Mohammad Elshinawy – 5 Steps to Sincerity

Mohammad Elshinawy
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In Alhamdulillah, Allah and finally you want to still fiddle when I was realizada and into the unforeseen I will say ltr Molina, man de la la la mobila woman euglena dlF foreshadow La ilaha illallah wa Hola, Sharif Shadi Cara Juana mahama. The Navajo whenever you who are pseudo yeah you will Latina Ana de la de la how to party well as mo tuna in our Muslim moon yeah you had your NASA horrible como la de la communicatie wahida holla communism jaha Best Selling como de geralyn Kathy around when he

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was de la la de de de una v he will have hand in namaha kana la cumbre Kiba. Yeah, you had Latina and uno de La Hoya pulu Poland said either you slacker kumana la como el camino, bekam for my daughter Ella how rasuna who prefer the further toes and alima

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well praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we turn to Allah asking for protection from him.

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Allah guides none can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leads astray, none can ever guide. And we testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion and our love and obedience in the absolute sense but Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala he was like the you attending them was a servant and His Prophet and his messenger for my life, though just sent to seal His revelation to the world. And as the best role model and example and beloved slave to Allah, He sent him as his final messenger to the world. Oh, you have believed that

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hold fast Hold tight to the duck bla bla bla, a life of consciousness and duty and service to Allah subhanho wa Taala as much of that as you can muster because he deserves so much more than we can ever muster and do not die except in a state of complete and total surrender to a law state of Islam.

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To begin after welcoming my brothers and sisters, to the house of Allah, those in for another blessing Juma

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as any one of us, prepares their luggage, if you will, for their journey to meet the Lord of the worlds of what Allah means to trying to who was Allah, there is nothing more vital for one of us to check for than Allah Hello, then sincerity, to be sincere in your worship sincere in your devotion, sincere in your service due to a loss of Hannah who was Allah and Allah azza wa jal is the one that said this. In the end of social care women can either do this or have the he whomever is looking forward to meeting his Lord

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familia Milan Milan Polly had and let them work righteous work.

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Well, are you sure it can be a bad idea or be a hazard and not associate?

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In his devotion in his service in his worship of his Lord, anyone else besides his Lord? Those are the two pillars, that your acceptance the acceptance of your deeds, the acceptance of your life depends on and these are the summary of our feet.

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Had to enter in a in the law means I don't associate anyone in my devotion to Allah and ash had to enter Mohammed or pseudo law means I accept that this is the definition of righteous works to follow the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, so righteousness, correctness, righteousness and sincerity. These are the two pillars of an accepted act and an accepted life. But are they equally important? No, they're not.

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Because Allah azza wa jal may accept from you have to do something that's half correct.

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But he will not accept from you have an intention. That is why sincerity is more important than correctness.

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Even though some of the scholars they give a beautiful metaphor for

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this analogy is a perfect deed, but with an imperfect intention. insincere is like someone that goes with a perfect net, a perfect fishing net, to a lake or a river or a pond that has no fish in it. Can you come back with something can come back with anything at all. There's nothing to come back with.

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Even if your apparatus your technique is correct, it's flawless. The Act itself.

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They said but a person that has a perfect intention of pure intention, but their action is imperfect in terms of its correctness in terms of its precision, its finesse.

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This is like someone going

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to a pond that has

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fish in it with a net that has some holes. Can he come back with some fish? You might catch them. This is the idea. Sincerity without it, nothing can be acquired with a lot of diligence, but correctness without some of it, you still might come back with something from a loss of Hannah who was Allah because Allah knows that we are imperfect, and we are incapable of being perfect. We're not angels, but he gave us the ability to be pure and perfect in our intention. So he obligates us with working towards that above all else, he wants from you your heart more than

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100% of this of course is not to downplay correctness, not to downplay the importance of following the suddenness. The example the road map drawn out for us, charted for us by the prophets of Allah who I need to send them. In fact, if we are truly sincere, we will automatically that will necessitate you go look for the pseudonym. If you really want to please Allah, you will be extra careful to find out to ask to verify does this please Allah or not? And that is the sooner that is the prophetic model the prophetic example. So since sincerity, sincere love is so important, how do we develop within our lives in preparation for our journey to Allah? How are we in the last five

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steps today in the book

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to the extent that you can recall an act on them will be the extent Be it may lead us to develop heightened increased better sincerity and love in your in your lives. May Allah grant us and you a life of sincerity. The first of them is to recognize that his love sincerity is no walk in the park to recognize the difficulty of his love of being sincere. What can make you realize the difficulty of it Hello. Well, we can begin with the word loss itself. The word love translated as sincerity here, it means literally means to separate. It means to isolate, it means to filter.

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You know like when I lost those isn't the brothers of Yousuf when they gave up on negotiating with him to give them back their brother. When the cup was found in his back. They said fundamentally as women who colossal Nigeria when they lost hope in the argument, they holosuite they broke away to have a private conversation like what are we going to do? How are we going to go back and talk to our father they broke away from the group to break away as they close.

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Similarly also a lot diligences about cows newsql messy buitoni how we allow you to drink from what comes out of his belly the other of the cow right? Min benei photo thing was that mean Lebanon califa we extract from between the dung the waste of this cow and between his blood milk that is called extracted pure

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That is why you're having a more either him alone they asked him how do you get the laws? How do you get the sincerity, he said by pulling out your your action from any imperfection filter in your action, the way Allah filters for us, and you're excited this is pure milk from between all of these bodily organs, the dung, the waist, and between the milk equals and between the blood he pulls out pure milk. That is how you do it love to filter out extract a pure intention from in the middle of the mess.

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And so realizing his love his work, to strip yourself in your act of devotion from any personal motive is extremely hard. Because we are people that act on our self interest that's just natural. So to strip our self interest, our personal motives from being the number one driving force of our actions, that is very complicated. It's not natural, because that's already where we are. We have to undo that a little bit. It's almost like you have a tooth that's naturally in there. extracting it is very complicated. If love is like that you care about yourself more than anything else. You like to hear your name being said by people than any other words that's everyone's favorite word. To undo

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a little bit of that is like extracting a tooth.

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And so that is what makes it so difficult. It is unnatural. It's like pulling teeth, acquiring sincerity and then when you acquire it keeping it and then when it slips to notice is slipping to chase it down and to retrieve that sincerity. All of these things. It's a lifelong mission.

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That will only end with your last breath. It is difficult.

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That is why soufiane sldr him a whole lot. He used to say my alleged to say and I said duralumin and Nia in LA I never had to wrestle with anything

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more difficult on me than my intention is constantly flipping on me like I got it and it slips and I get it and it slips. Mm hmm. The great emotional model

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Ask him. Did you memorize these hundreds of 1000s of narrations with their chains all the way back to the Sahaba or the province offer them over a million narrations in total? That he memorized the mood rehearse with his students? They said did you journey the world and commit to memory all of these are happy for Allah, all of it was for Allah. So your measurement was surprised by the question like how can anyone ever expect that all their actions are for Allah. So he said to them mme akuna kulu de la paz Alec azeez. for someone to act to be totally for Allah entirely, all of them, that is very difficult.

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And that is why another one of the some of the early Muslims are righteous predecessors we used to say, he is lovely, say it majestic Eben will occasionally falafel Aziz in being 100%, pure in your intention in your motive

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in one action in one moment in your life to be truly pure.

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This will grant you salvation for eternity, it will grant your love company for eternity.

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But doing that he said it's very, very difficult.

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So is the great imams of Islam struggled with this throughout their lives, it would be a little bit ludicrous of us a little bit crazy for us to think when we sacrifice so much less than they did that we're just going to have it that way, it's going to be that easy. You know, sometimes you could even be in the middle of your house in the middle of the night. And it's not necessarily for a low. It's to tell yourself, I'm a good person, I don't just act righteous in public I crisis and you could be showing yourself, right doing it for yourself. You could just be fulfilling the role. I'm a good kid, my parents think I'm a good kid, that community thinks I'm a good person. So let me finish the

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roll. So I don't feel like I don't want to offend. Let me print families. So if love can be that complicated, that's complex, then we should certainly be vigilant, be worried that what makes me so secure when the great imams weren't. And it's not just about showing your deeds to others in public. It is very complicated, very scary.

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And that brings us to the second step. The second step is now when you have that discomfort, that sense of panic, if you will, to flee to Allah for help. Because you're not going to be able to get this on your own, to bleed to him for help that you did not obligate me with it last with sincerity. When it's outside of my capacity. I know who Allah is. He's more just than that. And at the same time, you didn't leave me to my own capacity without giving me reinforcement.

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And I'll share with you just one thing of those reinforcements of the most important of those reinforcements is that though is that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam taught us when he said Allahumma, India was a bigger and we should be careful. And Adam was the federal Kelly mela alum Allah, O Allah, I seek protection, refuge shelter with you, from setting equals with you

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while realizing that I'm doing this,

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and I seek forgiveness from you for the times that I do this without realizing

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this powerful

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teaches us many things. The first is that it makes you afraid because it reiterates the fact that there could be times when shift associating equals with Allah could sneak into our intention could sneak into our action.

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While we don't realize like a black ends on a black rock in the middle of the night, it just crawls up on you.

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But at the same time when he teaches us to say Oh ALLAH forgive me for the times, I don't recognize that means what is he teaching us how to do it, that doesn't work. Of course it works. That means we are subject to Allah forgiveness if we seek His forgiveness from those times. That

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means I try my best to figure out when those times are and I get them out of my life. And I asked Allah to help me and forgive me for the times that I couldn't notice that I was being insincere.

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And so that is the second thing you do recognize difficulty. Don't take it casually. The second of them is to flee to a large dogen for help. The third is to develop and strengthen and revive

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the recognition of Allah in your life that towhees of Allah in your life, the singling out of Allah, in terms of him being the Qibla of your heart, in him really being your Illa

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difficult statements. I know. When we say la ilaha illa Allah, there's no ILA. But Allah, what is the reality of that about the word Isla? The word Isla has been something that your heart is passionately attached to. When I had mentioned the dolphin calm, like when a person

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Deeply in love deeply adoring something that's called ello taking something as their ILA. And so are there other Illa than Allah certainly there are there are other things that people are attached to, besides Allah. When you say that, you know hating a lot you are saying there is nothing worthy of being considered that of being treated that way of being be held recognized that way but Allah subhanho wa Taala. So to revive that, to remove the dust and to peel the crust, and to sharpen that realization inside of yourself, is how you get to Islam. That is why every man is not going to be another one of the early scholars, he used to say a Colossus was, they all define it different ways,

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and it helps you just get the big picture helps you in Shiloh at the end of the whole book crystallized for you this, this concept, this necessary concept, he says is lasu michiana novel,

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be there I'm in no hurry in a column.

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He says you forgetting that people are looking because you are too busy looking at Allah.

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You are looking at Allah, no one will see Allah with their eyes in this world. Allah stored that as a reward for those that believe in the unseen in the hereafter. But with the eyes of your heart, you forget the creation is looking because your heart is locked on staring at the Creator Himself. So kind of with Allah once you can revive in that this fixation on Allah on the Creator, the creation becomes irrelevant. That's what you want to get to.

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And that is why another of the the early Muslims he used to say that you will not reach the station of the club, you're never going to really be sincere hatay astellia in deca Navarro and me will and and until people looking at you. And cattle Forgive me grazing animals looking at you. You're indifferent about both, you feel the same. This doesn't mean to look at people like you look at animals. It means the same way you wouldn't change your action is an easy example the length of your prayer, you wouldn't change that because a sheep was walking by or a cow was walking by. You're not going to change your actions whatsoever for a person or 100 or a billion people standing in front of

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you. It's irrelevant. I'm not going to do because they're looking or stop doing because they're looking nothing.

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That that is the issue just a lot as though Jen has made everything else. irrelevant, almost fake. You recognize the people you're not intoxicated or not drunk. You see them but you don't give them consideration when you are dealing with Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And that is also wild filleted later than Al Rahim Allah He said to do things to please the people is called showing off. It's one of the forms of ship, he said and to not do things.

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Because people are there or people have an opinion or people are praising or people are criticizing. Do not do things because of people is also a form of shift. Right? There are too much a factor in your life. Is there interfering with your relationship with Allah?

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Of course not the form of * removes you from Islam, but still a lesser form of shit is a subtle form of shift. He says so do it for the people is showing off to not do it for the people is also a form of shear. He said, Well, you're allowed to and you asked he can love them in Houma, closets for a love to spare you to cure you from both of those

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from that recognition. That doesn't mean when someone praises you, you're not going to feel good about it. It doesn't mean when someone criticizes you, you're not going to be upset about it. The problem is often it was recorded about him in the hood and then he was hurt by what we should have been would say about him. Now they assumed Okay, let's do a hold on it hurt. It's natural, it's human. It would be weird, odd to be otherwise.

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But it did not faze him in his journey. It did not cause him to change course. It did not slow him down or derail him from his path. That is the idea. Because a lot though agenda was his fixation. How do you develop that? reflecting on Allah's words will tell you about Allah more than anything else. When you read for example, that Allah says

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put your trust in the most mighty the Most Merciful sort of a sharara unless the rock machine has a comb. He's the one that sees you as you stand.

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What's up Hello burgerfi says the dean and sees you as you move about among those who prostrate when you read in the Quran that Allah azzawajal says was your rucola Kuma which held will be in the movie that whether you disclose your statements, whether your secret is with your statements, you withhold them, or you disclose them publicly. He knows what's inside your chest to begin with. Forget what's behind closed doors. He's pretty aware of what is inside closed heart. So kind of

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and that is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also called our attention to when he said the pinnacle of our Islam, which you want to climb up to, is to devote yourself to Allah as though you see him to the revive that sight of Allah in your heart, that will cause everything else to disintegrate. from being an influence is what we mean. Everything else will just fade out will blur out will begin to vanish. And that is why one of the scholars said and memorize this, there is a greatness to Allah.

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If you don't sense it in your heart, then it is a pretty safe assumption to say it is not the driving force of my action. If you don't feel some sort of or some sort of influence some sort of wait

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for Allah in your heart, then it's probably not in your actions either.

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Call the Hello stuff, optimal evil

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and handled in Nevada,

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Nevada, Nana Viva La Ilaha Illa bajo de De La Hoya shadow Anna Mohamad doesn't have to do whenever you who are solo.

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So we said recognizing its difficulty, and fleeing to Allah appealing to him for help.

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And number three, we said that in order to have this loss, you need to revive the greatness of a law in your consciousness.

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Number four,

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is to practice in law, to practice sincerity.

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To work in private, because working in private is more likely sincere, even though it's not guaranteed, as we said, or to do things that are Love knows in your private quarters, the private or private quarters of your heart, you really can't stand to do this. When people disagree, right, or people don't appreciate, or people you know, accuse you of you see that my pleasure is somewhere, but a lot of pleasure is somewhere else. And you pick a lot of pleasure. That's called practicing sincerity. And the reason why that's so important is because

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if you try serving a law, you will not be able to serve anyone else.

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And if you start serving people, it could become an addiction, or it could become an obsession, and it will be difficult on you to believe that there is actually something more worthy out there.

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But until you practice sincerity, by having a hidden stash of these hidden in your heart hidden in your house, the early Muslims would memorize the Quran and no one in their own family would know. They would be weeping in a moment of reflection on their bed, and their spouses and other side of the bed do not know.

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There are people that become great scholars, and no one of their closest circles has any ideas.

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There are people that have donated so much and did not allow anyone to discover it, until Allah insisted to be exposed at a later time, perhaps even after their lives.

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The people that try this, Allah also put the sweetness in their heart and sweetness in their heart that keeps them going for the first installment of that sweetness. The full installment of that reward that neared is to Allah and His pleasure.

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Also, practicing sincerity is important in terms of private deeds, as your security measures. May Allah forbid if all else fails.

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Many of the early Muslims would say any action you do in public disregarded. I mean, we are too weak as human beings to bank on something that people have found out about. Don't assume that that's a SAFE Act, and to have a hidden stash of good deeds, they can get this from themselves. They got this from the Prophet teachings himself. He was the lamb, when he said in the height of his debate is going to be a level and Minister bar. I mean, Kuhn and yakun Allahu kabhi. Amen. Amen. In Pali Hinton, whoever of you is able to have a cubby, a stowed away lat share of righteous deeds, let them do so they must do so. So to practice sincerity as your security measure, to safeguard as many good

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deeds as you can. You're not going to stop doing good deeds. Some people they say, I'm not going to do this deed because people are watching Well, you just made chase on job much easier to did that shavon tries to make you insincere, so your action isn't accepted. But if you don't do the action in the first place, and you just gave him a break, you're not doing it to begin with. So you're not going to stop but you're going to try to perfect your intention when it has to be public. And you'll try to hide this whenever it doesn't have to be public.

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And a team he brought him in to me about him all I used to say about this, that a sincere person wants to hide their good deeds the way a person would hide their

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Do like the same way many of us don't want people to know what we may have done at some point in time in our lives. The same way you wouldn't want someone to know perhaps, that you stole this or committed that you don't want someone to know. Because it's too valuable. What if I ruin it? That's my deed, my good deed, x or y or z was done, you don't want that you're bothered by that.

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So practicing sincerity with number four would be number four. The fifth and final one is to coming back on number one, suspect yourself.

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So number one is you suspect yourself that you're not thinking sincerity?

00:25:43 --> 00:26:02

seriously enough, you're just too casual about it. Number two, that you're relying on yourself, relying on yourself to become sincere. It's not the I'm going to get it done. That's fine. I probably am sincere. This whole not fleeing to a lawn depending on him to be sincere. Also, because when you when you rely on yourself, you lose hope, if you like the sincerity thing is just too difficult.

00:26:03 --> 00:26:06

When I'm not never obligated, and something is too difficult for us.

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Number three, when we said reviving our heat for you, to just suspect is a lot surely great in my life, What proof do I have for that? how consistent Am I in all of my deeds across the board? Or am I just pretending to myself and people? And number four, these private deeds respect yourself? Is this private deed truly private? Truly for Allah? Or is it for me to silence my guilt? Silence my conscience. I mean, one of them are on Rahim Allah used to say about this about suspecting yourself, the healthy way of course. He says you will not reach the station of support. Then you have local Abu safwa has a akuna shadow Allah and FC

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ministry cache until they become tougher on themselves, they scrutinize themselves tougher than a cheap business partner. You know, when you have a business partner that's really cheap, really stingy? They didn't follow up on everything. Didn't you say we made $12 the other day, just what happened with that was that in all expenses, and then they just follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up, follow up. They don't want anything to slip through the cracks. They want every last penny every last bit of grief.

00:27:12 --> 00:27:20

And so you need to be tougher on yourself. Until yourself stop squirming out of sincerity. That's the idea. You know, one of the mothers,

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she said, I realized that sincerity is like my child. My intention is like my child, my child, if I leave them alone for too long, they're just all over the place.

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I always have to check outside the kitchen, make sure they are where I told them to be. And most of the time they're gone. So you got to grab them and put them back. I told you to be here. And then I check on them gone again. You grab them and you put them there. And then I check on him again. He grabbed the child he's gone you put him there is it until after a while you check and the kids finally sitting there. They learned their lesson. Likewise with sincerity, sincerity can be developed. A lot did not obligate you with the impossible. But you have to stay on top of yourself. Invest in this until it sits in the right place for the most part in sha Allah. Allah, Allah Allah,

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Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah homeless, I've been there like a gem er ar, ar Bittner carabiner john I'm gonna put the Penal Code lane along the scene and more closely in an hour been I've done a lot of collusion about data data and I will have learned I mean they don't Corolla in a cancer will have Robin I have learned I mean they don't know well halen I mean Emory now Russia, Allah Khomeini Nana also began Lucia because I want to I want to stop futile Kelly, Milan Allah, Allah Houma is that it's not on so it was to me was the La la la la la marca Deen Caribbean kita avec Jaga Jana, Syrian as soon as Arabic

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or bene Jana Maki Minami fall Attica woman to Riyadh in our urban our urban, Osama hotel Nevada, Dr. Mohammed Ali. He will talk to you soon

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