The Comment Section #14 – How To Attach My Child To The Mosque

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The speaker discusses how children can influence their parents' values through their actions, such as treating them with a message or putting them in a mesquite program. The importance of making sacrifices for their children is also emphasized, as they are learning from the speaker's parents' actions. The speaker advises parents to check their own values and communicate their priorities to their children.

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How can we motivate our children to become attached to the masjid and love Islam for a great many years, your the influence starts with you right before they become middle school age, they're going to follow your example, right. So if you treat the message, you'd like a place to dump the kids off, or a place just to go on the weekend, they're going to have the same understanding of the message. If you feel a constant attachment to the MSG, then they're going to feel a constant attachment to the machine, if you involve them in mass G programs, but whenever something else comes up, you're prioritizing that other thing. You take them out of the mesquite programs in order to go to karate

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in order to go to sports in order to do whatever, then what are they going to learn, they're going to learn which one takes priority, when they're really going to start attaching themselves to the mess sheet. And Islam is when they see you making sacrifices for us that when you say no, you have to miss karate practice or sports practice that day because you have to go learn the Quran at the masjid or when you're not going to school because it's aid you're not going to school because it's Joomla or I'm going to take you out of school early because as Juma that's when you're sending a message to your kids about what's really important in life. They're learning from you. So if you

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want to influence this, then you need to check your own priorities and how you're communicating those priorities to your children.