Ask Shaykh YQ #92 – Are the Parents of the Prophet in Heaven or Hell

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Brother isef emails he does not mention where he is from. I like to hear where the brothers or sisters are from as well. It gives me an idea But brother I saw emails

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and he says that his whole life he believed that the parents of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or in our in Jenna, and he just came across a lecture in which the speaker said that the Prophet says his parents are not in genda and he is saying he is shocked to the core, he does not know what to do.

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The response dear brother, I SAF I appreciate the sentiment. I appreciate the love that you have for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because that is why you are feeling so shocked out of your love for him and his love for his parents. I want to say in the quick, easy, short answer. This is a theological controversy that goes back to the second third generation of Islam. And you have great dilemma that said, both opinions one on this side, one on that side, you had a road ama that held both of these positions throughout Islamic history, over a dozen treatises have been written specific books have been written on this one topic. And you find it mentioned in many books of

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theology and creed. And you find this mentioned on both sides. Some of them I said this, as I said, and some of them are said that this answer of mine is not the time or the place to go into the details of who said what and why did they say that? I want to be very short and precise and to the point and say that there is no benefit at all, in discussing this controversy amongst the public, nothing is to be gained, whether they went here or they went there. What is the benefit? How will that change our mind? We're differences in making our own actions. Yes, let the scholars discuss amongst themselves there might be some benefit here and there amongst them. Yes, let the full time

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seminarians that are studying Islam full time, let them study the controversy from a historical theological perspective. But the position that I advocate, there is no benefit in bringing up these issues and hold up and gurus in these public Q and A's unless you're doing a detail class and a part of a series and whatnot. Maybe then but I don't think it is wise for the average Muslim to think deeply about this, let it be, but understand there are two opinions understand there are two opinions and great Rola advocated, you know, each of these positions and so, let you know the other group exists Don't feel bad in your heart against the other group at all. And insha Allah

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in the next life inshallah you will find out and at that stage, we will not be concerned about other people will be concerned about ourselves. So, Allah is judgment is fair, Allah is judgment is just Allah is the Most Merciful Let it be. And you as an average person, you are very disturbed about this, I say, don't worry about it and continue following whichever position your initial teacher taught you, there is precedence in either of these positions and Allah subhanho wa Taala knows best