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Abdul Nasir Jangda
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Santa Monica Monica to La Habra got to discipline us agenda from color Institute, coming to you once again with a special session of the ultimate Hangout. 30 days 30 questions about the month of Ramadan? The question that we have today is, if I feel sick while I'm fasting, what do I do? So there were a couple of more specific questions that we got, for instance, somebody asked, but if I throw out what if I vomit while I'm fasting? Well, there's a very explicit authentic narration from the prophets, a lot of that kind of settles the matter in regards to this one of the prophets a lot, he said, um, says, if somebody vomits, unintentionally, they vomit all of a sudden, unintentionally,

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then they're fast is not invalidated, it is not broken. However, somebody vomits intentionally deliberately kind of makes himself throw up, then that will invalidate their fast. Similarly, if somebody throws up and then swallows it, that will also invalidate their fat that will also break this fast. In all these scenarios, where it will break their fast they will only have to make up for that day, there will be no penalty no cathedra. Just about they'll just have to make up for that day. Now, to answer the question a little bit more broad. The broader question here. Well, before we even go forward, if somebody did vomit, unintentionally, not deliberately, they vomited,

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unintentionally, their fastest not broken. But if it was very serious, and that person feels very seriously ill afterwards, then, of course, it's understandable, they do not have to continue fasting because their health is just not allowing them to continue. And that leads me to the broader question that we received as well. What if while fasting, I just feel sick, I feel nauseous, I don't feel good. Does that invalidate my past, then just not feeling good? feeling sick in and of itself will not invalidate your fast do you have to continue fasting? Well, that depends. And the Quran is very general and disregards human cattlemen, Kumari, and whoever is appealing, well, whoever is

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sick, and each person, every person will be the best judge of what they can tolerate what they can't tolerate. And so you're basically going to have to take a look and see whether this is something you can handle, you can get through the rest of your path, or you definitely cannot go forward like this, you can handle this, this will make your health worse than in that situation. Go ahead and break your fast and you'll have to make up for this day. But there'll be no penalty, because you honestly, sincerely just do not feel good, you are starting to come down with something, you're starting to become ill sick. So therefore, You are excused from fasting from that day, go ahead and

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break your fast take your medication, hopefully, you're able to recover so that you can continue fasting the rest of the month. Now, when I talk about whether you can handle it or not just a couple of personal recommendations about that situation, how to gauge that situation. So maybe if you're very busy, or you're outdoors, like I live in Texas, so it's 100 degrees outside while we're fasting, I've been outdoors for a few hours, and I start to feel really sick, then if I have the ability to maybe I go indoors, maybe I go back home, you know, just take it easy, the rest of the day. And if that allows you to get through the rest of your fast, great and fantastic. If you don't

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have that luxury and it just keeps getting worse, then of course you'll have to basically, you know, break your fast and just make up for the day afterwards. So it's a very subjective thing. But you really honestly sincerely want to think about your situation. See if you can continue fast and see if there's anything that you can do to help you complete your fast but in any way shape or form. If you really feel very, very ill and continuing to fast will worsen your health, then you most definitely qualify with the hold on causes muddy and you are somebody who is not feeling well. You have the opportunity you have the ability the exemption from fasting until you feel better. So go

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ahead and break your fast take your medication, hopefully inshallah you feel better. And then you can continue fasting for whatever is left fundamental Ramadan. I hope and pray everyone has a healthy Ramadan, and everyone is able to complete the month of Ramadan in good health in sha Allah. Again, this was the column Hangout. If you got any questions, we only got a couple of days of Ramadan left. So if you have any questions that you'd like answered, please send in your questions via Twitter, Facebook, the comments of this video, or email questions at parliaments youtube.org. Just remember to title or tag your questions with hashtag column Hangout. I look forward to try to

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answer all your questions, which is optimal level Hayden was said I'm Ali Khan Rahmatullahi wa barakato

What if I feel sick while fasting?

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