Minute with a Muslim #267 – Be Balanced

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The speaker discusses the importance of balancing high and low aspirations in various fields, such as Muslim leaders. They stress the need to be content and fine-tune one's goals and aspirations to achieve their potential. The negative ambition is a distraction from their success and the desire to find a sweet spot between high and low aspirations.

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So every Muslim has to strike a balance between having high aspirations and being content. Okay, having high aspirations is a good thing. If you're in your field, you should want to be the best. If you're a Muslim, you should want to be a leader. And I don't mean that just in the sense of like bossing people around or having authority, but like, you know, you should be, you should Excel, if you're a Muslim, and you shouldn't just be content to just be lowly or lie in the wings, or just be averages may be mediocre at the same time. It can become a problem when we're so fixated on what we don't have, and we're fixated on our goals and aspirations that we come to be ungrateful for what we

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have, and we lack contentment for what has been decreed for us and what has been decided for us. And so there's a certain kind of positive ambition. And then there's also a negative ambition, which is really more of a grasping, and the distraction from you recognizing the the blessings that you already have. And so if you have decided that you had fixed your sights on a particular goal or a particular achievement, then you've done everything possible to do it. And yet, it just couldn't be done. There comes a point where you have to just say, You know what this is, this is what's meant for me, and you have to be happy with that. You know, the things that come into your life, you have

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to reconcile yourself to those things. You can't just live in a state of grievance or in a state of longing or want you have to find that sweet spot, sweet spot between having aspirations and having goals but also being content and submissive to what's out of your control.