O Son of Adam!

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Speaker 1 talks about forgiveness and how people have come to him with their standards as if they were a threat. He believes that forgiveness only comes from actions and not from words. He warns that people may not be helped if they don't comply with rules and return to awareness.

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A lot has been said, oh son of Adam, as long as you've called upon me and hoped in me, I forgive you, despite whatever you did, and I did not mind, oh son of Adam, if your standards have reached the clouds, then you sought forgiveness from me I was giving you and I would not mind, oh son of Adam, if you came to me with sins, nearly as great as the Earth, and then you met me not associating anything else with me. I would come to you with that much forgiveness.

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All it takes is repentance.

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submission to Allah as he said in a very nice first word evil we'll get over on the on what is the mood of being an authority ie to others

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and return and repentance to your awareness before the punishment comes upon you at that time, then you will not be helped