Roaming Ramadan #08 The Final Return – Venice – Torcello Island – Italy

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The speaker discusses the " roaming centers of the world" and the " roaming plane" in the title. They explain that the " roaming plane" is a return to the " Remember" movement, where individuals and groups will return to their former ways of living. The " roaming plane" is a return to the " Remember" movement, where individuals and groups will return to their former ways of living.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers my sisters Islam Welcome to another episode of roaming Ramadan we are still in Venice, Italy in an island called to shallow island we just arrived now beautiful masala Kala, as you can see the water is just everywhere as we described earlier. And as hola we were told that this island is inhabited by less than 10 people. Now historically, I'm not sure the details in why this island ended up in this way to be managed and lived only by 10 People's Power long. But what came to mind when I learned this information? Is its power a lot, alim, how many years? Or how many more years? Will these 10 people survive and live on this planet earth?

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Because we are told in the Quran that colonias sin that a cottonmouth every soul shall have a taste of death, we're gonna die sooner or later. So if these 10 people on the long run, passed, then who will inhabit this land? Who who will actually get hold of, of this part of the world? Of course, the obvious answer is the government will get in charge and the government will take down the land but but that's not the point. The point is, the reflection that we should have as believers as Muslims is as follows If this piece of land would be inhabited by others, then who will inhabited the entire planet earth when we all die? When Allah subhanaw taala call us call us back to Himself who will

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inherit this planet earth Allah subhanaw taala told us in the Quran, in numerical order, amen. Allah how Elayna your job and we will inherit, we will inherit this planet Earth and whatever is on it. What Elaine i or Joan and to us is the final return. Human beings final return is Allah subhanaw taala where Allah will question us and will put us to account about what we used to do when we inherited when we live. When when we used to enjoy the the beauty of Allah's creation Subhan Allah Allah him so remember my brothers and sisters in Islam, whatever you own whatever you inherit from your parents whenever whatever you possess your bank accounts your cars, your homes and remember one

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day all of that you're going to leave behind Unto Allah subhanaw taala is your final return as you can see an entire island

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with its goodness with all the hierarchy all the provision I didn't go inside yet so Pamela and I'm not planning to go to I'm a bit tired or if but an entire island they gave us about 40 minutes to run the the island and get back to the to the boat behind me here. I don't know where is the boat now? Yeah, it's over there.

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45 minutes, but I'm tired. But the entire island is left for 10 people who Allah subhanaw taala alone knows when will they return to Him? Likewise, the entire planet earth one day will vanish and everything will go back to Allah subhanaw taala so account for the day work for the day and may Allah Subhana Allah have mercy upon our souls when we return back to him. I mean, I mean me. Somebody can work for me