Yasir Qadhi – You are in need of Allah

Yasir Qadhi
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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to a loss of Hannah hota Allah who raised the heavens and created the creation. He spread for the earth and beauty divided with vegetation. And he gave us the cycle of the night and day in perfect alternation. He sent to us the Koran as his speech in Revelation, and sent to us a prophet in whose belief is our salvation. It is his religion that unites all of mankind, the black and the white without discrimination. So it is a law and a law alone that we worship and bow our heads to in frustration. Dear Muslims, Allah subhana wa tada has reminded us to be conscious of him when he says in the Quran, yeah, you Allah, Xena and otaku la hapa to hottie wa

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Timo tuna Illa unto Muslim moon. Today's hot book will be about Surah felter verse 15. Because in one verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala describes the state of man

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And our relationship to the creator of man. Allah says in this beautiful verse, yeah yohannes unto mole fukao illa law he will Allahu Allah, honey, you will, I mean, all mankind, it is an announcement to all of us, all mankind, all of you are fukumura to Allah. All of you are in need of a law. And the law is an attorney and the law is a Hamid. We will extract five benefits from this verse, and that will be our hook But for today, the first benefits Allah subhana wa tada explains to us the relationship between the Maha Luke and the Harlock between the ABS and the rub between men and the creator of men. Allah azza wa jal says we are fukada which is the plural of faqeer. our

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state's our handle our objective, our description is Fokker, we have nothing, we earn nothing. We control nothing. We have power over nothing. We are all faqeer and de la azzawajal is Allah honey and honey does not mean rich. It is a mistake to translate Athena as richness Allah honey means the one who has no need of anything. That's the meaning of Lina Allah honey, the one who doesn't need anything from anyone. That's the meaning of a honey. So we are fucky fucky The one who needs something, the one who needs something from someone and Allah, Allah honey, the one who needs nothing from anyone. So Allah azza wa jal announces to us our hand our state, and our had is that a

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fucker and the laws How is that valina the second benefit we extract from this is that a lot of Georgia does not say oh mankind you are fukumura and I am honey. He says you are l fuqra. And I am Ella honey, the other flam and Tamil fukuhara and the Arabic Elif Nam here, what it means, it's called is still rockin in gins which means we are poor, in every single manner. And in every single department. If Allah had said we are full Cora, this would mean we are poor in some things, but Allah saying we are l fukuhara. Which means we are poor in everything. We are poor in every single aspect. We have no control over anything. La hawla wala quwata illa Billah there is no change nor is

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there the power to change except with the loss of Anna with Allah by saying I'll folk are off Allah azza wa jal is saying we control nothing, not a single atom of creation is in our control. Look at any aspect of our lives. Look at the water that we drink, do we procure this water? Do we create this water? Allah says in the Quran of her Ah, my lady, Tasha Boone? Do you see this water that you drink? Have you brought it down from the skies? Are you the ones who have stored it in the grounds? Allah says if I wanted to, I could make all the water salty. What would you do? If I wanted to? I could eliminate all the water? What would you do? Even if we could procure the water? Who is going

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to lift it to our mouths? We need strength to do that, even if we get to our mouths? How would it go down to our stomachs? Once it is in our stomachs? How will the dialysis system and the kidneys operate so that the water is distributed to the body and then to expel that water as well. All of this is beyond our control. We control nothing from the beginning process to the end process. We are all fukuhara once a wise man and Adam visited a king and the king was in his pompous glory in his arrogance. And the wise man said to the king, oh King, how much of your kingdom would you give for a glass of water if you had no water at all? And the king thought he goes, You know, I would give half

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my kingdom for a glass of water. If I was if I was starving. If I was dying of thirst, then the man the wise man said, What if you fell sick and that water was trapped? And you could not eliminate it from your body? You were stuck with that water and your water is bloating? How much would you give to eliminate the water from your body? He said I would give the other half of my kingdom. So the wise man said of what uses your whole kingdom when it doesn't even cost a glass of water. How is all of this wealth when you cannot even use it for a glass of water? The point of unfocus era is that a lot of so john is saying we have no control over anything. We require a lot not just for the air

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that we breathe, but for that air to come into our bodies for the oxygen to be distributed for our energy to be consumed by ourselves. We do not

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control any of this, we are fukuhara every instance in every single millisecond for every single aspect of our lives, we are alone fukuhara This is shrimali. Yeah, this is a comprehensiveness The third point of benefit from this verse, yeah yohannes unto all mankind, all of you, there is no exception, all of us are equally fukuhara. No one should think that just because he is wealthy, he is less of a 40 year, you might be less of a few to others of mankind, but all of mankind is equally faqeer to Allah subhanho wa Taala, all of mankind is equally faqeer to Allah subhanho wa Taala, the king and the peasant, the rich and the Pauper, it doesn't matter, every single muckleneuk is equally

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impoverished, to the hadik all of our wealth, all of our pompous arrogance, all of the benefits that we might have of this world, it does not change our fucker in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala there are no exceptions. Yeah, yohannes Allah didn't say Oh, poor people. Allah didn't say a week people are sick people know when we are healthy. It is the illusion that it is healthy. A lot of xojo has blessed us to be healthy. It's not my control. When we have wealth, it is the illusion that I have something Allah has given it to me when we are not in any pain. It is Allah who has blessed me to not be any pain. So every single instance, every single muscle group is equally impoverished to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala our wealth, our health, our fame, it might come in handy between us, but that is because Allah has allowed it to come in handy. That is because Allah has given it to us. In reality, no creation is more powerful than another in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala we are all equally fucky in front of Allah azza wa jal, this is the third point of benefit. The fourth point of benefit. Why is Allah telling us this all mankind you are familiar and I am honey, Allah zoa jen is telling this to us because what does the honey do? What does the rich person do? The rich person helps the one who is fatigued? That's why Allah says Allah honey Hamid I am the honey who is praised

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I am not the honey who is criticized, I am the honey who is praised. What does the praise rich person do? What does the praise honey person do? He gives and gives and gives. That's why he is praised. So when Allah is saying you are fuckin and I am the honey that is praised, what is the implication on mankind? The implication is that each and every one of us needs to lower our head to Allah raise our hands up to Allah and beg Allah for each and every need that we have. We have to worship Allah praise Allah, ask Allah do Vicar of Allah, that is the purpose of this verse, it is not meant so that we lose hope it is meant to give us hope, all mankind You are nothing and I have

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everything and I am the one that is praised. Why wouldn't the honey and the hammock give to the one that is fucky? So Allah azza wa jal is emphasizing our fucker so that through Him we will attain what we need by turning to the honey by by reaching out to Allah subhanho wa Taala our poverty will be alleviated. And that is the purpose of this verse. And the fifth and final point in light of this verse. Now we understand when we look at the prophetic to us, when we look at the doors that are the best to us, we find that this sentiment is embodied in them what sentiment, the sentiment of us, imploring Allah by us being faqeer by us having nothing we beg Allah azzawajal by demonstrating our

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fucker our need to allow our father Adam, when he is expelled from gender. What does he say? He says, Oh my Lord, I have committed a sin. If you do not forgive me, I shall be destroyed. He's demonstrating Fokker. Zachary Allah His Salam he makes draw to Allah. Oh my Lord, my bones have grown feeble. My hair is white and I need your dog. Oh Allah, I need you to give me what I need. Musa alayhis salam when he is wondering in the valleys and madeon about being in neelima and Zelda Illa Yemen hi Eden faqeer. Moosa says I am faqeer Oh Allah whatever you can give me I need I am for clear our love our Prophet sallallahu either he was seldom when he's expelled from fire for does he

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say he says Oh my Lord, who do I have other than you? Oh my lord who is there in this world that will honor me other than you I have no one Oh Allah but as long as I have you I am content once again the fucker is demonstrated dear Muslim, by demonstrating our fucker to Allah by demonstrating our poverty to Allah we find our richness and by lowering our head to Allah we discover our his ultimate honor comes from recognizing our humility to the one

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who bestows honor and richness comes by recognizing our poverty in front of the one who is the honey and the Hamid so May Allah subhana wa Tada, makers of those who recognize our fucker in front of the one who is alleghany Hamid May Allah bless me and you with and through the Koran and may make us of those who is versus they understand and implemented handle and how long throughout our lifespan. I ask all those forgiveness viewers will ask him for his those are for under a human

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hamdulillah Hello hadn't had a Samad Aladdin Amelia dwolla mula William yaku. loco phone ahead we're about to do one of the benefits as well we can make this a six benefit is that sometimes in the Quran, Allah subhana wa tada combines two names, complimentary names, and that these names of Allah azza wa jal when they are added together, the perfection and the beauty is demonstrated though the names of Allah Allah honey and Al Hamid, it is very common throughout the Quran, the two names are chosen, the first of them goes back to the blessings of Allah the blessings that is due to because of a lot of names and attributes. And the second name goes to the praise of Allah because of how

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Allah deals with the creation. So the first name Allah as origin is praise because of who he is. And the second name Allah is praise because of what he does with the creation. So alleghany Anil Hamid is that example Allah is Allah Ronnie, he needs no one he needs nothing, and Allah is Mohammed he is praiseworthy because he uses his Rena to give to the Mahalo to give to the copier. Another example of Hey, Anelka Yun, Allah azza wa jal is ever living. He doesn't need anything to live and he is Alka Yoon, he gives everything what they need. So I'll hate he is praised because of who he is a yo he is praised because of how he deals with the creation. Another example is I had no summit, Allah

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azza wa jal is that I had another handmades the one that unique and the summit, the summit means the one who answers the call the one who gives them a clue what they need, we can give go on and on and on. So there are many names of a lot that have been coupled together and that demonstrate a loss perfection. The first name allows perfection in his own that in his own essence in his own effort, and the second allows perfection in how he deals with the creation in what he does with the creation of heyoka, Yom ohanian. Hamid, Allah had a summit al Aziz are for so many examples can be given. So when we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala. It Be it behooves us, it benefits us that we use these

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names of a law in our two hours. So when we raise our hands to Allah, we should say Oh Allah, I am * and you are the honey and you are the Hameed of Allah, I am the sinner and you are the food and of Allah azzawajal I am the one who is needy and you are the result under Kadeem. So we use the names of Allah subhana wa Taala. In our two hours, and every single dollar that we have, we can find a name that is appropriate for that Dora and some of the names of Allah are appropriate for any Dora such as the names of honey and Al Hamid. So use these two names brothers and sisters and implore Allah azza wa jal by acknowledging your fucker in front of Allah and realize that the more a person

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recognizes his own fucker to Allah azza wa jal, the more he is honored by Allah azza wa jal and honored by the creation of Allah azza wa jal Aloma in NIDA in a minimum of Amata Rafi had to do medium manila folder, while Manila for Raja while Idina de la cabeza wa Maria been in Russia fighter what I see it on India sorta Obama fildena what is one in La Nina sub akuna been a man What? A few rubina's in La Liga de la mano robina in Cairo for Rahim Allah Houma is an Islam Muslim in Allahumma Israel Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Islam Islam and Muslim in Allahumma Aradhana coloradan Islam all Muslim Ebisu international who've been upset with outed Miro feeted bt Yakubu Aziz, Rebel de la

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in the law to Allah emoticon embedded bbfc was an AVI Malacca de pusi was hailed as a become a you have an engine he will insert for call as a man called in idema in a law How am I going to use aluna? Allah nabee yeah yo Latina Amma no son Lou la he was setting the motors NEMA Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Abdi Karasu the Mohammed who Allah Allah He was savage marine everybody the law in the law to motivate idly with ehsani were at the port about 100 fracture it will moon carry well badly you're a locum la la casa de Kuru Kuru law Halima Coco wash Kuru he has become one of the crew lohit Allah Akbar Optimus Sala.


“O Mankind! You are all in need of Allah, and Allah is al-Ghanī…”

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