Tom Facchine – The Purpose of Hardship

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The loss of family and life is a result of past and present struggles, and it is a result of hiding things within one's hearts. The speaker discusses the importance of not being surprised by loss of work and money, and how it can lead to negative emotions. The difficulty of dealing with hardship and hesitation are also highlighted, and the importance of letting people experience hardship and not just punishment. The segment concludes with a discussion of the concept of hardship and how it can indicate a lack of satisfaction or fear of failure, and how people can react to experiencing hardship to indicate their likelihood of success.
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At the beginning

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of sorts of Angkor Wat Allah azza wa jal tells us what to expect from this life. Luca Amin, or has he been a nurse, and you've struggled at Yahoo thought, now a live channel.

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Do the people think that they will be left to say that we believe and then not be tried?

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What about the contaminant learning on your own population, but they are no longer learning as

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well what a manual carry mean? We have certainly tried those people before them. And Allah will surely make evidence those who are truthful, as he will make evidence, the liars.

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This is one of the most important pairs of verses in the Koran when it comes to grounding us and telling us what to expect out of this life. First, a loss of time boy to audit tells us to expect tests and trials, he tells us that to believe or to claim to believe, is actually to sign ourselves up for trials and tests. Sometimes we live our lives, as if we don't expect anything bad that ever happened to us. Today, you have wealth. Today, you have a secure job today. You're surrounded by friends and family, in our minds, we start to think this is how it should be. It should always be this way.

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Then something happens. You lose your job, you get sick, you get injured, your family and friends are taken away from you. It throws us into despair. Why me? Why now? This isn't fair.

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A loss of subhanho wa Taala is saying essentially, why are you surprised?

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Don't be surprised. Not only was this always a possibility, it was always a certainty it had to happen. You were promised that this would happen. Allah subhanaw taala says whatever the one that could be shaved in a hobo jewelry when obviously well I'm waiting

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for the shoe Salvini and we will certainly test you with fear and with hunger, with loss of wealth with loss of life with loss of crops. So give good news for those who are patients.

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So first Allah subhana was Allah tells us to expect hardship. It's coming. Second, Allah azza wa jal tells us the purpose behind lending hardship happened to us. What a lot of attended that meeting in public, Infineon and then no longer letting

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everything we have certainly tried those before that and the loss of time goes on, I will surely make it evidence, who are truthful, as he will surely make an evidence, who is lying.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us that we are not alone. First, Allah is not singling us out for a hardship. It happens to everyone past and present. Whether you see it or not. Sometimes, when we're going through a hardship, we look around at others, and from our perspective, everybody else has it easy. My kids are sick, their kids are healthy. I don't have a job that one over there is living in luxury. All my younger cousins are married and have kids. I'm still single and alone. Don't compare yourself to other people. First of all, you don't know what a hardship that they are facing. It might be worse than yours. Even though it might be hidden from plain sight. Maybe you're having a

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hardship related to your dunya other persons having a hardship in relation to their Deen. Maybe that other person has doubts and confusion about their faith. When they hear what Allah wants. They don't care. When they hear the Quran, they don't feel anything. Isn't that the worst type of hardship

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and even if things are going well for them at this individual moments, you can be sure that in this life, they are going to take their turn and they are going to have their fair share of hardship. How many times have we seen someone else go through something

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If only for us to then go through the very same thing, a short while later, everybody's on a different path.

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comparisons are not possible. But Allah subhanaw taala tells us here that the reason he lets hardship happened to us, is to bring it out into the open, what is hidden inside of people's hearts? Who's pious, who is trenches, who is patient who is doing things for Allah, and who's not. These are things that no one can seek. These things are hidden, thankfully, in our hearts, but how we act when we're going through a hardship demonstrates what lies within one spot, not on the basis of a lot while he was suddenly not attentive, in the problems at all. It was really one time the Prophet alayhi salatu salam passed by a woman in a cemetery who was crying, excessively excessive crying, he

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told her, be aware of Allah and don't and be patient. But but even if you're only for him to sob they will see but he wasn't entirely for. He didn't realize he was talking for the profit of 80. So that was so that so he said to him, Get away from me. You haven't been afflicted with my affliction? Basically, she's saying you don't understand what I'm feeling. Don't tell me what to feel. The de la Hina on the views Love it.

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Love ya your Southern Philippines. I did write the book. But why are they in so called

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La La Rica, the prophet of ease up have some left. And later someone told her that was the prophet at Sentosa? Not that she had sat down. So she went looking for her on a stiletto so that she found him at home. She said, Look, I'm sorry, I didn't know that it was you because I'm an abuse of Allah while he was in suffering the supplemental hula.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to her patience is only during the initial shock. The Prophet alayhi salatu. Salam was trying to make her understand that her initial reaction demonstrates at some something that was inside of her heart. We know this. This is obvious. Your first automatic reactions show is what's hiding inside, not after you've had the time to gather yourself and reflect. That's something else. So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us here that he lets hardship happened to us to demonstrate what lies within our hearts, not because he doesn't already know. He does. Not because he wants to show it to other people so that they can judge us. No, that's

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not it, either. Allah subhanaw taala wants to show us what's in our own hearts so that we can gather ourselves so that we can reflect on how we're doing, and so that we can try to improve

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it do we improve?

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Let's say hardship is happening to us. We're going through it, we see our initial reaction, and let's just say we're not satisfied with it. It's not as patient as we would like. It's not as pious or as righteous as we would like. What do we do? Is it over for us? Have our hearts already been sealed? No, Allah subhanaw taala tells us in the next few verses, the reason we reacted that way, and what we can do to fix ourselves, can I ultimately fall in love in the Lavida? Who has sent me when I mean, who ever should hope for the meeting with ALLAH SubhanA indeed, the term decreed by Allah is coming. He is the hearing. But knowing what min Jahad even though now you're Jackie to the

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left seat in the La La La Nina. And I mean, and whoever only strives for the benefit of himself. Indeed, Allah means nine from this creation.

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We get disappointed, because our goals aren't the dunya we fail to be patient, because our hopes are in this 13 year old girl tells us by way of implication that our goals seem to be directed elsewhere. When you direct your attention to the afterlife, you're able to find more patients and more satisfaction with whatever comes your way and Mike Apolo probably had or suffered a lot of the wonderful but he said

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this a few

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unhandled yada, yada. So what's the common

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law works?

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Salim and he wants to know show and then at the end so I would say even then what happened I didn't have to do what I sort of

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saw the love or a while earlier you

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know suddenly

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shortly after this verse Allah azza wa jal addresses, one of the most common mistakes people make and how they interpret the hardship that a lot decrease

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will mean a nasty man who will be lucky, who will be sad fitments and nasty to other Avila.

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And of the people are some who say we believe in Allah. But when one of them is harmed in the cause for Allah, they consider to trial people, as if it were the punishment of the law himself.

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Here, Allah subhanaw taala is talking about just one type of trial. He's talking about people on a battlefield. If they're fighting in the cause of the law, and they are harmed or they're injured. Some people interpret the harm that they suffered as in the corporal punishment from elbow. But this is true for any type of hardship we face there is a fetus. There is a fear that if it happens to us, whatever hardship we have is from Allah. As punishment, you lose your job. Allah must be angry with me.

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Your marriage isn't working out, oh, wow must hate me. Automatically, we assume that hardship is the same thing as punishment.

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That completely contradicts what Allah has told us in the beginning of the chapter, do people think they will be left alone to say that they believe? No, they won't. They will be given a trial after trial and test after test until their dying day.

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Hardship is not a sign of punishment. It's a badge of honor.

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The Prophet alayhi salat wa salam said that shouldn't

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be Yeah, boom, Melanie, now you know, nothing fundamentally negative. But people with the most hardship or the profits, then those most like the profits, then those most like them.

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The seller used to become afraid when things got too easy, they will worry that too much Indians was assigned that Allah was not happy with them. They were thinking about Allah statements. But I'm so mad, okay, we'll be

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very cool to have not only a doctor, either at home, or really soon. So when he forgot that by which they had been reminded, we open to them the doors and every good thing until when they rejoice in that which they had been given. *, then suddenly, they were then in despair, the son of for afraid that too much ease meant that they were on the wrong path. And so they took hardships as a sign that we're doing something right.

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This shows us that sometimes the hardest things in life are the actual hardships that we faced, but rather how we interpret them.

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When we worry that our hardships prove that we are no good, or that Allah doesn't love us. That's when life becomes difficult, and suffocating, and impossible.

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This is the only way that we can explain the fact that there are people in the world that are in war zones that are in disaster areas that are in horrible circumstances, and yet they have a smile on their face.

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While there are people here with electricity and running water and a full refrigerator, who feel miserable, and loss.

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Putting aside circumstances of true clinical depression, the only way we can account for this is the different ways people interpret their hardship. And if you're looking for something to aspire to, one of the most striking examples we have from our tradition is from Pennsylvania, the wife of Ohio.

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They had a young child together who died when I will call house dorm

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room so they went to her family and told them not to tell I will talk or say anything to him until she delivered the news to him or herself. I will tell him I came home that night.

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So they prepared food for him. He ate after he finished, also they even beautified herself. She wore her most beautiful clothes, she put on her finest perfume. And she approached her husband and I will tell him, they enjoyed their intimacy together. And then when everything was said and done, and he was fully relaxed also he said, I will follow her.

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Can you imagine? If people lent some things to another family for use, meaning they borrowed, if they came back to collect their things, who would possibly be able to stop them?

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No setup.

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No moment stopped at

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home. So like you said,

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that's how it was with our son.

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Meaning that Allah azza wa jal had lengthen their son for a short time, and have decided to collect him back.

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At first, I will tell her I was angry. He was angry that she did not tell him right away. He went to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to complain that the prophets of Allah who are us suddenly approve of what the incident had done. And he made dua, right then in there for a lot of lessons the night that they spent together. And as it turned out, when Selena became pregnant and later gave birth to a son, that son that they made up with whom salines story shows us a model of patients, that's almost hard to imagine, having just lost her son take care of imagine that she wants to cook dinner, we can imagine that she would have wanted to be intimate with herself. And and no one would have

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blamed her if she didn't want to everyone would have understood.

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But also Elaine was living for a higher purpose. She realized that now, the moment of hardship was not the time to shrink away. Just the opposite. It was the time to shine. It was the time to step up. It was the time to live for Allah, and to live for the afterlife, no matter what grief and pain and hardship was going on inside.

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And why we can't expect this level of excellence from everyone. And we can't expect it for one person all of the time. We also cannot deny that this is a superior way of eating.

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This is living with worshipping on a higher plan.

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We would have never had the opportunity to reach such lofty heights if Allah azza wa jal did not give us the opportunity of hardship.

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Allah subhanaw taala allow this hardship to happen to us so that we can grow so that we can fix ourselves so that we can have these opportunities to work toward the ultimate everlasting ease. Allah Subhana Allah Allah knows better than we do, that the true everlasting ease is not here. It's in the afterlife, and the hardship that he gives us in the dunya. It's like a bitter medicine. We don't want to take it. But in the end, it's for our own good. Allah azza wa jal tells us, it's all going to be okay. If we can hang in there. If we can realize the true purpose of our hardships, if we can take them in stride, if we can meet them with patience, and learn from that. Allah promises

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us something amazing. Well, you know what I'm gonna say he had that on Capitol Hill on nine and we'll see what I mentioned at the end that all matters and that he can react and also believe and do right exceeds, we will surely be removed from that our misdeeds, and we'll surely reward them according to the very, very best that they used to do

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