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The speakers discuss the importance of raising awareness and funding for the upcoming year, particularly in addressing issues with the customer's phone. They also talk about the diversity of the customer's demographics and efforts to help them achieve their goals, including helping veterans achieve sustainability and affordability. The speakers emphasize the importance of finding avenues for healing and finding a source of comfort for oneself, as well as helping others find the right people to guide them through their daily lives. They also mention their success in the community painting program and the importance of helping people to find the right people to guide them through their daily lives.

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salaam aleikum. We're here with Ayesha Wahid Mashallah your friend, founder of my room, I'm not able to hear you. Oh, she's not able to hear. Okay. Let's see, we're gonna get this fixed in sha Allah.

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For those of you tuning in, I'm not sure if you could hear me or not, please indicate if you are having any problem. Hello, are you able to hear me? I can hear you. I can hear you can hear me. Okay. As we are going to fix it, there's an error. That's

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stem. The mic is on, we're going to see what's happening in sha Allah. You still can't hear me?

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Okay, so inshallah we will be getting this fix for those of you who are tuning in, stay tuned, because we've got amazing information to share with you with the founder of my roof organization.

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We're gonna get to, you know, it's always tricky. It's always tricky when we have the technical issues, and we do appreciate your patience, this is going to be well worth the, you know, your your weight and your patience inshallah. So how are we doing with the sound?

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All right. Thank you so much, everyone for being so patient. I'm gonna call you and you can hear me okay. Can you hear me now?

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Okay, perfect. All right. So Salaam Alaikum and welcome. We have the founder of Mad rules Dallas organization, I show why he was a dear friend and the Mashallah we're so excited to have you on. So now Michael.

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Okay. All right. Now I need to be able to.

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Alright, so I think we have it now. So please tell us a little bit about the organization about Madras Dallas, because we have partnered with you in this Ramadan mindful Ramadan. We want to raise awareness and raise funds for this amazing organization that you have. Could you tell us a little bit about it?

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Yeah, so first of all, I think

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for most, giving me the opportunity and money,

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ability to work to serve Him. So I take a look at all the opportunities that are enabled.

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To bring on bringing awareness.

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But I

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Mashallah. So 15 years of just serving the community and 10 years of Dallas, my narrow have and you've been serving the refugees, could you tell us the demographics of the people that you're helping, and that way everyone knows, I know that you have like this transparency, the policy of being very transparent and, and I love that about your organization.

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Better, you have to

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kind of understand what

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we're actually very thankful that they're able to come

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United States, and we're able to, we're able to help them.

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The speaker on the audio, now know, when

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a majority of the refugees that have been coming into the United States, especially in Dallas, this is a hub of refugees where

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majority, a certain percentage have arrived in Dallas, Texas, much.

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Approximately, how many do you have like on your date database? Okay, so when I deal with refugees that are coming in, mainly they're from Syria, Iraq, parts of Africa, Burma, in Korea,

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you know, different camps, there may be a different nationality, but coming from a different camp from a different country. So as we're speaking of refugees, that's kind of where the overlay of diversity of the people that are arriving, okay?

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It takes in close to 10,000 plus people in our database, Allah, Ma sha, Allah, that's the whole process of my rule is that it's not a matter of, you know, just going head and giving, it's a matter of knowing them one on one, and make sure that they're comfortable when they arrived here that they have someone to lean on to, right and plus, on their financial, from their educational level, from budgeting, from language skills, from employment, from driving skills from making sure the children have, they have the adequacy of what the schools provide for the children. So it's like, if you kind of given like, it's kind of like you have a brother or sister of your own family coming from another

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country and then settling them in Mashallah. So from A to Z, you cover everything as far as housing, food, education, getting a driver's license, so you help with in every area, and something else. Michelle, I think that's that's amazing how you're not just addressing, let's say, feeding them. It's not just one aspect, you take them on, like you said, like your actual brother and sister. And this is why like, in on the mindful Ramadan, we're calling it it's like the unser project, where just like, you know, the people from Makkah came, and they just adopted them as family. So I think that this is, is a beautiful cause and 100% of the donations of what work, you know, what is being

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donated, it's going straight to Maduro for this cause. And, and, and Alhamdulillah. Tell us about that in sha Allah.

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Oh, basically, you know, I believe in transparency, right. And I, if you get 510 1500 10,000 5000 it's not, it's almost a thought up. But as soon as for each of us have what we could give right? Now, my my aspect of that is that if I'm going to use $100 on the family,

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I will have to gauge that $100 of where that $100 is really going to take them right.

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In the four months ago, he settlement we have a process of each month where we make sure they reach sustainability. Taking mine I don't give, we don't we don't give them money in their hands and say here's $100 and you spend the way you want to it really isn't. That's not the process at all. If they have rental issues and they lost their job and they're not working certain amount of hours. Our process is basically looking

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had all their financials, meaning their bank statements, their check stubs. Well, how many hours? Are they working? Are they working enough hours? Do they need a second job to supplement? Do they the spouse to supplement them? So it's not a matter of the $500 in theory, though, because they're gonna be stuck into that same rut, right? Yeah. So you're regulating, you're regulating everything you're gauging you're directing. Because obviously, there was some possibly whether it was mismanagement or being in a very misfortunate situation, you are helping them to be to have a sustainable income, which is so critical. That is incredible. Mashallah, I want to ask you also

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about the there's some homeless Muslims as well, here in Dallas.

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Yes. So I'll tell you how my roof, really, the overall of maruf is people who are displaced. So the category of refugees hit models, right, because there people have displaced, but then we have people who are homeless, who are also displaced. And I, honestly, the last four years, I didn't realize that I was going to do a thought type project of working with homeless people. Because if the process actually really applies to them, as well, so we have something down really well. And let's try to apply it towards the homeless people. And when I went, and I actually worked in shelters in homeless shelters, like, from, by like four to five hours, shelters, I was amazed on how many Muslim

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homeless people we had. I was in the notion that I was gonna go and help non Muslims. But I was completely shocked that going forward, I have been working with only Muslim homeless people now.

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It's a big, it's a big meat that is arising in our community, because the poverty level is so lower, I mean, the poverty level is just falling below and below, right. And some people have a lot of, they weren't doing successfully well, and they don't know where to come, because they're not a refugee, right fall for cracks, and they don't know where to speak up. Now, when you're getting a certain percentage of Zakat here and there. It's not, it's not sustainable, it's not sustainable. Can you share with us one of the stories a personal story of one of the homeless Muslims that you have encountered just just to bring it just to bring it home just for us to really feel what it's

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like, because sometimes we just see it as just some numbers, some statistics, but I really would like for our viewers to realize the stories behind these individuals.

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So my main thing is that when they some of the times they I get a random phone call and say, there's a brother in the parking lot, or there's a sister here, or can you just talk to them, and but the way my roof works is not to hold off. It's an immediate response, my emergency response, it's an immediate response. So I'll give you an example. There was a brother who just came up to me on one fine, cold day and came into our office. And somehow he called on a Sunday afternoon, and I just told him, I told you, he didn't say he was homeless. He just said, I need some help. I said want to come in Monday morning, when the situation that I saw him and he was shivering. And I said, Okay,

00:13:54--> 00:14:20

can you take me? I was shocked when he said, I'm living underneath a bridge right now. And I said, This is my first homeless person that I actually have a huge success story with. And immediately we got in the car, and I said, I really want to see where you are at. You know, I mean, I have to verify exactly what this thing behind what

00:14:22--> 00:14:26

we drove. And we found him under our 635 Bridge.

00:14:27--> 00:14:43

He has a little tent, she's hidden in the woods. And in some way really, like it was just, I can't even imagine like, if you don't, you can't even see that he's over there. And I said, Why are you hiding? Why aren't you in a pack? And he said, Well, because I get robbed.

00:14:44--> 00:14:46

Every night whatever I earn.

00:14:48--> 00:14:52

me as a little tip. He had a urien little

00:14:53--> 00:14:59

container where he he hasn't showered for days and basically, it was just really hard to see

00:15:00--> 00:15:34

See, this brother was been living like this for five to six months, while five months of living in a tent, afraid that he's gonna be robbed. And not showering. That is horrific. And this is in Dallas, Texas. And this is and so what we did was we immediately took them off from the chance that you need to say bye Kia can't take your belongings, we situated them an apartment, we have to mentally work with him, like from a mental perspective, from a physical perspective, from a spiritual perspective,

00:15:36--> 00:16:10

is just the financially financially I wasn't so worried about because I knew I was gonna get it from the apartment, getting him a car getting my driving license, because there's no credit. He has really bad backlogs. So once we got him with sustainability, we established him he said he knows how to paint he, he's back in Bosnia, he did lots of work like tile work and so on. So we started him a painting company.

00:16:13--> 00:17:02

He is on his feet. He was he, I mean, he does so much work around the community painting and that's how he is supporting him. sama, that's an amazing story. So from homeless being in a tent, to now being an intern, independent entrepreneurs so much Allah, it's beautiful to hear stories like this, and there are many, many more who need this kind of assistance. And I know that you work nonstop, you're just tirelessly doing this throughout the year. And I know that during Ramadan, it's it's so much more on you more effort, and you're feeding how many people on a daily basis, Mashallah, how many refugees and homeless people? Yeah, so it's homeless refugees and people who are under poverty

00:17:02--> 00:17:03

level, right?

00:17:04--> 00:17:27

That you and I probably in the community, what kind of note that they're, they're not going to be able to help the porch. So feeding wise, we feed close to each day, we're on Saturdays, we have a grand barn just this last Saturday, I'm sure you'll share some videos. But we had the 300 and muscle mass

00:17:29--> 00:17:30

or a new star

00:17:31--> 00:17:34

box worth $150 worth of groceries.

00:17:35--> 00:18:03

The whole reasoning behind Ramadan is each day we're serving close to 100 people and we serve by physically handing it to them to their homes, because these are people who are not able to make it to our ethos. These are people who are disabled, and we don't want to trouble them. They know they're not able to come right beside them. So we physically go and make sure just like the answer

00:18:04--> 00:18:50

I was mentioned, yes, I believe physically working in the work of Allah. That's amazing. That's amazing. So 100 families are being fed a day 300 cars, but that means you know, their each family has probably four or five. So that's incredible the work that you're doing and all of you sisters and brothers watching you can be a part of this, you can share in the reward Mashallah you're doing the hard work, the volunteers are doing the hard work, and maybe not everyone can come in and join the effort physically. But we can all donate to this cause and every penny is going to go directly to the individuals who are in need of it. And you can put the link I'm sure that link is on and you

00:18:50--> 00:19:37

can make the donation any amount. And to thank you for the donation, we're going to give you lifetime access to all these amazing lectures that we have on mindful Ramadan with all these amazing speakers and female scholars. And there's a beautiful workbook that goes along with it with the quotes and actionable items. We want to just say thank you for joining this effort. Because when you donate it's like the the rewards are multiply. And you get it back I wanted to share a story there was there was an opportunity for someone who was very much in need that I gave, it was about probably $150 that they needed. I gave it at, let's say nine o'clock at 10am. I was given it likes

00:19:37--> 00:20:00

upon Allah 2700 came in to me very unexpectedly. And it was like Subhan Allah when Allah says he multiplies what you give, and when you have that you're happy and you have that conviction that charity giving in charity doesn't decrease in your wealth, it actually increases it so when you do it with that intention of helping someone a brother and

00:20:00--> 00:20:20

Sister and also your your wealth is multiplied and you're protected from calamities because we're all fearful of calamities that could happen, right? We see so much happening. So what have you witnessed as far as like the bad cat that comes the blessings that comes with the lineup work that you're doing? Mashallah.

00:20:21--> 00:20:36

So I feel like this is the best gift that Allah subhanaw taala has given me in my life, my Salah. The reason why is that because you are able to see miracles that happen throughout the day, throughout the years that I had,

00:20:37--> 00:21:19

when you're helping you're able, and I wanted to let the viewers know is that unless one of the Lord knows what our knee is, and what we get towards, right. And it's amazing how that means that you have major intention of giving how the Buttercup I'm already able to see it when you're helping others like some some donors will take, can you just make the word that this is the knee I'm giving it. And it's amazing that how I'm able, I'm the middle person able to see how it's benefiting the donor and benefiting and then need, right and it's just so many miracles happen in that process.

00:21:20--> 00:21:24

That's why I really believe that prophets Allah is

00:21:25--> 00:21:40

an act of charity, the act of giving, it's cleanses our soul, it cleanses our needs, it cleanses our hardship. And just like everyone else is watching, I am in that same boat. Yeah, I'm in the boat where

00:21:42--> 00:21:51

I want I'm looking for the opportunity where my deeds are multiplied. Yeah, it's like trying to get all the tokens. Yes.

00:21:52--> 00:21:56

Yes, yes, you know what I call it, I call it the edger jackpot.

00:21:58--> 00:22:45

You can hit the edger jackpot. Because, you know, if I donate and we have a goal is $100,000 inshallah, during this month, because we have live lessons every day with mindful Ramadan. And every day, we are hoping that you will take part in this and right now we are at $14,269.78. And Mashallah we know that we can reach this target. And I know that you are going to put this to get such good use with getting these people on their feet, feeding the families, keeping their dignity, because that is one of the hardest things when someone faces this challenge of losing losing their home, not having anywhere to turn to not having job, and what do you do in this situation, and to know that

00:22:45--> 00:23:01

you are here, this organization, and you are going to keep the dignity of the Muslims, and you are going to help anyone who is in a very desperate situation, it's just phenomenal. And I'm so happy and proud and honored to be a part of this.

00:23:02--> 00:23:34

So I'm thankful and thank you, thank you. And I'm thankful to Allah subhanaw taala as well, you know, it's not, you know, when you lost one of the lessons, you're not able to miskeen will just not come to you, right, you identify who the mosquito will be. So that's a big job on our part, to ensure that we're, and it's amazing that people who are too shy to ask for help, that you have to seek them out. And you have to make sure that they're being

00:23:35--> 00:24:07

you know, the love that. That's the Why make every day that I love. Let me find the people who I need to help guide me make me the robot that we can go out and help each person and that's where the miracle happens. You with so many people, it's not us, it's Allah, Allah where the doors being added, connecting you with so many people that you and I wouldn't even think about during that day, month or the year that these people have been going through this.

00:24:08--> 00:24:37

It's the divine intervention when you make the DA and you have the sincere intention. It's like I see those miracles on a daily basis as well and i i love the work you're doing May Allah reward you. Tell us a little bit of your experience. I know you came on to mindful Ramadan last year share with us what was your experience with that? So amazing was that I think last year was your first year mindful Ramadan, you launched it last year correct.

00:24:39--> 00:24:59

The Bible Ramadan as well. So when I joined what I basically during the day had joined in and I I was so moved by all the speakers that were speaking at that time because you know, when you when you need to learn something from the speakers or situations that we

00:25:00--> 00:25:15

Men are going through taking mine we as well. People who help we are also tested for almost one on Allah. Allah tells us people who he lost the most. And at times you need that strength

00:25:16--> 00:25:37

and you need something that you are probably also facing in your life and you know you're good at one thing but you don't know how to handle the other part of it and so I really found a great intervention when I was last year in the mindful Ramadan and there was so many speakers who moved my heart

00:25:39--> 00:25:43

throughout definitely your words always inspire me but

00:25:44--> 00:26:08

Ford staff whole program and you know putting putting our dean and make in the FIBA and making us believe that we have to leave it to Allah subhanaw taala and that he's the best of all planners and being confirmed and you know, we're going to be tested so we have to push through the test Yeah, and it just it that's what I did to me and

00:26:09--> 00:26:13

last year was a very difficult year for me and

00:26:14--> 00:26:32

some of the times I had to I wasn't questioning the faith but I was just okay how do I how do I push through this or how do I push through this this other feeling but it only bring strength here right when you

00:26:33--> 00:27:20

find avenues of how to heal yourself so that's what it's done and I won't ever forget it what it did for me last year masala I'm so happy that it was a source of comfort and inspiration for you and those of you who are watching and you can be a part of it as well it's a mindful Ramadan and it's a free program all Ramadan and if you want to you know take part and support this amazing cause of supporting our refugees our Muslim homeless community in Dallas we will give you you know daily updates about what is happening on you know on the ground what is the masala feeding the feeding them on a daily basis the weekend activity so, just a cola Hayden I said thank you so much for

00:27:20--> 00:27:23

coming on today. I know you have a lot going on.

00:27:24--> 00:28:00

May Allah give you strength upon strength and good health. And may Allah bless your family and May Allah remove all the calamities, all the trials and give you and each family member good health and cure the ill and cure the sicknesses in all of our families in sha Allah and and really reward you for the exemplary work that you're doing Mashallah We're so proud of you. And and it's exciting to do this, I can't wait for us to reach the school and help 1000s and 1000s of the people in our community in sha Allah.

00:28:01--> 00:28:48

It was Thank you so much. And that's exactly it's not the it's not the money part so much but the money is an asset as well and it's when you see that it just gives you the drive of how many more people are going to help us preparing us also allows Naveen navigating us through where to seek help and because we're he needs our hands and legs to do this work. So he's navigating us through first and the most important thing one of the dogs I made at the Kappa is y'all law us me and your service. And when I note that the I just saw so many doors open up and so you just you just comply Allah uses us and inshallah that lots of hair comes from it. All of you tuning in please be a part

00:28:48--> 00:29:24

of a mindful Ramadan join us on a daily basis to be inspired because it's all about taking our worship and transforming our character and part of having a good character and emulating the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being charitable during the month of Ramadan and throughout the year just to beautify our character because he did come to complete our character so inshallah together we can be on this journey Thank you so much. I said it was wonderful talking with you and I look forward to all of those you know all the stars and everything that is going on Michelle law shall learn Shall

00:29:25--> 00:29:59

I have your own mana so I make the water from the last one I thought that make me use of this service and let me die from the service. So in sha Allah you have me 100% is like a lie we need to healthy and alive and you have so much muscle Allah that you're contributing and really may Allah put more people such as yourself with this level of integrity and this level of Mashallah dedication throughout the year. So thank you so much. And thank you everyone for tuning in. You get to see what all of this

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

why there's such excitement for this. For this project much love we're going to give you daily updates just like a love hate on your thoughts. Thank you so much strongly, highly cost to lie baetica to