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-- The Day of Judgment is a sign that begins with the beginning of life. The importance of knowing the signs and events and finding out who is the devil is crucial to succeed. The transcript describes judge interviewing a woman who claims to be the only person she knew was a creator and being the only person she knew was a creator.

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In an hamdulillah mahana Stein who wanna stop Pharaoh, when I owe the villa Himanshu, the unfortunate Omen sejahtera Medina Maja de la llamada de la mejor de Lille Fela hodja Allah, Masha Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah wa shadow, Mohammed Abu hora sudo. All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him and seek his assistance. We seek refuge with Allah from the evil within ourselves and from the evil of our deeds, whomsoever Allah guides and and can misguide him, yet whomever he allows to go astray, none can guide him and I bear witness that there is no god worthy of worship except Allah alone. He has no partner and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and

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His Messenger.

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Yeah, you're Latina Armand otaku, la ha ha patoka de La La Tomatina Illa one two Muslim moon. Oh you who believe fear Allah as he should be feared and do not die except in the state of Islam. Yeah, you heard in Amman otaku la Apolo Colin said either use Amala como una momento para la hora de la vaca differs 1000 alima are you who believe fear Allah and speak the truth, he will direct you to the righteous good deeds and will forgive your sins, and whomsoever obeys Allah and His messenger. He has indeed achieved a great achievement. I'm about for an estoppel hurry Nikita Bala. Well, Arsenal Howdy, howdy Muhammad in Salalah adios wa sallam. Mashallah, Maura Matata Hakuna Matata, invada

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wakulla beratan, balada wakulla and phenol.

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brothers sisters in Islam today, our hotbar is about mercy at the judge what is known in English as the NT Christ. And the first thing that comes to mind when this type of topic is mentioned is why this topic, why not something more practical? Why not something political, and people are dying in the oma why talking about something like and musician at the jug?

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Well, the first thing is What kind of question is that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in the Hadith, that there is no affair between the creation of Adam until the Day of Judgment greater than the digit, the biggest fitna to ever face humanity. How can you ask this question? Why this topic that already indicates the importance of the topic. And then we'll have this person who only remembers people dying in the moment when he doesn't like the class topic or the whole topic. But no one is watching sports. And no one is watching movies. Only when it comes to the machine. He remembers the dying oma then is from the issues of the unseen, it should be an issue that we are

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supposed to believe in and believe that the wordings of the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And perhaps more important than all of that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, one of the signs that the journal is about to emerge is that he is not mentioned on the members, not in gatherings. But on the members. He's not much mentioned on the pulpits. That's one of the signs that he's drawn close.

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in order to talk about something like this, we need to also understand some of the ground rules. Not understanding an aspect of something is not a reason to deny it exists. Meaning some people have said, I can't believe in the judge, even though there are many authentic hadith and about 100 over 100 Hadith mentioning that the judge, I can't believe in it, because how can this man be alive for over 1000 years, and no one lives over 100 and all that talk, but like, in total guff? Don't we see the story of young men, Allah cause them to sleep for 309 years, and yet, the time didn't take its toll on their present on their appearance. They didn't get older, they didn't have their hair didn't

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grow longer, they woke up and looked exactly the same. Or people the same people who deny on the Day of Judgment, how can the sun be a mile away from people's heads and not burn them? Because Allah has made it that way? So it doesn't burn them? And they're surprised about that. But put the sun aside, they stand for 50,000 years without eating and drinking, how are they going to survive without drinking and eating? So it's not an you cannot deny something? Just because you don't understand one aspect of it or another. The other real rule we want to put is that in order to affirm that a certain event is one of the signs of the Day of Judgment, it has to match all the descriptions.

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Yeah, and there are some famous speakers who said that the television is that the judge and to give the arguments that profits are seldom described that the judge enters every home. They said the television is in every home that the john lies to people that's why he's called it the jug and the television all you see lies in the news and commercials all lies. So therefore the television is the judge. But what about the other descriptions? Do they fit the television? The problem said that they

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gel cannot enter Mecca and Medina. And there are many television sets in McKinnon, Medina, and so many other descriptions that don't match the television. So in order for us to affirm This is that in an event is one of the signs before the day of judgment, it has to match all the authentic hadith. But we said the subject matters is so important because the professor said it's the most difficult trial for humanity since the question of Adam until the day of judgment. Then, the prophets are warned our oma and every prophet warned his own mother, the judge, but our Prophet gave us a lot more descriptions because he's going to emerge in our own mind. And even though he was

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supposed to be more towards the end of time, in our salon, what do we say at the end of each salon? We seek refuge in Allah. Say, Allah Hi, Mina, Gabby. Johanna, from the punishment of the Hellfire woman as I will cover and that the torment of the grave will mean fitness in my alma mater, which means the trials of life and death, woman fitness.

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In every solo, we say this, and we seek refuge from us. So is it really about you living in his time? Or not? Or practically, is he coming out next week, or 1000 years from now? Or is it about us being aware of trials and tests, and knowing them, and also passing on the information to our children, so they pass it on to their children, so that the generation of believers that encounters him are prepared to deal with him.

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And another very important reason is that it's important to know this and understand the signs of the of the Day of Judgment, and the order in which they fall so that no one can trick us. No one can trick us where young men have been deceived, that it's time to establish the khilafah because we're living at the time of the digit. When you examine it, you see that we are not now living in the time of the jet. And we're not now living in the time of the madie. Anyone who looks at it carefully, will see that that is not the case.

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Because there is no dispute about the 10 major signs of the Day of Judgment. There's no dispute about the the beginning. Yeah, Annie Enderby Salatu, Salam himself does not know the order of all 10 signs. There's in some Hadith, he will say, whichever one comes before the other, and even the president doesn't know exactly. But what is known is that is this order.

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The scholars mentioned number one, the malady emerges during the time of the malady that just emerges. And then a sub numeral emerges to kill it the job and right after he goes into Judge jujin, Judge come up these four there's almost no dispute about their order. They're all interlinked. So if someone claims that the gel has emerged is about to emerge, the MACD has to come before the judge. That's something to understand. And when someone says, well, the MACD showed up in this city or he has a Facebook page. before that happens. There are certain things that will happen before the mid and end we saw Selim described that there will be an intense civil war in the Muslim Ummah, and it

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will be three sons of a halifa fighting over the treasures of the Kaaba, which then indicates that there's a philosopher before the magic so he can't tell me that Maddie is here before he left. He can't work. And so there is the helaba there's the this severe civil war that happens. There are many trials and tribulations that Prosser Lam mentioned in detail and by name that will happen before and then the MADI emerges after those, none of those have happened yet. So for someone to claim to be the Maddie today, or someone to claim that we're in the time of the digit, it does not follow the chronological order of the signs before the day of judgment. And that's why it's

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important for us to understand that. And many people have fallen for these tricks and these deceit and they've went and joined groups and armies that will bring the hill up and all that but if they just started it a little bit, they'll see it's not even there. It's not even there. The descriptions aren't there the timing, isn't there.

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The description of the the journal, the prophet SAW, Selim described him as being our and our means. One IDE now for human beings, human beings have two eyes. So if I tell you I met someone who is our one IDE, it doesn't mean he's a cyclops, it means he has two eyes, one of them is not functional. And the other works well. Many people think that the jet is a cyclops it has one eye and his forehead, but that was never his description. He's a human being has two eyes, one of them is bad. And then the narratives and the process of them described which one is bad and how it looks, the bad eye looks and how it's blind and so on and so forth. So that means he doesn't have one eye he has

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one functional eye.

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And he's named the gel because he lies from his digit from his lying constantly, and he is going to emerge. In the beginning he will tell people he's a prophet, but in the end, he will tell people, people that he is

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stuff, that he has a large budget that He is the Lord and the creator of humanity and of the universe. The process described him so that we can one know that he's a human being, too He describes him in detail. And then he describes a sub memoriam in detail and sometimes in the same narration. So no one confuses between and Missy had the job. And then mercy. Edna Maria. So his description is that he is short in stature, and he is wide in stance, he has a prominent forehead and a large body, whitish skin complexion, and thick, curly hair. Whereas when the President described as of the mirror image, the opposite you see someone more slender, taller, and he always

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described very long and soft hair, always described as if it's wet, it looks as if it's wet, and it's soft hair, whereas this one has curly hair. And to further show that it's a human in the process, he would describe, and he would try to let the companions know who the person looks like. And so he tells them, the one who looks the most like the gel, is it no cotton, the smell of Nakata looks the most likely the gel in height, in body in structure and everything.

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The frozen lamb, then tells us that remember that your Lord is not one night, and he's going to come. And he's going to tell people that he's the Lord the who created the universe, and who created you. And he's speaking to someone who has two functional eyes, and he has a bad eye. So Shouldn't it be clear to people, it cannot be your Lord and creator who has a bad eye who has one eye. And so the person who says a lot of accumulation or be our your Lord does not have one eye, it should be a clear telltale sign. And yet still he'll be followed by 1000s upon 1000s of people.

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In long Hadith, the prophet Allah mentions that the judge and the narrator

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and was the narrator here says that sometimes the prophet SAW Selim described them as insignificant. And sometimes he described him as so significant that we thought he would be hiding in the cluster of date palms. And this is from the wisdom of a Nabi sallallahu sallam. He's talking about an important topic, but he doesn't want them to live their life out of fear of this the jug who may never appear in their lifetime. So sometimes he mentioned him like he's insignificant, and sometimes he'll mention him like he's so insignificant, they would feel as if he's hiding in a bunch of trees right over there. And this is from the balance and from the wisdom of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

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But before he emerges, we already mentioned that he will not be mentioned on the members on the pulpits is mentioned will cease on the members. And

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there will be many wars known as al-mulla him many great great battles before he emerges. And then there will be severe drought and famine. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam describes that on in the first year, this is three years before that the judge emerges a lot zildjian will command the clouds to withhold one third of the rain on earth, and the ground on the earth to withhold one third of the vegetation. And then in the second year, again, one third of the rain will cease and one third of the vegetation will not grow. Then in the third year, the president says Allah will command the sky to withhold all its rain and it will not rain a single drop on earth. And he will, he will command

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the earth to withhold all his vegetation and not a single plant will grow on earth. And then the problem says all hoofed animals die except well alone, certainly the majority of the animals that people will consume will pass will die.

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So then the companions asked how will people eat at that time, and the Prosser lamb explains to them that by saying upon the law, what handler will love Akbar and now Ada had a lot actual they will actually have like nutrients going through their body, they will survive by making liquid of Allah xojo. So then the great scholar Ibn katheer Rahim Allah who died about 800 years ago, he says this is from the importance of teaching this topic to your children, and then they teach it to their children, so that whatever of your your offspring is alive at that time, they know how to survive. Yeah, and how else would someone know that making the kind of Allah will replace eating and

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drinking? There's no way you will guess that the only way you will know it is by passing on this knowledge shared from the prophets of Allah, Allah who has said no.

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So then in these difficult times that the journal will emerge, and the President describes that he will come out due to extreme anger that he will fear he will feel and he will come out at that time. And he will have with him during these times of starvation, mountains of bread, and rivers of water, and he will come and test people. If they believe that he is their Creator. He will come to a village and when they believe in Him, it will rain me

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And vegetation will grow immediately and their plants and their animals will eat from it, and they will become fattened immediately and their others will be filled with milk, and there'll be left in a good state, then he'll go to another village of believers who are already in a state of poverty and starvation, and they will refuse to believe in him. And it will become even worse their situation, but the reward is with a loss of Hannah hautala.

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So he will continue to test people like that. But the question is, that is the the journal alive today. And this is a hadith narrated in Sahih Muslim, a man by the name of Tamim a diary, and he was with 30 other people, and they get lost at sea, and they ended up on this island. And they met the judge face to face to me, my daddy was a Christian man. So he got lost at sea, and met the digital face to face. And then the judge asked him certain questions and ask them about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So naturally, when did the gel explained to him who he was, to me, Medina did one thing that's logical. From there, he went straight to Arabia, straight to Medina, and straight to

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the pasilla. And he became Muslim as the only logical thing you could do after meeting someone like that. And he tells him the entire story, in exact detail, not missing a single word of the dialogue between him and the jug. And the process, lamb gathered all the people in the midst, and he said, I haven't gathered you here for a Morella for an admonition. I've gathered you here because to me, my daddy, a Christian man had an experience and he met the job. And he said something similar to what I used to tell you about the job, and he has now become Muslim, and he has pledged to me. And then the problem goes through the story of timidity where they describe that they were on this boat, and then

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the waves toss them left and right for a long time, until they ended up on this island. said then a beast came that was so hairy. We could not tell the front of it from its back end. We could not identify the front legs back so hairy. So we said to it, what are you it said, I'm just Sasa minute just to see and it's the spy that gathers information for a digit. And then it said, that go to this man in the monastery, because he's keen to know about you. And then

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he says that when it named that man, we were afraid thinking you might be the devil. Why does he think of the devil because he's a Christian man. He knows about the devil. And he's already in a strange island with a strange beast that speaks to them in their language. So he thought this might be the Devil's Island. So then we went to him and we found him chained up, and he began to ask them certain questions until he asked them. He says, Carla Bruni and Abby and mean masala. He says, tell me about the the profit of the unlettered. Yeah, and you can't read. What has he done? So they said he has left Mecca and settled in Medina. Then the judge said, do the Arabs fight against him? And we

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said, Yes. He said, How did he deal with them? And we told him that he prevailed over the Arabs in his area, and they had shown obedience to Him. And then the judge asked him has that really happened? And they said, Yes. And then he said, it is better for them, that they follow him that they show him obedience. Now, I will tell you about my about myself, I am the judge, and I will be given permission to leave this place. And I will come out and I will travel about the land, and I will not spare any town.

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And I will stay for 40 nights and 40 days except Mecca and Medina. Yeah, I mean, he said, I will enter every city, except Mecca. And Medina, he cannot enter those two cities. Every time he comes at the gates of the cities will be angels with their swords, unsheathed.

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And the most of them said that, and then he struck the member with his stuff. And he said this is labor, this is labor. This is labor, meaning Medina did not tell you of this before.

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and from his powers is that in his first day, when he emerges, it will be the length of a full year, then the second day will be the length of a month. And then the third day will be the length of one week, meaning actually the length of a week, the number the number of hours in a week that will be the number of hours in that one day, that's how long it will be. And then the remaining days will be normal. And the scholar said, Why did they his days get weaker like that? And they said that is the nature of falsehood. And that's why even in Christian teachings that the Johnston starts out strong and then he gets weak, he has to get weak and he will enter every land and travel like the wind

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driven rain but he will not be able to enter Mecca and Medina as we mentioned.

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And he will produce vegetation and order rainfall and he will come to a Bedouin man and say if I bring you your mother and father back to life, will you believe that I'm your Creator? And the man will say yes

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Then the president describes it the shale to aid him. So the Shelton then come in the actual form of his mother, his who was deceased and passed away years ago, and his father looking exactly the same and sounding exactly the same, and they will tell him son, this is your Lord believe him. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, If you hear of the digital runaway, you don't go to him, you don't try to talk him out of it, you run away, because he described that a man will go to the judge, and the man will go firm in his belief believes that this is the truth, I know the truth. And I know falsehood from the truth. And he will go to the job. And then he believes that he's his creator.

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That's why he said, Never test yourself. You don't go and test yourself to see if you'll believe him or not. But if you hear about him in one place, then you run away to the other place.

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What is interesting is a famous narration of the the German and the martyr so that the judge does not kill people in the beginning, in the beginning, he still is convincing them that he's a creator. And he's testing to see if they believe him or not. Then he starts to put together an army. And he marches the first young man. And he cuts the man in half. And he walks between the two pieces, and then he brings him back to life. Then the president describes that the young man comes back with a big smile on his face, and he doesn't know I am even more sure that you are the digit. And so the score has come at How is he? Why is he smiling? And why is he even more sure now, even though this

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man brought him back to life, he should believe him. But the scholar said, because this young man read this hadith. And that's from the importance of understanding these subject matters in these topics. So the young man comes back smiling, because he finds out he's the young man he's been reading about in the Hadith, in the masjid in the hotel, he was not that was that was him that was that young man. So he is confident now even more confident that this is

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the job and so the judge then tries to kill him, but he can't and that's an embarrassment for him. So he throws him into what looks like a fire but he will be thrown into an agenda and is described that you will be of the greatest martyrs in the sight of Allah as the origin and shall and the second hobo we'll look at the ways to safeguard yourself from the the jello polka pasta for Allah Allah Murray welcome Angela. No Christoph raffia frozen Mr. Fairey

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. Meanwhile, he was so happy about the scholars mentioned, to protect yourself from the the judge number one runaway if you're in his time and you hear of him, then go in the opposite direction. Second, if you live in his time miani by that we mean if he is emerged, try to reside in Mecca and Medina at that time because they can and he can enter there. Then learning about him, just like the young man was saved when he because he knew of him. And then they said, knowing the names of a lot of his attributes, because when you know your creators upon Oh Todd and and his descriptions and his sublime names and attributes, then you

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will never believe that a one eyed man walking around would be your Creator. Then they mentioned reading and memorizing the beginning of Surah Al Kahf. In Suna tirmidhi, it mentions the first three verses. And so hey Muslim, it mentions the first 10 verses. And in another narrations a Muslim in mentions the last 10 verses. So let's go to set to be safe, memorize the first 10 verses of sorts of guff and the last 10 verses of certain calf.

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And then reciting the complete surah calf on Fridays, and then seeking refuge in Allah Israel from the journal after the last Tisha hood before the teslim, as we mentioned earlier,

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and also these things then will protect people from the the junk. But even though we don't live in his time, Allah subhanaw taala and His Messenger sallallahu sallam, they never ever, waste time telling us about things that are not important. Everything in their religion is important. And there's some things that are more important than others. But there is nothing that is not important. precedent does not spend his time teaching is almost something that is useless. So it is important for us to understand this information for the reasons we mentioned in the beginning of this hubbub and to teach it to our children. And it's also very important to teach our children to not be

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afraid, and it's one of the biggest disservice you can ever do to a believer is when you make them afraid of shock of something, make them afraid of the digit, make them afraid of the child to make them afraid of this. Now when it comes to the Day of Judgment, nice and relaxed, that's where we're supposed to be afraid. Fear loss, origin fear the Day of Judgment, but don't fear the ship shall be an engine and don't fear the jungle and don't fear all these other things. It's not for the believers to live in a constant state of fear.

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Without We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those who recognize the truth as clear truth and follow the best of it and to make us of those who recognize false for this clear falsehood and abstain from it for lahoma upconvert alternativa marinelle bottle of water and Wolfenstein Abba for llama la Jara dunya Kumara homina wala blocker in Mina de la sirona for bannerghatta calobra palooka Nevada data no habla nomina Dunker Houghton inna can't Aloha. Aloha mahalo. Aloha My name is Elena haka big woman after a birthday cake. Allah home De La MaMa una banda hoefer minco Raja and seek a la mattina husana, Taka, Taka, Taka antibody you have Allah

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Allah Hama Abram la de la Matamoros Didn't you as

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we'll see adequate Murphy haven Morrow for you and Happy Hanukkah semana de la Mora barik

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ala me and he was his main kumala