Friday of this blessed month of Ramadan. And it is the fifth Friday. And so like I was saying from the beginning of the month, we will have fine Fridays throughout this month in sha Allah to Allah because we began on a Friday. And so Allah Subhana Allah has blessed us with the ability to you know, have blessing upon blessing, right nor Allah nor fail upon faith. Baraka upon Baraka, goodness upon goodness, Nirvana upon Nirvana, whatever you want to call it, it is an abundant an extra amount of blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala, to be able to have Fridays, throughout the month of Ramadan days that are considered the read of the believer, right, the read

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of the believer as they read throughout the week is the Friday and that reads throughout the year is read the ad infinitum, which is coming up in sha Allah to add that on Sunday. And so my brothers and sisters, it's a blessing Friday, and I thought we would take this opportunity to educate all of us about what we need to do in the coming days, or the coming day or two, before the day of read in sha Allah to Allah.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in the Quran, after discussing the topics related to it, I'm Yvonne and fasting and the traveler and the person who's sick and so on and so forth. Allah subhana wa Tana also mentions what he to kabiru law.

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Welcome to school, Allah Subhana which Allah teaches us after this month of Ramadan is done, that we the very first thing he says is when he took a bit of law, that we glorify Allah, that we praise Allah that we mentioned how exalted Allah subhanho wa Taala Hannah is and we, you know, prays a lot in our tech via bots.

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So my brothers and sisters, you see it's summer so the windows are open now you hear the birds outside and you the cars as they passed by right? My brothers and sisters, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has blessed us with this amazing month that we have pushed ourselves through. And for those of us who are still not feeling the strain, you have time, you have time Look at how Allah subhana wa tada has blessed us with more time. So now we have today and tonight and tomorrow all day until nothing had been shot Allahu Allah, for us to continue in a bar to continue in worship. And I know that many of you have been asking, what about read prayer? How are we going to do it read prayer.

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Explain to us about that. Read prayer. This is what today is for. We don't need to know about the read prayer last week. We didn't need to know about the read prayer four or five days ago. We need to know about their each prayer for Sunday on the day or eat. So I'll explain it today in sha Allah to Allah and we've also made a video I made a video a few days ago to send out to the community, which will be sent out later today and shout along to Anna so that everyone is aware of what we are supposed to do and how we are supposed to spend this blessing month of Ramadan ending it and transitioning into

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the David Reed transitioning into the what we would call normal schedule for every single one of us. So let's get into it. My brothers and sisters. First of all, today is the 29th day of this month of Ramadan. And last night was a beautiful, beautiful night Alhamdulillah you know it was in addition to the weather being nice and it being very pleasant outside Alhamdulillah it was pleasant in terms of very bad, very calm, very peaceful. It's as though the night was invincible and invisible as well. Right. Invincible in terms of blessings and

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Words an invisible in terms of it just being a blessing night. If people knew about it, they knew about it if people didn't know about it, they didn't know about it. Unless of Henry Tana, let the believers know that we need to continue to worship Allah throughout all of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. We see that in the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so all throughout these last 10 nights, we need to continue in our acts of very bad that don't give up my brothers and sisters, the person who gave up on the 27th night and no longer is worshiping a lot or no longer pushing themselves, the limits is the person who didn't cross that finish line of the marathon yet.

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So the marathon is still ongoing, that finish line is still in front of you. That goal that you see is right there, you're about to reach it, don't fall while looking at it. Fall after it's behind you. After it's behind you and when we say fall, we don't mean fall in stop all acts very bad on the data read No, unless as well he took AP bureau laws

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and to glorify and praise Allah subhanho, Indiana for what I now know Hadouken for what he has guided you towards, he guided you towards spending them alone. He does that he guided you towards Islam, he guided you towards sacrificing all that you've had in terms of your energy in your wealth and your time and your your desires as well desires from a food and desires of speech and desires of chilling and desires of whatever it is. And so we sacrificed all of that wanting to compete Allah, Allah Hadouken to what Allah has, has blessed us with, right he guided us towards what is best for us in this life. And so because of that, what do we do? When we see that something good has come to

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us? What do we end up doing? Someone comes and gives you a gift or a gift? What do you say just a level hate on this is absolutely amazing, right? Someone comes and gives you an ED right Ed? Right? They give you an envelope with money in it or they give you some candy, some goodies like we're going to be doing it iccm insha, Allah to Allah and I were mustered on Sunday, between 12 and two, we're going to be giving out goodies, right? So please do come with your families. Stay in the car. You don't need to get out of a car. No one is even allowed to get out of the car. Just come in, pull in, listen to the volunteers, we will be gifting you and your families inshallah Tada. So please,

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please do come and do that. But remember, Allah Subhana Allah then says Anima Hadouken. So what he's guiding us towards, we praise Allah, the handler contest Quran that perhaps we may be thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala perhaps we are going to do sugar, perhaps we are going to be thankful to Allah. And that's exactly it's we show our thanks and our gratitude to Allah by saying en la,

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la, la,

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la La, la log

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on log

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right when we do that, it's a symbol that the day of read has begun. So when do we start doing this? Well, my brothers and sisters tomorrow in sha Allah Tana, as we've seen, you know, based on looking at the moon and calculations looking at the moon in other countries, other regions to the east of us they didn't see the moon yet I've been receiving updates from various countries they did not see the moon.

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Also based on you know, calculations of the sky and the moon and so on. It's most likely not going to be seen tonight and so inshallah inshallah we will complete 30 days of Ramadan, and then we will have a read on Sunday. So, the takbeer art will begin from the time that the advent of Muslim is called tomorrow. So the time that the end of money is called to Morrow, after completing 30 days of fasting, as soon as the event is called on us Ramadan is done.

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The doors of genma rayyan wait for it on the Day of Judgment, right shape on loose, right. And so my brothers and sisters, we protected ourselves remember the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said a slim agenda. Fasting is a shield we learned to protect ourselves from giving into our desires and giving into the you know the the negative things in society and giving into whatever harms and evils are out there. We protected ourselves with that shield that fasting, that shield of taqwa that shield of of blessings from Allah subhana wa Tada. So now, we are going to exercise that shield throughout the year. And we need to maintain that shield throughout the year. And we begin that by saying the

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taxpayer as soon as the man is called symbolizing that the month of Ramadan is over. We begin by by raising our voices integrity of us

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Allahu Akbar, Allahu Allah. Now you know in the law, Allah Allahu Akbar when he left his hand, right. And we do that all throughout the night until the prayer for eight, okay? Until the prayer for eat now. There's nothing special that needs to be done throughout the night of read, except for to be rocked. Whenever you think of it whenever you can ever you're free. Love, love, love, love. See it so your family hears you, right? So your children learn about this. And children, if your parents don't say it out loud, you say it out loud to remind your parents that we need to be praising the loss of Hannibal, what to Hannah, okay, that's an important reminder for every single

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one of us. So throughout the night, enjoy yourselves The next day, there's no fasting do not fast on the day to read, it's not permissible to fast on the day to eat, right? The day of read is read the fit of it is the day of feasting, the day that we now show Allah, we kept away from the food now we are going to eat the food that you have blessed us with. And this is why those who don't have wealth, we give zeca to fitter, or southern control fitter, or fitter, or if it's an honor, right, whatever you want to call it in your culture or language, but it is something that needs to be paid out. So my brothers and sisters, if you haven't already paid your Southern platoon fits or your

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fits, then please do that. Now after this is done. Or even now if you have another device, go on it and pay it up. Or if you want to swing by the mustard tonight between nine and 1130, you can pass by the mustard, the volunteers are there and you can put it in the box. And what we do what our mustard does is my brothers and sisters Fitts law does not go to the mustard. Okay, as in, it's not something the mustard management has any authority to take and use for themselves. That is wealth that Allah has protected. And that wealth will be counted. And we will notify an organization it can release our mustard as part of a cleanup. So we will notify it can have relief and it can have

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relief already has posts in different countries. And they will have the foods distributed locally, as well as internationally before they need prayer. So they need to know now this is why my brothers and sisters if you have not already paid this, then please do so immediately. Okay to come on the day varied or after the prayer and say I want to pay my sockets and fit them. That is just considered a setup. It is no longer setup is no longer a counselor. Okay? So make sure that we paid out how much is it this year $10 per person in your family, even if you're pregnant, if if a mother is pregnant, then you can pay the $10 for your child as well. Right? So pay $10 or it's an amount of

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food technically, it's an amount of food but because we live in Canada, and we don't really see, you know, people who are Muslim living who are in desperate need of food, our organizations know that and because of confidentiality, there are many organizations within the GTA within the Toronto area within Canada that know those who are in need. So reach out to those organizations who will be distributing this money and wealth in food form, okay. So make sure that we do that $10 per person and shall allowed to add

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a mother or father can pay it on behalf of their children, you can pay it for your spouse, it's not like Zakah where each person has to pay their own. So you don't need to take from your children's wealth in order to pay it. The mother and father can pay it for the rest of their family members. Okay, so that should be done immediately. My brothers and sisters then we continue in our tech via box right up until the time of their age prayer. When is that reach prayer this year? Well, we don't have an age prayer in the masjid this year. Right? There's not an age prayer that's happening in the masjid. However, everyone is to pray that each prayer at home and so there are multiple different

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narrations that we can look at. But to sum it all up very simply my brothers and sisters, each one of us should pray Our prayer at home with our family. Yes, in the Hanafi madhhab you'll see and many of you have been messaging me sending me fatawa and sending me posts and sending me messages from other Imams and other massages and other places and other countries saying that in the Hanafi mas hub, a minimum of four men are required. However, we see that all the other scholars are of the opinion that you can pray even less than that. Even if a person prays individually on their own because this was something that during the time is this habit of Allah and home. If one of them

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missed their each prayer, they were advised to pray that each prayer regardless of having missed the congregational prayer, and so you can pray there each prayer even on your own by brothers and sisters. If you're a sister who is at home, praying on your own, you know sometimes sisters don't go to the masjid or don't go to their each prayer for whatever reason, maybe there's no space in their car or maybe they have a lot of relatives over so some of the you know, the mothers might stay at home or some of the sisters might stay at home. You can still pray or each prayer during those times as well.

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At home, and so you can pray your prayer this year at home and pray it with your family. Here's a little thing that's kind of cool. My wife was actually suggesting that we just stand outside, whether in the backyard or in the front. Don't make any extra noise. Don't disturb your neighbors. But just pray outside, enjoy listening to the birds, enjoy the fresh air, if it's nice if it's not raining, right, enjoy the fact that you know you're on your lawn, your social distancing, you're praying your prayer on your own. Now, we're actually going to have a little bit of a program that we're going to be live streaming from the budget, okay? So this is what we're going to do it you'll

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do your tech up until you're about to pray your age prayer. And then you'll pray that each prayer what we are doing at the masjid is I will be praying that God might

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my reads prayer separately, I'm not going to be broadcasting that so don't wait to follow along with that you pray on your own, but at 1030 Okay, at 1030 in the morning, we will have the tuck via box that will start live streaming until about 1045. In that time, if you want to pray your age prayer, then do so pre read prayer and then you can do tech via dots while you're waiting to listen to a hotspot. Now, this is a you know the technical aspect of it is what I'm going to get into. First of all, how do we pray that each prayer

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so there needs prayer. There are two very simple methods that I'm going to mention there's the Hanafi method and then there's the you know rest of the scholars that follow the other manner the hassy method is that you will begin your prayer your Salah the football is afterwards so let's talk about the hook but after Juma has a hook was before okay but for reads the football is after So we start with to recap okay the prayer for read is to Annika you will say Allahu Akbar and you will do your due out his sister Subhana Allah Allah will be handiquilter Baraka smoke with Allah Jalla wa ala of Iraq. And then you before you recite surah two in fact you have in the Hanafi madhhab, you

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will say Allah,

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Allahu Akbar, Allah law above three times, all the other motherhood will follow six times in the Shafi mother, some of the scholars say seven times. So I like to simplify things. I don't want to confuse you. This is what I do. I like to teach it according to how it's done in Medina, how it's done in Mecca, and make life easy for us. So the tip could be a lot is a recommendation in the in the age prayer, if someone does three, or five, or seven, or they make a mistake, or they forget, right or they're like, Oh, I completely forgot to do that took me a lot and they did none. That's okay. The Prayer is still valid. Okay, the prayer is still valid. So what do we see being done in

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McCann, Medina, okay.

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You begin the prayer like we mentioned, and you say your tequila to Allahu Akbar, and you begin your prayer, do I

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then what you're going to do is you're going to follow it up with an additional six tech

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before beginning sort of to affect it. Okay, so you have your tech at home, and an additional six tech meetups. So in total you will have seven at the beginning of your age prayer. Okay.

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Then you recite Surah Fatiha

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and it is from the Sunnah of the Prophet. So the longer it was to recite sub B his model because Allah in the first aka, if someone does not know the surah it's completely fine. It there's no it's not compulsory that you have to recite this sort of you can recite anything in our planar kelco called a rule of law who I had. What Dini was a turn whatever you want to recite, okay, but it is from the son of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that we recite some miracle Allah if a person knows it Bismillah if you don't Alhamdulillah then you go into record, you go into such depth and you stand up for the seconds.

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You will then as you're saying, Allahu Akbar and you come up, you now have to add an additional five to come

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Allah Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allah as well.

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Sweet man Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa hain moneykey Dean. Simple very easy Alhamdulillah Okay. And then you will continue the Raka after Surah Fatiha it is from the Sunnah to recite. Durga Hadees aloha Shia would you eat in harsh era Amina Sliva until the end of this or if someone doesn't know it's again just like in the first thing I got. It's okay. You can recite to any school or any verses of the Quran that you feel comfortable with.

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Then you finish off your your Salah, as you typically would. So the only difference in their prayer, in addition to it being to indica is the extra tequila, an additional six at the beginning of the first knockout and an additional five at the beginning of the second. And again if someone makes a mistake, there's nothing wrong with that. It's okay don't worry, you know if someone says Oh, I forgot and I counted lesser, I counted more. It's okay, the prayer is valid Alhamdulillah Don't worry about it. Now, like I mentioned in the Nessie method for those that want to follow that,

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you know, they will do the three extra tequila shots at the beginning like I mentioned, and then they will do three extra tequila shots before going into court in the second law, okay, that's for the Hanafi method. However, I don't want to confuse everyone. So I mentioned it briefly. You can message me if you need to understand that further. But we ask Allah subhana wa tada to make it easy for us to practice this Nene and to learn this Deen very simply very easily in sha Allah. Okay. Now once the prayer is done,

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the football for aid happens after the prayer. Now for Juma the hook was compulsory. But for read the football is a recommendation. It is not compulsory for a person to sit through it to pay attention to it to listen attentively to it. If a person needs to get up and go, they can go if a person has something to do, they can leave. And it does not invalidate their prayer. This is why we are saying to people who are praying that reads prayer at home. Generally, if someone misses their age prayer, they will pray their age prayer and follow it up with no coupon.

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Because they're praying alone, there's no like there's no one else. There's no need for a hookah, right.

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If you know if you want to tune in, what you can do at home is you prayer each prayer and there's no need for you to do a hook book. And if you want to tune in and listen, like I said at around 1045 after 15 minutes of tequila, so we started to talk about it at 1030. And we'll go right till 1045. And then at 1045 we will begin our read cotulla or lecture I like to call it right because you're not there in person, if you want to tune in and listen to it. Feel free. Okay, feel free and listen to it. That will begin around 1045 in the morning on Sunday in sha Allah hota. And it will be very short and brief. So don't think you're gonna tune in for the last two minutes a half an hour later,

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the football read, I usually like to keep it no more than 10 minutes, no more than 10 minutes. Why? Because it's a very it's a deep celebration. It's not a day for people to feel like Oh, I got to sit through this long run again. No, it's a day of celebration and happiness and joy, go out and eat and feast and be with family and just be full of energy. Right. And so my brothers and sisters on the day of eat. And this is one thing that I completely completely forgot to mention. Make the day of read, feel like it is the day read for your family. So in the morning when you get up, take a hustle, take a shower, right put on the best clothing that you have. You don't need to go and buy

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new clothing. The son of the Prophet son alone or any of them is not to go and buy a new clothing. It's to wear the best clothing you already have to wear the best clothing that we already possess. So put on your best clothing and to be honest, you know my brothers and sisters, a lot of people are wondering

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you know what we need to do for EAD? How are we preparing for it and so on. I don't even know what clothing I'm wearing for eight I haven't even gone and checked yet. It's not read yet. The push read till the time for eight. And my wife likes to plan and prepare and she's like, dude, we got to prepare him like no, it's Ramadan forget. I want to think of age when he comes. And so some have a lot you know, we push through, but on the morning of read, take your shower. Right, put on some nice clothing, you're going to be at home with family so put on perfume, right to put on perfume, look nice smell nice. Do your hair if you want to write well not if you want to do your hair even if

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you're going to wear hats or don't be on your head or something put in you know, do your hair nicely. Comb your beard oil, it's you know, whatever, whatever styles and stuff you usually do. Don't go crazy and start breeding your beard and stuff right? And you know, just be presentable, be nice, be happy. Enjoy the day read, clip your nails, typical things that you prepare for right and get ready to celebrate. After that age prayer after the Copeland the lecture. You can as usual during the time of this pandemic, go on Skype or go on zoom or go on WhatsApp and video call your family and your friends call them up send them a message send them right a comb. How's it going

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Eagle badhak and it's from the Sunnah of you know this haben the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to greet and to wish each other goodness could have been one to the higher Taka para la mina woman from Solihull Anna, are you to mobarak you know, to say something nice to the people that you meet and you greet and so because we're going to virtually be meeting and greet

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People or if you're out let's say you drive around and you see Muslims you know send them on a canary robotic wave at them right wave at people send them or anything or even Obama right. And also my brothers and sisters to conclude we will be having a drive thru

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gift session or drive thru, you know aid celebration at the mustard.

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So we're not doing a drive thru or huge prayer don't show up at 1030 the parking lot will not be open, okay, but at 12 o'clock between 12 and two, we are inviting the community to come to the Asana community center of Milton just drive into the parking lot. Listen to the volunteers follow instructions very clearly in sha Allah just drive through into the parking lot loop around in the end. Don't cut people off Don't be like greedy to get to the front of the line. And we will be handing out aid sweets to every single one of you treats for the children and things like that. And we have an added surprise. I forgot to put it in my hands. It's right over there sitting on the

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desk, we have you know a group of my friends Alhamdulillah got together and they put together eight

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amazon gift cards valued at $50 each. So we're going to be giving those out we have a timer that's going to be running and when the timer rings, whatever car is receiving gifts at that time, they will get an extra gift they will get a $50 amazon gift card as well. So now we have 850 dollar amazon gift cards to be giving out every 15 minutes throughout the entire two hours that families and friends and so on are going to be coming and so please do join us there and shot a lot of data between 12 and two rain or shine come out to the masjid in sha Allah Allah to Allah and you know that will be a time that we get to celebrate in a time that we you know share with with our families

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in the car but with the community and I will be there and waving at you and saying anything robotic as well and Shaffer will be there and shake the odds will be there and you know counselor Zhi Shan will be there and we've reached out to some others within within the town. So you can you can come over between 12 o'clock at two o'clock inshallah to add and celebrate with us and receive some nice gifts and treats. And also try to be that car that is right there at that spot that time to receive an additional gift of $50 you know that beautiful amazon gift card that you can use to shop and buy something online and childhood data. So there's added gifts and added elements of surprises. I hope

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that you take advantage of them in sha Allah, my brothers and sisters you know it's a blessed day it's Friday. Please do remember as well to donate to the masjid. Make sure that you maximize from this month of Ramadan. We only have a little bit of time left right so it is the month of Ramadan maximize this time. Donate as you see in front of us on the screen www dot qcnet nilton.com and we are loss of Canada without exception every single one of us. We conclude by sending Peace and blessings upon the profits on the long run. I know you are sending them a lot of money. I know Mohammed Ali Mohammed came up later I met him. Early Ibrahima innaka hamidah Majeed, well vaticana

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Mohammed Ali Mohammed come about Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim Amida Majeed Allahumma as Islam all Muslim in a lot more fill in our hand now what's up now as you know, a Warhammer baddeck lenise ed Nina, Nina Allahumma Taco Bell meanness, Liam. Work Leanna workqueue or Anna, what's sujood Anna? Allahumma Taco Bell Mina, Jamie. Melina Yeah, I mean, a lot of Muslims, a lot Muslim, Muslim, enough equally Mecca.

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We ask Allah Subhana Allah to help the Muslims all over the world. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to help human beings that are being that are being tortured human beings that are being oppressed human beings that are going through hardship, in whatever country it is, whatever region region on Earth, wherever there are people that are suffering and struggling, even those who are suffering from the pandemic, we ask Allah subhana wa tada to relieve them of this hardship, to grant them ease and cure. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for every single one of us to come out of all of the difficulty that we're going through, and to make things go back to a normal society for us, a

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normal society that is closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala we see lots of things happening my brothers and sisters around the world. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant ease and patience to everyone who is going through difficulties. We recently saw that there was a plane crash that just happened with I think, 170 passengers in Pakistan We ask Allah subhana wa Allah to forgive every single one of them to accept those who you know passed away into the highest levels of paradise. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant ease and patience and comfort to all of the family.

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members and relatives of those who passed away in that plane crash mean Minato banana need, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept our report throughout this month of Ramadan, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to accept our recitation of the Quran, our standing in sada in our pm to accept our fasting to accept our ethos to accept our door to accept our recitation of the Quran, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept from every single one of us Nene amenia Bella Helen, he was on the level of sentimental about our kalenna Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ultramarine. My brothers and sisters, Camilla Haven, we will be sending you that video. Again, for those of you who want to know

00:30:42--> 00:31:21

or you can watch this once again, to refresh your memory as to how to pray that prayer. Also, please do remember that live stream will happen from the mustard check it out, it will be there inshallah Schaefer will be there as well during the tech of Iraq. And then I will do a very short 10 minute tour beginning around 1045. So tune in at 1030 to listen to the test to be authentic. Join in in the tequila shots with your family members. Even if you prayed before that you can do it afterwards. Right? It's the David Reed we rejoice but usually the technology is right up until that reads prayer. right up until the read prayer. So if anyone wants to, you know delay their each prayer a

00:31:21--> 00:31:34

little bit further than you can do that. However, that's fine. We can always do better. There's no restriction on praising Allah subhanho wa Taala. So praise Allah azza wa jal and then tune in at 1030 and at 1045 we'll begin

00:31:35--> 00:32:11

or lecture from the masjid and then please do come to the masjid between 12 o'clock and two o'clock rain or shine. We will be there giving out gifts to you and your family. Why do we say rain or shine because even if it's raining, you are sitting in your car we will be under umbrellas and you will be in your car and we will be waving at you and handing you gifts in sha Allah to Allah Don't worry we have masks and we have gloves and we will be handing them to you or placing them in your car if you feel comfortable that way putting it in the trunk of your car so you can have when you get home. Whatever you want my brothers and sisters we are going to take the utmost best precautions that we

00:32:11--> 00:32:34

can design from a local Highland. We look forward to seeing all of you very soon on the day reads and in advance aids Movado Taco Bell along minimum income but don't start celebrating yet. Continue in everybody tonight is also the one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. So continue in Nevada barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh