Road to Return #31 – It’s Just a Video

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Pornography out the window him in that may Allah protect you and I from it. May Allah Subhana Allah protect your eyes and your heart from the injury that is inflicted on it by seeing that which is how on

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Allah subhana wa tada ordered us as men before women are to dawn their veil. Yo booming, applaud him to lower our gaze to lower our gaze from them the fat and the mahasin the beautification and the things that are attractive to our animalistic, carnal nature. You and I we do have a desire to see things that are exciting and intense. For a man and for a woman to observe. It's not just a man's thing, it's mostly men, but it's also something that is now growing amongst women. May Allah Subhana Allah protect you from seeing the fact he has seen the open seeming of people in that regard. Why is pornography so dangerous? The prophets of Allah How do you sell them he said, ally nanny is neon.

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The two eyes are the first place where Xena sinful sexual immoral actions begin was in our home another there Xena is to look at the Haram. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, another raw salmon Miss Moomin. sahami. He believes that the way would look to that which is held on to that which we do not have a right to see a beauty of another woman or of another man to look in it at something in that way with a lustful glance is like a poisoned arrow from the arrows of the beliefs that penetrates the heart. See, the eyes are windows to your soul. The prophets I sell them tells us in another Hadith that may not seem related, but very much is that when a person passes away, we

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should hurry to close their eyes as soon as their soul has left the body. And the prophets I send them said for in a row that attempt another because the soul although it's left in the person is now dead. If the eyes remain open, the soul that is disconnected from the body can continue to see through those eyes. That shows you that the soul is the last connection with the eyes and is the first connection with the eyes. So if you are using your eyes to watch what is haraam, you are bringing injury to your soul. More importantly, as well, science has come to say that the brain chemistry of an individual changes that there is an actual change to the brain and its tissue to the

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chemicals that are released into the dopamine that is flooding the brain at a time of watching those disgusting videos. They are things that are now very difficult to avoid unless we take our precautions. And I want you to know that it is important for you to protect your soul, protect your heart, protect your honor, don't be a person who forwards it to others. Don't be a person who other people feel comfortable sending it to you. Because as you get older people will know this about you. And when you come in sha Allah you seek a healthy marriage and a good perspective wife or a good perspective husband, when people hear and people will hear Oh, I know this guy. He's the one who

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shares that stuff. And you know, people will talk about you I don't think he's the right person for you. Why? Because look at the stuff that he watches. Look at this stuff. He said look at the things he did. Look at the things she said, Be very careful with your reputation. And your honor. pornography is a transgression against humanity against the very essence and fabric of our soul. It is meant to be something that is a criminal behavior between us and Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there are countries who have criminalized pornography, I don't mean just Muslim countries. Iceland, for example, has taken that import of criminalizing all pornographic images and actions and videos,

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because they know through the science and the study, that it is something that is destructive to the moral fabric of society. Nothing is more disgusting, than for a wife to discover a little bit after marriage that her husband is addicted to pornography, that her you know that this is something that is viewed by them. It also changes the way you will appreciate the true happiness you should find in your home with your spouse. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us. Ask yourself this question. Would you want people to watch you know someone in your family do that? Would you want that to be a part of your lifestyle? And the answer may Allah subhanaw taala protect you is no protect your heart,

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protect your soul. pornography is an immorality, not just because I say so. But because it is scientifically

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proven, it's immoral in our religion and it is something that is sinful behavior. May Allah purify our high eyes and hearts and our behaviors from it Allah whom I mean