Reminders La Ilaha Illallah Part I

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The greeting for the new year is a series of phrases, including the greeting for the new year, and is meant to encourage people to say "yes" and bring their minds and feelings to bear the weight of the new year. The speaker emphasizes the importance of speaking the truth and not highlighting the "naught" label, as it is not something that can be fixed or removed. They stress the importance of avoiding stress or anxiety, acting and acting the job of oneself, and not feeling anxiety or stress.

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Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam, O Allah insha

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Allah Allah He was happy he, Allah

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I remind myself and you

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that the kalama of this Deen of Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah.

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Casa de gallo

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shadow Namo hamazon of the world. So,

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if you look at the first part of it, Allah,

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Allah, Allah Illa Illa Allah,

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I want to remind myself and you

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to reflect on this,

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to think about this karma to

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not just say this kalamalka saying the karma is of no use,

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karma has to enter the hatch.

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Because, Melissa, and that was a steel mill,

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as a result of which comes with

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the three schrute, the three conditions of the man

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that we say the kalama with our time

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that they believe in this kalama completely and totally in our hearts.

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And as a result of this belief,

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the action that come out from our hands and feet, the action that come out of all our senses and abilities are in line and in keeping with this cutting

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is kind of important because Navis Allah Allah Allah Azza wa sallam said,

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the one who says, La ilaha illAllah with the flesh, will intergender

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and they asked him, What is the class of the caliber?

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And he said, the class of the kalama is that it keeps you away from her.

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So if you find that

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we claim to be Muslims, but we are indulging in Haram, we are doing something which is prohibited, then our very easy man itself is in question.

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He was in question because nobody else Allah gave the condition of the man that the kalamar keeps us away from Allah.

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The reason why we find that we are living in a strange world where we claim to be Muslims, and yet we do things which are clear disobedience of Allah.

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And the reason is because we are unconscious Muslims

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and Muslims who are in a state of unconsciousness, because it

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was maddening.

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And that is the reason why

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we do not find any contradiction

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in saying something and doing something else.

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So Allah Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah,

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it is no one worthy of worship, except Allah Serrano that

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the meaning of worship is also obedience.

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So we are saying there is no one worthy of obedience except Allah.

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Which means that when anyone else whether at an individual level

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or at a collective level,

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gives any order

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which goes against the order of Allah,

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we reject the order of that person.

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Even when that person and most of the time that person is ourselves

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is our own of

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our own loves orders to do something which we know displeases Allah

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and May Allah forgive us, we follow our knifes and we disobey Allah.

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So as I said yesterday in

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the Elysee says people instead of saying Allah, but they should say enough care.

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Because that is in fact what they are doing.

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Instead of saying Allah is like what they should say minus is

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because you are knifes is making you go against Allah. So when you stand there and say Allah, but you are lying. So at least speak the truth.

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At least speak the truth. If you are a martial example mushrik

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then at least maybe we'll make the world go from shock. Because what you are committing issue

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if you bring your knifes

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and make your enough superior to the order of a lighter ship,

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and as far as sad to ship, our item on it de la ilaha illa said Have you not seen those who have taken as their Mr. Booth as their ILA

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They're not there however they're highly shot their wishes of desires.

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So at least when you stand for the law, don't lie to Allah nanotech. Don't light rollers monitor, maybe use a Nazi Akbar. And you say I'm a machinic. Maybe it will make you do Toba

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in general, instead of doing a lighter loss rather than a lower bar and then living the whole life,

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living the rest of the life, as if Allah subhanaw taala does not exist. So everyone myself when you say Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah have this desire to

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understand what we are saying. And he's saying La ilaha illAllah we are saying at the same time La La, la, la, la, la la la la. There is no one who can give any benefit and no one who can harm except Allah.

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We are saying La Liga, la la. We are saying there is no one who is demonic except Allah is the gamma Illallah. They are saying there is no hot give except Allah. There is no one who can give an hour and a harpoon except Allah subhanho wa Taala. We are saying that as if Allah we are saying there is no one who gives it is except Allah Serrano that

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is the last Haleakala that there is no one who is the pilot except Allah subhanho data, there's no one who can create anything except Allah subhanho wa Taala. There is no one who can give a disease except Allah subhanho wa Taala there is no one who can cure the disease, except Allah subhanaw taala they can no one who can give us any relief from any problem, except Allah Serrano that there is no one who can give us anything we need, except Allah subhanaw taala there is no one who can take away anything that we need, except Allah subhanho de la de la la, there is no one who can guide except Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It's only allow us it's only allow amygdalin it's only Allah subhanho wa Taala, who guides there is only Allah Subhana Allah who says, from the shore of shaitan, and from the jar of the nuts and from the shore of the Beagle, and from every single kind of harm, there is no one except Allah who can save us. And there is no one except Allah who can give us anything of any benefit, even if it is the size of an atom.

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No happiness except from Allah, no sadness, except from Allah. No bereavement, except from nothing new except from Allah.

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That is the meaning of the government.

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That is the meaning of the Quran.

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And that is the last of the caliber.

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And it's only when this meaning and this class comes into our lives, then we will be able to live this life the way it is intended for us to live this life, which is only only in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala not in obedience to anything else. If anyone says that we'll be serving Allah subhanho wa Taala will result in benefit, then that person is lying,

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is lying through his teeth.

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disobedience almost ran out and there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever. If someone says all I see I have to do this, because it is my job, that person is going to ensure

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that person is committing shift that God's Will believes. He says that he believes that law is a law, that there is no Roger except Allah, but in his action. And in his speech, he is saying that my job is

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and therefore I have to disobey Allah if necessary, because I cannot disobeyed my job. I cannot discipline my boss. I cannot disobey whatever life that I have created for myself. Because if I do that, it will it will result in harm from me.

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It doesn't matter because I don't know what he can do or cannot do. I know that my job can help me my job can feed me but about Allah I'm not sure.

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This is in effect, what we are saying, if we are doing something which is in the disobedience of Allah,

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remind myself when you there it is not a matter of giving bands. It is not a matter of what we are saying. Because the day will come, like we saw like the surah which I read in the in the in the first like at certain vaca a day will come when we will be alone alone alone.

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Very, very alone.

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He will still be in this world. We will be surrounded by our relatives, Allah Allah

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but nobody and nobody can help us.

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It will be very, very alone.

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And on that day, the only thing which can help us is this kalama

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La ilaha illa Allah

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and is that good

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Man is so weak,

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is so weak and so broken

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and so disintegrated.

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And what are we going to hold on to?

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What are we going to hold on to? To save us from falling into the pit of Jannah?

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Let's not fool ourselves, let us not fool ourselves.

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There is no guarantee from Allah subhanho wa Taala that he will save us. Even if we continue to live our lives, as if Allah does not exist.

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Let's not fool ourselves.

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If we want Allah subhanaw taala to help us to save us from the pit of the Hellfire, then we have to acknowledge Allah subhanaw taala and, and worship Allah subhanaw taala. And that starts with La ilaha illAllah.

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With believing and with acting, to express this belief, that there is no one who can help, that there is no one who is worthy of worship, that there is no one who is going to be a word except Allah subhana wa tada Jalla

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Jalla will continue this. And then the second part of the caliber of Rasool Allah is Allah is Allah. But for the day this is enough, let us think and reflect and say, when I'm saying La ilaha illAllah What am I actually saying? And where am I actually on this kalama and how does my life reflect or not reflect this caliber?

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Because in the end, that is the only thing which will matter.

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The only thing which will matter is whether or not we died on ilaha illAllah asked Allah subhanaw taala to decree that we live our lives in keeping with Allah and that we die in keeping with La ilaha illallah wa Salaam Allah Allah Allah will carry him while he was happy.