A Common MISCONCEPTION About Prayer

Tom Facchine


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Allah doesn't need us to do anything. All the worship is just for our own benefit has nothing to do with a loss found the odor.

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No, needing us to do anything. And that's kind of I think, a carryover from the Old Testament. You know, imagining God is a jealous God or something like that, or, you know, he's gonna get jealous if you're worshiping something else, or if you're not worshiping Him. That's not really a very Islamic way to imagine what's going on. It's for our benefit. You pray, it benefits your soul, it benefits your afterlife. You give in charity, it benefits your soul. It benefits your afterlife, it benefits people around you. So everything that we have in our tradition, it's about it's about true benefit for yourself.

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true benefit for yourself, not just in a material sense, but in terms of your soul, and your afterlife.