Taqwa is Understanding Consequences

Yahya Ibrahim


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my last video

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why should

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Why should you?

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la parte de

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la la

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la sala

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what's up from LA I live

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in La

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Liga, your subject,

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and the law always litigate with the principle of law which says that we're paired with

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the law,

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we testify that none of us would be a butcher by a law, and that the purpose of the law was such that it is worshipping the slave and final message, as it has been for the last few

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years at our school. And this is a two parter that I intended for it to be something that's relevant for you as a young Muslim men. But more importantly, that it's something that is a life lesson that you can take on into your future and be able to share it with those who are near and far. Last week, I spoke to you about the importance of honesty and that your word is your bond is the thing that hold fast to the loss of time and speaks of a strongest hand hold. And the only way to withdraw that your word to a law is

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a law. That's the thing that you hold on to with severity and strength, to make money from those who are infuriated and seeking the truth in this life. So you will be rewarded in the next. Today, I want to speak about one of the most important aspects of gaining maturity, and coming to a sense of awakening, which is that as you begin to develop and as your age advantages, but more importantly, as your mind begins to grow, you will come to learn that one of the things that separates you from other things created by a law is that you will have an ability to predict future consequence. And this isn't something that other animals are able to understand.

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They're not able to understand what will come tomorrow, or the day after you need to reason with your pet cat and say to the patient, I will give you food in two hours. It doesn't understand the time and space in that sentence. But you and I

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have given the ability to describe and learn things that are

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the basis of us being given this knowledge.

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And understanding that what we say, what we write what we do, what we perform in our life has very much of consequence today, but into the future.

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The younger you are, scientifically speaking is the less likelihood that your brain has developed an ability of understanding consciousness. So as you were young, your parents would worry about you crossing the road or coming close to the sidewalk. Because as a two year old, three year old, seven year old, you still couldn't understand as much as an 18 year old that what I do now could be life or death if I cross over this cycle.

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And for that reason you find in a lot of countries around the world that there's an age where a person is no longer dealt with as a child, but is dealt with as an adult. And for almost all of you seated in front of me under the age of 18 you are still considered children in the eyes of the law that we actually do perform are not the same as I

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do with good performance.

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This is very similar to what we have is

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I want to jump out today to understand the words of the problem.

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Until the law, it was really said, in the words of a of

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a person that may speak just the one word that you would think you

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have in mind, say something, type something, watch something, hear something, go to a certain place, and they're not thinking in their mind that it has a big consequence, that they underestimate

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a person's mind do something, share something, hold something be in a place that in their mind, they think, Oh, it's not really that big of a deal.

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But that actually is the that unordered that statement that can be V 59. Can you pull them down into Hellfire, meaning it can pull them away from doing good to further and further stepping away from a law some kind

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of the worst consequences for you and I is got a lot deprives us of feeling what others feel when they worship a lot, I want you to think about this. He will tell you, you know, when you stand in front of a mob, you should be humble, you should find shyness you should have that you should find a sense of humility. And you might be thinking to yourself right now. So come about when I sit in front of a lot of founders were most afraid it's like maybe you have their data.

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And the problem is, is a law of problem is that your heart has become so detached from the law and attached to other things that you find it difficult to understand and consistence.

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So a lot regularly reminds us to have a tough one. If I was to translate the word tougher to you, which is what I reciting the first three opening verses and I do it every July because the competition every July. Yes.

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Oh you believe if you are believers to a law, what does that word mean? It means that I live my life knowing that there are countries.

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So I better be afraid of Jenin I better be afraid of a loss seeing me doing what other people I

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I better be modest in my behavior and my words and my actions and they shouldn't be worried about others, as much as I should be worried about the long

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end with this final message of the Prophet.

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He says

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your measure of piety, your measure of the love of law, your measure what you feel in your heart is not seen by others.

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Look, you know, look how much fabric she has.

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You can look at a person and say, Oh look, they always wear what is referred to as Arabic clothes. They must be

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just don't judge a book by its cover. In fact, you don't judge a believer by their beard.

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You don't believe

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anyone can wear the folding diamond every man. This slowly doesn't make you a scholar even if scholars weird. That doesn't make you a Muslim. Even the Muslims were what makes you a worshiper

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along with your tongue, but on the Day of Judgment, it's proof against you and not for you, with your heart, not feel I'll speak more about this afternoon.

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prophets I send them more miserable experiences will be like why even at that time, I was worried that people will lose people who go too far. When the Prophet spoke about experience, and he described these people as being people who pray a lot fast a lot I memorize the whole time. And you'd be shocked. You say isn't that what every father wants for their children? Isn't that and it teaches in school I want you to memorize. I want you to do regularly consistent your prayer. I want you to honor

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the pain and the need to be charitable to others. And the answer is yes. But

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the Prophet said that at the end of the times there will be men and women who have gone to extreme away from Allah who went Do you see them and pray how much they pray, how much prayer how devoted they look how they appear, you will say you you will look at yourself and say maybe my prayer is inconsistent.

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You will

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So that you can do this on it, you will look down at your prayer compared to their prayer your car into their car. But then that

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although these people read the form, they memorize it.

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It doesn't go down to their

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meaning it's on my tongue. And it's in your actions, but it's not in your court, what comes down when it comes down to, it hasn't moved their heart, they don't have true piety. They don't have true understanding of a law, they have a cool feeling that they have a separation. And there's two levels of extremes.

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One way to go too far in seeking to do good, and the wondering, you try trying to change the faith. And instead of doing what you're asked, you're neglecting your score that is not your will and is pronounced that you don't care to change if you're a person who is insensitive to the needs of others, and not the other extreme, both of them had that poisonous effect on the heart. And the consequence of that is that you don't think of consequences in the future. So you say things that hurt people, when you think about the way you type things, or share things or watch things that nobody knows you've seen except a law and you see like cotton that way. And you limit your

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consequence to what happens here and now. And you forget

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that good lord, never forget and hold everyone accountable.

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I asked him

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to increase our

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our secretive view of the law, our secret of the love of law, that we are generally with our products more than we seek to show in our practice and actions to others. I pray that most of the data humbles you before the end not just with your body but with your heart and with your behavior, your attitude. I pray a lot for our staff and our students, our school and our parents, with teachers and administrators that will lead our board to that which is pleasing

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is honoring

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and protect us from negligence in other duties here. The loss of either raises demands for our future communities must protect us as a soldier among

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me, what

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do I want from

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A long way to go

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He is

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one of the

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women that he

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to the wall

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know the most wonderful men and

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70 Oh,

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