Death Will Come No One Can Run From It

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Death will come

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with unanimous consensus. There is not a scientist on this planet. There is not a rabbi in the synagogues. There is not a priest in the churches. There is not any Imam in the masjid. There is not a scientist in the universities that have any differences in this, that every person will die.

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unanimous consensus colonna sin, the total amount, every soul will die, whoever has lived will die.

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The young will die, the elderly will die, the ritual die, the poor will die, the king will die the servant will die Cologne, F sin. colonna Fs in the equatorial mount, every soul will die. Now I want you to imagine this I want you to imagine a group of criminals 20 or so criminals they send you a little note we are going to kill you

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you know how you will live

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you'll barricade the house you know when you go to sleep you'll push the wardrobe next to the door so no one opens it your wife loses white you will go gray you know the

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criminals have said I don't know what criminals you guys have here but you know just how long ago they the criminals have said they're gonna kill me this gang has said they're gonna kill me forget about Hamas imagine a government tells you you're on a hit list of some government on a kill you you know secret? intelligence is coming. You you shiver you you go gray.

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Oh my goodness, death is coming.

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Imagine you're due for execution.

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Yeah, they don't tell you the date when they want to execute you. They say hello. This person should be executed. I don't know if you have capital punishment in this country. You don't have it anymore. So

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if you're in America and so on, they have capital punishment. So you're on death row you're waiting for death. You know what's coming every day. It's a difficult day.

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Because why a few humans have told you you're gonna die.

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Now no human a lot of bullets that tells you Kowloon of sin that you will die. I will kill you.

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And you live in like you're not gonna die. I do that don't you think?

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If a human tells you you're gonna die you'll do a doctor tells you you got three months to live you go you're three months. Just three months.

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Do you understand? Now a lot of telogen School loan F's in you you will die coloane F's in the battle mode you're oblivious to it? But you will die. There is no escaping of death Allah Subhana palainian Farah kumin Ferraro say running away will not help you in follow to minella mode to will partly what is the latter matter una elaphite Lila? If you run from death or you hide from it, you won't get far away.

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Where are you going to run from from there?

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There is no running from this.

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You grip Komal moto contemporary. Guru Ji macheda say death will catch you even if you make 45 towers and put yourself in the tower and surround yourself by Gods and surround yourself by infrared and put rockets and missiles and yeah, death will still catch you there. So paranoia. Can you imagine an aeroplane is flying 1000s of feet above the ground and the man goes heart attack dies the man tells me how the heart attack was another angel came and got him.

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polyatomic molecule molten lava killaby can say that angels that secret assassin assigned for you will come and get you is no hiding from them.

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If you could hide from death the aeroplane would have been a safe place Why is the person dying? The if you could hide from the air a death submarine would have been a safe place. Why do you die in a submarine? If you die if you could hide from death hospitals would have been a safe place. Why are they dying there? You've got everything you need that death will come.

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In America kuno wherever you are you Drake Kumamoto kuntum Fie, Buju macheda. So remember, this life starts. The test starts when the rule comes in the body

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You become accountable for that at the age when you reach maturity for your deeds at ends the day you see the angel and death comes to take you

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This is the first step of the journey of the soul it comes to you

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at Inception you know 120 days after that, it leaves you with death

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from this inshallah onwards, you know where you are in the grave, and then the euro and so on and so forth, we will cover in, and the rest of our lectures in sha Allah Allah.

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But my dear brothers, it has been a pleasure to come in and be a mixture, a lot of

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accept our efforts in yours. And I pray that this little reminder, first of all benefits myself. And then and then my dear brothers, brother, and remember that regularly.

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This is the this is the examination pipe.

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Do you understand, it's like a student doesn't recognize is an exam coming. So he lives in fun. But when when you see it,

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you know, you want to, you want to play you want to muck around, you want to do this and that. But you go no exam is tomorrow, you understand me when the realization comes very close, you will become a better student, the more you remember the exam.

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So what we used to do when we were kids, we used to have a calendar, and we used to cross days off, you know, 10 days to the exam six days to the exam, because used to motivate you to study more.

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Yeah, the scholars tell us and the hardest tell us remember this regularly, it will regulate your lives. Don't think you will live forever. That's that's a very silly way to live.

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To live thinking I will live forever. It's a very inefficient way to live.

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Live remembering that,

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that will maximize your efforts on righteousness and in life.

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I miss this, I miss the stories of the Salah. They used to remember death in abundance.

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One of them and this is not an encouragement to anyone. He had dug

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a hole in one of the rooms of his house

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in the shape of a grave. So whenever he used to feel that he's distanced too far from the memory of this, who used to go and lie in that grave

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to visualize this, and then he used to come out of it and say thank you for giving me a second chance.

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Do you see how it was very important for them to keep this right in front that any moment I could die I must be ready for the meeting of my load.

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That type of person lives a very different life compared to the one who is oblivious of death

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so the Heidi's told us

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increase in the remembrance of the destroyer of pleasures.

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You know there's there's a girl you're chasing and heroine and

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your whole focus and mission has become that yeah and towards that you might commit that doesn't hold on. visualize this. Bring death it will make it very clear for you what you need to do.

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You're in a heroin business. Yeah, you have money and imagine death just visualize it.

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Put yourself say I'm in the grave they're putting sand on me Am I ready for this is this is this good for me. It will make things very life will become very clear. If death is staring at you in the face. So remember death regularly.

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Parts of the things that will help you is to go to the to the to the graves once in a while especially when you make data for them. And just look see what type of graves are there in the graveyard some of their 14 year old versus

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16 year old person

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I just heard from my brother 32 year old 32 young

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32 year old man fell down.

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no warning healthy Alhamdulillah well good family everything this counts.

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What's the guarantee that you will live here I will live here and I won't have a heart attack down there or a car one hit me or rock one fall on me or

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The ground won't swallow me or something. Do you understand? What guarantee Do you have over your life?

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kings kings lose this young young son I was watching. Yeah a beautiful handsome handsome young man died. Son of a king young man like us the sparkling out of him

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and the father was all the kingdom can't stop the death

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what guaranteed to me and you have the tomorrow will be ours.

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So my dear brothers, any opportunity that Allah has given you rejoice and celebrate in it use it to its maximum repent to your Lord regularly you will sin colo bani adama hapa we will send we will send this is you know we are weak but as soon as you sin fall down in such a dense that repenting to a lot of

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make Toba and obey in a steadfast they are up to up to you like you're up to all time sorry. And understand this water buka la furusawa and your load is off forgiving, Most Merciful. This is enough for you. When a lot of bulldozer says of our BOC will be how many shareholder hemmati was the article a my punishment will reach whoever chooses but my mercy will cover everything that's enough for you. You enough hope to turn it over to a lot of bullets.

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Will you read the law on YouTube Allah and Allah wants to accept your Toba so just just like tower

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and ableman have them become 11 but the one who repents from the sin is lucky has never committed it. Isn't that sufficient?

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So make your Toba and over in my a lot of bullets are granted Kabul and then you'll remember this poor soul as well in my a lot of bluster Forgive me in you and overlook our shortcomings and forgive our sins and join us together and shout louder and for those that Allah what a blessing it will be to see your faces then we meet each other and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is there.

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The arrows say a beautiful thing called villetta Zoo had the Aubuchon rabelo cabul woroch A Tabby Billy, I mean what the camera enabled was all

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the anxieties of my heart will persist until I am given the glad tidings of acceptance, my book and my right in my eyes on the results.

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Imagine the joy your book is given in your right in the Rasool is there.

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hallows May Allah bless the resurrect this with the Prophet without for us because of our love for him although our deeds are short