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Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The importance of protecting one's Islam and not being recognized as a threat is emphasized in the segment on protecting one's spiritual health. The complexion of Prophet's teachings and bringing them to reality is also discussed. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to pursue healthy eating and drink, protecting one's health, and building friendships. The segment also touches on the diverse guestivity of the Muslim community and the importance of raising children to love their religion. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to acknowledge their actions as citizens to support their organizations and their religious organizations. The bleeding in the US is a sign of failure to act as a pro-life person and the importance of safety and security for everyone.
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Why should you?

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all races Hugo was the Lord of the Worlds he sold his favorite

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either with decentralized and only one warrior worship, and

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as long as some Empire messenger, my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, today is one of the greatest day of the year as our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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okay, we sisters and brothers, please target to control noise.

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As the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, the greatest of days before Allah is the name sacrifice. So it goes to the sleep and other things like that. Also the prophets of Allah,

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the Most Love Day, Allah is the day of

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which is today

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I'm seeing it's obligatory because the prophets of Allah, wherever you it was salam never missed in his life, a single time to overload here. Why are you sensitive in school? Why are you striving for so long

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as he's sacrificing the camera and all of a sudden providers by offering in candle ones, cows and sheep on behalf of himself, his family, and for Muslims.

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He some Allah,

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NBC evidence life and direct on demand resulting from that they

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want us to adhere to it. And he highly recommended so hold on to Allah subhana wa, sun when he couldn't.

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When your

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son doesn't last.

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And for everybody nation, we have appointed ceremonies, that they may mention the name from all over the eastern capital that he has given them for food. Today, in the next three days, the days are these days just

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for the Muslim to sacrifice his capital, which is one of the three categories and camels are the cow or sheep, or goats, the Muslim is allowed to pay money for someone to do it in his or her behalf. And when she will need some fishing from the holders, my family and the one who do that is the head of the household. And you get a saying give someone another your behalf. As the rule of law. In this case, the timing of it will be related to the person who certifies it in other ways, like being someone who's giving them only here to be sacrificed only containing little parts side or in Syria or somewhere else in the world. And you already pray before you said that no harm for you at all,

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because the ruling will be provided to them. And in no time.

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When you choose anything outside the United States, my recommendation my recommendation to you is not to do this as a habit. At some point you shouldn't rely on the cinema grants in America, or at least the least you can do that if you talk to children about it. The least you can do you inform your children what it is and what is the significance behind that emotion there was a test from Allah subhanaw taala

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when you order his son, and we know that God would never or encourage someone to kill an innocent child, but it was not among the motor skills. It's what allow them to show the whole humanity through history. How much mediums can reach that a person how much interest some kind of data that Ebro

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He knew that Allah would never want to do something that is an altar of trust, that all sort of leads

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to Allah has chosen

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us and he succeeded. And he saved his son, when you sacrifice by sending down to earth ran from the heavens, and from that day and he became a practice, everyone will honor that memory of Abraham.

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If you choose your sacrifice here, make sure that you choose something healthy as you which is have a lot of meat mother because Allah medicine from the meeting, it is because it shows that it shows that you're doing the best for the sake of almost.

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If you would choose this meat for yourself, you will look for the best guy who feed me that. But today I want to see for the poor, for the needy. So you should also learn from the best for them as well. Remember, if it's a cow, two years old, or two years or older, if it is a shoe, it can be six months or older. If it is a goat, again with his one year or older, as a Bucha camel just in case

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it has to be five years or older.

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or higher, there are four then on acceptable for sacrifice, the one on one defect is whose defect is always a second enemy. Your sickness is always a name animal, which is obvious, and

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a sea animal that has no merit in any sort of city.

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And the sacrifice is similar to the daytime, in the nighttime, and into Sunday, and three days after today, according to the strongest civilian as

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the day's sacrifice of the name of Aloha, and in the days following it. My brothers and sisters, if you know how to certify the animal, you can do it if it is allowed for you to do so legally. Otherwise, we don't know how to do it to number the annual summary, let its professional should you do it quickly and in the most humane way. Maybe

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as the Prophet SAW Allah or

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kill in the best way and makes your life as sharp as the promises

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you rate the

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divided into three thirds 1/3 for them or 1/3 for yourself and 1/3 for gifts to your friends and neighbors can be given to Muslim a number

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the O'Hare

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The Day of the Day of sacrifice and Mondays are seen on our vegetable as missing and they are days with eating and drinking. That's what the prophet

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Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Akbar. Well,

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my dear Muslim brothers and sisters, I remind myself and all of you learned in supporting Allah Subhana Allah to Allah alone and submit ourselves to the love of Allah. Allah may Allah subhana wa chowed obey His messenger, Allah Allah He was some of them because the real to him. The real essence of servitude is Is it a B is an a submission to Allah that's why we will call who see me Yeah, and even people who submitted themselves to the Lord. Yeah, you have nurse

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was Hola Hola. Hola.

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Well, now

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he cannot do it.

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All these verses in the Quran reminding us of the importance of the one thing that Allah has given us for him when he used to worship Him when He disobeyed which submitted to him. It is very important that we honor ALLAH SubhanA wa to Allah in our heart and among honoring Allah to honor his rules to honor to honor his message to honor his messenger to honor his vote to honor the way from Mohamed Salah you.

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It is to honor your almighty tonight is to honor that because

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then we should not come closer to it and we should not do it. My brothers and sisters in the family

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Hola Hola. Hola Kathy Mahalik in LA with a person has no honor or respect in his or her heart to the settings to breaking the law of God is even worse than breaking the law himself. In the DMS a great verse was revealed to our Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah

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nearly one on Saturday now, let me stay, I have to repeat it for you and completed my favorite upon unhampered room for you to sign.

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That is why my brothers and sisters, we shouldn't be very careful from anyone who tried to add to the religion, something which is not from or to take away from the religion somebody confirmed by Allah and His messenger from Allah.

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Nothing has corrupted the complexion of Assad nothing hum we can have a son life that innovation in the religious life the video

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Allah is

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that what you

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said couldn't do it.

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every innovations in the legend is a misguidance, even if it appears to be something nice, something cool, something that makes sense.

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That should not be on the religion. We live in a time where the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam became something strange. And the elevation when people invented and added to the religion became so common that he was singing in US citizen of the province.

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Because of Sudan, my brothers and sisters, I highly recommend every one of us to learn the remedy to learn the reason to learn and be made sure that you attend classes that is available in your local community. Or if it comes to your site in your community to go out at attending the lectures that conferences maybe should even take your kids to some schools where they can learn the religion. I think a raise up upon knowing their deen and

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making sure that you also listen to an official online news some huge amount of N an information there, but making sure that you're getting it from the right source. There is nothing wrong to us. My brothers and sisters be very careful of these days from being Alumalite religious. They look like people following the Sunnah they might appear as a pinnacle of 1000s

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of people's innovations, upheaval extremism, upheaval of

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many sizes, so nothing can protect you from such people like the pure knowledge taking from the right source. Allahu Akbar, Allah, Allah

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Hola. Hola, hola.

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And Henry

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and Henry latika here on how to

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evaluate Allah. My dear brothers and sisters, in our tumultuous swirl today, we presently have two blocks of vision of the world that our children's center inherited

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the first venue, it's a virgin basin, a classic civilization,

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a virgin, that I attend, basically, based on identity, Christ, we're seeing people clash with each other, from cross identity across

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a very similar, let's see the next one, depending on suppressing or eliminating the other one.

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And in the other hand, you have another virtue that is out there for the future of us and our children. That that

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is working to go across identity, cooperation for the greater good for our children, and grandchildren's generations.

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We as Muslim community, we know very well how to live in a diverse way. Look at our song, what our power curves come down where we are, and I can start with myself. today. We have we come from very different backgrounds, different culture, different ethnicity, and we learn how to live among each other. When you say verse, and we've been doing, generally speaking very well.

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GABA voce says that literally the most diverse

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diverse community in United States of the Muslim community, with white, Hispanic, Latina,

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signing a black, Arabs, Asian, and on earth on world resilience as well.

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You know, another research institute called Pew Research Center, found out that you can do 1000s infinity, the world's Christian will account for 31% of the global population, while Muslim will account for 30%. That's something so unique, because for the last six centuries, Christianity been taking the lead in humanity. But in 2015, things don't to change, the Muslims population is growing, is growing in the United States than anything else. And the research suggests and to start analyzing why was some growing so much. And the main reasons for that large number are basically fast growing rates, it is double the rate of the global growth rate for any other site. So for example, you won't

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be growing in the rate of 35%, while most of them won't be growing in the rate of 73%. The reason for that, and why I'm bringing this point up, is because we know that the community is the youngest community, in the United States, and among the world, some Muslim globally, including inside the United States have the lowest median age of all faiths.

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If this is the case, that means we should focus on our youth more and more. And we pay more attention to them, making sure that we raise them to love the religious decided to trust someone, to possess the base of fans to teach them the best skills to make sure that they knew they have what they need to live tomorrow the world to a better future, to more peaceful and prosperous world.

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My brothers and sisters, it is so dangerous to lose the youth at this point, and to loosen, and to let them go away from us as a community, because they are the future of our community and the future of the world.

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You know, a suggestion was made. And we heard this disgusting discuss on the media, because of the election cycle that we're living in, that somebody is suggesting, to make 100% ban on Muslims entering the United States,

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somebody suggests and God and somehow, you know, some people thought somehow can prevent them progress of the Muslim communities. But according to the Pew Research Center, if such a such small taking place today, all the way to 2000.

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All the way to 2000. That is 100% ban on Muslims migrated into the United States, that will not affect the percentage of Muslim in America more than one digit percentage. So to sort of be doing pointing forward.

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That wouldn't be 1.4%. What that means us that means spending for the most of America is not coming from outside, it is coming from you. And

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it's happening from the people who are right here. That's what your strength is. And that's what your number is. And that's something nobody can take it away from you. I want you to have full confidence in the future. If that's not enough to you, I think it will be enough for everyone to remember.

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In machine.

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Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off anyone showing a monster

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to his message to his religion, to his followers to his people, Allah Promises, promises, that person will be cut off his plots will not continue. Our religion is way longer and deeper than an age that exists in the face that earlier today is way longer and has better and brighter future and any individual living in the face of that race nerve today. The question is, what are we doing as a community? What are we doing as an individual to protect our budget in America to protect our rights in the United States? We are responsible to protect and support our organizations. Our religious organizations I want to dow organizations are the opposite of organization, the civil rights

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septic system on our community in general, normally the most community, but

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we are supposed to support the students acknowledge that you're out there in a man the activist financially and support him by offering our volunteer and others can help them to come with us. We have this complete one another, the thing that I feel the most of our community is to divide our resource is for the community to be divided into too many groups and passing on their analysis, their animosity and building each other, they destroying each other resource, and is sort of everybody think about the area that the citizens need to fill it someone just immediately ever. And that's why we just became weak, because almost a panel with the AMA said, what happened

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with them.

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Also, this is more to the session these days, to remind you, there's going to be a vote. Because of that we had urges to vote in the way coming into the building. So you mentioned the congestion, because bad officials have a lesson when people don't go to vote. My brothers and sisters, we have to be more active in our community. And we might even in the Houston community, the entire community, the Marines fighting, we have to be more crisis, more pain to get into uniform to the site. My brothers and sisters, I live in it against the divine in our side, in the first video that I talked about, witches see the world just hate hate hate hating each others, demanding the survival

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of one dependent and stretched on the others. And we keep dividing ourselves more and more and more and more. And that will not help anyone for any brighter future. Our eating in the shower or in the memory of 911 which is yesterday. Many of us remember that evil after the tune place 50 years ago, then Tobin moon in our country.

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But I like

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what are the practices and decided in regard to the US 2011 He said something I'm gonna quote

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even the smallest service that is simple was act of kindness is a way to honor those who lost who we lost a way to reclaim the spirit of us that he followed the night and I think that's the best way to honor those fallen

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heroes and the people who've been killed unfairly as that day. I also wanted to say that every time 911 comes, make sure that she's given everyone feel ever that you are responsible for it. We have nothing to do with it. We mourn this incident like any other American, we have many of us and die. We have many friends and payment friends dying that incident and follows the nine citizen we refer to some some a bed for it.

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We are like anybody else who shocked with this. So don't ever think for a second that you have to deal with guilt towards also my brothers and sisters. I want to say that this is not the only wound exists in our country. There is a lot of bleeding wound that happened and vanished. But every single day that people die in the streets is a miracle. You just said in the beginning there were to

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do mass shooting in safes that ended up killing 475 people and injuring 1870 people. We have an act of wound that is exists and bleeding wound that exists in our country today

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is schools and we have 64 Shooting School. We have many people die from drugs that claim in 2017 only 47,000 Plus souls Americans.

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We have many wounds not only in America, but outside America. That is hundreds of 1000s of people dying and zero 100 people dying around the world and more in Central Africa. in Palestine. There is a lot of innocent people dive in database. We believe in justice for all. We believe in the rights of safety and peace and security and dignified life for all human beings not only for one of the kinds of human beings that all of us, ourselves.

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My brothers and sisters, we don't have enough of a savior when it comes to

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the same thing applies. We respect all lives and we care for all lives, I just need to say that we and also invest himself outside that does not in any way or form, make us not to condemn the terms in terms of time attack that took place in that place at that time or any other place in the world. In the end, our problems Mohamed salah, who

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used to give a few words to the scissors, I'm

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certain, and I will follow his footsteps before I even work with me by saying to my sisters, to my sisters who are attending today, that

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I found you the driving force behind the most successful work that I've come across and united to save, and volunteer leadership, and civic and social work in the medicine and youth centers, and schools, the education field, and political zeal. Everywhere I go, I found a real driving force behind bars.

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I want to say from the bottom of my heart that we have so many brothers, thank you for being such a great asset to our community. Thank you for being the mother that is raising the upcoming generation. Thank you for being the wife who support her husband and comfort and thank you for being the shining star in our

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My dear sisters, your children need a role model near the school or is purity. And that's you the furthest school that the child will learn from your husband needs your smile, need your comfort, need to reach out to him to be nice to show them your warmth, love and your deep appreciation.

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Your society need you need to be more active, to contribute to be a part of because suddenly, whenever you're there are some societies in our community shine more. And it's great when moving out and moving out. By building a

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believing men and woman are only friends or they love one another and they support one another.

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Our Lord, You are surrounded with peace. And ultimately peace comes from you alone. We asked him to bless us all with a peace and

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we asked your lord the grinder security to bless us and our

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families, our neighbor, our communities, our nations and the world with everlasting peace.

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You all going great, you're the creator of the heavens, the earth. You haven't created mankind in different colors, languages, nations and tribes so that we may get to know one another and live in harmony. We ask your lord the guide to open the hearts and the minds of mankind, to them each and every human life. So the money shape and destruction stop immediately. And we asked you your patient you are patient for two grand patients and those who suffer from destruction and violence committed by others. We ask you the compassionate Lord, to sow your mercy upon upon those who are suffering from diseases

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of oppression and war. We ask You God we are so Allah on protector to protect the press, help them rebuild the lives and fill the heart of the person with mercy. Our Lord, You aren't alone anyone, replace even in all of ours with love, mercy and compassion for even our worst enemies, taking away our arrogance and replace with humility so that you may forgive and tolerate one another, or or give up stations giving time anger so that we may forget those triggers and jobs. Our Lord made us among those faithful believers who respond even with something better, or Allah bless our nation are leaders and choose the best and largest leaders and

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families and bless our community as a scattering Allah Who Mojave

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wala is where all the brothers and sisters from Syria and Iraq and we will see in Kashmir in Boerma Central Africa

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of Egypt, in Yemen and everywhere where people are suffering all along

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all along bring them safe. Allah has most of

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what happened in

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the Hassan working as of now

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Dina, what do you want to stop whenever the man

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coming in and out

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come on by him

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