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10 principles to increase our Mental Well-being

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In Alhamdulillah Hina Ahmed who want to stay in a one stop field when are we learning and Cerulean fusi Now I'm going to clean up man yeah he level Palermo De La MaMa you will follow her the Allah.

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Allah Allah Wa Wa La sharika lahu eyeshadow Anna Mohammed Abdullah, what are pseudo some Allahu alayhi wa Taala earlier he was so happy he was so limited Sleeman. kathira Yeah, you're Latina am Ana de la haka? toccata. He went to India went to Muslim. Yeah, you have NASA Pura vida como la the halaqa. Coming FC Mahara coming has been humare geralyn Kathy Romani, sir. What's up law lady? I don't wanna be here. We'll have her in alohacare nanny camera fever. Yeah, you had Latina aminata Hola. Hola. Hola, colons. De that? Use the Lancome American oil filter

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on your trailer Rasulullah who was in Halima? Amma bad.

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It's a great honor to connect with my dear brothers and sisters who are on this wonderful journey Mashallah thrive to success summit. And my contribution in sha Allah, the topic that was asked of me was to speak about mental well being as a perspective from the sooner and I wanted to speak about this in very clear terms, because we only have you know, a certain amount of time and I know that there will be questions that will come from this discussion. So there's going to be 10 points that I want to speak about as they relate to giving ourselves a head start at improving our mental and well being. So therefore, the assumption that I want you and myself to make is that we can all improve

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our mental well being. And I want that to be something that you understand from the life of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. So from the very early revelations, you can see that a law protecting the mental well being of the nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was of the priority

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of most of the interactions that gibreel had with our Nova Salalah while he was setting them and therefore there was the safety net that was cast around the profits a little lahardee was sent him he had an a father figure who replaced his father who died before his birth. He had women around him sallallahu alayhi wasallam who even their names you know Basilica, or the LA one hot

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you know, O'Malley, you know, Halima? Sadie. Even their names Halima the one of forbearance and mercy. Baraka, the one who believe, you know, is full of blessing and benefit. You You see that those who were around the prophets of the law and he was telling him in his very early years, where those who were meant to be there, and were destined to look after him Salalah who it was send him but then you extend to the moment when revelation comes and you kind of hear Allah subhanho wa Taala saying to the Prophet is lm and then you're good cat yet team and for our didn't I find you on mohammedia team orphaned you know, alone for our and I was the one who granted you that support who

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put all these people and things in place to make sure that you were supported our means supported, protected from all sides from above you from beneath you financially, spiritually in all these different capacities. And when I say spiritually, it means that the Prophet was left alone, to do the things that he in his heart, gave him peace, you know, to go up into a mountain while other people came in worship Yakubu nyla. Leah, worshiping their their deities is something that wasn't the norm. It was it showed that there was a liberty and a tolerance given to the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. But let's look at that first moment of Revelation. And I want you to

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consider that very first moment where gibreel sn, you know descends to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he gives the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam by the command of Allah.

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Allah subhana wa tada it begins you know, if Quran this mirror of Vic, you know, this is in the name of your Lord, I love the Hulk who created holofoil insane I mean, I love till the end of the section that you and I have memory memorize from as young children when he died heal him. What did the Prophet do? And where did he go immediately after it he ran to the place of support, he ran to those who he could share his feelings with he ran to those who he knew would nurture him would love Him who would wrap around him and therefore it's a metaphorical although it's a tangible physical presence, and resentment and with death, it was such a moment in our history as Muslims that our

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love doesn't just refer to it in one sort of a two suitors are given that name. So often with death, fear and sorrow killing Muslim men. Oh, one who

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wrapped around oh one who has been covered up in his garments and in these extra clothings Oh, one who has been wrapped around in the embrace of his loving wife had the job with your loved one. Hmm. Well out of law hub, and then you hear the comforting words that were given. So I want that to be the backdrop of your mind in each and every one of these 10 things that we're going to speak about, I want you to link it back to the experience of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam and see how Allah intended to protect his mental well being. Notice that the first attacks that will come against I want to be a symbol of love. It was a limp. They would say things like Majnoon. He is one

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whose mind has become lost, because he has an evil touch that is that an evil presence? Or is dude you he's one who's driven to this madness. Can them he's one whose mind has arrived to a sense of delusion that he's, you know, making these words He's exaggerating, he's omitting he's adding He's lying. It's a premeditated mental defect. They spoke about him sallallahu wasallam and he said, they said that he was someone who was you know, trying to wipe away our sight and make us believe in things that are not real that what we see and what we rationalize are not real because he himself is infected with that. And all of these are things that a lot immediately counters in the very early

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chapters of the whole on when nagement either how at malbun left your companion Mohamed Salah I send them did not have Bala Bala al means you don't know the right direction you're without guidance, but you assumed to be guided. Now let Sahiba come when as loa he doesn't have bilateral meaning he's not thinking of the right destination, but he's going to in the wrong place. Lower means he knows the right place but he intends not to go there in the very first place. And in both cases, a lot you know speaks about the prophets I send them that his mind is clear. His thoughts are clear. He hasn't intended to take anyone away from the path of righteousness. So keep all that in your backdrop and I

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wish really we had more time inshallah we can explore these topics where we speak about our good mental well being in a more detailed capacity in future engagements in sha Allah. So let's talk about 10 things that increase my mental well being your mental well being first is to speak about your feelings to talk about your feelings. And you see this immediately as soon as a province I sell them experiences the revelation he runs down to howdy Jenny says me Looney Zen Maloney definitely Rooney Cover me up Khadija. Look what happened when she says what happened Yasuda? Yeah, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who now is the Messenger of Allah. He says, Well, this occurred and I

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saw this and now moves and hydrogeology along Rhonda, she says in the La Jolla supergravity. She's conversing with him, Allah will never allow, you know, the Lord Almighty will never allow you to be humiliated or dishonored or some evil to happen to you. Because you look after your family, you look after the near and far You carry on your back food for the poor, you're a person who bridges gaps between each other, you're a person who is a genuine human being, you will never find any harm. And then she takes him to speak further to talk about it. And she takes him to one of her relatives, and he speaks to him. And, you know, he says to him, I wish that I'm able to live long enough to support

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you when your people turn you out. salallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, and therefore speaking about your feelings to people who have your interest in mind, who speak to people who have loving you, is the first step always at a moment of crisis. And the natural assumption for most people is I'm going to deal with this on my own, I'm going to keep it in my heart. I'm just going to work through it on my own. I'm by myself, and that's in opposition to the sooner of our interview, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Number two is to keep active and notice the context of the whole and yet a young Muslim men foam.

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Formula Illa illa kalila stand up in the night and turn in your devotion. It's a physical manifestation of your love for a lot of your belief in a lot standing the night in visual in the other version, yeah, you'll hang with death in home for endive. Get up once again. And therefore in both contexts, the reaction to the Revelation the reaction to stress the reaction to what is now put upon you is to stand up, get active and get doing what is required of you. And it's no hidden fact that the necessity of our Salah is very much a physical as well as a spiritual exercise. You can just lay in bed at the time if I didn't say Oh ALLAH forgive me. You have to get off you have to

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make your riilu you have to find the Qibla you have to change your clothes you have to get into an adjusted jamaa if you're able to join the gym at all.

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These are things that get you active. And that activity of the Prophet Mohammed Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam was a constant trait of who he was peace and blessings be upon him.

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Number three, eat well. So Pamela Medina Malaya salam, Allah subhanaw taala, after she just experienced childbirth, in the middle of the desert, she's on her own. The first thing that Allah subhanaw taala says for Cooley was shalabi we'll call the iron and then you will find your rest and repose and you'll find contentment. Cooley was sharabi eat before even drinking. Cooley was sharabi walk away, because the nourishment of your soul is very much connected to the nourishment and the satiety of your, of your of your stomach and of your well being that you're eating whole foods, things that aren't just food products, but foods and, and what they mean and, and that's also

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another really important place that I would love to explore with you on on one occasion. So eating well and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the one who had this balanced diet, you know, you eat and you drink, and you leave room, all in equal measure a third, a third, a third, the profits a little I'd say limiter in narration that's attributed to him. But it's not authentically reported, although its meaning is authentic, that we only eat when we're hungry. And when we eat, we're not fooled. And that's a statement that is commonly held as a wisdom from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, although it's not attributable to him with an authentic chain of

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narration, at number four, be careful of anything that makes you in an addictive state. And for people who, for example, drink alcohol, this is this is where you will hear people say to them, you got to lower your drinking, you got to be careful with intoxicants and things like that. But for us as Muslims, it's about things that we become very habitual and addicted to that are not good for us social media being one of them. And it becomes a very difficult state for myself and you to kind of detach from our telephone back in the day when blackberry was a thing it was crackberry right. You know, that was something I don't know how old I am by sharing that, you know, a 2000 wisdom from you

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from the early 2000s. But that's the reality, you know, people got very, very much attached and we get attached to many things. And anything that anything has an addictive component to it. Food is a great addictive substance to penalize such a very difficult thing to be able to control the timings of your eating and you know, when you eat and when you when you

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when you drink and when you consume and when you restrict. And it's one of the wisdoms of the month of Ramadan had LaHood La Nina had been hired. May Allah allow us to arrive to it with goodness and purity and protect us and allow us to worship Him as He deserves to be worshipped to pan out to Allah and forgive us for our inabilities that we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to give us this

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important perspective to be very careful with addictive behaviors, addicted to our children addicted to our lifestyle. A lot of people are really suffering with the whole self isolation thing because they're addicted to going to work. They're addicted to you know having Mashallah the morning coffee in the morning around the water cooler or I don't know if there's any water coolers anymore.

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But those kind of things are really significant by the way that's my boy Adams mug for me when he was in kindy I still got it Mashallah he loves when I use it.

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so addictive behaviors being addicted to our children addicted to a particular lifestyle that we find it difficult to move past. Number five is to keep in touch not just with family, but other people notice that the first people to accept Islam from the Prophet sallallahu his family but also his friends, Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu, Jaffa

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earthman man didn't have fun. You know, they were the people who were the elite of society, but they were the young guys that were grew up with him. They grew up as best friends and they never lost touch. And in the times of difficulty becomes American even more important to remain in touch. And in times of, you know, some of the context of what we're in in 2020. This year, with social self isolation, all these things, it's very important to keep in touch. And to keep in touch is not necessarily that you're at arm's length, and so on. But it is that you are communal, in your behavior communal in your thought communal in your hopes and dreams and aspirations that you are

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able to share them and able to work together collaboratively. What I when I landed, we were tougher in the very second or versiv, sort of first or second verse of sort of either the fifth chapter of the Quran, assist one another, to righteousness what not to Ioannou and don't assist each other on earth one on one to that which is sinful or that which produces hatred and then

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Manasa tea between yourself or between other people don't allow people and assist them in that regard, something that you might want to read before the month of Ramadan. I wrote this piece a couple of years ago. It's actually a two part series called finding love in Ramadan. And it's for us to find love with the loss of Hannah Montana, we must rekindle our love with those who are last placed us on this earth with and it's a very difficult task when it's somebody you don't want to love and who mistreated you. But Allah subhanho wa Taala demands of us that we are of those who treat people the way he seeks of us not the way they deserve. Right so keep in touch even with those

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who don't keep in touch with you slitted men contact the prophets I seldom said connect the one who's disconnected themselves from you. Number six really important ask for help so candlelight at Musashi is Salaam he stands before our lives though a gentleman amount to this a noun and a lot of just revealed himself to Moses speaks directly to move it as a stop it can become very silent, you will be Kalam. I've given you my message I've given I speak to you directly. What do you think is the first thing that moves to ask for? You know, mu says halacha you know, you would be self sufficient by if Allah subhanaw taala is speaking directly to you. You got everything on lockdown.

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excuse the pun, right? Everything's unlocked everything's good to go. But what is Moosa do are officially sorry, Allah opened my heart. We are silly Emily make easy my burden my task was to determine Listen, he speaks about physical

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release my my tongue you have a holy that they can hear what it is that I have to say, which I leave with zero I'm in LA make. Make my from my family, someone who can help me carry this burden. How una fi and I want it to be my brother How long? So Pamela, what a significant drop of musante SLM you have a loss of a lot of laser in your assistance, who is, you know, you know, speaking directly to you and you're asking for another human being to carry a burden with you to help you. Yes. And that's a really important thing. Keep

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in touch with people, ask others for help when it is necessary. And all of us in certain points in time, we become overwhelmed. There are moments where we need assistance, and it is necessary for us to find our path with Allah subhana wa to Allah by being collaborative with others. Why else does the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam help Sahaba? Why does the prophets lie Selim Rasulo so iclm have us Hi. Because having your companions assist you is one of the greatest ways to fulfill this download or messenger of Allah and you can't do it alone as much as you you can do it, but you can't can't be done on your own. And that's the same with yourself. You know when when you are seeking to

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find assistance with a loss of Hanauer to Allah, it is also in recognition that that can come through assistance from his creation. So when you ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the answer for you, is not going to materialize in a lot just sending it down, but you'll put the right people in your path to assist you. So take advantage of that. Number seven, is to take a break from the law. Even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam took a break. Even then the VSI Selim took a break from his prayer, took a break from fasting he didn't pass every single day, he didn't pass every single month the way he passed on Ramadan. He didn't make Hajj, year after year or every every so often,

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even when he had dominance over Mecca. He didn't go and come and go and come Salalah he was alone. He took a break even from you know his home life at times. There were a times he would take a break from you know, the the the stresses that were there and when he was upset with each other the alarm went off and helps law and some of the other wives of the Prophet SAW Selim, he took a hiatus he said listen, we need to just pause and I'm going to take a break and that can be a healthy thing. If it is done in the right way it is as soon as of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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and there are moments where we need to step back for our own mental well being it is not wrong for you my dear sister to say to your husband, I'm going into my room into our room the kids are yours for the day

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and I just need I'm gonna drink my coffee and I'm gonna you know get on house party with my friends and you know all these new apps Mashallah popping up? I'm on a house party too. Don't don't don't find me though. Just like a love affair. But yeah, so take a break, work on something go out for a workout. Go out for a walk on your own without your kids with and leave them with, you know, with your spouse. Take a break from the cooking take a break from the key

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cleaning my wife Michelle like to take a break on the weekend from the cleaning. The kids are going to be doing it today. They just don't know yet. They're waking up to it shala there's a new dawn in our house. Mashallah. All right. So take a break and it's good for your mental well being, the world is not going to come to an end if you've left the dish in the sink overnight when you need to. And that's something that is a tradition and is as soon as Can you believe that there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he needed to make him an archer and this is a wonderful, Steven Hardy. It's a hadith where the prophets lie Selim and Anisha bave together it's you know, a really

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intimate kind of thing and a lot forbade the wives of the Prophet from hiding anything. So people asked it the prophets I send them baby and she has Yes, so in this Hadith, they had one bowl, one large bowl that could hold a large amount of water, and it's where they would need the dough. And I showed her the love line, and she's enjoying her time with the properties that she left. She didn't do the dishes after the dough was done, she just left it. So the prophets I seldom heard him and her they need to make mostly about salata. Vegeta time. So she, what does she do, she puts water in that bowl, and brings it forgetting that it hasn't been washed. So inside the bowl, there's little bits

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of dough, and that little bits of, you know, residue, and the prophets I send them is pouring water over her and she's pouring water over him. And they bathe. And this is where we learn that you can have inclusions in water, and that the water state of purity hasn't changed if the inclusions are thought. So you get this magnificent hook that makes ease for the home of the prophet SAW Selim, from that moment of the wife of the Prophet is not doing the dishes, right? sisters are like taking notes, man, they're like, man, if I knew this earlier, Allahu Akbar.

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So I'm not encouraging bad hygiene. Of course, that's not what I'm encouraging, the brothers are panicking.

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Alright, number eight, do something that you're good at that increases your self confidence. So how to love

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yourself, confidence is improved. Where you do something that you're good at, it could be much a law that you're graded, you know, painting or artistry. And this is something that de stresses you and you'd like that the work or photography, or you'd like to write, and it doesn't have to be for anyone else's consumption. But it's something that when you look at it, it makes you feel good. And that's something really important, the profits are a lot harder to sell them. He used to enjoy doing things that he loved to do. And he would encourage his Sahaba to do the things they were good at. And that was the things that they were pushed towards. So when there was haba, who stepped forward

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to do something that the Prophet could see that they would be more valuable in another place, he would restrict them. Like they didn't Sabbath or the alarm or I know the Prophet restricts them from enjoying from joining the Battle of bedridden are hard, because he was a thinker. He wasn't a guy, you know, to hold the sword. So the prophets I sent him says, No, I want you to go and I want you to learn to read and write. So he does that instead of going to the Battle of bedroom. And then he I want you to learn the language that the Jews are speaking amongst each other because they are making secrets around us and we need to know so you're an intelligent person, pick up that language and

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then over you know, six or seven days 10 days he masters the language reading and writing and it's speech. So do what you're good at. work towards your strength. Now that doesn't mean don't attempt to learn something new, but it means to boost yourself and for your good well men one mental well being you want to

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increase that number nine

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really tough accept who you are. So Pamela

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there are certain things we were created with. There are certain

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physical constraints we were created with. I will never kick a bowl the way Ronaldo kicks a ball that's not going to happen and I can practice as much as I want. I will never be a multimillion dollar soccer kicking superstar and it's not just because my age even if it you know even from when I was six years old, I will never accommodate why my genetics I wasn't I hate his feet are Mashallah they wrapped around the ball hallas. It's his. It's his. It's what he's suited towards. It's what he was built for in that sense. And some of us we have a cognitive limitation. Some of us we have a physical limitation. Some of us we have a spiritual limitation. And it's important for us to be able

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to accept some of the things that are limitations within us and to exemplify

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and to focus more on the things that we have that other people don't have. In the same way Rinaldo will never

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Be able to attain some of the things that I've attained in life. And that's just life and don't wanna come with dead 99 k lemma Medina V, as well as a min Hamza hotel Hyatt engineer, even Allah subhanaw taala says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and do not turn your gaze to those others who we have given, you know, a blooming flower in this life, it just blooms for a little bit of time. It's just a Zahara, it's just a flower, it's fragrant for a few, a little while in the dunya. So consider Allah subhana wa tada as being more sufficient for you. Yeah, Mohammed. So there are certain things that we must accept within ourselves certain things we must be willing to accept

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and push back and know that these are limitations, or that these are things that are blessings from Allah, accept the fact that and hamdulillah you're wealthy your family you inherited or you married into it, or you built it or you your education provided this higher to you by the power of a law and be accepting and thankful to it. Don't have regret and guilt, that hamdulillah I can wear something that's fine tailored or I can have that Gucci bag if I want or whatever it is, except that and don't feel bad about that. I was a member of your lavon who

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did not feel bad that hamdulillah he was prosperous and wealthy. He used what he could with this wealth for the betterment of the oma. But he retained a lot of it. In the same way Abu huraira your loved one who did not regret the fact that he was a person for the first three or four years of the life of the prophets. I send them in his Islam when the prophets I seldom that he was homeless living in the masjid and one did not overpass the other and finally, is care for others Subhana Allah, the greatest

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stabilizer stabiliser to my well being is to bring good well being to others. It gives you such joy, that you've been able to do something for someone that they couldn't do for themselves or that you assisted them in something that they were trying to do for themselves. And this is the whole purpose of the joy given by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to the world can as either hell, he was able to met out and to share this happiness with the oma and with humanity. And this is the notion of Allah Subhana Allah sent out whenever you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala keeps us from those who are joyful keeps us with those who are that

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were able to assist them and bring an entrance of happiness into other people's lives, the prophets of Allah and he was seldom, he said to us of the things that earn us massive reward, it's hard to sudo the Allah movement is to bring joy upon another believer and that's why you see a lot of the Act setter working on a lot of the acts that we perform are things like giving generosity giving zeca giving charity assisting people with if I'm if I'm in Ramadan, giving gifts to her do to have give gifts to each other, and it will increase your love for each other. All of those are things that are circumstance and sent to us by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to

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increase this very last thing, how you become the best of us, how you complete, your greatest care must be for your family, right? To your wife, in particular for you as a man, your wife and your children, your father and your mother. Number two, it's really important to consider that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said let me know I had to come home to your family, I see him I see, your faith cannot be complete, until you are able to love for your fellow man what you love for yourself. And these are the 10 principles that I wish to stress that give us an increase in our mental well being all derived from the life in the student of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi

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wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, and I'm hoping that I can engage with you with a discussion and question and answer. If you're watching online now, and in future engagements in sha Allah will suddenly left our cell phones into abetik LSA they know how do you know whenever you know, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa, early wasafi will send him to Sleeman kathira. By the way this discussion all uploaded immediately in chat log onto my YouTube page soon after inshallah. So I'll open it up for sister Razia or others to moderate the questions with ceremony.