Ramadan 2022 #26 – Prophetic Duas to go to – Expecting The Best From Allah SWT

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers and sisters in Islam, just like how Allah subhanaw taala had revealed in the Quran powerful words da supplications for our benefits so that we may use at will when needed Allah subhanaw taala had also revealed to His Prophet beautiful words of wisdom supplications prayers and he told us in the Quran lock on their cannula, common fear also, he also worked on how Santa to lemon

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law how only a woman

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law her keffi Are all the Prophet Muhammad SAW Sal and the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala is certainly a great an excellent example for you to follow, especially for those who have hope and Allah subhanaw taala and the day of judgment meaning hoping that on the Day of Judgment in sha Allah, Allah you will receive the good news of Gen Y that God Allah cathedra and those who often remember Allah subhanaw taala, vicar and a DUA, vicar you dry, your supplication is a form of remembering Allah subhanaw taala a DUA, who Elijah the prophet Muhammad Salah essentially do it is the essence of worship. So today in sha Allah Allah we're going to list a few of those beautiful

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words that the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim used so that we can also reuse them repeatedly as much as possible so that when trials strike we are equipped with the necessary weapons to go back to Allah subhanaw taala to lift them or perhaps to prolong them so that we may gain the benefits of our patience, perseverance and contentment when these trials show up. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam used to say immediately after he wakes up every day every morning Allahumma inni Iluka Hydra head and yo will higher omega what how do we come in Sherry had the yellow washer remember that from the beginning of our day? Subhan Allah Allah Allah, the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam would

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say, Oh Allah, I asked you the goodness of this day and whatever comes after it, and I seek Your protection. I seek refuge in Your power from the evil of this day from whatever may seem to us as evil and unbearable and whatever evil that may come after. And you know my brothers and sisters in Islam we don't know the unseen we don't know what may come tomorrow. So protect yourself from the start of your day. by reciting this beautiful dua in another dua. The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam used to say every morning Allahumma fell to the center let you all or Eileen Willoughby wash ahead, La Ilaha inland or up Baku, Alicia in WA Malika, who became interested in FC Yeoman, Shari

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shaitan Iwasaki, well, Tarifa Allah and FC Su and Rahu Illa Muslim look at how the prophets Allah Allah is telling us to reach out to Allah subhanaw taala in dua, learn the DUA, my brothers and sisters in Islam, the fortress of the Muslim, one of the books that were published years back and it became very popular because it contained some of the most authentic dogmas of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam obtain the book it's available for free on the internet. It's even available on mobile apps, get that book and read every morning every evening whenever you can do those do for your own benefits and protection in this God the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is acknowledging that

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Allah subhanaw taala is the originator the Creator of the heavens and the earth and that he is the Knower of the unseen we don't know Illa Illa and another acknowledgement, that there is no God worthy of worship except Allah subhanaw taala alone when the Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim sought after protection from Allah subhanaw taala I seek refuge in You from the evil of myself, and the evil shaitan and his encouragement for us to do share corral with me Allah subhanaw taala protect us all and I seek protection from bringing any evil to myself or to any other Muslim or to any other individual. So be careful here as much as you want Allah subhanaw taala to protect you from any harm

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remember, never too wrong or harm anyone else another beautiful da In fact, it's one of my favorites is when the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Bismillah Hila de lado Roma asked me he shall you on film or the wildlife Summit, WA who was semi all ally in the name of Allah in which with his name, nothing is harmed on earth or in heavens, and he's all hearing all knowing Subhanallah it was all part of the Allah Anwar Allah who narrated this dua saying that he heard

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The Prophet Mohammed Salah Elias I'm saying that whoever recites this Doha three times in the morning nothing will befall that person no southern calamity will touch that person until he reaches the evening and if he recites it in the evening three times, nothing, no southern calamity will be fooled such an individual until he reaches the morning what else do we need my brothers and sisters in Islam to expect the best from Allah subhanaw taala and if you fear any sickness, any physical illness, then here is the dua to go to Allah Who nothing if you've had any, Allahu Matheny, if you semi Allahumma Fini, feeble Saudi or Allah grant me well being in my body, grant me well being in my

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hearing, and grant me well being in my eyesight Subhanallah all the we tend to forget all these dots. And when we're afflicted with calamities, we complain we cry, we demonstrate unnecessary sadness for getting the cure lies in the words and in the guidance of the Quran and the guidance demonstrated in the life of the prophet muhammad sallallahu Sallam Look at this. The Prophet used to recite this dua every day three times in the morning and three times in the evening. This is the dua to go to, if you fear sickness, and one of the things that I want you to reflect on is the evening Subhanallah when we go to bed and sleep we have no clue. We don't know what is going on throughout

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these hours of the evening. And that's why the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam advised us to recite how to be kalimat Illa he met him in Cherie Mahala, I seek protection and refuge in the Perfect Words of Allah subhanaw taala from that which he had created from all the creations that we have no knowledge of Abu Hurayrah May Allah subhanaw taala be pleased with him. He was stung one day by a scorpion and he told the prophet Muhammad SAW seldom who responded had you recited these words out to be kalimat Illa he met him in Shari Mahalik it would have never harmed you Subhan Allah Allah Lim we tend to forget this even how Allah or the Allah Allah has she said that the Prophet SAW Selim

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recommended this dua during troubles, especially if you stopped at one station. So if you were traveling and then you rested or transmitted somewhere for a period of time, the Prophet Muhammad SAW Sam said whoever recites that dua during that time, nothing will harm him until he leaves that place. So Pamela Lee, so here is the dua to go to, if you fear that evening, or unknown places, how about if you're already in pain or perhaps going through some sort of sickness? The prophets Allah wa sallam told us to place our hand over that area and recites three times Bismillah Bismillah Bismillah in the name of Allah subhanaw taala because with his name, remember, nothing will ever

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harm you and why three times in particular? Well, the Prophet SAW Selim didn't really tell us the reason however, when you look at doctors when they prescribe medicine, they also don't tell us why we should take the medications or repeat them three times a day and the like. So for Muslims spiritual healing is also very important. So long as we use the Quran, the words of Allah subhanaw taala and the guidance of His Prophet another da, you should always consider whenever you experience some sort of pain or sickness is placing your hand over the area and recites I will be kalimat Illa he will put the Rati he when Sheree Magid will hazard seven times I seek protection I seek refuge in

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Allah subhana wa dal and his absolute ability meaning in his ability to cure the sickness from whatever I fear and whatever I'm going through because Allah knows your pain, Allah subhanaw taala knows the torture that sometimes we go through as a result of experiencing these illnesses or these pains and the final dua on my list because the list could go forever. That's why I advised you earlier to grab the fortress of the Muslim book and keep it with you wherever you can to memorize as much data as as possible. So whenever you experienced those situations, you are equipped with the necessary tool to fight back to reach to Allah subhanaw taala for protection and in this guy, the

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Prophet sallallahu sallam was asking Allah subhanaw taala to protect him from eight things. Allah who made me out to be criminal him me while hasn't Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala I seek Your protection from anxiety and grief, sadness SubhanAllah. When we reflect over this, we should pose and say anxiety did the Prophet SAW Selim really believed that there's such thing as anxiety, sadness, grief, the Prophet SAW Selim, knowing that he's the Prophet of Allah would really experience sadness. We already mentioned before in various videos that the Prophet SAW Selim was crying in demonstrating how sad he was upon the departure, the death of his own son, Ibrahim, so yes, the

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process of them went through these experiences, but how did he

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behave when these trials strike that is the art that we should master and learn as much as possible while our Dizzy while Castle then the process continues by saying yeah Allah protect me from inability, weakness and laziness because these two things could prevent us from worshipping Allah subhanaw taala from waking up for Fajr and Subhan Allah when these things happen in our lives when we neglect our duties to warn Allah subhanaw taala then all these difficulties start to show up in our lives. Well Bookly will do and stinginess. Subhan Allah Allah the the Prophet SAW Selim in another narration, he said that the generous person is close to people people love the generous

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person, but he's also close to Allah and close to John and Ill behaved the stingy person is far from people. Far from Allah close to hellfire. Well, I had to be there. So generosity is a big part of our religion. And the Prophet SAW Salem used to be on his best, generous mode during Ramadan. So imitate your beloved Prophet Muhammad wa salam and show some generosity and ask Allah to protect you from stinginess and cowardice, while Dalai Dany Wakata region, and the burden of our debt and the oppression of men Subhanallah the the Prophet SAW Selim would recite this dua, every time he would dismount his camel during troubles in specially in Hiber. That battle but the point is seeking

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refuge in Allah subhanaw taala seeking protection in Allah subhanaw taala has power from these eight things is really essential. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, I hope that we would in sha Allah not stop at these limited dots that I mentioned in this episode. I hope that you can go beyond that. Another thing I hope you will also share this series with others. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us. And may Allah subhanaw taala reward you in manners that you've never imagined. I mean, I mean, I mean Jack Ma hyaluron a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh