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The importance of praying in the middle of the night and receiving help for diseases is emphasized in these segments. The speaker also emphasizes the need to avoid sinful behavior during difficult times, such as nights when faced with difficult situations. Jesus is trying to convince Amina to pray for him and offers her a drink of water, while the speakers discuss the importance of staying up late and avoiding pleasing things. The conversation ends with Jesus offering Amina a drink of water and advice to stay alive until she gets better.

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Only or event the

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forcing him land on Cornell to Washington

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in a long ILC fieros luno by Jeremy

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a whole will awful

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lot who want to get handled and now salatu salam ala Rasulillah alumni alumni my phone now and finally my lamp Tana was it the ailment yeah camera I mean, we ask Allah azza wa jal teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge in your blood I mean, my dear beloved respect to the brothers and sisters, I ask Allah azza wa jal to make me a new from the people who listen and apply inshallah me in Europe.

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In this series, ways, two ways, ways to wipe all our minor sins. We have discussed so many methods to erase and eliminate our minor sins.

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Today Subhanallah

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an amazing way

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not only

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to wipe our minor sins, but also an opportunity to get whatever we want, achieved be in the light. So let me your heart before your ears. And let's discuss insha Allah Tala and that is

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they are

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in the middle of the night, praying tahajjud

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we're going to mention so many virtues of praying treasured. First, Allah subhanho wa Taala praised them in the Quran, when he was

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explaining and telling us the characteristics of the Moroccan, the pious ones may Allah make me and you among them. He said that one of their characteristic is Can

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Can you Colleen Mina Lainey. Maria, Joan, Lord,

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make me and everyone who's watching among these people. They used to hardly sleep at night.

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They used to hardly sleep at night, Colleen and Mina Layli nya Jehan in another place Allah promised him Jana Tata, Jeff journal Rohan O'Neill Midori, the other owner of bedroom hotel Oh Tom. Well, I mean,

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whom you can find? Tyler munaf some

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karate young jazz

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beam? No yeah Malone that a Jaffa you know boom, pick cannot sleep they keep turning left and right at night. How can I sleep and have no clue what is my destiny?

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They get up in the middle of the night asking Allah azza wa jal ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada said, those people who left the the joy and the pleasure of sleeping I have a promise for them of things that no AI has ever seen. No soul have ever imagined not yet has ever heard which is the agenda in sha Allah. Allah Allah Wolfson Well, hello, I have something special for them. But Allah make us all among them in sha Allah, me.

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And the reason why we mentioned that in ways they have a lane is because of this hadith which is in Bukhari and Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that Allah subhanho wa Taala descends every single night in a way that befits His Majesty. We don't know how this is Allah subhanaw taala Lisa chemically shake, there's nothing like him.

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He descends to the first heaven and Allah is calling and asking Allah as though John is asking.

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Allah subhanaw taala saying

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Alvin said Ellen

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is the one asking for anything, so I can give him Handelman

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when he Estelle Filoni, the axilla. Is there anyone asking me to forgive him? And this is our shed here. Is there one anyone asking me to forgive him so I can forgive him? Allahu Akbar. Is there anyone who wants to repent so I accept his repentance. So it's not only about just minor sins, anyone who wants to read

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he repent from any major sin from any sin. Let him let her get up in the middle of the night and ask Allah azza wa jal Ya Allah, I sincerely repent from that sin. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is at the web.

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That's why I always repeat and listen carefully to the statement.

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Whatever you need and dystonia, whatever you want for the akhira, whatever problems that you're going through, and you want the solution, and you do not get up in the middle of the night and ask for help from Allah. That means you are not serious about your request. I repeat,

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whatever you need in dystonia, whatever you're going through, you want to cure from diseases you want help in finances, you want your kids to be guided, you want to get married, you want to have children, you want to Jana, you want to forgive your sins, whatever you want.

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And you really want to seriously desperately, and you do not perform pm and ask for it. That means you're not serious. Why? Because Allah is saying, Allah is saying at that time, at the time of PM, he's asking you, what do you want so I can give you imagine there is someone very rich, very influential, very generous, is asking and said, If you come to me at 3am, I'll give you whatever you want. We will all go there. Now. Not anyone, Allah, the King of kings. The Creator himself is asking at that time.

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And people are snoring. No, no brother. No, my sister. Get up at that time and ask what ever you want. You are asking the one who is other cliche and Kadir is capable of doing anything. I have a talk called Ask Allah the impossible. Ask Allah the impossible what you think is impossible. Not for Allah azza wa jal Zakariya at that old age with a wife that is barren. Ask for a baby. Did he get it?

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Yep, he did.

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This is Allah with dealing with

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whenever you need whatever you need, get up in the middle of the night and ask for a

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second reward or third

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Bismillah Salah is sent and he said that there is a special time during the night.

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Whatever a Muslim, ask Allah of the good relating to the dunya or the akhira.

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Allah will grant it to him. More heroic, but that's another confirmation and the Hadith here isn't say a Muslim. So the first one was in Bukhari and Muslim this one is in Sahih, Muslim 100% authentic there is a time at night. Whatever you ask from the dunya Hadith dunya what Allah will grant you get up. Get up my sister.

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Fifth, Rahim Allah Who Rajaram calm Amina lane for some way for the Murata. Allahu Akbar, the Mercy of Allah descend upon the one who prays clear and Rasul Allah says, Adam said, the Rama of Allah Azza wa sallam may have mercy for the one who gets up in the middle of the night and wakes up his wife to pray. And the end of the Hadith said, or if a wife, my sister, listen, or have the wife, get up in the middle of the night to pray, and she woke up her husband, Allahu Akbar, the Rama of Allah descend upon that household. Listen to this one, five in one, five rewards in one Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is mentioning the rewards of pmla in one Hadith and the hadith is in

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Tirmidhi, he said, It is the practice of the Salah hen before you the practice of the righteous ones before you. It is means to come near to Allah azza wa jal.

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It is prevention from sin. Prevention from sin prevents you from committing sins. It is expiation for bad deeds and listen to the last one and it is a barrier for the body against diseases.

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This is a serious hazard I'm telling us that the camel lane is that means you are a solid, it will prevent you from diseases it will bring you closer to Allah azza wa jal it will keep you away from the sin and it will erase the sins pmla

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You want more okay Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was asked yeah rasool Allah what is the best salad he said the best salad is a lot in front. The fresher door officer motivation and after that the best salad after that is the salad of clear and well laid out

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The hadith in Sahih Muslim

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there's two more than that. I sort of lost sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said some carefully my brothers and sisters are called Maya Kuhn or rob Azzawajal Minelab JioFi Leyland aircon for instance Fattah and Hakuna min many of Quran Allah azza wa jal fitel Katsa Furkan the hadith is in an essay, the closest Allah is to the abbot is in the last part of the night. So if you are able to be among the people who are up at that time be

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so let's let's do this. Let's do the put two Hadith together. Now someone has told us another Hadith the closest you are to Allah, when you are in sujood and here in the Hadith saying the closest Allah to the abbot is when you are in the last third of the night.

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So how about if I combine both?

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I am in my sujood I am praying and I am in my sujood and I am at the

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last part of the night. Allah that is the closest to Allah and at the same time, Allah is asking what do you want? I am the closest to him. He's the closest to me and he's asking what do you want? What do you want?

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Subhan Allah, I want your Allah I want your pleasure. Ya Allah I want you not to take my my soul. Unless you are pleased with me. This is what I want. Right? This is what we all want. Amin Alameen he wants more Gibreel Alayhis Salam advised Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he gives him beautiful advice. You have Muhammad dashmesh For in nicomedes live as long as you want. Sooner or later you will die love whomsoever you want sooner or later you will separate from them. Do whatever you want, you will be accountable for. And yeah Mohamed El

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know for a fact that the honor of the believer is his beer at night. This is the shut off. This is the shut off of the believer.

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Subhanallah so what is the timing for Pierre

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after you pray the sun now have a shot all the way till Evangel Fisher all that time seven 810 hours. That is all time to perform PM. What is the best time among this time is the last third of the night. So you fresher let's say at 6am Get up at 515 530 to start start with Tanaka. People think when the when we mentioned pm people think it's going to be like one hour, two hours, chama we will get to that level, like the Sahaba kalila. Middle lady Maharaja, they used to hardly sleep.

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But let's start like Ursula say salam said in the Hadith, he said that whomsoever and that isn't to be the good man karma the ashlea yet let me a communal often in whomsoever performed pm with 10 I only can I affect your hand claw Allah?

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He is not among the HEDIS and I'm sure ever performed pm with 100 Yeah, can I mean l carnitine. He is from the devout ones yes from the obedient ones. And also ever performed TM with 1000 8000 as user to Barack and combined 1000

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What is the reward he will be from the comparing the people who own cannot hear and every compiler is that is the amount of odd in reward Allahu Akbar, may Allah make us among them. It's going to start slowly. 10 minutes, 15 minutes and then we upgrade and upgrade and upgrade in sha Allah Tada. So my brothers and sisters, there's a huge reward for the person, as we have seen many rewards for the person who performed to emulate and you know what's so beautiful from about Allah subhanaw taala the generous thing the greatest Subhanallah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said there's no man who whom his habit is to perform TM. Then one night he slept.

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he overslept.

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But his habit or her habit is to perform. And one night he overslept, but because it's how it's his habit, it will be recorded as if he has performed Allah. How great is Allah subhanaw taala what are some of the things and I will end with this in sha Allah? What are some of the things that will help us to perform pm number one, sleep early. Don't sleep at two 3am and expect to get up at 5am It's not gonna happen. Sleep early, pray a shower and go to sleep in Charlottetown. And there are certain times in the winter where the pm so long 1012 hours of pm Subhan Allah so Sleep Number two, try to say that God before you sleep, say that of course. As I said I'm tortoise either could see the last

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two either

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of Surah Al Baqarah Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Allah Akbar 3333 34 You know we all know that kind of before before we sleep, say those in sha Allah Tala would help ask Allah as urgent make dua yah, yah Arab, make me from the people who performed clear because the ones who perform pm are the ones whom Allah subhanaw taala loves what is the evidence? Because these people are doing something optional. If you do not perform TM you're not committing a sin.

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Allah subhanaw taala choose these people to be alone with him. Allahu Akbar, may Allah make us all among them. And finally very important. Eman came

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to Ibrahim Rahim Allah and he said, I'm trying my best to get up at 4pm and I'm not able give me some advice. He said, Let us see even her your chemo Cabeza de Philippe Allahu Akbar, do not disobey Him during the day. He will make it easy for you to get up between in his presence in the middle of the night.

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Since a man came to the hustle bustle, and he said, Yeah, Imam I did everything possible to perform care but I can't. He said Cabella per year that Catherine overbook your your sins have chained you down. So one of the main reasons to be able to perform Pm is stay away from the sense stay away from things that are not pleasing to Allah as origin. May Allah make me and you and everyone who's watching us in sha Allah era I asked you the best of your names for everyone who's watching us yet Allah to make him and her from the people who performed pm regularly me in Europe Alameen May Allah azza wa jal grant us the pleasure of looking at his face on the Day of Judgment. May Allah subhanaw

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taala gather us with this love under his shade on there's no shade except the shade. May Allah make our last deeds our best deeds Zachman laugher Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allah Hilda and the stuff you look at on a tour like

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in Danny bootcamp

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comm se t comm one other thing, um muda fallen Kareem