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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The sentiment of suffering and suffering is discussed, along with the importance of rewarding individuals for their actions and not letting evil individuals dominate the world. The "we" and "weholder" concepts are also emphasized, along with the need for patient consideration and considerational intimidation during political events. The "fit of shape" art is also discussed as a trick of shape that creates "fit of shape."
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We begin by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped to unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu it who is some of us as final messenger, we ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him. The prophets, messengers that came to for hints as family and companions that served alongside and then those that follow in his bus of coffee until the day of judgment and he asked Allah to make us amongst the alumni meet.

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Directors and sisters, as some of you may have been following the news, the power and all communication has been cuts in the USA. May Allah subhana what's Allah give victory to the people of Otto and Lawson handle it's either give them patience, make their seat SERM and male masa kind of what Saba oil the plot of the evil doers, Allahu Amin and I want to begin as this is heavy on our hearts in this moment by reminding each and every single one of us that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has his ways and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah has his soldiers and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada be isn't enough will make a way for them in ways that we cannot understand. And it's important for us to understand

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that if they could cut them off from the world, they cannot sever the connection that those people have with ALLAH SubhanA what's out, if they were able to cut off their phone lines, they're not able to cut off their due out. And if they see that the people of Azusa are people who will submit themselves to this type of cruelty, then they do not know the special people that Allah subhanaw taala has placed in that small piece of land, who have big hearts. And these fights are full of Imam his heart so full of faith. But I wanted to address the sentiment that many people have felt perhaps in the past few weeks, which is what is the point? What can I possibly do? The more our efforts ramp

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up, the more casualties we see. It feels like there is an insignificant to the things that we are trying to do for them on their behalf. And I want to speak directly to that sentiment. But first and foremost, I want you for a moment to put yourself in the shoes of a very specific person.

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Imagine being a doctor at a Shifa hospital right now and has

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no electricity.

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you have all sorts of patients with all sorts of issues.

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At any moment, an airstrike can come.

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You don't have anesthesia, you may have just found out that all of your relatives died a minute ago, but you do not have the time to mourn or grieve them, you have to get back to operating on your patience.

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I want you to think about what type of willpower it takes to still go there and operate on patience and try to help someone maintain their leg or their art after it's been damaged. In an airstrike we're trying to help someone lives through even if they don't have any limbs at all at this point. Or try to help a three day old fetus survive in that monstrosity, and at the same time and carry the grief of your own relatives that have already been killed. As well as knowing that at any moment, an airstrike can come and can wipe all of you off of the face of the serfs wants you to think about them.

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If there is anyone that would be asking, what's the point that would be that doctor.

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But they're still going

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they're operating Subhanallah with their cell phones, while we check our batteries to make sure that we can still use our phones so we can check the internet or do whatever it is that we're doing. They charge their batteries off in their cars, and they come back and they use those to perform operations in the darkness of the night. While bombs continue to fall on though, what's the point? And this is a sentiment that Alon and the messenger Salallahu it he was some address so many times throughout the Koran and the Sunnah, what is the point and I was thinking about use of it his set out when he speaks to his brother at the end of the ordeal. And he says in the home any attempt to a

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US good for email Allah Allah de Rajaram McSweeny

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that whoever is God conscious and patient, Allah subhana wa Tada does not let the reward of the good doers go to waits, Allah subhanho wa Taala himself says the wolf's will for eating Allah and now you will be arrives at Sydney. Be patient because Allah Subhana Allah does not let the word word of the day

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versus go to waste.

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The patience of the people that are under this savagery in this brutality and that are facing what they are facing right now is to stay steadfast and know that Allah subhanaw taala will not let a single moment of pain that they experience, go without accounting on the day of judgment and go without a tremendous reward for them, the patience but whilst the bill, the patience of those who are doing what they can on their behalf, is to know that every single moment that she spends in their carts, Allah will not let it go to waste. And Allah subhana taharah may put something in your small efforts

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that has made your impact. What's the point? We are always looking for that immediate change that immediate visible change to happen right in front of us. But Allah subhanaw taala says when they get mad with God, I love Watson feed on yellow and whoever doesn't Adams worth of good will see it. And then you're not knowing if conovan Watson Shumlin ya and whoever doesn't Adams work of evil will see its alumni bosavi, Allah, tada and Houma. He speaks about these ions in a very profound way. He says that on the Day of Judgment, you won't just see the atoms worth of good that you put forward, you will see what it actually months in the sight of Allah subhana what's added, you will see its full

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value, you see that has some of that you put forward that bindi that she clipped forward, that seems to be so insignificant at Adam's word in this life, on the Day of Judgment, you will see its full value, what it really meant. And you will see that Allah subhanaw taala did not omit a single part of it. And he says, even for the disbeliever there is a pay forward concept that even that person yellow, they will see the goodness of their good deeds in this dunya

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the believer will see ya will see the effect the impact of their deeds in the hereafter. Whereas the disbeliever because Allah as a result is just will see the impact of their good deeds in this life. But even then,

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whoever doesn't Adams worth of good will see it because sometimes you need to see something to know that it's effective to know that means something and Allah and bossy it who sees all is promising you that you will see it on the day of judgment that every single small thing put forward will mean something and you will see in its full value. What's the point of your DUA? What's the point of your efforts whether it's in protest or in changing the narrative or trying to change the narrative or in educating even one person what's the point of the collective will of a community

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a loss kind of what's added will not let it go to waste.

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A you need to understand that just as Allah subhana data has promised victory. Allah subhanaw taala has promised that it will not go to waste. Just as Allah subhanho wa Taala

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has promised reward for the good doer on the day of judgment that nothing will be omitted from the scrolls Allah subhanaw taala has promised that the evil doer will be brought forth and every single moment of arrogance and every single deed of evil will confront them on the Day of Judgment and they will be punished will not count audible can see it and your Lord doesn't forget

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if they turn out the lights you'll be doing better you'll feel more alive yes why he didn't Well locking Well Tim world he went oh Kevin antiflu they wish to extinguish the light of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. But Allah subhanho Its Allah preserve his light, even if they hate it. And there's this concept that we find present in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa Sunda that if you can't pay someone's debt off, then at least advocate on behalf of them so that may be the debtor will release his debt or maybe you can ease his anxiety while he is in debt. If you can't cure someone who is sick that at least care for them while they are sick.

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Give them compassion and give them support and give them your presence even if you can't give them a tour to the disease that they're calling from.

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If you can't three the captain, at least fee the captain's Hallo the most profound eye out were you into a Munna Tamada home

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The that the person feeds despite their love of what they have. And in the scheme when he a team when a CEO, these three categories of people that are given the poor person, the orphan and the one who was a captain.

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And what are the implications of that, that they're gonna not mentioned is that people used to send their prisoners out to the street, their slaves out to the street, to beg for food during the day, have a look at the cruelty they wouldn't feed their slaves, they send them out into the streets to bed during the day.

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And a person might think, what's the point of me feeding that person, if I can't free that person was on time saying that matters if you can get them out of that situation altogether, at least dignify them by giving them whatever food you have, so that they can at least have that part. But don't be little, the good that you are capable of doing. Don't do little, the effort that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada has put in front of you, not only is it going to be rewarded on the day of judgment, but if you persist with it, it will be effective in this trunnion

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I want you to understand something.

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And I want us to feel it with a great sense of confidence. Even though there's a great sense of pain right now for our brothers and sisters in the US.

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This enemy is losing

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this enemy is a coward.

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The narrative is changing, the amount is rising. And they know

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they know that our hearts are going to remain connected to that place.

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And as long as we continue to insist that we are not going away,

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they can use their bombs. But just like Allah subhana wa Tada has invisible soldiers, invisible angels, invisible ways in which he works.

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah has brought out of the skull, a very visible solidarity with Philistine that's been missing for a very long time.

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They're losing.

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And we have to keep that in mind. And we are able to process this on an individual level and on a community love it.

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When the amendments a new hemo Lazzara says What can my enemies do to me if they kill me to shahada, if they imprison me, it is a chance to be secluded with my Lord, if they expel me that it is a chance to contemplate on the size of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada it is shahada or commonwell or, or CIAT. To double. When even telling you about him, Allah says not on an individual level. We say that as a community level right now. And you can see it in the couple of Azizah. They're seeing it.

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They're saying it's

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Subhan Allah,

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I want you to ask yourself, that men, what and the journalist that you all saw our dear brother,

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Nelson Hannah and to add to make it easy for him and have mercy on his family.

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What human being can pick himself up

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on the same day that he buries his wife and children

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and still report on the crimes towards the people who does freeze that come.

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But he knows that every minute away from that kamarck exposing the kinds of guests to people is a moment of joy for that candidate.

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And he doesn't want to give it

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he feels the responsibility of being there. I take us back to that. And we ask ourselves,

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if we were nurses and doctors right now on a sheet.

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And we were running around those hospitals trying to cure the patients. And we were digging in the rubble to try to find the time of knowing that there are maybe 300 400 children in this pile, but I couldn't get one.

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Last the fat in Allah had a blue skinny. The patient, Allah does not let the reward of the good doers go to waste. The brothers and sisters this is a time

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that our faith requires something stronger from us.

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This is a time that we do not cower. This is a time where you are going to be intimidated where you feel the full thrust of the political establishment and the media establishment against you. Wellsville Mahana you'll see me

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the patients, Allah will not let the reward of the good doers go to waste. This is not the time

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For us to lay down

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and say it's over.

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We prepare ourselves, for Mullins to like this in history.

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And for every period in history, there are people that rise to the occasion.

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And that's not always someone with a large platform

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that someone with a persistent part kind of love the efforts of people over years and years and years and years. Because they know that they are not investing into a waste gustan they know that they are investing in their book of Dean's with ALLAH SubhanA notes and and that they will see each and every single one of them on the Day of Judgment.

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Where are people who when we make dua,

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no matter how small we feel, you know, I'll tell you something that I was thinking about and it is a trick of shape art.

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As I raise my hands to make dua at one of these nights, I thought to myself, What is my do app to one of those people in the US?

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How small Am I

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that my Allahumma in the comfort of my home

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is even in the same league

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as that woman that Azhar

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no realize it's a trick of shape.

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Because he does not want us to make Dr.

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Dave Robinson and sisters, it might be your into it might be your tear. It might be your message of awareness. Right now. Well we are all doing is we're putting forth sparks

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trying to spark the fire of change. And we believe a loss of kind of what's out Tada is not just in charge of it all but he is most somebody with us about he is the one who causes means to come into play. He is the one that makes means effective and he is the one who determines outcomes.

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Whilst the main Allah had lot I usually Raja Mycenae be patients, Allah subhanaw taala and not let your efforts go to waste. I want to end with a story just from right here in Arizona.

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There is a prisoner that you have in this state of yours. I don't know if he's been transferred to another high security prison in Amman, Geneva.

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And there was a protest two years ago.

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In front of the maximum security prison about ma'am Jamil is being held.

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And the sudden attention that was directed to him,

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at least led to enough pressure that was created that a surgery or cataract surgery was done to where his vision was at least historic.

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You know, what

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if he's not free from prison, and I hope that nine times out of we will be fried one date, and a lot of those that will use us for hen and for all of the innocent people.

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At least he can see now.

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Now I'm sure matado we need to make sure that he sees the skies again and let he sees his valid again. But at least he can see if you can't free the captive feed the captus is some capture the person care for the person.

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If you can't change their circumstance, walk with them in their circumstance. If you can't pay their debt, advocate on their behalf to the debtor

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while still thinking along a regular version lesson, but be patient their brothers and sisters every single good effort that we have ahead of us is important right? Do not let the shape on come in between you and those mug and those good deeds because just like he tries to disconnect you on an individual level from doing the things that will bring about more benefit in the hereafter. He tries to disconnect you from the things that are important on the community level

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that bring about glory and victory to this.

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May Allah subhanaw to add to give victory and glory for our brothers and sisters in the Sunday. May Allah subhana wa to add a foil the plight of their enemy may have lost Japan and what's sad, seeing them where they have been starved may allow us to kind of try to comfort them where they have been hurt and the loss of kind of will to add up make the feet for May Allah subhana what's added allow them to find nothing but his Lacrima nothing but his mercy in the places where cruelty has been shown spelt May Allah subhanaw taala clip in their hearts certainty and may Allah subhanahu Utsava grant them martyr Dr. Grantham shahada when they are killed, and grant them healing when they live

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and may Allah Subhana Allah write down for lent the full reward and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, allow us from a distance to be in their service right now. May Allah subhanaw taala guide us to the ways in which we can

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be helping them most effectively. May Allah subhanaw taala accept their do as and accept our due outs, and they allow some kind of what's out of united their rights and unite our ranks. And may Allah I know it's out of bring about us at a community level at an individual level that which brings about his blessing and His favor. A male was supposed to purify us and purify them from the things that bring about hardship upon this earth may Allah Subhan Allah to add up, allow our brothers and sisters and Philistine to see full freedom. May Allah subhanaw taala add up in the face of an enemy that wishes us nothing but death, give us nothing but life as an online so loss of

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parents added to give victory and life to the sun. We asked the loss of talent to add it to give liberation to absorb and to allow us to pray and a free most of the upside. We ask Allah subhana it's out to destroy every time it may Allah Subhan Allah to how to follow their plans. May Allah subhana will to outta make their means of power to tile May Allah Subhana Allah to Allah render them the weak ones may Allah Subhana Allah to Allah give victory to the oppressed over their oppressors and from a state and all over the world Ilana I mean we had that stuff a while and you're not gonna miss out on this in the past I feel inaudible for blocking

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assuming that he knows a little bit about I mean what are wondering about a lot I mean when people try to paint a llama study with similar data cannot be coerced to become a million Salomaa Harding and southern minor it will suffer yourself into some it could be a lot of free money and you know totems to the nail and submerge the shed and in a mountain that the Samira recovery but what woodworker, what a lot of us are wired for I don't know whether to open a wall and personnel and on top three that are coming up then a corner and I'm in alpha city in London the car fall and carrying them to fit with alfalfa and a lot I'm not going to be where they are but come on man come our

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borders have been a habit and as long as you know the reality correlate to your * limit subpoena Imam Allah on sort of finding masala fina fee for listing alarm and search warnings for life in a fee for listing. Allah Hama crinum elmen Wanna see Euro Allah on Mokona hamara women wanna see Allah Hammadi the big week DO I DO WE him? Hola Marika. b I do whatever I do we have Allah Allah in Arabic Pacino fruity and when I rose will be coming chivalry him Allah Malaika divided in humming love mighty to this one the meet Allah and latika wanting me Allah ethic of widening and widening is finding things that meet about a lot of light a little bit that Demodex on what you put up while

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we're not on the fascia your monetary What about the area we'll come down to come to the Chrome festival long as we can. We're still running they're not easy to come. Whether they call logic up to up Allahu Yun Mata Sal and Watkins

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