Allah Loves Those Who Do Not Transgress

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AI: Summary © The concept of at the respectful act is a process or plan Allah loves, which is outside of the norm. It is a deed or action outside of his normal range, and is a process or plan he wants to take. The speaker discusses various headlines related to Islam, including the use of salt and hugs and secrecy in religious communication, and the importance of practicing to become a better person. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning and practicing to become a better person.
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Salam aleikum. Warahmatullah wabarakatuh who may Allah subhanaw taala accept from everyone, their fasting, their prayers, the reading Quran, every good deed they did for the sake of Allah and may He reward us all abundantly and Mohit Subhana makes it pure, for his sake only.

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We are continuing with our series about actions and deeds that we need to learn and practice and habit as our own character. And it will give me back the love of Allah. This concept Allah put it in the Quran under different ways. And what we covered is when Allah subhanaw taala used it in the Quran, in the form of Allah loves this action and that action recovered the good doers, those who repent to Him, those who are generous, all that. Now today, we covered actually all these I had that covered the word in Aloha yo him, Verily Allah loves from today we're going to look in the Quran into the opposite. He said it in a different way in Hola Hola, yo him. Allah does not love. That

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means that action or that

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conduct. Allah doesn't love me and he loves the opposite. So for example, in general when we say I don't like lying, that will entail that I love truthfulness. So here today we're going to cover the concept of at the transgression. And Allah clearly said it in the Quran in three chapters. He said it's an assault on Bukhara the cow in an hour off the height and Toba. The repentance where he's clearly said in two ways in Hola Hola, yo hipbone mortally Allah. Indeed, Allah does not love transgressors, or in an hour of the height, he said in the hula, your Hebrew martini, He does not love transgressors. So what is a transgression?

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Transgression is basically an act, a deed,

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or a process or a plan that I do, that will

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bring harm to someone else, or to myself, and it's in general, a sin. It's an offence and it is outside the norm

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against the rule of rule of conduct against the law. This is all called the transgression. We're going to come to it's in the Quran in three ways. Our in general in the human being can do transgression

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toward Allah subhanaw taala towards himself or herself and towards other people, toward other people.

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And let's take Allah subhanaw taala Almighty, how can we do transgression against Allah Subhan Allah He said it in salt will out of the height and it's verse 55. He said although Robocon Padawan here in the hola yo Hebron martyred in

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ojo supplicate called to Allah or Baucom, your Lord Padawan with humility, or Hosea, and in secrecy, called to him, call your LORD with humility, and in secrecy, and then in the hola yo hibel Martelly. He does not love the transgressors. So what do we understand? Subhan Allah, when I don't ask Allah subhanaw taala I am a transgressor.

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Subhan Allah, I need something from him.

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And if I didn't ask him, he will regard me as I transgressed, because I did not give him his due right, who will give me except him Subhan Allah, same thing in the Salah, when people when scholars will teach us that when we do not perform Salah at all, or we, we do it now the best way, Miss hit and miss, then we are transgressors, because salah is the act of word of supplication. So the first thing is, I need to not to transgress against myself, in my relationship with Allah. Not only give him his due, right, but actually do what I need. And he asked me to do it. So, Your Honor, and this is the month of Ramadan. Second one is actually transgression against me, myself. Interesting. And

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Allah subhanaw taala, so that Surah Tolima, either and he said, Yeah, you have Lavina Amman, colonial

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But you bet Mr. czaka now, well ACTA to do in the hola yo hiboy martini, or you will attain faith believers you and me Kulu eat menta you batty Marzec now come from the lawful and tayyab is not only lawful, lawful and good that we gave you eat well are targeted don't transgress, He does not love transgression or the transgressors. So how do I or how do I become transgressor in food? Number one, he says, Kulu eat? Are you bad, lawful, halal, good, healthy, that includes food, drink things that I need my body. So when I decide to eat, unhealthy, not lawful than I transgressed Subhanallah against me, when I make halal food the other way around. When I make things that Allah made it

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halal, I make it haram. I make it forbidden. He made it lawful, I decide, this is not good for me. I am not going to do it. Then I have transgressed against myself, because the creator of everything, including me and the food, he knows that this food is good for me. It's halal, it's lawful. It's five it's good, do it. Why don't you do it? Then you are transgressor.

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Excuse me. Third one is of course, transgression against people. And this one came in many ways in the Quran. Not necessarily in law, your head Allah doesn't love. But he regarded those who pass the limit do injustice

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to people as transgressors. It came with divorce. It came in fighting.

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It came in marriage.

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These are all transgressions. The worst, wasn't it sorta Bakara? Well, RT lofi Siberia, pay attention to this Subhanallah fight for the sake of Allah. So imagine you are in a battlefield.

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Battlefield everyone is killing everyone. Right and fighting whom fighting the kuffar the disbelievers, those who doesn't believe in Allah who already transgressed against Allah, but still Allah's pantallas telling the believers Latta do don't transgress meaning there is even code of conduct in a code of conduct in war, don't transgress in my daily life, and this is what we all need to know and learn and practice how I will become a learn to become not. transgressors. I transgressor I need to learn the right of human beings, the right of everything, not to only look at what I want and what I need, and it is my right but what is the right of the person in front of me?

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And then that right, I cannot pass it and bypass it and then I say it's okay. I didn't do much. It's not a big deal. No, as I have right, the other half right, as we have rights, the others have rights Muslims and non Muslims and once I do not pass that right, then I am not so not to only take over the right of someone, but even that right I give more, I want more. I want more, which is not my right and I am transgressor Latta to do Latta to do, for example, and again, hold the series is about how I practice it daily in my life. So in a fall, in the fall, I am breaking my fast it's an act of worship. I need to remember remember not to be a transgressor against me, meaning I follow

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the Sunnah in how to break my fast because rasool Allah is all to the best of the Creation taught to me. And he was taught by Allah and Allah was good for me. So when he said, break your fast with a date, and if I if you don't have date with water, that means this is good. I need to follow it. If I didn't do it unless I don't have then I transgressed against myself when I eat very unhealthy quickly, daily than I transgressed. When I cannot share the food with everyone else, I want everything for myself, I am a transgressor. When I don't pray my mother because I was too tired when I ate, I transgressed Subhanallah and even when someone Someone attacked me, or somebody who

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violated my right, when I respond, I need to respond

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did in the same way maximum. If I respond worse, I am a transgressor. If someone says, I don't like you, for example, and you say I don't like you and I will never talk to you that I became a transgressor. May Allah subhanaw taala teachers, may Allah subhanaw taala make these things easy for us not only to understand, but also to practice JSOC Mullah hire