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AI: Summary © A woman named Mrs. Malhotra challenges her success by facing challenges such as poor economic conditions and the loss of her family. She became a successful chef and moved to the Middle East, warning not to be the ones to blame for anything. She later becomes a successful chef again and challenges her success by proving her work and encouraging her to build a reputation.
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Bismillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah

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my topic is

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the power of a mother.

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And in our time especially certain challenges are increasing divorces, increasing family, breakups are increasing. It is increasingly putting women and families in very vulnerable situations, especially psychologically, where they feel that they are, you know, in a position of weakness, what do I do and so on and so forth. So,

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I want to tell you that, perhaps one of the most powerful individuals

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on the face of this earth is a mother.

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I have a, I have a knack for searching great people in history. I like biographies.

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And I study their lives like a puzzle. You know, what made him become that so Halsey did something great. What made him become that one of those people that I came across as Alexander the Great,

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hands up those who have heard that name, Alexander the Great.

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Alexander the Great is great, not by the definitions of his friends or his posse or his great by the definitions of history.

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You know, he left Macedonia, conquered Asia Minor, went to Bella the Shang, conquered the Levant, came to Iraq, took over Babylon, came to Persia, took over our lands, went to India, semi conquered India, and then made his way back to

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to Macedonia and died on the way.

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you ask yourself, what drives a person are relatively young, for a conquest as big as this?

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Cause it's not an ordinary thing. You know, I don't see you getting up to conquer the world. Yes, it's not an ordinary thing. So I rewind and search, you know, what was it that made this person this great Alexander, and the secret is, is an utterance of his mother, according to my humble analysis.

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His mother used to tell him this.

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She used to say, You are the son of Zeus.

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Zeus in Greek mythology was the God of gods. He was the biggest. And obviously, I don't encourage you to do this, what the hell happened? We are Muslims. And this is, you know, issue of, you know, this is just to to establish my point.

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And she used to tell him the story that when you were in my womb, I had this extraordinary experience, and you're the son of Zeus.

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So can you imagine a child feeling growing up with such a self efficacy that I am not in the realm of men, I am one of the gods. He was 10 years old, they bought a gift to his father, a horse that was untamed, the Father Himself Phillip was a king couldn't go near it. But this young Alexander sighs I will jump on it and tame it and it will become my mount. What made that child so confident, such a degree of self efficacy that I can it is the utterance of that mother. So to myself, the most powerful being is the mother.

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And don't think this is just Alexander the Great go search the annals of human history, where there's greatness, there's a mother that made it

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and a lot of times these mothers was single mothers.

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And some, although they were married, but their life situation was still single.

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Robbie Otto, right. He was one of the big scholars of Islam, but his father was in the army of the Son of Man of naphtha and he went towards our areas for our son.

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And then he lasted for many, many years. And by the time he came back, the younger young Robbie,

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you know, would have been grown into a man. But before he left, he gave the mother 30,000 coins. You know, he has this look after yourself.

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back for our sons a long way off.

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When he came back as the son that he went to the masjid first.

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And then the masjid he saw.

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There's a young man sitting in a huge multitude around him. He is one of the seven fuqaha of Medina.

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So feelings like what a man with an achievement, he came home, the young man is still in the mud. He doesn't know it's my son.

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So he came home and talking to the wife, he goes, What did you do with the 30,000?

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So she said, Go to the masjid, you will see your son.

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So he went to see Subhan Allah and he said you spent it well. Did you see the one that made that ordinary? Robbie and to one of the giant of the scholars was the wisdom and the thought and the planning and the strategy and the vision and the outlook of that awesome woman who could have gone and bought shoes but instead she bought an education and a life for us to look look up to delta medcom

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the famous man in america Holla Holla Holla Holla. Mr. Malik, the scholars say in in Amman Malik is a giant of the underline.

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They say the young man wanted to be a singer. Did you know that? Malik Rahim Allah Malik wanted to be a singer. And Malik's father is paralyzed. Did you know that

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Emma Malik's father is paralyzed.

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He was very limited so he used to make arrows that was his way of living used to make arrows and sell the arrows.

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So Young Malik

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told his mom I want to be a singer singers were looked after and you know those pomp and ceremony around them. So this this intelligent intelligent intelligent creature that is this mother of a medic Rahim Allah Allah tells him says Malik

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singers are good looking.

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And this is to just sow doubt in his head although Mr. Malik is very good looking. And they Korea on the last one stay young and good looking.

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And instead she directed his attention towards the you know how she went and bought him clothing of the allameh you know the the turban and in the Bish and and she used to wash him and perfume him and sit him up and then ask him questions on the sofa. Malik how many Raka isms or so a Malik used to feel like a scholar and Sipho

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she changed his projectile towards

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and understand this Muslims. You don't need money to create greatness. You don't need resources to quit all resorts research state stays the same. It has the capacity of the mother in the capacity of a teacher that builds greatness.

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So interests sparked in the heart of Malik, and then the rest became just mechanics. So one of his famous chefs is Nazca Mola, Abner Omar

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you know the student of abnormal

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and the freed slave of ignore model and this is called the Golden Chain of narration and Hadith for those who who study Howdy, the Imam Shafi from Imam Malik from knafeh from ignore Omar from the Prophet of Allah they call this the golden chain

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nothing was a strict man he you know he didn't have time for people all the time. She can ask questions you know time wasting. NACA

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Rahim Allah Allah wa Viola Han used to go to the mosque at a specific time. His Doris was from this time to this time if you have questions, ask them one time home you do not intervene and interfere I have to do my research and my study.

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So Malik knew that knew this and is sitting in a gathering where there's huge scholars he would never get the chance to ask. So look at the in genuity of demand. A product of the thirst for knowledge that the mom has instilled in him who used to go and wait outside the house of NASA.

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And then he used to walk with him to the mosque. just pretending This is coincidental, and when they used to take their shoes off at the door, Malik used to take his shoes off and look at the chef and say Salaam Alaikum and then they used to enter after the dogs in the Salah used to finish you know because chef my shoes is next to your shoe. I'm not stalking you.

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You know, this is coincidence. He used to walk back with him and now they had acquaintance they knew each other. So he used to say she asked what about this hadith And what about this hadith and Malik became Eman Malik at the hands of this lady.

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Amen. Muhammad Ali Elisa Shafi Rahim Allah tala go search history.

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He was some scholars say when he was in the womb of his mom, the father passed away. Some say a couple of months after his birth, the father passed away who made

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Mohammed Idris, a chef, a mama chef.

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And what did she have? financially? She was very poor.

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But she designs the whole curriculum of this young lad more than any scholar of our time could she took him to Makkah, go learn the Quran now. She sent him to this Roberto right? go learn his manners before you learn the deen from him.

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He became a high office started to study Howdy, then she said you need language. So go to the desert near Makkah and go and stay for years with the Arab tribes. So that your language you become master of the language. Go to Mr Malik and Medina and studied the mawatha and Shafi man, you know became as a mama Shafi at the hands of this woman,

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my sisters they have talked that you know that time is very limited to speak but

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you make or break the future generation.

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In you brothers have a responsibility to build an educate an honor and respect and make mothers and sisters who have the capacity to bring about greatness or you can keep them you know the backward and educated immaterial and matted individuals who will bring generation after generation of failures.

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And understand this and you know, so far my evidence is from history. Look at the Quran because you will say your stats what is deleted for this you go look at the Quran.

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When the mother was good, look at this man. alayhis salam, single mother brought him up in the desert from a father who left him there since young and came back at old You know, when he had reached manhood, had she been a poor mother, a weak mother, and you know, an unfaithful mother, she would have poisoned his head with Where was he for your second birthday? Where Why didn't he buy you this? Why didn't he come for your celebration? He didn't even give me a Valentine's gift. Instead, when he comes years later, a prophet of God seeing this man in alayhis salam he utters this proposition, my son I have seen in a dream and me as Barack that I am sacrificing you from Dharma

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the Torah, then see what is your opinion and the upbringing of a righteous mother is this Yeah, ever defilement tomorrow, Saturday we do need insha Allah or my father do as you have been commanded, you will find me by the grace of Allah of those who will bear it patiently. That is an upbringing of a righteous Mother of an intelligent mother of a farsighted mother. And when you look at the other side, the wife of a prophet Baba Allahumma salli, ala T. Nakamura, hombre de Loup Kanata

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hyena for Hanukkah, Houma, two wives of two prophets, new Han lute, la hymn of Carlos Lara tamata slim, and the father is a perfect yet the mother is a disbeliever the son became a disbeliever and the fact the Quran recorded

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my son come with us and don't be of those who are left behind. He says, I will go into the mountain I will resist the punishment of Allah, Allah so Allah destroyed him new holla his Salam says, He was my from my family and you promised the protection of my family. A lot of Buddha says he wasn't from your family in Ramadan. He was. He was an unrighteous deed. Do you see the mother? My sisters, perhaps for some The time is too late. The children have already grown. I give you an advice lot of bolkiah from the depths of my heart. Bring up your children to become

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successful parents and successful upbringing is of the next generation.

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Otherwise, the graveyards will become filled with capacity and jewels that never reach

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The flourishing

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generations will come in generations will go for your time and patience I thank you I have I have taken I have trespassed on your patients yet again. My a lot of will reward you and guide you and God you keep your brother in your door our salamati Kumamoto, la Baraka