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Wahaj Tarin
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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

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Illa Illa law who law Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar rowallan Hill Hamed? Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hill Avi mill hobby remota de Alhamdulillah Hilah de la Torre, Fuji boo boo Mattila de Alhamdulillah Hila de la Sol g ba de Subhana hoomin. ala Hina Avi me young Pharaoh no Baba Yaga de la la la la la la Whoa, behind Wahby Hana Mu tobyhanna en la her Nova de what a shadow and now the mana Potawatomi mama Luna over to IE Mohammed Ebony Abdullah agudo rasuluh wasafi Yoo hoo mean hello to Holly you know, Otto Salah huka patelin CBC urine one is de la

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la la he be in the new he was CEO Roger Mooney la favela, Orissa Allah. Allah wa sallam for Casa Por La Paloma. wotja hydrophila haka jihadi hot, holy Athene Allahumma Jessie here hi Yolanda Jessie tena Bian Amati Rasulullah and under our tea, what is it about my beloved brother and most respected elders, mothers and sisters, Rama won the Academy

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and our world in the human world.

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When a young individual and a young person opts to go to an institution to learn and get qualified to get an education and graduate, he does it with certain incentives in mind, and those incentives are that I will graduate with these competencies. At the end of this I will have these skills, these skills will lead to these jobs, these jobs would lead to these rewards these rewards would lead to these happinesses Therefore, I am giving the talk today forgive my throat gave up on me towards the end of Ramadan. And to make matters worse, the mic system is not at its best. I figured I shift some of the blame on this.

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the talk is aroma one Academy. We enter it and a lot of Buddha says goodbye quotevalet como cm Kana katiba la la Deena Min publikum la la quinta de *, you enter this Academy to attain taqwa to attain Allah consciousness, one of the outcomes of this academy in Ramadan, you learn to become Allah conscious Subhana Allah, look at this, the throat of the human thirst, you want water halaal water, pure water, water that doesn't need any stamp or certification to establish that it is higher than that yet that pure halaal water is haram for you. Why? Because a lot of biologists said so. So you move towards that. And you remember my lord said no, that makes the heart Allah away. And Allah

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conscious and Allah fearful and Allah obedient and then the stomach hungers, so you go towards the fridge, food, is there halal food, nice food, good food, yet you say no. Allah said no, Allah said no. gentleness. Subhana. Allah said, No, the heart remembers its Lord constantly and regularly at every step, the body lusts and desires. You have a halaal spouse, you know, Allah said, No, Allah said no, therefore, constantly insistently persistently just being drilled in that listen, your Lord is watching less than you're in obedience to your Lord. And for 30 days or 29 days, you persist in this. And then this is during the day, and at night, you stand between the hands of your Lord in the

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night after night long sessions of prayer so that the heart links to its master, the heart becomes aware of its master, the heart becomes obedient to its master. The heart listens and remembers its master a whole 30 days of this passes, and at the end of it, you can't help but have become a lot conscious of law away have a degree of taqwa in your hearts. And this is the outcome and the product of this month. taqwa

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taqwa of Allah Allah Majeed a product of this month is suffer. You learn to be patient, patient on following

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The commandments of Allah patient on avoiding the harms that Allah has made prohibited patients against your Shahada patient against your desires, patience against lying patient against hurting another Muslim patient against backbiting. So much so that you even lock up some of you will allow him to Elmina, the boxes of shaitaan that you call TV in your houses. Therefore, this is the month in which you learn patience in the obedience of a lot of Buddhism. It is the month in which you feel the pain of the poor and the pain of the hungry, those who are searching for crumbs of food, you who have your fridges fold for the first time in a year or in your lifetimes for that you feel the pain

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of that poor person whose lips are bleeding, dry or dry. To the extent that it has cracks in its bleeding because it can't find food. Look at what's happening around the world. Subhan Allah that Allah in Syria gave fatwa to the people of Syria, that it is okay for you to eat cats and mice, because you don't have enough food to eat. And you're sitting here what Allah Hill hamdulillah Mina, an abundant luxury, so you feel their pain. And then in this month, and before the ending of this month, you give this a cast of filter, so that you can help those brothers in need. Now that you have learned their pain, you associate you mix with them, you extend the hand of help towards them,

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so that the Mirage is that on the day of no Muslim go hungry, every Muslim, young and old and so far as if nobis was concerned, even the infant in the womb of the mother for him he used to give three and a half kilograms of wheat or barley or date. So in our country in our time, even rice, three and a half kilograms for every individual and the household, to the believers to those who are in need to those who are needy to those who hunger to those with us. So that on the day of July is another day of celebration. And on the day of graduation, every Muslim goes to bed happy and full with a belly full of food and sha Allah Tada. These are the competencies, these are the qualifications of

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Ramadan, but what does it lead to? What is the what does the stock will bring? What is what is the benefits of the stock who are listening I will race through it in sha Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allah and understand that Allah is with the ones who have Taqwa was Maria tuna and and this is my house. And therefore a lot of bluster says I am with you if you have Taqwa, I will support you. I will honor you. I will protect you. I will defend you. I will exalt you. I will be there for you. Carla subhana wa COVID, Allah, Allah and Allah says he as your other reward, what law who you have been Allah how you have been Makati? Allah loves those who have Taqwa? What is the love

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of Allah? Allah calls gibreel Yeah, jabril I love so and so love him. gibreel Allah is Allah Subhana Allah de COVID-19 ohshima t mocha in some mean that Mighty gibreel starts to love you puke a little human, you human jabril was one of his 600 wings, lifted a whole city upside down that Mighty gibreel he starts to love you little human, little, little insignificant human. And then gibreel alayhis salam comes out to the heavens or inhabitants of the heavens Yama, Allah aka your Lord loves this person love him. The heavens love you. And then the heavens called to the earth or inhabitants of the earth. The inhabitants of the heavens love this person. Love him. So Allah put your love in

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the heart of every righteous and we don't need the love of those who are not righteous when Allah Hill hamdulillah Mina, this is the product. The benefits of taqwa. Allah Buddha says it's Malika la barakaatuh Allah, May, Allah, Allah hoomin Amrita Yusra, whoever has stuck who have a lot of Buddhism, we will make his affairs easy. We will make his life easy. We will remove difficulties and obstacles from his wife. You are having marriage problems have Taqwa Allah will remove it. You're having code problems have Taqwa Allah will remove it. You're having financial problems. Allah will remove it. Listen to the code of Allah. Allah is a woman, tequila, tequila, tequila,

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Raja woman.

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Whoever has the taqwa of Allah, Allah. Allah promises I will find the way out for him and provide for him from means he didn't anticipate you will get your food and your provision

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Your risk and risk is worse and we'll see a lot of bourassa will give it to you from means you didn't anticipate My time is short, I can't go into elaboration. But I made the salad. They are stories that a lot have been provided for them from means that they didn't anticipate, well, they couldn't count and therefore this is the promise of Allah. Allah Azza wa bolkiah Allah is the same of law. It happens even today in our times, righteous Muslims of law provides for them and it's happened amongst yourselves from means you didn't know where this came from. And a lot of bluster says, your child who Maharajah while you're in high school. This is your this is your rewards in

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this life. And let's look at the Akira applaudable ISIS a is jealous of Hannah was a hero to endora little motorcade. subpanel harlot the whole of Europe belongs to the people of taqwa you are resurrected from your grave, there will be people who will be crawling on their faces. And you wonder how but understand the law that made you walk on to one the legs today is able to make you walk on your face the other day, Allah Subhana

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who we will resurrect those who have Taqwa the people of taqwa when Ashura tequila rough man he was a rock band. But the people of taqwa and the day of judgment when they are resurrected, they will come out and they are horses ready mounds ready for them come right to the meeting of your Lord the day where others crawl on their faces, the day where others walk in fear, what is the state of the Motoki when humankind's are shaking? When when the prophets are nervous? A lot of Buddha says in mustafina fee maka, I mean, I mean, the people of taqwa will be in a safe location. Allah will look after them, then Hassan is finished, then the service is finished. And then

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comes the issue of gender or jahannam. Allah subhana wa Sadie Oh, Ilana filati murghab become agenda. Otto has to watch out for that little move and rush towards the mercy and forgiveness of your Lord and the paradise the expanse of witches, the heavens and the earth. Made for the people of taqwa my Allah Buddha, instill taqwa in us and put taqwa in us and make us the people of taqwa. Now your 30 days of training is finished. Allah, Allah is the place that for you 30 days of training is finished. Now you come to the world of reality, and Subhan Allah I told my brothers last night those who are with us in Africa, wearable Kaaba, as Muslim camp, you can sense the presence of shaitan all

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over again. Now the field starts again, you are in training, you are just shaytan was locked up your whims and fancies were under control. Now, the real battle starts now the soldiers put in Battlefield shaitan is back your desires are back your Shahada back, stick to what Allah said, stick to what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and this is your success, I will conclude with this follow the month of Ramadan of fasting with the six days of fasting and chawan and your Lord was included for you as the holiest fast

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except from you your fast and from us hours, your Salah

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen

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so Panama.

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So Panama

Eid Khutbah 2014

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