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Mohammad Qutub
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the lack of men in society and how women are not taking responsibility for their behavior. They also mention a recent article about a woman who wants to take care of her mother and her children, but is not living up to her expectations. The speaker suggests that women are not responsible for their behavior and that men are not as important as women.
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good friend of mine very practicing.

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And was a student at one point as well.

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was about to get married. And just about to get married, we were talking about things what he wants what he's looking for in a wife. So

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stay at home wife, nothing else. No work. No, you know, career and all this stuff. Forget that. My do his he's quite open minded but on this women, I want my wife to say it. Okay, very good. So you're gonna provide her? Yes, he got married.

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I think it was about three or four years later, he started seeing

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the wife go out and work and, and earn money and this and that.

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Just a few years ago, you were telling me, No, she cannot go out and he laughed. He laughed his heart out. Because he realized that he switched diametrically the opinion after he got married, possibly because of seeing the the burdens the burdens of the economy and of life. Okay, it is unfortunate that in some of the economies, I think and in some countries, the situation may force households to go to a double

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income situation, right, and they wouldn't be able to survive otherwise. And then yes, there has to be some kind of sharing of responsibility. On the other hand,

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what you were mentioning from the issue of men, not spending on their families, this is a big issue. And now I'm speaking to the men, the men and the guys in the audience, what are you doing?

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Are you are you living up to being a man and fulfilling,

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they will get there eventually, I see one brother, Mashallah. He's had his responsibilities for a long time.

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You have to fulfill the responsibilities saying that I am the man, and I'm the leader of the family. And you are responsible for the fact this comes with responsibilities, you don't fulfill this responsibility, guess what, the women will come and say, You cannot spend, I have to go out and work and then she ends up spending. And this is, you know, until now, I cannot fathom such a situation would be in some situation, men volunteer to provide the all the provisions, but still the wind want to work. Okay, so maybe they want their French lady she wants to work, maybe she wants to have a career. That's okay, as well. But again, then each family is going to have to deal with that in case

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by case basis. What about the kids show other kids? How are you going to deal with that? How are you going to raise them and so on and so forth, then each family that becomes a case by case basis in that situation. But what I'm trying to say is there's a lack of real men in the world. And this is a fact. And that's why a lot of women are trying to fill that gap now. And in fact, I read an article a recent article by a Christian author, saying, without, you know, completely, honestly, I want to submit to my husband, I want a man to take care of me. I want to be in tune with my feminine side in that way. What that can only happen with upright, morally, upright men, who will be responsible will

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take care and so on, so forth. And there's a lack of that. So it seems that the part of the problem as well is men not living up to what their expectations. Were not living up to what it means to be a man to be responsible to deserve what Professor mentioned, Allah subhanaw taala mentioned LP women.

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So there must be no training newsflash py

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is not just by virtue of your mustache.

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Okay, be my father Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah me man, fuck woman Awali him. And because you are you are spending you are responsible. She may be making more money than you. She may be maybe more financially successful than you but guess what? She is not responsible. If she decides to spend on the family that is out of her generosity. If for some reason she doesn't want to she doesn't have to your response you have the responsibility in the sight of Allah

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Okay thank you doctor for this plan patient okay now

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