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So then I want to start

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with the famous thing that inspired me when I was studying as a student, and that was, my teacher said to me once that let's contemplate upon something. He said, Okay, let's do it. So he goes, has the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left any book behind for the man came

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and we all went quiet.

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Some said the Quran Some said Bihari, some said Muslim, some suitable Mustafa

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and our teacher said that he not he did not leave behind anybody.

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Even the Quran we hold in our hand there was hazard or smart about the Allah who and who brought who brought it into a format of a book.

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So where was the Quran at the time of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam with the body come from within Muslim come from with with Timothy come from with the co2 mostofa Come From where did all the hat ahaadeeth come from? The Quran got compiled? And on top of that, we see that we have so many sera books where did they come from? You pick up any Hadith book yet to be Buhari or m&e Marja or any book of Hadeeth, you will always find hazard Abu hurayrah the Allah who and who has narrated, has a shadow the Allah who on her has narrated, has read more Avia has narrated, and you go on and on and on. And you see that the companions have narrated and narrated, you never hear called

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, and you do not have a son. And before, you will never hear that the process that I'm said, you say how do you know he said, and you say such and such persons such as such persons such as, and you'll get to one of the Sahaba and one of the Psalms that I had submit to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So makes you realize that 124,000 Sahaba at the time of the passing away of Rasulullah sallallahu. If

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you go to Gen two Bucky, there's only 10,000

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we did 114,000 Sahaba go, they spread all over the world to pass the message of Allah ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah.

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But these two things that the prophet SAW the lives and worked on on 124,000 people, and remember, they have all ages, children, youngsters and elders and beyond elders, ones that are close to death.

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He said, he got them to change the thinking. He made the thinking pakusa he made the thinking, but you know a purified the thinking then he got them to purify their tongues. You see that the Sahaba gram you see the has the oma or the Allah on on who is such a person that the when the shaytan you have to see him the shaytan used to cross the other way. But he is the same person that if someone disrespected Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he would hold his tongue. Because the process honestly, he wouldn't say anything out of respect the process of talking to control your tongue, then you see that the control the thinking to such a point that one day that the Sahaba or the Allah will come

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out their homes. One of them comes at home and says that I feel like a monastic and has a MOBA karate alumnus is it? What are you seeing? You feel like a monastic was when I'm at home, I feel something else. And when I'm with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam I feel something else has. Because if you feel like that, I feel like that. So I must be a monastic as well. They went to the prophets of Allah is an apostle and explained to them, the when you're at home, you can have gone to relaxation. But when you're amongst the pious you spiritual, like right now, the nasheeds. And through all these things, we spiritually uplifted, we feel closer to the profits of the Life Center.

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But when we go home, you're going to get engaged, and we're going to forget, this is the nature of human beings. So the purpose here is that these two things that are live with you today,

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and especially if you have children,

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this two things that you see that the tongue only narrates those things that the mind holds. So if your thinking is purified, your tongue out, automatically becomes purified. And then you see from a local man, and he salatu salam and the Holy Quran, he says to his son, three nnessee has that he gives what you will complete on but before we get to that he knows coming back to the tongue and the thinking when you have a child at home yet to be of the age of five months, nine months, a year, two years, three years, four years, five years, whatever the case may be, or even if it's 15.

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So what we tend

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to do is that our child is one years old, and they may be music be playing through the advertisements of our televisions, that child and adults as well. But the child mainly because we know through, you know our education systems in the in Britain that education is more easier to serve to children because they hold it faster than the ones that are older. We know this. We also know that if certain actions happen amongst children who are young, we will understand that they will have some kind of, you know, some kind of impact upon their lives. So, you know, the most common issues that we have amongst our children today is autism. dyslexia, why do these issues come?

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Is because parents cannot hold their tongue in front of the children upon fighting with each other, arguing with each other, cussing each other. It hasn't mental impact on the child's life. This is not me saying this. This is not so Manuel v Center. This is the doctors in NHS. This is a scientist scientists have proved this, that it has a detrimental impact on a child's life. Now look what our Dean tells us. When the music is playing and yours and your daughter or your son's audio hearing is recording.

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The audio hearing is recording and is looking at something that he shouldn't be looking at yet to be an advertisement or some kind of stupid cartoon. It's also starting to record the footage. And that child is only one years old, but is recorded that footage is never ever going to need that child. And it will have an impact on that child's life. When they get older. That's when you start asking yourself what went wrong.

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What went wrong? So for example, my daughter, she's been calling me Baba since the age of five, right? And now all of a sudden, she's watching this cartoon with the singing a daddy song so my daughter comes in Daddy, Daddy, pick it up, not as a bad thing, but they pick anything and everything up. So if we were to purify our homes from the filth of the 21st century, to purify the minds and the tongues of our youngsters, then this is what will get us closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala because the first thing Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam done with 124,000 of his companions was fixed, they're purified their minds, purify their tongues, and we also have an

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obligation upon us to follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sunnah and purify our young child's mind and their tongues, and the only way to do it is purify their surroundings. mela swatara gave his ability to act upon that. And then we come to look man and he salatu salam, he gives a son nisida at the age of two three, he goes to some do not commit ship. Allah Martha has brought this in the Quran. Luke manisa to Sam tells his son did not commit ship. You asked me if I was to tell a two year old boy do not commit you're gonna say Why are you saying this to the young boy? Don't commit ship because we understand that the shaytan when he targets an individual, especially a Muslim, the

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first thing he will target is your toe hit your oneness upon Allah subhanho wa Taala you try to dismantle and destroy. It doesn't have to be by believing other gods. It could be believing in reality of Allah what is Allah? You know, we have so many different ideologies spreading in the 21st century mela Mandela keep us secure from these. But then look, Manali salatu salam then goes on to say to his son, that respect your parents. This is another thing that we need to emphasize and on madrasahs and people need to tell the children the numa of what happens respect your pain, are you going to think to yourself, why would I tell my child not to respect me? I'll tell you what happens.

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It's when you're angry with your wife. And you're shouting at her or when she's angry with you and she shared a they're losing respect for both parties. Or when you want you know, you're angry with your wife for the wife's angry and they want to gain those brownie points and you get your children involved. You come with me?

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You You're ruining their respect for the parents there. This is destroying generations to come because this is not naseeha from my mouth. Allah found it so important to reveal this to Rasulullah sallallahu Sunnah what happened at that time of Luke manatee salatu salam because this is the only way to safeguard our young children of today. And then the last point Look, man and his salatu salam tells his son, he goes that numa aware how what happens I'm saying this among words. Even if the size of a mustard seed was to be hidden, chucked in the desert, hidden under any rock in the earth. Allah will know where it is. He's also teaching his child the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala that

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Allah subhana wa Taala is so powerful, the what you do, you walk you talk you speak you sleep, you eat, you come home, you do whatever you go to school in the morning. This is only because Allah subhanaw taala has allowed you to do if your parents are alive today is because Allah zanoni f f daddy's brought food home for you today is because Allah has given us the ability to do so.

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So there's three things to share with Allah and not only this doesn't only mean the ship with Allah believing there's more than one God, I also believe the actual right act either of the actual Suna will Gemma of the Akita upon Allah subhana wa Tada. Then we go on to the second point, which is never ever disrespect your parents. Because if Allah is meraz with you, if Allah is if your parents are upset with you, Allah is upset with you. And if your parents are happy with you, Allah is happy with you. So do not put our children's in a position where you've taught them to disrespect you and they end up having to face a bathroom. And the third point is it's teach your children no matter

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what happens from A to Zed, anything that happens in your life is only because Allah allowed it. Teach him the power of Allah. Our children are learning the power of Captain America The learning the power of Iron Man, the learning the power of how the land the power of you know all these superheroes which don't get me wrong, you know the cool Nola but what I'm seeing is that they're not understanding the power of Allah. They're not understanding the mate of Allah Almighty Allah Subhana Allah is an appoint one more point I'll conclude that a 15 year old boy came to my Mother Teresa, may Allah subhana wa tada grant and complete success in this dunya this story has inspired this

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dude, he has made me feel that any hitmen that I have done since the time I became practicing. If this one, if this is this one deed and I'm content, the insha Allah, Allah will accept it in such a way that inshallah enterpreneurs

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this young boy comes to me his mother comes to me, she goes, my son is our last plot. He doesn't listen to me. He doesn't do this. He doesn't do that. Allah Allah Allah blah, blah, blah and brings the sun to me. So now the sun sitting in front of me, I'm like, how you doing? Man? Your egos? gonna be here, man. Because why? Because I don't believe in all this Quran and stuff. masala Solomon is 15 years old. And I looked. And then I said to his mama, who says you become this? No. Have you ever talked to taught on how to place the law? No. Have you ever told him your lies? cubby cubby?

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And you're like, No, you come and you just chuck them from Melissa from some kind of you don't want to say can be and is going to be.

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So then what happens is I keep this young boy with me for one year he comes to alpha. And he's coming from high five to seven. And he didn't learn a thing. I never taught him a word of the never call him Salah nothing. He used to come. Seven o'clock is a co star you cannot go I'm gonna go

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to such a point I was gonna get sick and tired of it by the 12 months. Then Ramadan comes. So make an announcement amongst the students that this year I'm doing it the caf in UK and Glasgow. So who wants to join? So the young boy goes was Ithaca

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because 10 days we're going to send the Masters gonna be pizzas on all the answers and blah, blah, blah. And I made them all excited. He's like that really? Seriously, can I come? Okay, come. He goes home and he says to his parents, I want to sit in the car.

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And he comes back to me saying my Dad Mom not letting me sit the golf

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phoned up his dad.

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Because I don't want to become extreme man.

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Because when you're talking to the man is your lead. This guy was denying the loss of Montana two months ago. Now he wants to stay in the house of Allah. And look at this boy earlier. He ran away from home. The police came to the masjid with this boy.

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He's looking at the copy coming out now.

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And this point, it's 10 days into the Surah Fatiha Len has at the here land his Salah. And then he was so passionate he goes mana cannot leave them as one day.

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And actually let them be miserable.

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If you did the wrong or repeated unit read, so much shocked that I went away after Ramadan. And he was calling me every day to study when you're coming back, man, when you come back and our check comes from the mosque every single day. Our children all they need is empowerment. They need an identity, who is to give it to them as parents, they're not going to find it. If you want them to find it themselves. They're going to find it in some drug dealer or some, you know, some gang they're not going to find it from nowhere else. So May Allah subhanaw taala give us the ability to understand the religion of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

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sallam, he is truly a guidance for all of us and the Sahaba Chrono Trigger guidance for all of us. May Allah Subhana Allah give his ability to act upon what's been said hi