What Is Your Role At Yaqeen

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The speaker discusses the importance of understanding modern ideologies and responding to issues of gender equality in schools. They mention a paper they wrote about perennialism and the idea of a "jaimming bandwagon" that allows people to achieve gender roles through a combination of religion and technology. They also mention a future article about feminism and its impact on politics and elections.

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So the department that I had is called Islam and society. So it's basically about how do we understand all the sort of modern ideologies that we're faced with whether it's liberalism, or feminism, the sexuality and gender stuff that we're facing, you know, in the United States, and in public schools these days, these are all modern ideologies. So what does this man have to say about them? How do we understand these things? Right? How do we make sure that we respond to the issues and the concerns that people have in contemporary life, right, but making sure that we're doing so in an authentic way that's actually rooted in our tradition that takes it you know, seriously, that

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allows phones Auto has guidance for everything, and not just sort of emptying out Islam of all this content and saying, like jumping on the bandwagon from what somebody else is doing. So the first paper that I wrote that is about to be published via Fenians Toots about perennialism perennialism is a is an ideology that sort of believes that all religions are valid, right as currently constructed, that if you're a Christian, that's fine. You can get them to heaven. If you're a Jew, this is different from Allah's mercy, right? A lot of having mercy on someone This is saying that, like the Bible itself is fine. You can take it and you can get to gender by so deconstructing that

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and showing why that's problematic. And then after that, I have an article that I need to write it's about feminism, and then it's going to be 2024. We got to talk about politics and the elections that are going to come up