Journey to Memorising Qur’an

Umm Jamaal ud-Din


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I remember telling one sister actually an Arabic speaking sister when I was only like, you know, in my early 20s, I was telling her, I want to memorize the Quran by the time I'm 30 and she actually laughed at me. Actually, the way I started memorizing the Quran in the very beginning, many of you may have seen copies of the Quran that have the transliteration in them, right so I couldn't read Arabic In the beginning, but I wanted to memorize so I used to write out that copy out that transliteration and then write the English underneath until I became very familiarized with the Arabic script. And I slowly moved on to the Arabic script and started memorizing from that, but

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after having taken 20 years to memorize it, I kind of can see why now she found it quite you know, incredulous that um, you know, I had that goal. But look, I just was very determined. I really I made it my goal that inshallah Jada galantamine. I want to I want to die with this this this Quran in my heart.