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Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The group discusses the origin of the name Islam, including the use of shaming and calling people as liars to get people to use falsehoods. They also touch on the media's actions, including the label of "ivigence" and the use of "arousal," as a way to portray the media's actions. The segment highlights the misunderstandings of the media, including the label of "ivigence" and the use of "arousal," as a way to portray the media's actions. The group emphasizes the importance of showing the truth and highlighting the potential for mutinys and accusations of blackmail.
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Allah subhanaw taala tells us in his book The Quran, that naming is important. The words that we use to refer to other things, what we named them as is very, very important. In fact Allah subhanho wa Taala distinguished Adam Allah He said, due to his knowing the names Allah azza wa jal says, Well, I smell cola. So out of the whole model melodica Sakala and B only B s Maha Oli In Kuntum Saudi teen and He taught Adam the names of all things. Then he showed them to the angels and said, tell me the names of these things. If you are to be truthful, that was something that distinguished Adam over the angels. Allah subhanaw taala also tells us that none other than a bliss How did he get to Adam

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either he said um, how did he get Adam? Allah He said I'm to fall to sin. The very first sin that was ever committed was through naming and renaming something, taking something that was named something bad and switching it to something good Allah subhanaw taala tells us the story for once was Eli he shaytaan Bala. * do Luca Allah Shatila holy war Mukhin, Leia Bella, then the shaytaan whispered to him he said, Oh, Adam, shall I not direct you to the tree of eternity, and a possession that will never die that will never perish that will never deteriorate. This was the tree that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada had specified and said, don't eat from this tree.

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And instead of keeping it as the name of what it was, which would have stopped Adam from eating from it in the first place, the first thing that shaytaan had to do, the first thing that IBLEES had to do was rename it into something that sounded good to rename it into something that sounded appealing, something attractive, something alluring, something that would make you consider even defying the obedience of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Film tries the same trick with Musa alayhis salaam. When Allah Subhan Allah is Allah tells us in Surah Shuara the showdown between Musa alayhis salam when he sent to theater on Iran has this very very rich response called a LM no Rob beaker fina,

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while Eden wallabies the fina meaner America scene in Iran said to Musa didn't we raise you amongst ourselves when you were a child? And you stayed with us for years and years with the Alta Valletta Latif out one terminal Catherine and then you did that thing that you did. He's referring to the the the when Mousavi salaam killed a man on accident,

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and you were ungrateful for your answers to Musa, now Musa alayhis salam, he responds, and he admits that he says yes, I did that and I was astray. I was misled. I was ignorant. And he says that he's changed but listen to what Musa says next. He said I'm what tilcon Yama Tilka near Mattoon. termo know how Allah and add that to Bani Israel Ian, he pushes back on the name fit around had changed the name to make the oppression and the humiliation that Benny has wrought. Yeah, that was experiencing and calling it an Atma, calling it a blessing, calling it something that you should be grateful for Musa shouldn't you be thankful to me Musa I raised you the only reason he had to raise

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them in the first place was because he was fleeing, getting assassinated or killed or murdered as a baby. And so most of throws it back in his face. He says the fifth round and this favor, in scare quotes of which you remind me that you have enslaved the children of Israel basically get real, this is no favor at all. The only reason I'm in this mess is because of you and your actions. Brothers and sisters, inversions, such as this renaming has only gotten worse in the modern age. It's only gotten worse. As time has gone on. And on and on. People talk about humanism. But humanism separates the one thing that makes us truly human, which is the spirits. People talk about the need to explore

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space, go to infinity and beyond. And they've forgotten the most important transcendence, which is the transcendence from this life to the life of the next. If we look all around you what we call freedom is in fact, slavery to your desires, what we call diversity and inclusion is really conformity and exclusion. Because if you have a different set of values, you'll actually be shunned and doxxed and canceled and excluded and kicked out and fired.

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What is called tolerance is in fact, bigotry, and assimilation. And if we look to Philistine and we see the things that have been happening there we see it only gets worse. The naming and the Miss naming and the renaming and the inversions only get worse. They say that, that their opponents target civilians yet they are the worst ones when

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When it comes to targeting civilians, they say that their opponents want to wipe them off of the mat off of the map yet their own officials get on national television in front of the world, and admits to wanting to exterminate all Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. They say that their opponents are bloodthirsty savages. But they're the ones who look like seething raving lunatics when they get in front of the camera. They say that their opponents use human shields. Yeah, they are the ones using human shields with the settlers. They say that they want peace accords with a peace, of course, are really occupation Accords, since they provide a thin justification for the seizing of

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Palestinian land. Brothers, Allah subhanaw taala told us about such a people will either feel at home natural Caesar will feel out of the call who in the monocular Muslim zone. It said to them don't cause corruption on earth. What do they do? They rename it, they change the name. They say we're only making things better. We're only reforming we're only modernizing we're only changing things for the good.

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Allah says Allah in the home human will see doing well that can lay a showroom unquestionably, without doubts, they are the ones who are corrupting. They are the characters but they do not even perceive it.

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Consequences there are consequences to falsehood, falsehood will not stand. There are consequences to falsehood. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that persistence in falsehood leads you directly to the fire. And it brands you as a liar in this life and the next. He said I'll let you salatu salam Wa iya Komal Kevin for in Al kaliber yes the El photoed well enough for Jorah Yachty era now, one is ad or Raju Yakubu, where to herald caliber had you October in the law he could have been

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that somebody he the prophesy sudden warned us from lying and he said the person who lies lying leads to rebellion. Rebellion from Allah's laws, and rebellion leads to the fire and a person once they start lying will not cease lying and they take lying as their way until they are written, put the stamp on it as a liar. According to Allah subhanaw taala Allah azza wa jal promises us He promises us in the Quran, that falsehood will not last. That falsehood has a short shelf life, that they may be victorious today. They might win battles but they will not win the war Allah subhanaw taala said we'll call Jaya al Hakuna Matata biathlon in belta. Lacan as a hookah, say it's an

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instruction to command to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and us by extension to say, truth has come and falsehood has perished. Indeed, falsehood is always bound to perish. And so when we look at ourselves, brothers and sisters, in the times that we live in a time of deep fakes and the time of fake news and the time of renaming of inversions, of calling things other than by their true names of lying in this deceptive way, we see that we have a clear mission. We have a clear mission of telling the truth, of exposing the truth of showing everybody what is really going on, which is why the prophets of Allah Allah, he was salam in the first part of that hadith we mentioned earlier

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he said Ali can be shipped for in a simple Yachty in Albir, or in Albir Yati lagenda. One is Allah Raju Yasuko. Were to harvest Sitka hat yoked together in the law. He said Siddiqa

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that the province Hello Saddam said upon you is honesty and truth.

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That honesty and truth will lead you to righteousness and righteousness will lead you to Jannah. And if a person starts telling the truth and he takes the truth as his way, and he continues to tell the truth and tell the truth and tell the truth, eventually Allah will subhanho wa Taala will write him down as someone who is from the city clean. Someone who is a truth teller, and his reward is Jana. Brothers and sisters May Allah subhanaw taala make all of us tellers of truth and exposing the truth to everyone around the circle Lokali ha That was helpful hola hola welcome what he said it mostly mean I'm in Cali them first up throw in a hula hula Rahim?

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Alhamdulillah Allah ehsani was shook Allahu Allah I'll tell FIFA he wanted it was shadow and La ilaha illallah wa the hula should eCola to have him and he certainly was shadow under Nabil and I was 18 and Mohammed Abdullah su De La when he saw Allahu alayhi wa early he was happy he was telling me to see him in Cathedral.

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They say in English, that the first kind

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casualty of war is truth.

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The first casualty of war is truth.

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And in the days preceding, we have seen that and witnessed it and experienced it in a way that perhaps we've never seen before. As even the non Muslims remark they say that the Government of Israel tells us what's true for the Palestinians show us what's true.

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Brothers and sisters, we have a duty to tell the truth. We have a duty to expose the truth. We have a duty to let everybody know what's really going on. Because things this time are different. Many of you in this room are older than me. You've seen this show before. The escalations, the lies, the land grabs the fake accords that come later, but this time, in sha Allah, it's different. This time, you have major media corporations, getting caught lying, apologizing, retracting. People looking like fools on YouTube, the social media war, we're winning, the truth is getting out. People are changing minds. You have Jewish voices for peace in the Capitol Building in Washington, DC the other

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day, calling for an immediate ceasefire, you have people within Biden's staff thinking about quitting thinking about resigning. Huffington Post reported on a potential mutiny inside the State Department, because people the people who want to do good, they want to do right. But they were misinformed or they were tricked, or they were duped. They're being shown something. They're being shown things by their true names. They understand that this is genocide. They understand that this is barbarity, they understand that this is murder, they understand that this is wrong. We have to keep going. We are just in the beginning, we have to keep on showing the truth and demonstrating the

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People get it wrong. People that hate Muslims. They think that we're a fifth column of some sort. They think that we're just waiting for our moment to pounce. Or that we're some sort of enemy, who here are not their enemy, were their best friend, nay even more we are their potential salvation, we are their potential salvation, because we will not only expose the truth, if we didn't care about them, we will not care about them being guided. If we didn't care about them, we would keep the truth all to ourselves. But that's not the way the Muslim, the Muslim wants everyone to benefit from what's going on the political reality and also from the guidance of Islam. We don't hide the truth

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away. We don't live in our comfortable homes in the suburbs, and go to the machine and go home and keep our heads down we show the truth. Wherever we go your workplace. You show the truth, through your example, through your words through your conduct, even how you park, in the parking garage, or out in the parking lot. You show the truth of the slam. You expose the truth and you don't let anyone silence you. You don't let anyone tell you to be quiet. Whether you have to suffer in your professional life or have your reputation stained, they are counting on us being silent. But Allah subhanaw taala promised us that falsehood would vanish, falsehood will be defeated and the truth

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will prevail. And Allah subhanaw taala has made each and every one of you the means for that truth prevailing.

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The means of the truth prevailing is in this room right now.

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Allah subhanaw taala will be happy with you in this life and the next.

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And like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you know he compared himself we'll call it this. The Prophet it sort of Slim compared himself to a man that there was a fire and all the gnats immediately started flying and throwing themselves into the fire and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was holding them by the belts, keeping them from throwing themselves into the fire. That's us brothers. That's us in this society. It's only from our goodwill. It's only from our honesty. It's only from our pure intentions that we're trying to hold everybody else from throwing themselves into the fire.

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May Allah subhanaw taala use us for His Deen

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