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Dear humanity, I wanted to see if you are still alive and kicking because Israel deserves a minute of silence and Palestinians deserve for the rest of the world to never speak again. Tell me where are the monuments lighting up the colors for their unimaginable pain? Where is the green for the olive trees they possess under the harshest of conditions. Where is the rent to the blood spilled by Israeli militias? Where is the white for the lights to match to see before answering their last words Lila and Lola Philistine where is the black with the janazah they didn't like they pray for the Nakba and for their ancestors who stayed because they refused to give their homes up to this

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Dr. Humanity, I wanted to know if you still have the capacity to feel for the mothers with lifeless babies in their arms, begging them to wake, but instead, their breasts ache heavy with the milk meant to the child they will never hold again. Dear humanity I wanted to know if you actively turn away when you see a father carrying shopping bags with his son's body parts inside. This is not the price of war. This is ethnic cleansing and genocide.

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Humanity Do you even exist? Or are you magically a figment of imagination because when newborn babies cry and shake from a trauma being found under rubble, there should be no hesitation Your heart should scream that we need to help them Your heart should scream for a different outcome.

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Their humanity can you please explain to me how Israel can claim 40 decapitated babies and the media runs with it. No questions asked. Yet in Gaza doctors have a press conference surrounded by houses not married buddies just to prove these people have past death. Humanity isn't a pure cemetery to cut up from a people water, fuel and electricity. I've never seen a victim with that ability has you?

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A lie, they lie. They lie. They lie. They lie.

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do you have humanity? Are you more concerned with your own vanity while in the Gaza a little girl who is no more than 10 years old weeps saying we are not sad to ourselves but to the children who have been scared for weeks when a five year old girl writes out her very own will in the very likely case that she too is killed. What have we done to these kids? They've been playing HIV on their own? How have we allowed them to be born into a concentration camp in a war zone? You can't even ask a child in Mexico what they want to be when they grow up? Do they even get to grow up?

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Dear humanity, I want to know do you still recognize brutality because babies having their heads blown off is what's currently happening. Not just that but doctors warn 130 preterm newborns will die immediately if hospitals lose power every nine minutes or less to dissect children every hour death certificates being issued before a birth one by now it feels like a sport is ready to carry out for five

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you have

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to do

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Dena humanity you understand the sanctity of human life or have you become desensitized because those who colonized emphasize as victims are uncivilized and you believe them? They tried to perceive Palestinians as children of darkness tell me Mirror mirror on the wall who is the darkest of them all Netanyahu you're the monster making innocent buddies for like leaves to the floor. Dear humanity. Do you know Palestinians can't even bury their dead with dig

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believe they have to parade them in front of cameras to convince us to help from behind our screens we get trigger warnings on videos they get warning calls to evacuate within three minutes some sick choices were these play because they cruelty knows no limits did humanity How can this reality when a journalist in Gaza goes to cover a bombing and finds his family killed in that same attack when an ambulance goes to bring the engine and the paramedics die on their way back when a doctor on duty encounters the body of his own disfigured son when people in Gaza right?

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Identified by

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when a son goes to bury his father alone, tell me how much more can they take in I know hearts made of stone? Humanity? Are you guilty of neutrality in this genocide of modern times taking place right in front of your very eyes and you're still blind?

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Just because

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humanity isn't clicking. Are you feeling on your house finally beating screaming the names have you seen enough? Had enough? Are you ready to finally wake up? This is the world's litmus test now leaders are failing. But we stand here today and around the world in solidarity with the Palestinians we say humanity is not dead.

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Please write now

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because we see ourselves in every mother who will no longer be holding her child as she goes to sleep. We see ourselves in every child who will never wait to a new morning because Israel rob them of their peace. We see ourselves in every father that had to say goodbye to his unborn child and pregnant wife. We see ourselves in every man that didn't get to marry the love of his life. We see ourselves in every grandmother that had to bury her own grandkids. We see ourselves in them more today than we ever did. We see ourselves through every cry, every scream, every hop that bleeds, and has been burdened with grief. We know humanity, we feel it. And we are with you to hell with the

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leaders of the world and our own Albanese government who sold their souls to the devil and don't feel it to where

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we want to switch off not our news feeds or our humanity. We demand a ceasefire today and we continue to stand strong in solidarity tomorrow is day in and day out and week after week until Palestine is recognized and finally free.

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