Minute with a Muslim #268 – You Have To Submit

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The speaker discusses the importance of acceptance of acceptance of acceptance of acceptance of personal limitations and the need for personal growth. They emphasize the need for acceptance and commitment from oneself, regardless of personal limitations. The speaker also mentions the importance of learning and embracing new challenges.

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You will have to find a slum even if you're a born Muslim. I completely agree with that. That is true. And this is why I don't make a big deal out of the language. Some people prefer convert, some people prefer revert, personally I lean more towards using the word convert because

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you there's a difference between the fitrah and the Islam that you come to as an adult. Right? Nobody is really born a Muslim, and a certain understanding of what the word Muslim means. You can be born into a Muslim household, you can be born upon the fitrah you can have this milieu around you, that is going to set you up for success and really, almost ensure with the, you know, the will of Allah that you're going to continue to become a Muslim. But there comes a point in every person's life where they have to affirm it for themselves. Isn't the whole point of our religion, intention? And Nia, do you have an intention? When you're a baby when you're two years old? No, you don't. When

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it comes to accepting these sorts of sets of propositions or feeling experiencing the world through the reality that is the Islamic worldview, experiencing life with Allah, you know, as the creator, as the provider, as the Most Merciful as the All Knowing. So every single person has to this is the difference between there comes a point where everyone has to cross over from that fitrah to that Azzam or that fitrah to that Islam, where, you know, we call it submission, right? You have to submit at a certain point, no matter what you are set up to believe you have a choice, you know, you become a teenager, you start to question things and, you know, you either start to drift away or you

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keep it going, but at some point, at some point, you make a decision. You make a commitment. You submit that's a sign